In terms of spiritual meanings, spirals have a myriad of significance that cannot be ignored. While a spiral piercing looks visually appealing because it is basically made of circles, which are considered perfect, it is also a highly spiritual sign. If you’re looking to achieve balance, progress, expansion and awareness, then you should give this a go. Studies say that when you see, draw or use spirals in any way, you expand your consciousness. True or not, the fact is that the following spiral piercing ideas will expand your circle of knowledge.

You will find spiral piercing designs for earlobes, helixes and for other body areas as well. The vast majority of people tends to wear them in their ears. Because they have to go through multiple holes, not many individuals wear them in body parts like eyebrows, lips and so on. However, there are exceptions and they are truly amazing! Read further to initiate yourself in the art of spirals as jewelry!

1. Spiral with blue beads

Spiral piercing designs1

There are certain jewelry that only look like spirals, but they don’t have to go through multiple holes. This is not the case. You can clearly see how this one goes in and out more than once.

2. Fake spiral for ear’s helix

Spiral piercing designs4

Manufactured to mimic the spiral effect, these rings are not for pierced ears, but purely ornamental.

3. A spiral piercing type

Spiral piercing designs6

This one looks like a bent arrow. Quite cool!

4. Five in a row

Spiral piercing designs7

There is no rule when it comes to spirals. They could be made of two loops or more.

5. Like a spiral

Spiral piercing designs8

If you really want to wear a spiral in your ear, but you only have one hole, then you can opt for this design.

6. Three simple earrings

Spiral piercing designs9

Spiral jewelry might not be at hand, so what you can do is to wear normal, round earrings placed in a row of two or more.

7. Two-hole spiral ring

Spiral piercing designs10

There is something grandiose about spirals because they fascinate a lot of people, including piercing manufacturers.

8. Colored beads for inspiring spirals

Spiral piercing designs11

What’s great about spirals is that you can just take their beads off and replace them with others without taking it all off.

9. Freshly inserted spiral

Spiral piercing designs12

Poking a hole in your cartilage will not be pleasant, but the result is totally worth it!

10. Three eyebrow rings

Spiral piercing designs13

The eyebrow is a tricky place to insert spiral jewelry. You can wear normal rings too that look like one.

11. Curved lines everywhere

Spiral piercing designs14

Curved lines carry positivity, so it only makes sense to see a person with so many on them.

12. Progress in spirals

Spiral piercing designs15

It’s said the human mind makes progress in spirals. Could this be it?

13. Huge spirals for ear

Spiral piercing designs16

As soon as the wound from the earlobe or cartilage is healed, you can wear any type of piercing you want, including huge ones.

14. Spiral for the belly button

Spiral piercing designs17

A multicolored spiral-shaped jewelry is a very inspired choice for decorating your belly button!

15. Large eyebrow spiral

Spiral piercing designs18

Men can afford to wear spiral-shaped jewels in their eyebrows because they are thicker and look safer too.

16. Industrial piercing shaped like a spiral

Spiral piercing designs19

Probably chosen just for the visual effect, this is an industrial type of piercing, shaped like a spiral.

17. Pretty spiral with gems

Spiral piercing designs20

It is not uncommon to find jewel designs with colored stoned insertions.

18. Belly button pierced twice

Spiral piercing designs21

Already have one belly button piercing? No problem! You can have a spiral piercing in your second one!

19. Ornamenting the ear

Spiral piercing designs22

An ornamented ear is much more appealing and flashy than one without piercings.

20. Piercing ear’s outer rim

Spiral piercing designs23

The only good reason for having so many ear piercings would be to wear a spiral-shaped jewelry, right?

21. A not so infinite spiral

Spiral piercing designs24

Humans as matter are finite, but spiral as concept is infinite.

22. Spiral for the lip

Spiral piercing designs25

A spiral piercing can look awesome in a girl’s lip too.

23. In nature and man

Spiral piercing designs26

Spirals are found naturally in snails, seashells, tornados and so on. So, why shouldn’t they be found on man too?

24. Spiral goes through stretched earlobe

Spiral piercing designs27

Probably the most interesting way of wearing a spiral piercing, this one goes thorugh three stretched earlobe holes. It actually goes through flesh tunnels that were previously inserted.

25. Neatly placed spiral

Spiral piercing designs28

This is a way of placing a spiral ring neatly.

26. Another successful placement

Spiral piercing designs29

No one has ears alike. They are all slightly different in shape and size, so finding a perfect placement might be tricky.

27. A happy wearer

Spiral piercing designs30

You develop as a person just by getting spiral-shaped jewelry.

