All of us know that the best moments in life are the ones that deserve to be remembered. And what could tell an awesome experience better than a beautiful, inspirational quote tattoo? Let’s be honest. Even if you are or not an adept of the tattoos, one beautiful quote might have drawn your attention at least once in your life. And there is nothing strange about this, because the inspirational tattoos are some of the most beautiful, elegant and appreciated ones.

The problem when deciding to get one, though, is related to choosing the best design. We’ll understand if you’ll take your time, mostly because there are so many awesome samples out there that you’ll probably make up your mind once or twice.

However, we decided to save some time for you, so in today’s article we will show you some of the most beautiful inspirational Tattoo Quotes.

Ready to be amazed?

  1. The Truthful One

If you want a tattoo that should speak for itself when it comes to any kind of relationship, you may want to try out this one. The butterflies are the perfect elements that complete it, making it more elegant and classy.

quotes tattoo designs (4)

2. The Ecosystem Love

In Aldo Leopold’s vision, to think like a mountain means to have a peerless love for the environment and the  elements in the ecosystem.

quotes tattoo designs (7)

3. The Positive One

This is one of those awesome tattoos that will constantly remind you that you’re a fighter and that you should never ever give up.

quotes tattoo designs (8)

4. Young, Wild and Free

Here’s an awesome tattoo design, accompanied by a suitable inspirational quote for all the young dreamers out there.

quotes tattoo designs (9)

5. The Dream Vs. The Heart

I don’t know if there’s something that would portray this emotional story in such a beautiful design than this tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (10)

6. The Matching One

If you want to get a matching tattoo with your loved one and don’t want to get into that cliché zone, you’d probably like this one.

quotes tattoo designs (11)

7. The “Triple L”

This should probably be the ever lasting slogan in everyone’s life. Keep these three words in mind, soul and body.

Meaningful friendship tattoo designs on upper back girl looks cool with a ribbon tied under the quote. A friendship worth immortalized as a tattoo for someone who considered meaningful.

Meaningful friendship tattoo designs on upper back girl looks cool with a ribbon tied under the quote. A friendship worth immortalized as a tattoo for someone who considered meaningful.

8. The Love Cause

A beautiful way to say “I love you”. There is no cause and effect when we are talking about love. There’s only the two of us.

quotes tattoo designs (13)

9. The Tough One

One meaningful quote design for all the strong girls out there. Big girls don’t cry, right? 🙂

quotes tattoo designs (15)

10. The Dreamer

One perfect tattoo design for every dreamer out there. When your heart is broken, your wings will lead you to the right path.

quotes tattoo designs (16)

11. The AHS One

If you are already a fan of the well-known “American Horror Story” series, we shouldn’t say much about this one, should we?

quotes tattoo designs (17)

12. The Eternal One

Love will always find a way, mostly when you’ll have this beautiful tattoo to always remind you this fact.

quotes tattoo designs (18)

13. The Imperfect One

One genuine, beautiful tattoo for us to remember that nothing is eternal.

quotes tattoo designs (19)

14. The Friendship One

Nothing says “Friendship” more than this beautiful tattoo. The deep message, along with the promise makes it irreplaceable.

quotes tattoo designs (20)

15. The Gratitude

An inspirational, powerful tattoo to make us rethink the role that we have on this Earth.

quotes tattoo designs (21)

16. The Only Way Out

This is a beautiful correspondent to the well-known quote “If you’ll never try, you’ll never know”. Moreover, the circle gives it an elegant and lovely feel.

quotes tattoo designs (22)

17. The Little One

The greatest essences are kept in small bottles, right?

quotes tattoo designs (23)

18. Words…

This could be a great choice both for a silent person with a lot of words in their mind, as well as for an extrovert one.

quotes tattoo designs (24)

19. The Architect

Starting with the premise that every single thing that we do has its own consequences, this quote tattoo might be a match.

quotes tattoo designs (25)

20. If only…

Dream on, dreamer! Get that wish done! 🙂

quotes tattoo designs (26)

21. The Deep One

There’s nothing more powerful and faithful than this. Not to mention the stunning design that accompanies the quote.

quotes tattoo designs (27)

22. The Motivational One

If you are a believer with a positive mind, we think that we might have discovered the best tattoo design for you.

quotes tattoo designs (28)

23. The Fighter

If you’ve been through a lot to accomplish something that you really wanted or deserved, you should take into consideration this awesome tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (29)

24. Keep Fighting On

Nothing could be ever accomplished if we didn’t make mistakes. So if you’re aware of your own ones and you admit them, this awesome designed quote tattoo waits for you!

quotes tattoo designs (32)

25. The Real One

If you are that kind of person that needs some motivational, wise and connected to reality words in those hard moments, this might help you.

quotes tattoo designs (34)

26. The Imperative One

Either if it acts as a wish or a command, this tattoo is a perfect choice if you are missing someone out there…

quotes tattoo designs (35)

27. The Spiritual One

For the grace of God…a powerful, beautiful and meaningful tattoo. The design makes it even more desirable, so what are you waiting for?

quotes tattoo designs (37)

