If you are a born tattoo lover, we are sure that you know how awesome, new and special your first experience of this kind may have seemed to you. All those days and nights that you have spent on searching for the right design on the Internet, all the emotions that crossed your mind before announcing your parents about this decision, the struggle of finding the tattoo artist that will match your requirements…Weren’t they totally worth the time?

On the other hand, if you aren’t (yet) a tattoo addict, but you really enjoy the idea of having your first one, you arrived at the right place.

In today’s article we will suggest some cute tiny tattoo designs that will turn your first experience of this type into one of a kind!

1. Tiny Sun

The Sun is a meaningful sign and this may be the reason for why it can be tattooed for both man and female. It is the sign of power and life and with this tiny one, even the rainy days will turn into sunny ones.

tiny tattoo designs (1)

2. Flowers

Flowers are always a great idea, mainly when it comes to a first tattoo. Their beautiful and feminine signification could easily turn them into matching tattoos for 2 best friends.

tiny tattoo designs (1)

3. The Deathly Hallow

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this tattoo is totally made up for you. The line symbolizes the elder wand, the circle symbolizes the resurrection stone and the triangle reminds us of the cloak of invisibility.

tiny tattoo designs (2)

4. The Triangle Foxy

This little shaped foxy may be the perfect choice if you want a simple and cute tattoo. Not to mention that the fox is a strong symbol of wisdom.

tiny tattoo designs (2)

5. Elegant Ampersand Tattoo

If you like ampersand tattoos and you’d love to have something simple, yet beautiful, this might be the perfect choice for you.

tiny tattoo designs (3)

6. The Peaceful Moon

This tiny moon tattoo would be the perfect accessory for any kind of outfit. It’s small, elegant, beautiful and it symbolizes a creative & grown mind.

tiny tattoo designs (3)

7. HeartPaw

This tattoo should be a must for every single dog lover!

tiny tattoo designs (4)

7. The Compass

If you simply love to travel the world by searching for new adventures, take this small tattoo to be your companion!

tiny tattoo designs (5)

8. Safety Pin Tattoo

Usually used by rockstars, the safety pin symbol can also be an elegant one if we choose the right place and design for it.

tiny tattoo designs (6)

9. Your Own Letter

If you want to give your tattoo a special meaning, you can also turn it into the first letter of your name.

tiny tattoo designs (7)

9. Geometrical Line Tattoo

The classical, geometrical lines never get out of trend. They look fabulous and maybe their simplicity make them so special.

tiny tattoo designs (8)

10. Just Smile!

Simple, short texts always work for a first tattoo, mainly when it comes to positive ones.

tiny tattoo designs (9)

11. Lovebirds

You simply can’t leave this lovely tattoo unobserved! It is cute, tiny, elegant and it will certainly receive a lot of “Awww!” reactions.

tiny tattoo designs (10)

13. The Pineapple

Having this exotic fruit tattooed on your finger indicates that you are a freedom lover!

tiny tattoo designs (11)

14. Simple Dots

If you are thinking about something really simple and quick for your first tattoo, try these suspense dots.

tiny tattoo designs (12)

15. Zodiac Signs

If you are an astronomy lover and simply have a crush on your zodiac sign, consider turning it into your first tattoo!

tiny tattoo designs (13)

16. The XX

While some say this is a simplistic tattoo, you should know that it is actually a viking symbol that means “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

tiny tattoo designs (14)

17. Cleavage tattoo

There is nothing sexier than this! You’re totally going to turn heads if you’re gonna try this one!

tiny tattoo designs (16)

18. Roman Numerals

More and more people today like to recall some of the most important events in their life using a tattoo. Our tip: always use Roman numbers. They give the tattoo a classy look. 🙂

tiny tattoo designs (17)

19. Geometrical Wrist Lines

If you want a simple, yet elegant and classy tattoo for your wrist, this may be one of the perfect choices.

tiny tattoo designs (18)

20. The Water Lily

There is nothing more feminine and beautiful than a water lily tattoo. Not to mention the fact that it symbolizes purity and innocence.

tiny tattoo designs (19)

21. The Triple Triangle

The three sides of the triangle are usually linked with the trinities in the Christian Religion, so this minimalist tattoo may have a powerful significance.

tiny tattoo designs (20)

22. The Mountain

With this beautiful tattoo, you’ll have the mountains at your feet! Or, better said, at your finger!

tiny tattoo designs (21)

23. The Semi Circle Dot

Maybe one of the tiniest and fastest tattoo designs ever.

tiny tattoo designs (23)

24. The Anchor

Besides the beautiful design which makes it to stand out from the rest, the anchor has also a genuine meaning: the connection of both Feminine and Masculine powers.

tiny tattoo designs (25)

