We all know that nothing describes your personality, actions and feelings more than a tattoo that you choose for life. Either if you took the decision of getting one on the spot or if it took ages for you to decide on the best pattern, it will probably do its job properly.

It isn’t a secret anymore that tattoos give us a certain state of mind. Sometimes they can make us feel confident, appreciated or beautiful, but most of the times they make us feel different, in a good way. But this state of mind depends not only on how we’ll be able to “wear” the tattoo that we’re getting, but also on the pattern that we’ll choose.

These being said, in today’s article we’re presenting you 94 of the coolest skull tattoos that you’ll ever see, so make yourself comfortable by selecting the best ones. In the end, the decision will be a tough one, but it will be worth it! Keep us updated about your final decision in the comments section!

1. The Green Forest Skull

The creepy design of the forest gives this tattoo the originality that it deserves, while the green splash of color it’s the element that will totally make it unforgettable.


2. The Rose and the Crown

If you’re more into goth styles, we strongly recommend this tattoo. It’s a perfect match for both men and women, because its original shape can be fitted in any situation!


3. The Fantasy

You don’t need to be an artist to wear such a tattoo, but it’s recommended to. We’re joking, of course. But the awesome combination of elements and styles on this one can only be worn by a person who’ll understand their value, semnification and style.


4. The leg skull

If you’re still trying to decide on which part of the body you should get your skull tattoo, we strongly recommend the legs, especially of you’re a girl. It’s something sexy about that… 🙂


5. Mirror-Mirror on the…back?

If you’re looking for a classy skull tattoo that would express both elegance and fear, take a closer look at this one!


6. Rose Skull

We’ve previously talked about leg skull tattoos, but if you’ll also willing to integrate a rose in the pattern, the result will probably be stunning!


7. Devil Eyes

Are you a fearless soul looking for a tattoo that would match its feelings? Say no more!


8. Double-symbols in turquoise

This awesome tattoo is not only beautiful coloured, but it also integrates two different symbols. If you’ll look closely, you’ll see a skull, but also an owl.


9. Universe Flowers Skull

If you’re more into romantic and colorful things, you should totally opt in for this elegant skull tattoo that perfectly integrates the idea of flowers, butterflies and universe in just one pattern.


10. Galaxy Skull

If this tattoo isn’t sexy, we don’t know what it is!


11. Shaped Tattoo

Willing to emphasize more your skull tattoo on the arm? Try adding some awesome shapes around it, they will totally highlight the main pattern!


12. Time Skull

This is one of the most realistic skull tattoos that we’ve ever seen, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of concepts.


13. The Arrow Skull

If you’re willing to get a minimalistic skull tattoo, consider adding some details in the background so that it will be more emphasized.


14. Dark Soul Tattoo

Nothing suggests the idea of “dark soul” more than this tattoo. It will totally stand out in the crowd!


15. Glowing in the dark

This gold skull is a perfect combination of an elegant, fearless and creative pattern. It’s totally a must have!


16. The Halloween-ish

The look on this one makes us think of Halloween. We don’t know if it’s because of the colors or because of the house in the background, but anyway, it still rocks!


17. The Hourglass

It’s really ironic how a skull and a hourglass can be integrated so awesome in a tattoo, concerning the fact that in real life they are opposites.


18. The Look That It Gives

This cool skull tattoo pattern it’s created in such a creative and realistic way that you can almost feel how it looks in your eyes. Scary, right?


19. The Carnival Skull

This beautiful colored tattoo can be associated with the awesome feeling of a carnival: the flowers, the patterns and the bright colors are generating that kind of mood.


20. The Fading One

Even if this awesome pattern leaves the impression of fading in the dark, that’s what makes it special.


21. The Growing Skull

Who associated skulls with death should certainly look at this beautiful tattoo that perfectly integrates the picture of life and death in a single pattern.


22. The Rose Splash

This splash of red on this dark skull pattern it’s all that we needed to fall in love with this tattoo: a perfect combination of elegance and originality.


23. That Look!

The way that this tattoo integrates on the arm is simply speechless.


24. The Artistic One

This skull pattern tattoo seems more like a pencil drawing of an artist on a white piece of paper. Stunning!


25. The Dandelion Skull

Here’s another example on how beautiful two opposite things can be integrated in a beautiful pattern.


