Not long ago, J. Colby Smith announced the supremacy of the smiley piercing. He admitted that the septum piercing is no longer number one when it comes to high fashion. In case you didn’t know, he is a piercing artist working for New York Adorned, a high end tattoo and piercing shop. Don’t get me wrong, the septum piercing has won its rightful place among the trendiest options, but the smiley piercing leads this market for now. The bad news is that not everybody can wear one. Why?

The smiley piercing aka the scrumper piercing aka the upper lip frenulum piercing consists in piercing the frenulum, which is thin skin that connects the lip to the gums. We all have it, but some of us don’t have it large enough in order to be pierced. I have no idea how you can tell if yours is large enough or not, but maybe the following 60+ examples will give you a better understanding. Otherwise, any piercing technician can take a look and let you know if he or she can work with that.

You shouldn’t try to pierce yourself under any circumstance! Even if the smiley piercing is done well, it still implies certain health risks such as gum recession and tooth damage. The last thing you want is to get an infection or for your body to reject the jewel. Truth is, there are many don’ts that you have to consider when you opt for a scrumper piercing.

On a happier note, you will not lack the element of surprise if you pierce your frenulum. People don’t expect to see a jewel when someone smiles, so they will be surprised and probably captivated by the beauty of it. Your lips and teeth will have the kind of appearance that keeps men from looking at women’s cleavages or women at men’s eyes.

1. Smile with all your heart

Smiley Piercing designs 58

With or without a smiley piercing, we should all smile like this girl! She looks full of life and joyful. The jewel attached to her frenulum is a very fortunate addition.

2. Smile with all your teeth

Smiley Piercing designs 59

When you’re sporting an upper lip frenulum piercing, you have all the reasons to smile with all your teeth to show that jewel off!

3. Keep your teeth perfect

Smiley Piercing designs 60

This type of piercing is a temporary one. Dental specialists advise you to wear it for a limited period of time because it might cause damage to your teeth. The metal bits act like an abrasive source and it might destroy the enamel from your teeth.

4. Smiley piercing and miscellaneous

Smiley Piercing designs 61

The scrumper is an oral piercing that looks great by itself or combined with other oral and facial piercings. This girl pierced both her frenulum and her lower lip. What do you think about this combo?

5. Rocking the horseshoe

Smiley Piercing designs 62

Among other things, what’s great about piercing your frenulum is that you can wear a wide array of jewels. This category includes horseshoe barbells, curved barbells and captive bead rings.

6. Show that tongue with no regrets

Smiley Piercing designs 63

You might be surprised how many people don’t have a tongue piercing although it is more common than the frenulum piercing. For some people, this type is their first oral piercing.

7. A combo of three

Smiley Piercing designs 64

Now this girl is no stranger to oral piercings! She went for the scrumper, the tongue and the lip piercing. Way to go, girl!

8. Unusual body modifications

Smiley Piercing designs 65

In a way, this woman has both popular types of piercings, namely the septum and the smiley piercing. However, she put a wire through her nose and painted her face for an enhanced effect.

9. A proud owner of the horseshoe

Smiley Piercing designs 66

When you’re happy about something, it shows. It simply shows that you are pleased and can’t stop smiling. This is the feeling I get when I look at this person. The horseshoe jewel is a great option, but it might ruin your teeth in 2 places.

10. The multi-rainbow horseshoe ring

Smiley Piercing designs 67

For some reasons, we associate happiness with rainbows. So, why not wear a wonderful multi-rainbow horseshoe ring? Here’s how good it looks!

11. Sporting a captive bead ring

Smiley Piercing designs 68

Silvery captive bead rings are the simplest types of jewels you can wear. They are often made of surgical steel or titanium, which ensure a fast healing and no risks to infections. They should ideally be kept for up to 3 months before changed with other, more fashionable jewelry.

12. Rings, rings everywhere!

Smiley Piercing designs 42

This woman is not a fan of curved barbells for sure! All her piercings are circular and I’m not saying there’s something wrong with that. They are all healed and looking amazing on her mouth area.

13. Red lipstick and a smiley piercing

Smiley Piercing designs 43

Beautiful teeth can be easily emphasized with the help of red lipstick and a smiley piercing! For those who don’t have a perfect oral hygiene, this piercing type may help you improve it because you want it to look great!