25. Mountain Quote Tattoo

This beautiful, minimalistic tattoo has also a deep meaning. In latin it is “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”, which means “Either I shall find a way, or I will make one.”

tiny tattoo designs (26)

26. Fly Away

If you simply love traveling and discovering new places every single now and then, this tiny tattoo is the perfect fit.

tiny tattoo designs (28)

27. The Croissant

Either if you are a French citizen or you are simply in love with Paris, this croissant tattoo is made up for you.

tiny tattoo designs (29)

28. The FingerFlower

Feels like that flower has bloomed on the finger!

tiny tattoo designs (30)

29. The Bee

A bee tattoo may symbolize love and affection, as well as wisdom and knowledge.

tiny tattoo designs (31)

30. The Bicycle

This one can be a great idea if you want to show up your passions!

tiny tattoo designs (32)

31. The Parallel Lines

The parallel lines tattoo can have a lot of meanings. It could be the sign of a mathematical lover, or the sign of a twin, or simply the sign of a dualistic belief.

tiny tattoo designs (33)

32. The Musical Note

If you can’t go a single day without listening to music, you must wear this little, special tattoo!

tiny tattoo designs (34)

33. The Cross

Being a powerful symbol of Christianity, this beautiful cross symbolizes strength, courage and spirituality.

tiny tattoo designs (35)

34. The Simple Anchor Design

The anchor is a well-known symbol for loyalty, hope and protection.

tiny tattoo designs (36)

35. The Rose

Being a feminine, but also a masculine tattoo, the rose symbolizes balance, promise, new beginnings and hope.

tiny tattoo designs (37)

36. The Collarbone Stars

This beautiful tattoo will make you stand out from the crowd every single time you’ll show it up.

tiny tattoo designs (38)

37. The Wave

Who doesn’t love summer? And, moreover, who doesn’t want to have a little piece of sea on his feet?

tiny tattoo designs (39)

38. The Paws

Little, but significant, this tattoo will emphasize a big love for animals, as well as power and strength.

tiny tattoo designs (40)

39. The Warrior

One-text tattoos are usually the most powerful ones. For example, this could hide an interesting story behind its “walls”.

tiny tattoo designs (41)

40. The Heartbeat Tattoo

You’ll fall in love with the creative idea and design of this tattoo in a second! More than this, we suggest you to be creative and add another element to it, replacing the heart.

tiny tattoo designs (42)

42. The Flying Bird

If you’ll be spotted wearing this awesome tattoo, be sure that it will denote freedom, love and knowledge.

tiny tattoo designs (43)

43. The Number Sign

Even if you want to create the “hashtag look” or try a different, unusual tattoo, this one might work.

tiny tattoo designs (44)

44. The Diamond

Because diamonds are a girl’s best friends, right?

tiny tattoo designs (45)

45. The Heart Letter

If you want to always remember he first letter of your loved one, or even yours, adding it in combination with a cool shaped heart will do the trick!

tiny tattoo designs (46)

46. The Cupid’s Arrow

Either if you are the Cupid or the “targeted” one, this tattoo is a perfect fit for you!

tiny tattoo designs (47)

47. The Tiny Flower

This beautiful, tiny flower can be the perfect solution if you want to add a delicate feel to a part of your body.

tiny tattoo designs (48)

48. The Skull

Punk lovers, we just found a perfect tattoo design for you!

tiny tattoo designs (49)

49. Geometrical Signs

The geometrical style of a tattoo is always a good idea, because it always remains classy and elegant.

tiny tattoo designs (50)

50. The Little Forest

These “father and son” fir trees symbolize growth, wealth and the will for living a long lasting life.

tiny tattoo designs (51)

51. The Back Rose

Give your outfit a sexy turnaround by showing up this awesome rose design!

tiny tattoo designs (52)

52. The Delicate Leaves

If you want to opt in for a cute, delicate tattoo, try these little three leaves, accompanied by some simple dots.

tiny tattoo designs (53)

53. The Numbers

If you have a lucky number or a lucky date of the year, this is the perfect solution to always keep it with you.

tiny tattoo designs (54)

54. The Equal Lines

These parallel lines are used to indicate the balance in someone’s life.

tiny tattoo designs (55)

55. The Moon and The Clouds

You can’t simply resist to such an awesome design like this.

tiny tattoo designs (56)

56. Geometrical Arrow Tattoo

As we previously said, geometrical shapes are a must when it comes to tattoos. And if we add a creative style to it, we end up with the perfect one!

tiny tattoo designs (57)

57. Smiling Kitten

If this little, cute kitten smiling at you won’t make your day, I don’t know what would.

tiny tattoo designs (58)

58. Ever-Lasting Trees

We all know that nothing describes a long and fertile life better than a fir tree.

tiny tattoo designs (59)

