tree tattoo may be one of the most common designs you see, but it does not diminish just how symbolic having a tree tattoo can have on an individual. Since ancient times, trees have stood as a formidable symbol in many aspects of culture.

Trees have stood the test of time. The oldest tree in the world, named Methuselah, is thought to be almost 5,000 years old! This makes trees the perfect symbol for strength and resilience. It is very good in adapting to its environment and is able to withstand not just time, but natural phenomena like storms and snow.

Trees are  not just for decoration. They provide shade for any weary traveler, and the fruits they bear provide sustenance to those who need it. If not for trees, our ancestors would not have been able to build their wooden homes. Aside from that, people have gone on to discover that certain trees have medicinal benefits. They would use the leaves or the bark to cure some common ailments like a stomach ache or a headache. Still, some believe that certain trees have healing powers that can cure even epilepsy or diabetes.

Trees can also symbolize spirituality. In many ancient cultures, tree worship was practice. Some recognize that all trees have a certain power in them, while some, like the Celts, for example, revere a particular type of tree such as the oak.

In literature, there are many instances when trees play a significant role. In the book of Genesis, the story centers on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, of which Adam and Eve took a bite of the fruit and were forever banned from the Garden of Eden. JRR Tolkien has also made a tree to stand as a symbol in his The Lord of the Rings series. If you are have seen the movies or read the books, you know that the White Tree of Gondor is significant.

Although when Islam and Christianity spread throughout the world, tree worship has significantly lessened as they were deemed as idolatrous, there are still instances when they have shown their impact on culture. There are still countries, like India, who have sacred trees. There is a belief that nature spirits, known as yakshas or yakshis, make the trees their home. The people then bring an offering to the trees in order to placate the spirits and in return receive healthy and prosperous lives. A very significant tree recognized by everyone all over the world if the Christmas tree. They are brought into many homes and is a symbol of the joy and celebration of Christmas.

The great thing about getting a tree tattoo is that there are so many ideas to choose from. You can do your research and look for certain types of trees that symbolize the characteristic you want to have or to emulate. Whether it’s strength, passion, love or adaptability, there is sure to be a specific type of tree that you can use. If you’re not after a particular type of tree, then even just the parts of the tree can already have a significant meaning. You’ll see many tree tattoo idea and designs that show a tree with bare branches. While it may seem eerie or dark, it can hold a positive meaning as you think of the branches reaching up to the sky to reach for heights unknown. You can also put particular emphasis on the leaves of the trees, which can for anything from growth and a new beginning, to death or an ending, depending on how it is drawn on your skin.

A tree tattoo can be as small as a coin or can encompass the whole of your back. It all depends on your preference, and of course, how much you want to spend on your tattoo design. Take note that quality tattoo from established artists will cost more, but it will be worth it when you see the result. If you’re looking for great tree tattoo ideas, check out the list below for some great inspiration.

  1. Simple tree silhouettes with reflection                                                                                                                         For your first tree tattoo, you can just keep it simple but still beautiful. The silhouette of the trees in this tattoo might be plain, but the addition of the blurred sort of reflection under it make it seem it’s reflected on water.tree-tattoo-designs-1

2.  Branch with an owl tattoo

Here’s a cute idea for those who like owls, have it perched on a simple tree branch. Add the moon to make it more whimsical. tree-tattoo-designs-1

3. Tree with flying birds

This particular design can symbolize breaking free from a certain thing that is bad for your life and now you can fly free from it. tree-tattoo-designs-3

4. Feminine-looking tree with simple petals

If you will look closely, the trunk of this tree actually resembles a female body, perfect for those who would want their tree tattoo to be more feminine looking.


5.  Arm tattoo with  tree silhouettes and simple straight lines               tree-tattoo-designs-5

6.  A whole back tattoo that can symbolize new beginnings

This whole back tree tattoo idea leaves just enough space in case you would want to add more tattoos in the future.

7. Black Tree Tattoo with  Splash of Watercolor Finish

Here’s another version of the tree tattoo with birds, but this time some blues and purples are added in to make it more colorful.


8. Shoulder tree tattoo with some clouds in the background

The branches of this tattoo is perfectly placed on the shoulder.

9.  A whole tree tattoo at the side of your body

Tree tattoos are not just for arms and shoulders, but it can be perfectly in place at your ribcage too.

10. Tree with clouds and mountain as background

Notice the artistic way of showing that this person is rooted in his family.


11.  Heart  and tree tattoo

A very artistic rendition of the heart being the root of this tree.