14. Showing the clicker ring

Smiley Piercing designs 44

The clicker ring doesn’t have a bead, but instead it can be secured with the so called clicker. This may reduce tooth damage if you don’t play with it often and regularly brush your teeth.

15. Choose spikes for a badass look

Smiley Piercing designs 45

I’m not going to lie and tell you this model of jewel is okay to wear. Your teeth might get damaged because of the spikes. However, you can wear it for a day on a special occasion.

16. Awesome piercings on healthy people

Smiley Piercing designs 46

It goes without saying that you must be healthy in order to get pierced. A low immune system might cause infections or it might take a longer while for your piercing to heal. Typically, the scrumper heals between 4 weeks and 3 months.

17. Dark red lips and a smiley

Smiley Piercing designs 47

In addition, right after you get this amazing type of piercing you won’t be able to drink, smoke, kiss or exchange any kind of fluids with other people. The risk of getting in contact with other people’s bacteria may result in unwanted infections.

18. A triangle of matching jewelry

Smiley Piercing designs 48

The way she positioned her piercings forms a triangle. A very cute and tasteful triangle made of studs, rings and barbells.

19. Curved barbell decorating a frenulum

Smiley Piercing designs 49

Curved barbells are not as easy to notice as rings. They are good alternatives for when you don’t want people to know that you’re wearing a piercing. They are also ideal for your teeth because they don’t touch them, so the enamel stays in place.

20. A perfectly positioned captive bead ring

Smiley Piercing designs 50

Only professional piercers know where to pierce you. The exact spot is really important because you don’t want the jewel to become uncomfortable. Basically, it will be positioned in the center, as far from your teeth as possible.

21. Septum and smiley aligned

Smiley Piercing designs 51

The combo between a septum and a smiley is not only really trendy right now, but also flattering for your face. You practically align 2 piercings, fact which creates a sort of point of interest and somehow a symmetry. However, it would be best for your jewelry to match, not be different like in the example above.

22. Don’t force a smile

Smiley Piercing designs 52

You should smile naturally when you’re wearing an upper lip frenulum piercing, not try your best to show off your piercing. The example above is poorly photoshopped and the smile is forced. Even so, the piercing itself looks pretty good!

23. An ideal alignment of captive bead rings

Smiley Piercing designs 53

Pretty face, nice teeth, amazing piercings; what more could you possibly want to be happy?

24. Wearing horseshoes with style

Smiley Piercing designs 54

Jewelry shaped like horseshoes is versatile. You can wear it in your nose, frenulum and lip. Do you have a favorite type of jewelry for your oral and face piercings? In case you need ideas, you can look up types of piercing jewelry online.

25. Tasteful piercing for men

Smiley Piercing designs 55

We all know that men tend to wear large jewelry to fit their masculinity. Well, you can’t do that in this case! The frenulum is slightly larger than a woman’s, but even so it can’t accommodate thick rings.

26. Smiling becoming even more beautiful

Smiley Piercing designs 56

A smile can be absolutely enchanting, but somehow the smiley piercing makes it even more mesmerizing. You’d get used with the way you look with this piercing, but new people will always be charmed by it.

27. Perfect teeth are not a requirement

Smiley Piercing designs 57

As long as you brush your teeth regularly, they don’t have to be perfect. If they are clean, then you can flaunt your scrumper piercing as often as you like! This girl’s teeth aren’t all straight, but she still looks charming to me!

28. Different beaded curved barbell

Smiley Piercing designs 69

Curved barbells are ideal to wear right after your get pierced because they will not get in the way of eating or brushing your teeth until the tissue heals. This person chose a metal bead and one made of plastic or silicone. The metal bead is heavier than the other one, so that means the jewel will not maintain a central position.

29. An expression of human emotion

Smiley Piercing designs 70

Smiling comes from a positive emotion. If you don’t have reasons to smile, just pierce yourself! You’ll practice the art of smiling all the time to show off your jewel and it will come naturally next time.

30. Tiny beads embellishing your teeth

Smiley Piercing designs 1

Basically any gesture you’ll do with your mouth and lips will be different from the moment you get pierced. This is not a commitment, just another way of presenting yourself to the outside world.