28. Shaping earring as spiral

Spiral piercing designs31

Some of the sneaky ones purchase jewelry already shaped like a spiral and just wear it in one hole.

29. Long spiral made of acryl

Spiral piercing designs32

Non-metal piercings are light, so they won’t damage your ear. Even so, they are not recommended for fresh piercings because they absorb humidity, therefore germs.

30. Spikes and beads

Spiral piercing designs33

The option of alternating beads with spirals stands in care of this type of piercing as well.

31. Heart, rings and spiral

Spiral piercing designs34

Most spiral-shaped earrings can cover a large part of your year. Even so, there’s still room for more!

32. Clean-looking eyebrow ornament

Spiral piercing designs35

The other spiral eyebrow examples looked a bit inflamed and sore, but this one looks clean, healthy and fascinating!

33. Spiral with blue gems

Spiral piercing designs36

If the previously seen red gems didn’t appeal to you, here are some blue ones.

34. Black, purple and an eye

Spiral piercing designs37

When looking at ear piercings, it’s difficult not to see it per ensemble and then in detail.

35. The spiral effect

Spiral piercing designs38

Creating visual effects is not uncommon in case of spirals. There is in fact none in this person’s ear.

36. Like the DNA spiral

Spiral piercing designs39

The DNA spiral is the one that we naturally have in our bodies and this jewel looks like it.

37. Top ear covered with rings

Spiral piercing designs40

Placement makes a dull piercing become rad.

38. Embracing the ear

Spiral piercing designs41

A spiral piercing could look like it is holding your ear in its arms. How adorable is that?

39. Horizontal rings for the spiral effect

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Putting three rings horizontally on top of each other may create the spiral effect.

40. Four in a row and a bow

Spiral piercing designs43

The largest spiral piercings I’ve seen so far were made of 4 circles.

41. Jeweled spiral beads

Spiral piercing designs44

Jeweled spiral beads come in different sizes, fitted for your ear type.

42. Close-up image of a pierced ear

Spiral piercing designs45

Easy to see anyway, this is how it looks up close.

43. A black spiral design

Spiral piercing designs46

Not as popular as the silver one, this is a black spiral design.

44. Silvery joy and a wing

Spiral piercing designs47

She is a spiritual person. How do I know? Well, she likes symbols and she’s wearing them in her ear! Piercings can say a lot about a person.

45. Spiral not molded on ear

Spiral piercing designs48

After seeing perfectly fitted spirals on ears, I can tell that this one isn’t that nice. Pick an experienced piercer in order to avoid situations like this one!

46. Blue spiral and ear stretchers

Spiral piercing designs49

This person is planning on wearing flesh tunnels. Maybe she will add one more spiral when she’s done.

47. Cartilage and tragus piercings

Spiral piercing designs50

A spiral piercing is not as painful as a tragus piercing unless all the holes are poked at once.

48. A winged ear

Spiral piercing designs51

The reason why she picked such a large spiral piercing is because she was looking to create a winged ear.

49. Turquoise beads on simple piercing

Spiral piercing designs52

What makes this piercing special are the turquoise beads.

50. Extreme pierced ear

Spiral piercing designs53

If you take each piercing separately, they are all normal. However, all of them in the same ear become a bit extreme.

51. Long industrial jewel with a twist


Spiral piercing designs55

Add two twists in a normal industrial piercing and you’ll get this sumptuous one!

52. Connected piercings for ear

Spiral piercing designs56

To be honest, this is the first time I see such ear piercings connection. I’m sure they are custom made.

53. Spiral for tongue

Spiral piercing designs57

Numerous wearers say that round tongue piercings are uncomfortable. I guess they can be worn from time to time though.

54. Fourteen rings in one ear

Spiral piercing designs58

No previously manufactured spiral will have 14 rings, but you can create one yourself with simple rings.

55. Whirlpools on ears

Spiral piercing designs59

Spirals are mesmerizing whirlpools on ears!

56. Jewel curls up on ear

Spiral piercing designs60

Some ear piercings are so well-fitted that they look like they curled up there.

57. Spirals and leaves

Spiral piercing designs61

Naturally found, spirals are connected to us, nature and the entire universe.

58. Sore ear cartilage

Spiral piercing designs62

If you’re thinking of getting some new piercings, don’t forget this is how your skin will look like after the procedure! It will be red and sore, but soon all will be long gone!


Spiral piercings don’t have a fixed price because they can be placed in various body parts. So, you have to consider the price of a normal piercing in the wanted area and then multiply it by how many you want. The jewel itself shouldn’t cost you too much, but don’t expect it to be cheap and qualitative either! Any piercer should insert this jewel for free even after making just one hole. Happy piercing!