When talking about elegant and classy styles, we all know that accessories are a must! But can you imagine having an elegant, yet personal and beautiful “accessory” that you would wear anytime you want, with every outfit, that would have the power to turn any apparition into an unforgettable one?

Well, if you didn’t imagine that until now, it seems like you didn’t take into consideration getting a rose tattoo. In today’s article, we will show you some of the most beautiful rose tattoo designs, perfect for both men and women. You’ll be mesmerized by their beauty, while their unique designs will certainly convince you to get one!

These being said, let the “rose tattoo hunt” begin! 🙂

1. The Belly Rose Tattoo

A tiny rose tattoo design on the belly can be a great fit if you’re looking for something both charming and pretty at the same time.


2. The Spine Rose

This tall rose tattoo design is simply stunning. The way in which it covers the spine makes it a perfect fit if you intend on wearing it with a backless dress.


3. The Burgundy Rose

The intense color on this beautiful rose tattoo design makes it simply irresistible.


4. The Bloomed Bouquet

If you’re looking for something more natural and complex at the same time, you can choose this beautiful design.


5. The Splash Rose

The end of the leg is an unusual, yet unique and creative place for getting a rose tattoo. The following one can be a great fit for both men and women.


6. The Circle

If you want to give your rose tattoo a minimalistic and original design, you can certainly opt in for the following one.


7. The Triple Combination

…Because one rose isn’t just enough, right? We should definitely triple up the beautiful feeling that they offer us.


8. The Tiny One

Tiny rose tattoos are a perfect fit if you’re looking for something girly and delicate at the same time.


9. The Minimalist

Sometimes, due to their unique designs and beauty, minimalistic tattoo design have even more success than the bigger ones.


10. The Finger Ring

Here’s a beautiful and tiny tattoo design that can inspire you every single day and give you a romantic and dreamy feeling.


11. The Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are cute, special and usually they are made as a pair with something else. Either if you choose to share your tattoo with somebody else or not, you should totally try this beautiful design!


12. The Full Arm Rose

Some of the beautiful rose tattoo designs are the ones that are fully covering a certain part of the body. The contrast between the beautiful colors of this one is simply stunning.


13. The Jewelry Rose

The jewelry on this beautiful rose design are the perfect elements which makes this tattoo a classy one.


14. The Back Rose

A minimalistic, yet unique and beautiful tattoo that would brighten your day.


15. The Details

Indeed, the details on this beautiful rose design are simply stunning. The way it was created and then put in practice denote a perfect sense of art.


16. The Burgundy Rose

What can be more beautiful than a rose with an intense color like this? Passionate, awesome and elegant, all at the same time!


17. The White Rose

White Roses are rare, but not impossible to find, mainly if you decide to “grow” one on your body forever.


18. The Mandala Rose

The combination between the mandala and the rose is a fitting one, mainly because both are characterized by the same meaning: balance and harmony!


19. All Black Rose

Black can suit every single outfit, style or mood. Try this beautiful tattoo design for a spectacular effect!


20. The Tall Rose

If you’re willing to fully capture the beauty of a rose through a tattoo, you should definitely choose this beautiful one.


21. The Simple One

Rose tattoos are beautiful by their simple presence. They don’t necessarily need a complicated design to look nice on your body.


22. The Skull Tattoo

The rose accessory on this skull tattoo gives it a dramatic, yet elegant effect.


23. The Feet Roses

Well, maybe you can’t eventually have the world at your feet, but with this beautiful tattoo design you can certainly have the roses at your feet.


24. Little Finger Rose

If you’re looking for a minimalistic tattoo which should also be pretty enough to be observed, you can opt in for the following one.


25. The Sexy Rose

The way in which this beautiful and intense colored rose tattoo design emphasizes the decolletage of this beautiful dress is simply stunning.


26. The Back Burgundy Rose

Burgundy roses are some of the most beautiful roses that could ever exist. Immortalize their stunning effect through a stunning tattoo design, like the following one.


27. Flip Coin Rose

Head or tails? Whatever it might be, if this awesome tattoo design is concerned in the final decision, you should totally get it!


28. The Infinite Roses

The beautiful petals of these 2 roses are simply infinite. They might hypnotize you.


30. The Geometric Rose

Roses are beautiful, no matter their color or shape. The following example perfectly shows this fact.


31. The Time Rose

Even if they are not eternal and their beauty won’t last in time, the combination between this classical clock and a rose on this tattoo is beautiful.