26. The Dog

Even if it doesn’t look much like a skull and it’s bright coloured, don’t be fooled!


27. The Catchy One

Being more on the girly side of things, this awesome coloured tattoo takes the concept of “skull” to another level.


28. The Skull Ring

This is maybe one of the best minimalistic skull tattoo designs that I’ve ever seen. Who needs a ring when you have a skull tattoo, anyway?


29. The Collar Bone Skull

If skull tattoos on the leg are sexy, skull tattoos on the collar bone exceed the concept of sexyness.


30. Stylish Skull

Who said skulls can’t be pretty?


31. The Screaming Skull

The passion, originality and craziness of this awesome skull tattoo are the main elements that will totally make it stand out in the crowd.


32. Diamond Skull

Even princesses have their sins, right?


33. The Dedication

There’s nothing more meaningful than associating your skull tattoo with a corresponding text, so that you’ll remember forever its signification.


34. The Flower Skull

This skull covered in all sorts of flowers can be a perfect match if you’re interested in getting an elegant, yet badass tattoo.


35. The Pearls Skull

Thinking of combining elegance with confidence? This tattoo will certainly help you out!


36. The Skeleton

Want to opt in for a more dramatic look? Tris skeleton tattoo might do the trick!


37. The FireSkull Butterfly

This creative and unique tattoo beautifully combines three awesome symbols: the eye, the butterfly and the skull in a tattoo that will certainly be remembered.


38. The Blinking Skull

This pattern tries to tell us that the perfect accessory for your skull tattoo is given by a beautiful rose.


39. The Words Of The Skull

As we have mentioned previously, adding a relevant text besides your skull tattoo will make it unique and special.


40. The Cannibal

Here’s an awesome interpretation and integration of a symbol of a cannibal and one of a skull in a remarkable and creative back pattern tattoo!


41. The Confident One

Having such a tatoo on a visible place of your body will totally boost your self-confidence.


42. Flowers on the head

Pick this minimalist, yet creative design if you’re looking for a combination of fierce and sweet.


43. The STUNNING One

This is basically one of the best tattoo designs that we’ve ever seen. The shape, the colors, the shades, they’re perfect. It’s the perfect combination of beautiful and artistic, yet fierce and confident.


44. The Multiple Ones

Tattoos are addictive and we all know that. Once you’ll taste their sweetness, you’ll never go back. So don’t limit yourself at one skull tattoo. Combine multiple designs, shapes and patterns!


45. Sword Skull

If you’re looking for a pattern that would symbolize power and strength, the meaning of the sword will do the trick!


46. The Lady Skull

Pretty faces hide devilish thoughts, they said…


47. Arm Tattoo

Here’s another example of the fact that a good skull tattoo pattern can be a great fit for both men and women.


48. Palm Skull

Even if most of us are accustomed with henna tattoos on our palms, this black covered skull it’s worth the try!


49. The Big, Crazy One

The look on this skull tattoo is both crazy and dramatic. Has it convinced you?


50. Skull Superstitions

If you’re more like a challenger, try to combine 3 superstitious elements in one tattoo pattern. Looks catchy, right?


51. Connected Skulls

Maybe one of the most awesome ways in which you can bring a skull to life through a tattoo is by combining it through two different parts of your body. Like your legs, for example.


52. Wrist Skull

If you’re into minimalistic tattoos, one of the best places in which you could get one is your wrist. This is an awesome pattern, so what are you waiting for?


53. The King Skull

Looking for something more…extravagant, yet badass in the same time? Take a closer look at this king skull and its awesome combinations of colors!


54. The Violin Skull

Music lover? Well, you should probably check out this cool combination in a tattoo pattern that certainly won’t pass unobserved!


55. The System

The skulls on this one seem like they’re part of a system. Do you have the key to unlock their real meaning?


56. The Skull Pirate

Looking for a classic skull tattoo? Well, then you should probably search through the ones that combine pirates and skulls. And you can begin with this one. 🙂


57. Galaxy SkullMan

Skulls can be immortal, for sure. Just look at this awesome glance of this one.


58. The Skull Covered In Roses

If you’re intending to wear this awesome, elegant tattoo with a backless dress, be sure that all the glances will be pointed at you!


59. The Complete One

When it comes to skull tattoos, you can never have enough space to express their patterns, right?


