There is nothing sexier than a beautiful, elegant (or sometimes even prominent) thigh tattoo. Not to mention that it comes as a great accessory if it’s highlighted in combination with a short, elegant dress or a pair of shorts. Of course, you also need the right attitude to wear such type of tattoos and a little bit of courage, considering the fact that their size isn’t always the tiniest.

More than this, thigh tattoos have become a cool and appreciated way of self-expression in the last years. One of the most important things that you should take into consideration when choosing them, though, is that they should reflect your personality, style, experiences and way of thinking, because they reflect a state of mind.

Are you ready to turn heads? We hope so, because in today’s article we’ve prepared some of the most beautiful, sexy and creative thigh tattoo designs!

  1. The Mermaid

Have you ever wondered how the grown up version of “The Little Mermaid” would look? The hidden face of the mermaid, along with her cross tattoo on the arm are the elements that give a seductive tone to the design.

thigh tattoo designs (1)

2. The Bird and the Deer

It seems like this tattoo is taken out from a fairytale. If you’re into beautiful, elegant and noticeable tattoos, this option might seem perfect for you.

thigh tattoo designs (2)

3. The Indian Skull

If you want to choose a creative tattoo that would express both originality and style, you can opt in for this one. We’re guarantee that you’ll certainly turn heads with it!

thigh tattoo designs (4)

4. The Triangle Lightning Strike

The elements of this tattoo are giving it a great power. While the eye surrounded by a triangle (The Eye Of Providence) means the power of God and that is watching over the mankind, the lightning strike symbolizes the power and the might of the Gods.

thigh tattoo designs (5)

5. The Elegant One

Are you searching for an elegant, yet sexy tattoo? Well, this might be the perfect solution. Wear it with a discrete dress, an impressive ring and a pair of heels and all the attention will be on your side! 🙂

thigh tattoo designs (6)

6. The Wavy One

If you have a little bit more courage and you also wish to escape from the monotony, we encourage you to try this tattoo. It has a dramatic look and feel that makes it special.

thigh tattoo designs (8)

7. The Rose

For all the romantic ladies out there: this tattoo might suit you perfectly! Its elegant design and shape makes it suitable to be worn not only by day, with a casual outfit, but also at night, with an elegant one.

thigh tattoo designs (9)

8. The Blooming Flowers

Flowers are a always a great choice. They are elegant, beautiful, natural, sophisticated and yet simple.

thigh tattoo designs (11)

9. The Flower Mandala

While the elements of a mandala symbolize unity and balance, the flower structure gives it an elegant and classy feeling. This would be a great choice if you’re into spiritual, elegant and chill things.

thigh tattoo designs (12)

10. The Moon Rose

While the moon symbolizes fertility, growth and creativity, the rose is a symbol for balance and beauty.

thigh tattoo designs (13)

11. The Blue Eyed Owl

Black tattoos are awesome. But they are stunning if you choose to add a little bit of color to their design.

thigh tattoo designs (14)

12. Fishy-Fishy

The fish symbolizes abundance, wealth, ambition, power and strength. If you’ll choose to get a fish tattoo, we suggest taking a look at this awesome, colorful one.

thigh tattoo designs (15)

13. The Forest Mirror

Mirror-Mirror on the wall, who has the most inspiring tattoo of them all? 🙂

thigh tattoo designs (16)

14. The Peonies

Here’s an awesome idea to always keep the spring in your soul. These peonies are the symbol for wealth, fortune and prosperity.

thigh tattoo designs (17)

15. The Trigger

People that say that tattoos tell some of the most deep feelings that a person can have aren’t wrong. The fact is that tattoos, as expressed in this image, act like triggers.

thigh tattoo designs (18)

16. The RoseClock

While the clock symbolizes the special moments, the endless love or the existence, these beautiful roses give a tint of elegance and beauty. This tattoo is a must for every romantic soul!

thigh tattoo designs (19)

17. The Designed Octopus

If you’re thinking to get an elegant, yet remarkable tattoo, you can opt in for the following one. The octopus symbolizes complexity, mystery, vision, variability or intelligence.

thigh tattoo designs (20)

18. The Cats That Stare At The Moon

Who said that only dogs can howl at the moon? This beautiful and colorful tattoo design will properly highlight every outfit that you’ll decide to wear. Moreover, the cat is a symbol for luck, prosperity and intelligence.

thigh tattoo designs (21)