59. Elegant Skull

You may choose a normal skull as a tattoo, but if you want to go mainstream, try this.

tiny tattoo designs (60)

60. The Sling

If the childhood nostalgia strikes on you now and then, you should totally try out this tattoo.

tiny tattoo designs (62)

61. The Ankle Flower

It seems like the flower has just grown up there, giving an elegant and fresh look.

tiny tattoo designs (63)

62. The Bucket of Flowers

Try this beautiful, minimalist tattoo and you’ll almost feel like you’re a part of a fairytale.

tiny tattoo designs (65)

63. The Hand

Simple, ingenious and casual. The perfect fit, right?

tiny tattoo designs (66)

64. Simple, Little Heart

If you want to opt in for a classical one, try this little heart. It will always remind you the fact that you love and you are loved.

tiny tattoo designs (67)

65. The Storm Is Coming

You may be one of the persons that find peace in the rain or someone that simply enjoys listening to the storm. If so, we suggest trying this cool tattoo.

tiny tattoo designs (68)

66. The Enchanting Water Lily

Want to get that feminine, delicate look? Well, we think that we might have the solution.

tiny tattoo designs (69)

67. The Alien

If different and unusual things usually draw your attention, you might love this little one.

tiny tattoo designs (70)

68. World Map

Are you an avid traveller? Or a geographical lover? If your answer is yes, you should totally try out this tattoo!

tiny tattoo designs (71)

69. The Expressive Moon

Looking for an elegant design? Then, this beautiful moon might surprise you.

tiny tattoo designs (72)

70. Freaky Skull

This weird, little skull might have creeped you out if it wasn’t made with dark ink, but with neon one.

tiny tattoo designs (73)

71. The Dove Face

If you are an adept of expressive combinations, this one might suit you.

tiny tattoo designs (74)

72. Cute, Elegant Branch

There is nothing more elegant like this one. Simply stunning.

tiny tattoo designs (76)

73. Wave after wave…

Enjoy the beautiful memories of the summer with this beautiful, tiny design.

tiny tattoo designs (77)

74. Avatar The Last Airbender Tattoo

A cute, tiny tattoo for the “Avatar The Last Airbender” movie lovers.

tiny tattoo designs (78)

75. Cute Butterfly

This beautiful, elegant and charming butterfly may be the perfect choice if you’re into sweet and simple designs.

tiny tattoo designs (79)

76. 1 AM In The Morning

The time when we are allowed to really be ourselves, right?

tiny tattoo designs (80)

77. Be Still

A simple, yet meaningful text to be remembered every single day.

tiny tattoo designs (81)

78. The World In Your Arms

If you literally want to have the world in your arms, try this minimalistic design!

tiny tattoo designs (83)

79. Long, Strong Fir Tree

Choose this minimalistic, yet beautiful tattoo design if you want to be remarked. The fir trees symbolize wisdom, power and a long life.

tiny tattoo designs (84)

80. Little Rhino And The Dino

Have you seen something cuter than this?!

tiny tattoo designs (85)

81. Lavender and Olive

Two different, yet powerful signs.

tiny tattoo designs (86)

82. Navigating Through The Sea

An outstanding combination for all the sea lovers.

tiny tattoo designs (87)

83. The Wild Forest

This may be one of the greatest minimalistic tattoos, which can be a good fit for both a man or a woman.

tiny tattoo designs (88)

84. The Green Branch

This looks so realistic, isn’t it?!

tiny tattoo designs (89)

85. The Delicate Flowers

Nothing says “elegance” better than this beautiful tattoo design.

tiny tattoo designs (90)

86. Promise?

This could be a GREAT idea if you want to get a matching tattoo with your best friend.

tiny tattoo designs (91)

87. The Spaceship

Are you an alien lover? Because we have prepared something for you:

tiny tattoo designs (92)

88. Beautiful Purple Flower

Delicate, beautiful and sweet. The perfect combination for a ladylike tattoo.

tiny tattoo designs (93)

89. Smiling Fawn

You’ll have to recognize, it seems like this tattoo it’s knocked out a fairytale!

tiny tattoo designs (94)

90. Waves And Mountains

The perfect combination: the mountains & the sea.

tiny tattoo designs (95)

91. The Sword And The Heart

Even if they would probably be interpreted as a “broken heart”, these two symbols are significant. Love & Power.

tiny tattoo designs (96)

93. The Shark

Being the sign of curiosity, intelligence and strength, this shark tattoo will be totally worth it!

tiny tattoo designs (97)

These being said…What’s your favorite one?

Whatever it may be, always keep in mind that the design that you choose now will follow you forever, so it’s not a bad thing if you’re taking your time or make up your mind. We encourage you to study and re-study these beautiful models and come back with a comment with the impression of getting your first tattoo.