32. The Spine Tattoo

A beautiful rose tattoo centered in the middle of the spine might be the perfect element for your elegant personality.


33. The Arm Rose Bucket

Who needs bracelets when you can have the most beautiful rose buckets attached to your arm?


34. The Matching Rose Tattoo

Being also a symbol of love, rose tattoos are some of the best choices when it comes to matching love tattoos.


35. The Realistic One

The beautiful shades, color and shape of this stunning tattoo would make your friends believe that it’s real.


36. The Thorn Tattoo

Every single rose has thorns, in order to remind you that not all beautiful things are perfect.


37. The Black and White Roses

If you know how to combine their shades and shapes, black and white tattoo designs can also be a great fit.


38. The Artistic Tattoo

Both the background and the color of this stunning tattoo emphasize its artistic feeling and style.


39. The Vintage Rose

This beautiful rose tattoo on the back inspires freedom, as well as a vintage feeling.


40. The Purple Tattoo

This frail and simple tattoo design is made for every single romantic and sensible soul out there.


41. The Multi-Colored Rose

If you simply love the splashes of bright colors on dark backgrounds when it comes to your tattoos, you might fall in love with the following design.


42. The Simple Rose

Simple things are beautiful and meaningful. Always consider this when choosing the pattern of your next tattoo.


43. The Circle Rose

Sometimes, rose tattoo designs can also be emphasized by their shapes and styles. That’s what happens to the following one, which is totally stunning!


44. The Frail One

We all know that roses are beautiful and pure, but we are also aware of the fact that they are fragile and frail. This is exactly the feeling that the following tattoo design inspires us.


45. The Rose With A Twist

The design of this tattoo is unique and creative, mainly because it is made up of cuts, which feel like scratches on the arm.


46. The Trio Rose

If you’re not happy with only one beautiful rose tattoo on your body, this beautiful trio combination will do the trick.


47. The Dark Skull Tattoo

This tattoo design is the perfect example of the fact that rose tattoos are not always just about sensibility and elegance.


48. The Crayon Picture

This beautiful rose tattoo design is so beautiful created that it resembles an artistic picture made in crayon.


49. The Rose Triangle

Roses can take any shape, color, design and still remain some of the most beautiful and unique symbols!


50. The Feet Rose

Fit this beautiful feet tattoo design with a gold pair of heels and an elegant dress and you won’t certainly pass unnoticed!


51. Tiny Wrist Rose

If you’re looking for a tiny and beautiful rose tattoo on your wrist, you can take a look at the following one. Its shades will amaze you!


52. Full Arm Covered Tattoo

Fully covered arm tattoo designs are simply stunning, they can leave you speechless. For example, the combination of colors on the following one is one of a kind.


53. Personal Meaning Rose

As we mentioned earlier, roses can be a great symbol of love. And for this reason, they can be accompanied by a meaningful date or sign that would remind you of someone special in your life.


54. Cute Little Rose

There is nothing cuter than this minimalistic tattoo on the arm. Simple, yet beautiful and classy.


55. The Magenta Rose

If you’re really willing to try something unconventional and intense, you can go for a design like the following one.


56. The Full Back Tattoo

There is nothing sexier than tattooing your back with a sensual and passionate rose tattoo design that would certainly turn every single head!


57. Boy Rose Tattoo

Who said that rose tattoo designs are only for girls? If you decide on the best design, shape, shade and color, it can be a great fit for a boy too!


58. Back Leg Rose

If you want to get a rose tattoo, but you don’t want to place it on a common part of your body, you can find a source of inspiration in the following pattern!


59. Natural Rose

The bright color of this beautiful rose tattoo design, along with its perfect size and shape makes this pattern one of a kind.


60. The Fairytale Rose

Being designed with these thematic colors and accompanied by butterflies and hearts, this tattoo design reminds us of the beloved fairytales of our childhood.


61. The Neck Rose

Speaking of rose tattoo designs for men…if you’ll find something sexier than this, please announce us! We will be standing here, contemplating this beauty!


62. Hand Rose

If you’re looking for a small rose design that would follow you wherever you’d go, the following tiny little thing will certainly do the job.


63. Tiny Thorn Tattoo

Even though we are looking at a small tattoo design, we should totally appreciate the special details that make the difference, like the realistically drawn thorns.