18. The Rose Trigger

If this beautiful tattoo would require a text, that would be, for sure, “Kill them with softness”.

thigh tattoo designs (22)

19. The Black Flower

If you’re more into classy things, but you’re also have a melancholic mind and soul, we recommend this tattoo design. Simple, black is always a great choice when it comes to tattoos. 🙂

thigh tattoo designs (23)

20. The Fairytale

If you’re still into fairytales and also have a childish soul, this tattoo might be a great fit for you. The colorful, playful design gives a tint of originality and creativity.

thigh tattoo designs (24)

21. The Colorful Ark

The colorful and stunning elements of this beautiful tattoo will catch your attention in a second. Its details are designed with a lot of detail attention, while the creative look and feel makes it even more desirable.

thigh tattoo designs (25)

22. The Sunflower

This seems like it is a beautiful drawing in pencil. The lines and shades give the tattoo a dramatic feel that makes it even more interesting.

thigh tattoo designs (26)

23. The Lioness

It seems like this lioness has been brought out from a fairytale. Those eyes would awake desires and emotions in every single soul that would look into them.

thigh tattoo designs (29)

24. The Plants

A combination of flower and many other plant designs is always a good idea if you want a long, impressive tattoo.

thigh tattoo designs (30)

25. The Kings

The design of this bull and deer surrounded by a multitude of flowers and plants looks really amazing and the shades are giving it a dramatic and authentic feel.

thigh tattoo designs (31)

26. The Branch Of Flowers

As we previously mentioned, flowers are a great idea. The more, the better. And if they also have a beautiful color, it means that you probably made the right choice.

thigh tattoo designs (32)

27. Bastet And Anubis Tattoo

If you love Egyptian symbols and history, you should probably get this tattoo, but first you should know that the ankh is a symbol for the eternal life, while Anubis is the symbol of protection.

thigh tattoo designs (34)

28. The Jellyfish

The design of this amazing jellyfish is stunning. It’s like it’s real and it would want to escape. 🙂

thigh tattoo designs (35)

29. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers…

Get that feminine, elegant and shiny look by wearing your favorite night dress and this tattoo.

thigh tattoo designs (36)

30. The Double Meaning

The symbolistic of this tattoo is doubled, considering the fact that the optical illusion shows both a bull and a wolf. While the bull symbolizes stability and strength, the wolf is the symbol for family, power and instinct.

thigh tattoo designs (37)

31. Perfectly Imperfect

Nobody is perfect, for sure. We are all perfectly imperfect. But nobody can stop us from trying it and choosing this beautiful tattoo can be a great beginning.

thigh tattoo designs (38)

32. The Thorns

As it happens in life, every beautiful thing has its own imperfections. Just think about the rose: in its peaceful and amazing beauty, it is protected by its thorns.

thigh tattoo designs (39)

33. The Butterfly

If you’re willing to get a childish tattoo that would also be playful and beautiful, you can opt in for the following one. The butterfly is a symbol for love, grace and femininity. See:  95 Butterfly Tattoo Designs

thigh tattoo designs (41)

34. The Smiling Cat

Looking for a motivational and cute tattoo at the same time? This blue, positive cat will surely throw out every single bad vibe! 🙂

thigh tattoo designs (42)

35. The Colorful Bat

If you’re more into unconventional things, we recommend trying out this awesome tattoo. Bats can also be colorful & peaceful, can’t they?

thigh tattoo designs (44)

36. The Shapes

Shape tattoos are never out of trend. They are always classy, elegant and beautiful.

thigh tattoo designs (45)

37. The Amazing Indian Girl

This might be a dream tattoo for most of the girls out there. The colors, the design, the shape, the length, they’re all perfect.

thigh tattoo designs (46)

38. Mirror Mirror On The…Rose

The superstition of the broken mirror along with the 7 years of bad luck won’t look so scary if the mirror it’s covered in beautiful roses, will it?

thigh tattoo designs (47)

40. The Bucket

If you want to adopt a classy, elegant and precious look, we recommend trying this pretty tattoo.

thigh tattoo designs (48)

41. The Delicate Peonies

Either if you are in love with peonies, or you simply love flowers and the magical feeling that they give to all kinds of tattoos, you’ll certainly want to try this one.

thigh tattoo designs (49)

42. The Cherry Blossom

Spring Lover? Than you should certainly try out this awesome, colorful tattoo. Even in the rainy days, you’ll have your sun with you. 🙂

thigh tattoo designs (50)