28. The Bravest

If you’re that kind of person that has been through a lot and despite this fact, still manages to have a normal life, this tattoo might suit you.

quotes tattoo designs (38)

29. The One Filled With Love

How sweet is this? We know, the love that a parent shares for his child can’t be measured in words, but these ones are simply amazing.

quotes tattoo designs (40)

30. Don’t let me down

Looking for some kind of motivation? Well, you are lucky, because today’s slice of motivation also comes with a STUNNING design!

quotes tattoo designs (41)

31. Mistakes are allowed

Because nobody is perfect, right?

quotes tattoo designs (42)

32. The Fearless One

Who wouldn’t love to be described in such a beautiful way? If you found yourself in these words, we think that we might found your next tattoo design!

quotes tattoo designs (45)

33. The Promise

Sincere promises are always welcomed with a tattoo of this kind.

quotes tattoo designs (46)

34. One Positive Thought

After a tough day, just get in the shower, relax yourself, and then take a look at these beautiful words. Don’t you feel better already?

quotes tattoo designs (47)

35. The Brave One

Not only the unusual and stunning font of this tattoo, but also its message will catch up your attention from the very beginning!

quotes tattoo designs (48)

36. The Gunslinger

For all the Stephen King novels lovers out there!

quotes tattoo designs (50)

37. The Dreamer

Dreaming isn’t a bad habit. It makes you escape the real world, and sometimes that’s the only thing that matters. So if you find yourself in these words, go and get this beautiful tattoo!

quotes tattoo designs (51)

38. The Mirror Of Erised

If you’re a great fan of the Harry Potter series, you should know that this mirror shows the most desperate desire of someone’s heart, which can usually drive a person mad.

quotes tattoo designs (52)

39. Think Positive!

It’s all about thoughts. All our actions and moments in life are guided by our thoughts. So if we don’t take the chance to turn them into positive ones, who will? Maybe this motivational tattoo will answer the question.

quotes tattoo designs (53)

40. The Childish One

Even if we get older, the memory of childhood always remains in our hearts and souls. This is why you should try this beautiful, cute and encouraging tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (54)

41. A Parent’s Love

No words needed. There are moments in life when we simply need to stamp memories in our skin, without giving any explanations.

quotes tattoo designs (55)

42. The Fearless

Never let your fear to destroy your dreams. And get this awesome tattoo so that you’ll remember this fact every single day!

quotes tattoo designs (56)

43. Live For The Moment

Life is short and so are the best experiences and moments. So make the best out of them!

quotes tattoo designs (57)

44. Live Your Life!

Dreams are a great way to escape reality, if they are used with measure. Live your life at its fullest! Give your dreams the power to encourage you, not to let you down and use this awesome tattoo as a constant reminder of this fact.

quotes tattoo designs (58)

45. The Reader

This tattoo may be a perfect fit for every single bookaholic out there. Not to mention the beautiful font which is a perfect match for the message.

quotes tattoo designs (59)

46. Always Love Yourself

You should always do more from what it makes you happy. That’s why we suggest trying this beautiful, inspirational tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (60)

47. The Existential One

The Zen (enso circle) inside this tattoo symbolizes the universe and the strength that all of us have inside us.

quotes tattoo designs (61)

48. Be Like A Rock

If you’re into strong, powerful and deep tattoo messages, you might want to try this one.

quotes tattoo designs (62)

49. Moving Forward

You’re that kind of person that takes every day as it comes and just tries to find the good in all that’s happening? Well, we might have the perfect tattoo for you.

quotes tattoo designs (64)

50. Just Enjoy Life!

Here’s a perfect tattoo for all of us that think that life is short and it needs to be lived accordingly, no matter what your thoughts might tell you.

quotes tattoo designs (66)

51. The Nostalgic One

If you’d like to show gratitude for someone special in your life, you might want to try this kind of tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (67)

52. The Acceptance

The design and font of this tattoo are simply stunning. Not to mention that the text is a perfect fit for a realistic person.

quotes tattoo designs (68)

53. Have Faith In Love

If you’re a fighter, if you never give up on hope and dreams and you don’t have the word “fear”in your vocabulary, this tattoo might suit your personality.

quotes tattoo designs (69)

54. The Imperfect One

Nobody is perfect, and if you are aware of this fact, take a look at this beautifully made tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (70)

55. The Story

You should never leave a story behind. At least not when it’s your story that we are talking about. So maybe one of the best decisions is to wear it with you forever.

quotes tattoo designs (71)

56. Forget The Rest

A peaceful, elegant and beautiful soul will certainly fall in love with this amazing tattoo. It is not only expressive, but also profound.



