Snakes are both feminine and masculine, so they can be designed in such way to fit on a woman’s body, as well as on a man’s body. The duality of this symbol is truly fascinating. Although this creature is considered evil and sinful by the majority of the population, few know how sacred it is in Africa, for example. Just because of the Christian belief regarding Eve and the apple, the snake got a really bad reputation. However, many cultures see it the opposite way. Among the most popular meanings for snakes are birth, magic, hidden, renewal, mystery, defense, protection, transition, infinity, sexuality, fertility and transformation.

Due to the regular process of shedding, the snake is considered a symbol of healing and renewal. The god of Medicine and Healing, Asclepius, always had a staff with a snake on it. This is because people used to see a snake’s venom as both medicine and poison. If you recall, numerous drugstores used to have a sign of a snake on their signs. In addition, the Chinese people consider the snake to be secretive, while the Egyptians depict it as eating its own tail, which symbolizes the Circle of Life and Death.

Types of Snake Tattoo Designs

There are multiple types of snake tattoos, such as tribal, king cobra, rattle and coiled snake. They are usually associated with roses, daggers, lions, skulls, dragons and so on. There’s virtually no limitation to the style you choose for snake tattoos or the elements that you would like to combine with them. As for location, people tend to choose arms and legs for such design, but that’s not a general rule.

Pain Expectancy vs. Your Personal Tolerance

Snake tattoos aren’t more or less painful than other types of tattoos. The pain level will be according to the chosen body area. Your ribs, ankles and chest might hurt you more than your arms, legs or back. The size of the chosen tattoo is also very important. As time passes, the pain will seem higher because your body’s tolerance is beginning to decrease. If you are going for a large tattoo, you can finish it in two sessions.

Take the Aftercare Stage Seriously

Snake tattoos tend to be quite detailed, so you have to keep them intact. Invest in self-healing strips or take care of your tattoo on a regular basis. Skipping the most important steps, namely washing and applying cream, will not go unnoticed. Also, remember to stay away from public pools, sauna, intense physical activity and dusty environments. You can cover your tattoo with clothes if they are not synthetic and you skin can breathe.

Break Your Piggy Bank for a Tattoo

A snake tattoo is a classic, so you’ll have to choose a great design and an even greater tattoo artist. Expect to pay around $100 per hour if you opt for a large tattoo or a lot less for a smaller one. If you add some color and ask for a customized design, prepare to supplement your tattoo money! Always choose quality over cheapness when it comes to a tattoo that will accompany you for the rest of your life!

1. The snake and flowers combination

2. Incredible 3D snake art on back

This snake design might not be hyper-realistic, but it’s definitely 3D! It spreads on a woman’s shoulder and back, in a dazzling way.

3. A tiny serpent on hand

This tiny serpent crawls on a woman’s hand, twisting its body without a particular pattern.

4. Realistic black and white snake

Snake tattoos aren’t limited by size or style, so you can even opt for a large design that spreads on your chest, neck and arm.

5. Snake art instead of a ring

Unlike rings, you cannot lose a tattoo. If that tattoo is snake art, then you got the perfect combination!

6. A twisted snake going up

7. A very detailed snake design on ankle

8. A snake hides skilfully between flowers

One of the meanings of a snake is hiding and lurking in the shadows. The flowers in this design accentuate this woman’s feminine side.

9. The snake with two different patterns

Since we cannot talk about hues in this tattoos, then we can say this snake has two different patterns for some unknown reason.

10. Fun, old-school serpents on legs

This chick has chosen to ink both her legs with a similar serpent. It is colored, old-school and really fun to look at!

11. Crawling up the ankle

12. The outline of a precious tattoo

13. Traditional black and white snake design

14. Snake tattoos on ankles

Snake tattoos positioned on one’s ankle tend to be pointing up. This one in particular has unusual patterns that are more appealing to the eye than they bare meaning.

15. A snake in gradient colors

16. Snake art and a real snake

The snake tattoo from this person’s leg is hyper-realistic. If you don’t look close enough, you might not see the difference between the real one and the inked one.

17. A corn snake on ribs

This chick chose a rather short corn snake for her ribs. It compliments her body though.

18. Traditional snake design on leg

If you want a fierce snake with some poisonous features, then you can opt for a design like the one above.

19. A snake as hand accessory

20.  The loss of innocence and beauty

Love, affection and beauty are the meanings of a rose. When combined with a snake, the rose loses its powers and gives in to the snake’s temptations.

21. Solid black snake with rose patterns

22. Medusa and her serpents

This tattoo refers to the legend of Medusa and her hair made of snakes.

23. Expressing duality with snakes

24. Snake’s body worn as bracelet

25. Rib tattoo of flowers and snake

26. A forearm snake tattoo

27. Connecting to the divine in two different techniques

Aesthetically speaking, this tattoo isn’t among the greatest ones because it combines two different tattooing techniques that don’t exactly merge with one another.

28. Put a snake on it

A snake tattoo on a finger acts as a really nice accessory that you cannot lose.