12.  Tree symbolizing growth from adversity

Look at how the artist showed a whole new tree growing from what is otherwise a dead stump.


13.  Tropical Coconut Tree Tattoo

Another popular tree design is that of the palm trees, which can be a symbol for relaxation.

14. Memorial tattoo with an endearing message

Honor a loved one with a tree tattoo design symbolizing their strength of character.

58 Coolest Tree Tattoos Designs And Ideas Tattoos Me with Tree Tattoos - Tattoo A to Z .Com

15. Try-out henna tattoo

Try a henna design first before making it permanent.tree-tattoo-designs-16

16. Whimsical tree outline with splashes of blue and yellow

The addition of the colors makes the perfect contrast to the black tree tattoo.


17. Tree of Life tattoo

One of the most popular tree tattoo designs is the Tree of Life. It is said to symbolize immortality and alludes to the idea that we are all interconnected to each other.


18.  Moon and tree tattoo

The addition of the quarter moon at the background makes this particular tree tattoo set off a rather melancholic tone.

19.  Full moon tattoo with a tree design

Another combination of the moon and tree.


20. Tree growing freely

The lovely shading makes this very striking.


21.  Ravens perched on a tree

The combination of birds and trees are also popular tattoo ideas.


22.   An intricate tattoo combining trees and flying birds


23. Delicate back tree tattoo

Perfect for those who want a daintier design.


24.  A tree planted by streams of water

This tree perfectly encapsulates the Bible verse it alludes to. tree-tattoo-designs-26

25.  A trio of delicate leaves and the moon

Who says you can’t combine different leaves in one design?

26. Tall trees with mountains

Trees and mountains are another popular tree tattoo design combination.


27. Vibrant green trees

Trees with vibrant colors can symbolize growth and vitality.


28. Minimalist tree silhouette


29. Tree foot embellishment


30. A combination of different leaves and petal designs tree-tattoo-designs-32

31. Beautiful and colorful bird perched on a tree branch

This colorful rendition is perfect for nature lovers.


32. Watercolor lovebirds on a branch

How about lovebirds for couple tattoo design ideas?


33.  Simple tree similar to the tree of life design

A simpler rendition of the Tree of Life.


34.  Feminine and colorful interpretation

Go all out and make your tree tattoo as colorful as possible.


35.   Another interpretation to the Tree of Life Tattoo


36. Palm tree with geometric shapes

The combination of shapes might seem random, but they do look very interesting.


37. Pretty tree thigh tattoo


38. Interesting back tattoo

This design makes it seem like your head and hair are the branches and leaves of the tree.


39. Birds of a feathertree-tattoo-designs-43

40. Dainty tree to symbolize childhood

Did you ever spend some part of your childhood under a tree, reading your favorite book?


41. Moon, bear and tree for those who like the outdoors


42. A fiery orange tree

The color orange really pops out in this tattoo.


43. A whole back tattoo


44.  Sun and moon combined with a tree and geometric shape

This tattoo can be a conversation piece, given its combination of lines,shapes and symbols!


45. Delicate branches with black and white flowerstree-tattoo-designs-49

46. Black and white tree with a pop of color

That small yellow lemon looks particularly sweet, don’t you think?


47.  Delicate nape tattoo

It may be small but nonetheless striking.


48. Owl and tree couple finger tattoos

Perfect for couples!


49. Bare branches tree tattoo ideatree-tattoo-designs-54

50. Small tree with inspiring quote

Combine your love of words and the symbolism of the tree. tree-tattoo-designs-55

51. Sexy back tattootree-tattoo-designs-57

52. More ornate Tree of Life designtree-tattoo-designs-58

53. Back tattoo with several spiritual symbols

Get all your favorite spiritual symbols and combine them all tree-tattoo-designs-60

54. Dainty wrist tattoo designtree-tattoo-designs-61

55. 3D tree with Buddha

Despite being unfinished, you already know that this tree tattoo design will turn heads.


56. Ominous-looking back tattoo

If you like the dark more than the dainty, this design is perfect.


57. Solid black tattoo of tree silhouette


58. One tree depicting two different emotions

Just look at how one tree tattoo can show two different feelings depending on the colors that are used.


59. A row of trees to portray the different seasons

What a cute and artistic way to show the differences between summer, autumn, winter and spring! With just the addition of a few colors, the vibrant tattoo comes alive!


60. A tree to symbolize discovering new things

The eye design makes this tattoo very mysterious and symbolic. It can be a great conversation starter when meeting new people.