43. The Freedom Lover

Here’s a fun and colorful tattoo for all the freedom lovers out there! Be free!

thigh tattoo designs (51)

44. The Water Lily

The precious water lily symbolizes pureness, eternity and beauty. Try this one if you have a passion for simple, yet interesting tattoo designs.

thigh tattoo designs (52)

45. The Pretty Moon And Sun

If you love exploring astrological symbols, try this beautiful, dual tattoo. It is simple, yet complex.

thigh tattoo designs (53)

46. The Foxy

If you’re looking for a tattoo that would be both special and interesting in the same time, you can opt in for this one. This serious fox that looks clearly into your eyes will certainly catch some attention.

thigh tattoo designs (54)

47. The Elephant Trio

Looking for a playful tattoo? Try this lovely family of elephants! Besides the beautiful shape, it symbolizes power, strength, peace and success.

thigh tattoo designs (55)

48. The Designed Elephant

If the previous elephants were playful and joyful, these two ones indicate a more serious look and feel. They are beautifully designed, while their symbolic meaning stays the same.

thigh tattoo designs (56)

49. The Wise Owl

If you like this cute tattoo, you should know that owls are symbols of wisdom, education and intelligence. Moreover, they can also symbolize freedom and vision.

thigh tattoo designs (57)

50. The Rose Anchor

This beautiful anchor surrounded by red roses may be the perfect tattoo for you if you’re a loyal, hopeful, protective and faithful to God person.

thigh tattoo designs (58)

51. The Lilies

This beautiful tattoo made up of lilies it’s a must if you’re into pure and peaceful things. Put a matching text besides it and it will become perfect.

thigh tattoo designs (59)

52. The Star Lily

While the star is a symbol for success, good luck and balance, the lily symbolizes Christianity and faith, the two of them make the perfect combination.

thigh tattoo designs (60)

53. The Flower Anchor

This Anchor made entirely out of flowers has an impressive design. It’s a stunning combination.

thigh tattoo designs (61)

54. The Flower Matryoshka

The Matryoshka is mainly a nesting doll, with multiple painted dolls in it, one smaller than another. It is a common symbol in Russia, it can be made by means of multiple designs and it is a really nice thing to have.

thigh tattoo designs (62)

55. The Colorful Flowers

If you’re into elegant and impressive things, this beautiful tattoo can be the chosen one. You’re gonna fall in love with it just by giving it a glance.

thigh tattoo designs (63)

56. The Shape Air Balloon

This beautiful air balloon made up of shapes has an impressive design. More than this, just by looking at it, you’ll think of the chill nights of summer along with the long, beautiful walks.

thigh tattoo designs (65)

57. The Scorpio

Whether if you like astrology or you’re simply attracted to the shape of this awesome tattoo, you should try it. It is the symbol of power, defense and control.

thigh tattoo designs (66)

58. The Elegant Lion

This elegant lion makes you fall in love with its design and shape from the first moment that you’ll see it. Not to mention the fact that these types of tattoo are never out of trend.

thigh tattoo designs (67)

59. The Octopus

If you’re looking for a long, yet impressive thigh tattoo design, you can choose the octopus one. It’s a symbol for regeneration, adaptation, knowledge and intelligence.

thigh tattoo designs (68)

60. The Lilies and the butterflies

If you want to be noticed when wearing a dress or shorts, get this awesome tattoo. The combination of flowers & butterflies gives it a wonderful and shiny look and feel.

thigh tattoo designs (69)

61. Music Is My Life

What music addict would say “No” to a tattoo like this?!
thigh tattoo designs (70)

62. The Indian Girl

The stunning design of this indian girl won’t pass unnoticed.

thigh tattoo designs (71)

63. The Creative Jellyfish

This jellyfish tattoo combines both creativity, style and elegance, being a great fit for both men and women.

thigh tattoo designs (72)

64. The Crying Women

A tattoo full of emotions and stories. Get it and personalize it with your own story.

thigh tattoo designs (73)

65. The RED Rose

The intense color of this red rose it’s simply stunning. It’s a bloody red one. 🙂

thigh tattoo designs (74)

66. The Pink Animal Print

Anyone can make an animal print thigh tattoo, right? But only you can personalize it as you like. Change its color, shape or style and there you are!

thigh tattoo designs (75)