31. A very bright smile

Smiley Piercing designs 2

In case your teeth aren’t really white, you shouldn’t worry. Most pictures posted online are photoshopped. You smile anyway, so why not add a piercing into the equation?

32. Free to wear lipstick

Smiley Piercing designs 3

Compared to lip piercings, smiley piercings won’t get smudged by lipstick. However, it is still not recommended for you to wear lipstick or lip gloss right after you get pierced. The pierced area should be kept clean with mouthwash.

33. Delightful show off pictures

Smiley Piercing designs 4

When you pierce your upper lip frenulum, you’ll have all the reasons to take delightful, sexy pictures of yourself. In this way you’ll avoid being serious all the time and be more attractive.

34. Tiger lips and a smiley piercing

Smiley Piercing designs 5

This chick stepped up her game by using makeup to make her lips have a tiger pattern. She didn’t hesitate to show us her other goods either.

35. Large horseshoe and small horseshoe

Smiley Piercing designs 6

The jewelry you will put inside your frenulum will always be smaller than others. According to a dental specialist, the frenulum is like jelly and it cannot sustain large jewelry or thick jewelry for that matter. The piercing may migrate or be rejected by this type thin skin.

36. Up close view of the frenulum

Smiley Piercing designs 7

So, this is how it looks up close. The hole is healed and the gums are still healthy.

37. Gold to go with your style

Smiley Piercing designs 8

Some professional piercers recommend jewelry made of gold. They say the risk of rejection is smaller when wearing this type of metal. If you think about it, this could make sense since our parents used earrings made of gold for their pierced ears. Back then, jewelry made of titanium or surgical steel didn’t even exist.

38. Opal bead for your teeth

Smiley Piercing designs 9

Let me teach you a trick. If you wear cold colors, the shade of your teeth will appear brighter. So, a blue bead will compliment your teeth because it is not highlighting its warm shades at all.

39. A true piercing lover

Smiley Piercing designs 10

Besides sporting the 2 most popular types of piercings at the moment, this chick is also wearing dermal piercings. She is a true piercing lover who likes to experiment.

40. Spikes as a tougher alternative

Smiley Piercing designs 12

Not every girl likes shiny, tiny, colorful beads. Some of them want to obtain a tougher look. They can do so by wearing a smiley piercing with spikes.

41. A not so painful option

Smiley Piercing designs 13

Those who pierced their frenulums say it doesn’t hurt that much. The skin is thin, so the needle goes through fast and almost painless. The piercer uses a clamp to hold the frenulum in place, fact which causes more pain than the actual piercing.

42. Beauty has no boundaries

Smiley Piercing designs 14

With or without makeup, both girls and boys can enjoy the scrumper. It is the type of piercing that heals fast, looks amazing and it doesn’t cause harm if it is worn only temporary.

43. Piercing that matches your teeth

Smiley Piercing designs 15

I don’t know anything about how to decorate your teeth with gold like that, but I know this combination looks nice! It is definitely something unexpected. Like, imagine talking to this person and then seeing her smile. Wow!

44. A delicious smile

Smiley Piercing designs 16

This selfie portrays a woman who smiles deliciously like she just had something extraordinary to eat. That’s the effect caused by the smiley piercing.

45. Tiny captive beaded ring

Smiley Piercing designs 17

The size of the jewelry may vary, but I don’t think you can find smaller rings than this one. Not everybody has same-sized frenulums or mouths, so there has to be a wide variety from which you can choose.

46. Placing it above your teeth

Smiley Piercing designs 18

I think that placing the scrumper above your teeth is a difficult, if not impossible mission. This person got half way through it!

47. On strong, vampire teeth

Smiley Piercing designs 19

This is a themed photo that includes vampire teeth, piercings and a pair of cuffs. It could be for a fetish niche or for something else. Regardless of its purpose, it is showing the smiley piercing quite well.

48. Wearing a flat, jeweled bead

Smiley Piercing designs 20

If you can unsee the saliva from this person’s mouth, you’ll see a nice captive beaded ring with a jeweled bead attached to her frenulum. The purpose of piercings is to embellish and I think that’s exactly what the jeweled bead does.