61. Shades of grey for a tree climbing on your side

Another way to tattoo a tree design on the side of your body .


62. Large palm tree

Be reminded of the beach and tropical cities with this tattoo.


63. Dainty evergreen hand tattoo


64.  A darling back tattoo


65. A whimsical sparkling tree tattoo

This tattoo seems like it was straight out of a fairy tale!


66. Leaves falling from tree tattoo

This beautiful, ornate design looks like it belongs in a painting, don’t you think?


67. Dainty Palm tree tattoo


68. Trees and lines tattoo


69. Whole back tree tattoo design


70. A deer made of branches tattoo

Whoever thought of this tattoo really showed his creativity.

tree-tattoo-designs-8071. Tree tattoo ideas for your legs

Here are two ways of having a tree tattoo for your calf. You can go for bold, solid colors or the bare branches which seem more delicate.

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72. DNA Tree design

How beautiful is this tree tattoo design? The trunk of the tree is shaped like a ladder and dna. The pink tones add a femininity, making it more interesting.


73. Trees and blocks tattootree-tattoo-designs-83

74. Colorful leaves

This tattoo has added color on the leaves that seem to be blown by the wind


75. Delicate Nape Tattootree-tattoo-designs-85

76. Tree arm tattootree-tattoo-designs-86

77. Upside down Evergreen arm tattoo

The vibrant green colors are so beautiful to look at!


78. Black and white cherry blossom tattoo

The black and white colors do not diminish the beauty of this tattoo.


79. Arm tree tattoo with gradient silhouette


80. Combination of symbols

Just like this tattoo, you can opt for original designs incorporating your favorite symbols and shapes.


81. Geometric tree tattoo design

This particular tattoo makes it seem like the tree is encased inside a diamond jewel. The circles and dots all over the tattoo design can be symbolic of the cycle of life.


83. Evergreen tree tattoo design


84. Diamond tree tattoo design tree-tattoo-designs-93

85. Dream catcher tree tattoo design

The addition of the dream catcher hanging from one of the branches gives this huge side body tree tattoo a very dreamlike feel.


86. Tree of Life tattoo

There are many ways to interpret the tree of life tattoo. This one has more leaves surrounding the whole tree and roots.


87. Upside down vines

Your tree tattoo does not have to look a like a whole tree. This tattoo emphasizes the vines and leaves and still looks beautiful.


88. Wrist tattoo –

Opt for a small simple, design for your wrist. The simple tall tree in this particular tattoo is basic and minimal enough that it needs not be hidden even during formal occassions.

89. Tall tree on leg tattootree-tattoo-designs-99

90. Tree, waves and mountain tattoo

You know right away what this person’s particular interest are. The designs may be small in nature, but they have been rendered perfectly. For those who like the outdoors and love camping, mountaineering and surfing, this tattoo is perfect.


91. Tree and diamond combination tattoo

The big solid colors of the diamond make the perfect frame for this tree tattoo.


92. Forearm tree tattoo designtree-tattoo-designs-102

93. Tattoo with  swing design

Take a trip down to memory lane with this tattoo. While the tree tattoo design may seem common, the addition of the swing set gives it a nostalgic feel, especially for adults who used to do this when they were young.


94. Yellow orange tree tattoo design tree-tattoo-designs-104

95. Trunk and roots tree tattoo design tree-tattoo-designs-105

96. Watercolor evergreen tree tattoo tree-tattoo-designs-106

After getting a tattoo, make sure that you also study up on how to take care of your tattoo. It’s one of the most crucial things that you need to look after getting a tattoo. If you do not take care of your tattoo, it could result in the tattoo not getting healed properly. In extreme cases, it could even get to the point when it would become infected and lead to more serious complications.

There are many sources where you can get information on how to do proper aftercare and maintenance for your tattoo. Make sure that you talk to your tattoo artist about how you can take care of your tattoo and even speed up the healing process. A good tattoo artist will always educate their clients on how to properly maintain their new tattoos.

One of the basic things you should know is that you should wash the tattoo a few hours after it is inked. Make sure you do it gently. Never forget that getting a tattoo is like having a fresh wound on your body. Rubbing it roughly can aggravate the tattoo. You can also apply some moisturizing cream on it if you want.

Also, take care to not expose it too much sunlight. If you had the tattoo inked on your back, you will have to change your sleeping position and sleep on your stomach so that you will not do anything that could compromise the healing process of the tattoo. It might seem like there’s so much to do when you just want to get inked but remember that it will be worth it when you see how beautiful your new tattoo will turn out.

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