57. Don’t Forget About Reality

A perfect tattoo for every single realistic person out there.

quotes tattoo designs (73)

58. Make a change!

If you are aware of the fact that changes always start with us, this tattoo might be the perfect one for you.

quotes tattoo designs (74)

59. The Tribute

These beautiful, yet emotional words say it all…Speechless.

quotes tattoo designs (75)

60. The Twisted One

Looks can be deceiving, isn’t it? Well, if you agree with us, take a look at this cool tattoo!

quotes tattoo designs (76)

61. The Dandelion

We’ve always thought that the combination of an inspirational tattoo and a dandelion makes one of the best designs ever when it comes to tattoos!

quotes tattoo designs (77)

62. Count The Moments

The secret of a successful life stays in the number of precious moments that you shared. So if you know this, take a look at this beautiful tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (78)

63. The Artistic One

This one is for every single emotional, elegant and artistic soul.

quotes tattoo designs (79)

64. The Freedom Lover

If you simply can’t imagine life without freedom, courage and a droplet of passion, then you’ll totally fall in love with the following tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (81)

65. The Declaration

Thinking about making a cute surprise for your loved one? Well, there is nothing sweeter than this awesome, beautiful tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (82)

66. The Love We Deserve

…And we deserve some real love. At least when we have such an awesome tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (83)

67. The Music Lover

This tattoo is a must for every single music addict. Music is magic, indeed. It has a healing power and this is why we should keep it close.

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quotes tattoo designs (85)

68. Art, Music, Love

You’re willing to opt in for something simple, yet special? Then you can tattoo the most important 3 things that matter in your life.

quotes tattoo designs (86)

69. Forever Fades Away

If you’re not a fan of the “And they lived happily ever after” stories, this tattoo might suit you.

quotes tattoo designs (87)

70. The Positive Mind

We always considered the fact that a positive mind leads up to a positive life. Mostly when it is accompanied by such a beautiful tattoo.

quotes tattoo designs (88)

71. The Childish One

This is for every single person with a childish soul. Because, in the end, we are all kids in our hearts, aren’t we?

quotes tattoo designs (89)

72. The Matching One

Live & Laugh. The rest will come by itself.

quotes tattoo designs (90)

73. The Poetry

There is nothing wrong in a long tattoo that simply tells a beautiful story through a quote. As long as you’ll find yourself through the lines, it is perfect.

quotes tattoo designs (91)

74. The Hero

For all the fighters out there, here’s your message to the world! Make it heard!

quotes tattoo designs (92)

75. The Power Of Words

Indeed, words may suffocate sometimes. Or at least the spoken ones. That’s why we choose to express them through tattoos.

quotes tattoo designs (93)

76. The Hustler

A lot of things to do, a lot of dreams to achieve, a lot of chances to take. If these words describe you, the following tattoo might be perfect for you.

quotes tattoo designs (94)

77. The Creator

Are you one of those persons that doesn’t like to dream about the future, but loves to create it? Well, if it is so, take a look at this design!

quotes tattoo designs (95)

78. Loving Life

To live is to love and to love is to live. Aren’t we right? What would this world look like without love?

quotes tattoo designs (96)

79. Be You!

Powerful words about originality and freedom. Take the freedom and the chance to be who you want to be!

quotes tattoo designs (97)

80. The Artist

…take the rainbow: it couldn’t exist without the rain, right?

quotes tattoo designs (99)

81. The French One

If you want to opt in for an elegant and classy tattoo, choose a French one. 🙂

quotes tattoo designs (100)

82. Enjoy The Music

This rule applies in life too, aren’t we right? 🙂

quotes tattoo designs (101)

83. The personalized one

If you want to have an original, out of the box tattoo, opt in for a text one in an unusual language, so that only you would understand its value.

quotes tattoo designs (102)

84. Take Care Of The Sense

If it’s interpreted correctly, this  two way message could be perfectly worn.

quotes tattoo designs (105)

85. Show What Matters

If you’re not really into quotes, but still want a text tattoo, we suggest trying to add some of the most important words for you in it. In this way, it will be both original and beautiful.

quotes tattoo designs (107)

86. The Disney One

If you’re still a child at heart or if you’re in a mad love with Disneyland, this tattoo might suit you.

quotes tattoo designs (108)

87. The Butterfly

The style and design of this butterfly is simply amazing! It has a lot of meanings, and the written text in the style of a poetry makes it even more beautiful.

quotes tattoo designs (109)

88. Live, Laugh, Love

Live, Laugh, Love. The secret recipe for a happy life. 🙂

quotes tattoo designs (110)

89. Name Tattoos

If you want to show your love to your dear one, you can simply tattoo his or her name on your wrist. It’s a beautiful way to say “I love you and I will always be by your side”.

quotes tattoo designs (111)

90. The Italian One

As we said, if you want an original tattoo, you can opt in for one in another language than English or French.

quotes tattoo designs (112)

91. Never Forget Who You Are

One of the most important things in life is being yourself, no matter the circumstances. Never forget where you started from. If you’ll choose this cute tattoo, you probably won’t.

quotes tattoo designs (113)

92. Seeking the Great Perhaps

Here’s one beautiful tattoo for all the “Looking For Alaska” fans! 🙂

quotes tattoo designs (114)

93. Once Upon A Time…

If your love life began with a beautiful story, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

quotes tattoo designs (115)

All in all, we hope that every single design that we presented here delighted you in a way or another, but we also hope that you found what you’ve been searching for! Follow our future posts to be up to date with the newest trends in the art of tattooing! 🙂