67. The Locked Owl

Owls are a recognized symbol of wisdom. But as it happens in life, the “wise box” can be closed and you can only unlock it if you have the right key! 🙂

thigh tattoo designs (76)

68. The Color Splash Lily

Lilies are beautiful flowers. Part of their pureness stays in their color, but what if it could be changed? We put our imagination into work and this is the final result. Isn’t it beautiful?

thigh tattoo designs (77)

69. The Flower Mandala

Mandala tattoos will always have awesome designs and colors, as well as a strong symbolic meaning. Moreover, they are classic and never get out of trend.

thigh tattoo designs (78)

70. The Waves Lines

These lines that are resembling with the waves are a perfect fit if you’re a sea lover and you like to remember all the great times that you spent with your friends last summer.

thigh tattoo designs (79)

71. The Moon Castle

This is a perfect tattoo for both every single childhood enthusiast, but also for all of the fairytale lovers out there.

thigh tattoo designs (81)

72. The Sol Key

This beautiful combination of music notes it’s a must for every single music addict. Get it and personalize it with your favorite notes!

thigh tattoo designs (82)

73. The Key

There is nothing more beautiful than a tattoo with a symbolic meaning. The key on this one symbolizes the power and love that every single person should have when opening the family gate in their heart.

thigh tattoo designs (83)

74. The Little Butterfly

If you’re looking for a shiny tattoo that would brighten even the darkest days, this could be a wise choice.

thigh tattoo designs (84)

75. The Text Rose

A rose tattoo in combination with a text is never a mistake. Choose a colorful one and personalize it as you want.

thigh tattoo designs (86)

76. The Big Ship

You should totally try this awesome tattoo, which is a great fit for both men and women.

thigh tattoo designs (87)

77. The Heart

A colorful heart for all the positive souls out there.

thigh tattoo designs (88)

78. The Snakes

Snakes are a symbol for healing and rebirth, fertility, nobility, as well as for the temptation.

thigh tattoo designs (89)79. The Turtle

If you’re a patient, innocent and wise man, you should totally get this cute turtle tattoo.

thigh tattoo designs (90)

80. The Awesome Owl

The eyes of this sweet owl might melt your heart.

thigh tattoo designs (91)

81. The Flower

If you want a classic tattoo, you should get this one.

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thigh tattoo designs (92)

82. The Woman And The Lion

This interesting combination could make an awesome thin tattoo!

thigh tattoo designs (93)

83. The Poppies

If you’re a flower lover with a melancholic soul, you should totally try this lovely tattoo.

thigh tattoo designs (94)

84. The Mandala

This awesome designed mandala it’s always a great choice, whatever you’ll like to personalize it.

thigh tattoo designs (95)

85. The Bad Girl

If you’re more into those tattoos that show the attitude, try this awesome one.

thigh tattoo designs (96)

86. The Hourglass

Time passes by, but memories remain. Do you want to keep them forever through a great tattoo?

thigh tattoo designs (97)

87. The Lady

This beautifully designed tattoo can be a great fit for every single lady out there.

thigh tattoo designs (98)

88. The Cool One

Express your attitude with this cool, stunning tattoo design!

thigh tattoo designs (99)

89. The Musical Notes

A perfect tattoo for the music lovers.

thigh tattoo designs (100)

90. The Wings

It’s like this tiny, beautiful tattoo was taken up from a fairytale.

thigh tattoo designs (101)

91. The Angry Indian

If you’d like to opt in for something more expressive, you can choose this awesome design.

thigh tattoo designs (102)

92. Time

If you want a symbolic tattoo you can choose this one. The clock and the key are a perfect combination.

thigh tattoo designs (103)93. Colorful Flowers

Here’s a sweet, colorful tattoo design for every flower lover!

thigh tattoo designs (104)

94. The Angry Wolf

The wolf is a powerful symbol of bonding, self love and freedom.

thigh tattoo designs (105)

95. The Dual One

The combination of the skull and the bird on this tattoo is really interesting to be studied.

thigh tattoo designs (106)

96. The Lily

If you want to opt in for a tattoo that will remind you of someone you love, you can choose this beautiful one.

thigh tattoo designs (107)

All in all, we hope that you’ve found the tattoo of your dreams through the examples that we’ve shown up here! Whatever it may be, just think that it should match your personality and soul. A great tattoo isn’t great enough without a matching attitude! 🙂