49. Pink lips and a scrumper piercing

Smiley Piercing designs 21

No matter which shade of lipstick you’re wearing, your new piercing will look fantastic! Just remember to abstain from using it until your frenulum heals. Also, it is not recommended to drink alcohol or smoke because that might irritate the pierced tissue.

50. Frenulum and web caught together

Smiley Piercing designs 22

While the smiley piercing is easy to see if a person smiles, the other one isn’t. This picture is very detailed and catches both types of piercings in one place. Would you consider a combination like this one?

51. Cute guy with a badass smile

Smiley Piercing designs 23

Don’t expect to see boys posing in romantic circumstances and smiling charmingly. They fancy the badass look and that’s what you’ll get. I can’t say he doesn’t look attractive.

52. Charming dude displays his piercing

Smiley Piercing designs 24

With a smile like that and such a cool piercing, I would display myself on picture after picture. He looks lovely and he is nicely groomed. This is for you ladies who don’t like rugged-looking men.

53. Black jewel with spikes

Smiley Piercing designs 25

People don’t always listen when someone tells them not to jeopardize their health. This girl sacrifices her teeth for beauty or maybe she is just posing for a bit. We will never know how her teeth are doing, but we will always know how neat she looks!

54. Pretty jewel on a pretty face

Smiley Piercing designs 26

Your choice in jewelry will make a big difference for your appearance.

55. Rainbow for optimistic people

Smiley Piercing designs 27

Beads can always be changed without affecting your smiley piercing. You can leave the rest of the jewel in while you change the beads. In order to do so, you’ll have to disinfect the beads and your hands.

56. Beads or no beads

Smiley Piercing designs 28

If beads aren’t appealing to you and you think they can damage your teeth, then you can opt for no beads jewelry like this guy.

57. Beads that are large

Smiley Piercing designs 29

This horseshoe jewel comes with large beads. Do you fancy this option?

58. Medium-sized beads for girls

Smiley Piercing designs 30

This girl is wearing a horseshoe ring with medium-sized beads. Does this look better to you?

59. Captive bead ring with medium-sized bead

Smiley Piercing designs 31

To get a better idea of what medium-sized really means, here’s another example.

60. Captive bead ring with small-sized bead

Smiley Piercing designs 32

A very popular option, this is a small-sized bead.

61. Medium and small-sized beads

Smiley Piercing designs 33

If you’re looking for diversity, you can wear medium-sized beads for your smiley piercing and small-sized beads for other ones.

62. All over your teeth

Smiley Piercing designs 34

If you really want to make the scrumper pop out, then you can opt for a thin, but also large horseshoe ring.

63. Different-sized beads all over

Smiley Piercing designs 35

The size of beads may help you create patterns when you’re sporting more than 2 piercings at the same time.

64. Same jewelry, different places

Smiley Piercing designs 36

The same type of jewelry fits septum piercings and smiley piercings.

65. Stand out with black jewelry

Smiley Piercing designs 37

Dark colors are easier to notice in case of upper lip frenulum piercings.

66. Spikes on gums

Smiley Piercing designs 38

Spikes may hurt your gums too, so be careful when you wear them.

67. Smile naturally for a laid-back effect

Smiley Piercing designs 39

After you get pierced, you’ll have the tendency to smile more often because you’ll want to show it off. However, try to smile naturally instead of forcing a smile.

68. Face and oral piercings

Smiley Piercing designs 40

If a smiley piercing is not enough for you, here’s an idea of where you can wear studs in order to highlight your oral piercing.

69. For big jewelry fans

Smiley Piercing designs 41

Some people simply like big jewelry and that’s ok too. If you are one of them, here’s a picture of a girl who didn’t step back from wearing what she likes, regarding of the consequences they might have on her frenulum or on her lip. Her hole will stretch in time, probably more than she would like to.


Prepare to save up to $80 for an upper lip frenulum piercing. The prices are not all the same in every state, but we’re looking at an average of $50 per piercing. Depending on how reputable a piercing shop is, the cost of such piercing varies between $30 and $80. I know the difference is almost triple, but it’s your body so you know how much you can pay to enhance its looks. As for the jewel, prices start at $3 and can go up to hundreds of dollars for those made out of gold or embellished with valuable stones. Happy piercing!