64. Freedom Rose

There’s something in the design of this rose tattoo design that would make us think it can be associated with wildness and freedom. Maybe it is the sparkling color.


65. The Rainbow Rose

Did someone say “bright colored roses”? Because we might have the answer. 🙂


66. Elegant Rose Tattoo

If you love elegant tattoo designs, but also black and white patterns, you should definitely opt in for the following tattoo.


67. The Rose Rosary

Even the name of these two beautiful symbols is complementary and beautiful. Try this nice design if you want to express your religion and faith in a special manner.


68. The Blood Rose

The intense red color on this beautiful rose resembles much with real blood. Stunning and scary in the same time!


69. The Green Natural Rose

Are you a nature lover? Well, you should definitely check out this stunning tattoo design!


70. The Shoulder Rose

Undershirts will have a total different meaning when they will be worn along with this beautiful tattoo design!


71. The Music Rose

What a beautiful, elegant and peaceful combination: the rose and music. If you’re a convinced romantic type, you certainly won’t resist to this beautiful tattoo.


72. The Glossy Roses

The glossy effect on these beautiful roses is simply stunning. The shades are intensifying it even more, so that you’ll get a stunning final effect.


73. Teardrop Rose

The teardrop effect on this beautiful tattoo design is special, unique and one of a kind. You should definetely try it if you’re an emotional and sensible type.


74. Bloomed Red Rose

The shape of this beautiful red rose tattoo is different from the shape of the common rose tattoos. It has something different, given either by the color, either by the beautiful bloomed flower.


75. The Pale Rose

Pale colors always had a stunning effect on rose tattoos, mainly because they give us a feeling of elegance, sensibility and style, all at the same time.


76. Henna Rose

Are you a henna lover? If your answer is “yes”, you should totally try out the following stunning rose tattoo! It left us speechless!


77. Rose Covered Shoulders

There is a beautiful and elegant effect that this rose tattoo inspires on the body. It beautifully emphasizes the collar bones and has a sexy effect.


78. Dreamer Rose

Given the fact that roses are usually correlated with dreams, romance and passion, you can get a matching wrist tattoo on your hands using one of the following patterns. Of course, you can combine the rose either with a nice quote, a single word or a sweet and tiny design. It’s all up to you!


79. Rose Shades

The beautiful shades of white and pale pink, along with the green ones that define this stunning tattoo design will make you fall in love with it in less than a second.


80. The Thumb Rose

A rose tattoo on the thumb of a man can be a real sign of sexiness.


81. Diamond Rose

Diamonds and roses: a perfect tattoo combination that would catch anyone’s attention.


82. The Patterned Rose

The beautiful black, identical pattern on this beautiful tattoo design is simply stunning and it should certainly be tried!


83. Tiny Rose Tattoo

Despite their small shape, tiny rose tattoos can have the same meaningful symbolistic as the bigger ones.


84. Full Hand Rose

If you’d like to opt in for a pretty obvious tattoo, you should definetely choose this one, mainly because it is a great fit for both men and women.


85. The Pair

This beautiful and colorful pair of roses gives us a feeling of romance, style and passion. Choose it mainly if you are a incurable lover with a sensible heart.


86. Geometrical Lines Rose

Geometrical lines tattoos are never out of trend. So if you’re looking for something more special, this design might be for you.


87. Dark Colored Rose

Not only bright colored tattoo designs succeed in receiving a lot of praises. The dark coloured ones can also be a great fit, depending on how you choose to wear them.


88. Thigh Rose Tattoo

Thigh tattoos are extremely sexy. Try this perfect combination if you want to get a final elegant and stylish effect.


89. The Dramatic Rose

If you want to add a little bit of drama to your tattoo, we suggest trying the following awesome design.


90. The Painted Rose

This beautiful red rose pattern resembles a unique painting made by an artist, in which he would dedicate his deepest love.


91. Deep Rose

The intensity of this beautiful rose tattoo is so hypnotic!


92. Take My Hand

…Take my hand and never let this beautiful rose go. 🙂


93. The Classic Rose

If you’re looking for a rose tattoo design that would be both classy, elegant and stylish, you can opt in for a classic one, just like the one in the following example.


These being said, what are your thoughts? Which tattoo most captured your attention? We’ll have to admit that all of them are gorgeous in their own way, but you also know that only a few have that personal meaning that you should take into consideration when getting a tattoo. We can’t wait to hear your opinions in the comments section! Stay tuned for more awesome tattoo ideas!