29. Caduceus, the staff of Asclepius

Asclepius is the Greek god of Medicine and Healing. This particular symbol means Renewal and Transformation.

30. Black snake and other symbols

The snake is a symbol that can be easily combined with other symbols. Since there’s a significance in every culture, the other symbols can be very varied as far as their meaning goes. This tattoo looks quite occult though.

31. A perfectly inked snake bracelet

This bracelet is a pleasure to look at. It is inked perfectly, with straight lines and high detailed ornaments.

32. An alchemy combination with a snake

33. Twisted snake on one’s wrist

34. A black and white association

Snake tattoos can be seen as symbols of duality. So, what better way to express that than a white snake tangled with a black snake?

35. The symbolism of the Ouroboros

This is the cycle of Death and Rebirth, similar to the symbolism of the Ouroboros, except it is represent with the help of a skull accompanied by a snake.

36. Pretty Ouroboros on wrist

A snake eating itself with a pretty design on it is the best way to combine meaning with looks.

37. Holding a bouquet of flowers

38. Empowering femininity in symbols

39. A small snake tattoo on thigh

40. Contrasting symbols and non-colors

41. Contrasting symbols and non-colors – Part 2

42. Cycles of the Universe

When a serpent goes round on an ankle or wrist, it refers to eternity or the cycles of the universe.

43. Large snake tattoo on chest

44. A metaphorical forearm tattoo

45. The communion between man and nature

46. Guardianship over burial sites

Snakes are also seen as protective symbols. They are considered protectors of the underworld in the Greek-Roman ideology.

47. Moon phases and a serpent

Snake tattoos can quickly become much more. This combination of the moon phases with the serpent is one good example.

48. Underboob tattoo with meaning

49. Snakes associated with water

50. Shoulder pads made of snake

The way this guy chose to position his snake tattoo looks like he’s got shoulder pads. This is a cool idea that not many people put in practice.

51. Colored snake on stomach

This colored snake looks really nice, feminine and sexy too. However, the stomach is a very sensitive area to ink, so think twice before you go through with it!

52. Snake and flowers outlined

53. Snake art on a woman’s thigh

54. A decorative snake on forearm

55. Protect and guard the humans

56. Snake eating itself times infinity

This representation is a clever one! This guy adapted the classic snake eating itself symbol to the other infinity classic symbol. His idea resulted in a cool forearm tattoo.

57. Utter Decay and Death

Both images have come to symbolize the complete physical and spiritual destruction of a being. However, only Western societies tend to see them in this way.

58. Snake going up the spine

A back tattoo, this one compliments the woman’s body. It looks like it’s crawling up to her neck.

59. The snake goes round the globe

60. The classic Bible story

The temptation of the apple and the tempter are brought together in colorful design. This tattoo is situated on a man’s neck and extends behind his ear.

61. Somewhere between the moon and the stars

A snake also symbolizes change or the circle of life itself. If you look at the above tattoo, you can see how it’s infinite and part of the universe.

62. A serpent bites a rooster

This neo-traditional piece looks amazing. The color, the design and the location and size of this tattoo are impressive. However, there is no particular meaning associated with a rooster and a snake.

63. Mighty cobra in a frame

64. Venomous snakes on Medusa

Medusa was believed to be a monster who had venomous snakes on her head. If a human would look at her face, she would turn them into stones. She makes a great back piece with an whole legend behind it!

65. A cobra on the back

A rather rudimentary tattoo, this one depicts a regular cobra.

66. Infinity times two

This girl has cleverly combined the design of one snake in two symbols of infinity.

67. Long snake on an arm

68. A really furious serpent

69. Two snakes as dual beings

When two snakes are part of the same image, they refer to duality. Snakes are both good and bad. In positive stories they create the world, in others, they cause flooding, devastation, and even death.

70. A snake goes under the skin

The tattoo artist who inked this design is a true professional and a talented one! He gave the impression that the snake is literally going under this man’s skin.

71. Going round and round in infinity

Beautiful and feminine ankles must be decorated with something. If wearing jewelry is not your style, then you can opt for snake tattoos.

72. Snakes on legs

73. A huge composition on leg

74. Feminine traditional snake

As you probably noticed, there aren’t many colored snake tattoos. However, the traditional style tends to offer the best colored versions of such tattoos.

75. The head of a snake

76. Snake watching over the world

77. Forearm modern snake design

78. A black and red combination

A fairly common design, this one stands out thanks to the black and red combination.

79. He human power over the serpent

80. Snake caught in the circle of life

81. A truly unique representation

The idea of this tattoo is not unique, but the way it is represented, is!

82. Snakes caught in a barbed wire

83. Black and white everywhere

84. Fresh snake tattoo on hand

85. Huge side body piece

If you desire such tattoo, you have to be committed to it. Such huge piece is visually a masterpiece, but it will take time to get it done, as well as pain and money.

86. Figure Number One

87. A snake that circumvents

88. Wild roses and a snake

89. Flowing snake on ankle

90. Up and down, black and white

This snake represents duality and infinity at the same time. I guess there will be no time when duality will no longer exist. This is the beauty of deep meaning!