60. The Back Skull

If you’re more into the challenging part of getting a tattoo, we think that we have the perfect skull pattern for you. It’s simply hypnotic!


61. The scary one

If rose skulls and elegant patterns are simply not fitting your style, we suggest trying something more scary. In fact, that’s why you’re getting a skull tattoo, right?


62. The Matching One

You know you want a matching tattoo, but you’re not into the clicheic ones? Well, this might be a perfect solution for you.


63. The Fashion Skull

We know it. On the one side you’re elegant and cute, but on the other side you’re dramatic and confident. Here’s a tattoo that integrates those two styles perfectly!


64. The Face Skull

Who needs a mask when you can use your own awesome skull tattoo?


65. The Skull Lady

Even the prettiest faces hide evilish thoughts in their heads…literally. 🙂


66. The Salsa Dancer Skull

If you want a pattern that would integrate the idea of elegance, creativity, but also drama…take a closer look on this one!


67. The Flower Skull

It isn’t a secret anymore that skull tattoos on the leg express sexiness, while they’re also suggesting a dramatic look and feel.


68. The Confident One

Maybe one of the best advantages of getting the tattoo you really love is the confidence that it gives you. So go and opt in for the best version!


69. Mirror Skull

This framed skull covered in roses has that “little something” that surely makes it unforgettable.


70. The Abstract One

If you’re into getting a skull tattoo, but you don’t want a classic one, we suggest trying something more…abstract. 🙂


71. The Apache Indian Skull

This skull tattoo pattern is a perfect fit if you’re looking for something complicated, yet simple and full of meaning and symbols.


72. The Hypnotic King Skull

This majestic skull king tattoo is one of a kind. A real masterpiece.


73. The BatSkull

If you’re into creative things, we suggest trying this awesome combination between a skull and a bat. It’s a batskull!


74. The Combined Skull

Here’s a cool combination of mortal and immortal elements: a skull and a plant.


75. The Skull King Of The Castle

What’s a skull king without a castle?


76. The Girly One

Try this cool tattoo pattern for a design that would integrate both sexy and cute elements.


77. The Sexy One

Sexy, wild and free. This awesome skull tattoo pattern integrates the the three elements perfectly.


78. The Coloured Skull

The beautiful colors and shape of this skull tattoo makes it really unconventional and unique.


79. The Skull Girl

Who thought that white can act like such a beautiful splash of color on a tattoo pattern?


80. The Witch Skull

The hand of the witch on this skull tattoo pattern has a cool, spooky effect.


81. The Heart Skull

This skull tattoo pattern is brought to life by the immortal heart that continually beats through his head.


82. The Artistic One

If you’re more into artistic patterns, we’re sure that you’ll love this one.


83. The Shaped One

Nothing emphasizes better a skull tattoo than some symmetric shapes around it.


84. The Skull Rings

These skull rings can beat up any princess diamond, right?


85. The Splitted Skull

For a more dramatic effect, try this cool splitted skull tattoo.


86. The Wolf and the Skull

If you’re willing to get a tattoo that would also have its own meanings, try this awesome one that combines the meaning of the skull with the one of the wolf, which is a symbol of bonding.


87. Time Skull

It’s well-known that skulls and time are two opposite elements, but this is the thing that makes them special.


88. Full-covered arm skull tattoo

Some of the best skull tattoos are the ones that cover the full part of the body, like this one covers the arm. It gives an authentic and dramatic effect.


89. The Matching Skull

According to the fact that a single skull tattoo isn’t enough, just get a matching one so that it would perfectly fit in the background!


90. The Skull and the Scorpio

Nothing says “badass” more than a matching tattoo of a skull accompanied by a scorpio.


91. The Giant Skull Tattoo

Oversized skull tattoos give a dramatic and unique feeling.


92. The Dual One

Our favorite types of tattoos are the ones with double meaning. And the one right there is a perfect example for that, with its combination of a skull, an hourglass and a pig tails.


93. The Astronaut Skull

This cool tattoo design combines creativity, drama and abstract themes in just one tattoo!


94. The Double Perspective

It seems like the soul of this skull is ready to leave its “body” on this dramatic, yet classic skull tattoo.


These being said, what’s your favorite? You’ve got plenty to choose from, so what are you waiting for? Go on, choose the one that perfectly fits your personality and style and share the result with us in the comments section!