All these ribs tattoo designs are inspired and so different, that even you can find one that you really like. Since your ribs aren’t as exposed as other areas of your body, you can choose to show them off on special occasions. Whether you just show it to your significant other, or you cannot wait for the summer for everyone to see it, such tattoo will make you more attractive. The area itself is very controversial. This is because not every tattoo lover is brave enough to decide on it. As a woman, you’ll find that not even a little pain will stop you from feeling sexier with the help of a rib tattoo. Conversely, as a man, you might feel all those gym hours are finally paying off.

Types of Ribs Tattoo Designs

As it follows, you will see minimalist designs, as well as very complex ones. There isn’t really a common ground when it comes to such tattoos. You might notice that quotes and phrases are among many people’s choices for this particular area. Even so, there is an array of multiple other designs that ultimately represent the person who’s getting them. With or without any special meaning, these tattoos don’t have to be flashy, because they are impossible to overlook. Flowers tend to create a more romantic image, while animals bring a touch of cuteness. Whatever you decide, it will be easier after taking a look at the following examples!

Pain Expectancy vs. Your Personal Tolerance

Ribs have little to no muscle on and the skin that covers them is usually thin. If you have ever looked at a pain chart for tattoos, you know they are considered among the most painful body areas. However, things vary a lot because of the following factors: How big is your design? What is your personal tolerance to pain? How experienced is your tattoo artist? A minimalist design or a black and white tattoo will hurt less than large designs and colored tattoos. This is because color is more dense. In addition, your personal tolerance to pain, combined with the artist’s experience might result in an overall bearable experience. Choosing an experienced tattoo artist is crucial because he or she needs to know when to stop from drawing a line and give your body a few seconds to cope.

Take the Aftercare Stage Seriously

The aftercare stage is almost as important as the tattooing stage. You can ruin your tattoo easier than you might think. What you basically need to do, is to wash your tattoo thoroughly 3 times per day for the first 3 days. Do not use the shower, but cleanse with your hand. Also, you should use paper towels to dry your tattoo. By all means, do not touch your tattoo with a towel because it often holds bacteria that might get your tattoo infected. Last, but not least, use a special tattoo aftercare cream that is recommended by your tattoo artist and only wear cotton clothing on it until it fully heals. That would be in about 2 weeks.

Break Your Piggy Bank for a Tattoo

The price of a tattoo varies a lot depending on the size of your design, whether or not it is colored and the reputation of the tattoo parlor of your choosing. You cannot really put a price on something you get for life, so I’m serious about breaking your piggy bank. Do some serious researching before you pick a tattoo artist. Do not be shy and try to ask him or her as many questions as possible. Getting tattooed should be an experience that you won’t resent for the rest of your life!

Also See:

1. A minimalist design for ribs

Minimalist ribs tattoo designs hurt the least. They are too small to be unbearable.

2. The cross of your beliefs

Your spirituality or belief can be kept in a less obvious place like the ribs.

3. The outline of a Lotus flower

Lotus flowers hold great meaning and they look very feminine as well!

4. Dream without fear as motivation

This lady chose a quote to decorate her ribs and to serve as motivation for her.

5. The anchor of yourself

A marine tattoo, this anchor is a great idea for surfer girls or those who need deep grounding.

6. A delicate vine for your ribs

Women often choose delicate tattoos for their ribs. Vines are a great idea and they aren’t too difficult to make either.

7. A swallow for good reasons

A traditional symbol and tattoo style, this swallow is a must have for tattoo lovers everywhere.

8. An alien approach over the old

“Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” translated in fun, alien characters. This says a lot about the person who’s wearing them!

9. A sugar skull and lots of roses

This tattoo is large and it was probably done in more than one session. Colors and such big sizes add up to pain. However, the result is worth it if you ask me!

10. Geometry at its finest

Geometrical tattoos have been popular for more than 3 years now. Sacred geometry is part of our lives, so it can literally be part of your body as well.

11. A meaning that only you know

Dates serve as reminders and they have a meaning only you can know about, if that’s what you wish for.

12. The tiniest butterfly in the world

This butterfly is cuteness overload! Ribs tattoo designs like this are priceless!

13. All phases of the moon

Crescent, descent and full, the moon goes through multiple phases. Astrologers say that each phase influences us, so why not embedded them in our flesh?

14. Flying like real birds do

This small tattoo depicts the flying movements of a bird. The bird itself is a meaningful symbol that many of us can relate to.

15. An interpretation of the Sun

The Sun and its various faces is a top choice among the most popular ribs tattoo designs.

16. World’s map on your body

The outline of the world’s map looks really cool as a rib tattoo. Although it spreads on a large skin surface, it’s only made of lines, so it shouldn’t hurt much.

17. Expressing the fragility of life

18. Frame your body shape with care

Some ribs tattoo designs are perfect for highlighting a woman’s curves.

19. Ribs tattoo designs spreading on back

20. A traditional wonder for him

Guys tend to get large tattoos on their ribs. Especially those who are ripped choose traditional or realistic tattoos to decorate their bodies with.

21. A modern interpretation of a tree

Although traditional tattoos will never go out of trend, there are modern options that might express your personality better.

22. A personalized tree of life

The tree of life is a popular symbol. This chick went for a large design that covers more than her ribs.

23. Wings that give you power to fly

24. Symbolism beyond recognition

While some designs have obvious meanings, there are some which might not mean anything to you, but a lot to the one who’s wearing it. This is a great example.

25. Dream catcher for deeper spirituality

The dream catcher is a symbol fitted for both males and females. It does contain a lot of line work, so be sure to test your pain level before embarking on it!

26. The feather of your dreams

27. A different type of dream catcher

Each bead and the string arrangement means something different from one dream catcher to the other. Do your research!

28. Without struggle, there is no progress

Sometimes we need reminders to keep going. Getting a quote tattoo is one way to do it.

29. Half of a personalized mandala

Mandalas have found their way on people’s bodies for years. Ribs tattoo designs based on mandalas are spectacular.

30. Eight. VIII. 8

31. An inspirational quote for ribs

Although we cannot see the phrase tattooed on her body, we can tell by her attitude that it’s empowering.

32. For those I love, I will sacrifice

33. A feather that floats on skin

34. Have NO FEAR

Fear it’s said to keep us from truly living. Inking such a powerful message in your skin can have great benefits!

35. You’ll see with no more tears

36. A leaf of weed

Indica and sativa have awesome shapes, so why not opt for such weed leaf?

37. A childish design

38. Wonderful horsey in action

Horses are truly beautiful animals and many individuals connect with them at a deep level.

39. The Sun to bless the skin

Did you know that the Sun has purification powers? You can get rid of bad energy or other’s energy by just laying under the sunlight.

40. Don’t let the world change your smile

A few words inked on your ribs will not cause you excruciating pain and they won’t be hard to care for either.

41. A tiny Earth as side tattoo

Not a full on map, but a generic symbol, this tiny Earth looks lovely, don’t you think?

42. Safety in chaos

43. There is no try

44. One mighty jellyfish

This tattoo of a jellyfish can be categorized as a dotwork tattoo. What this means for you is that the moments of pain won’t be intense, but there will be plenty!

45. A decorative leaf

46. Know your sign language

47. A very precise mandala

Mandala tattoos are all about spirituality. Did you know that you can create your own mandala or opt for one that’s supposed to heal various affections in your life?

48. Black and white traditional rose

Roses are all about passion and femininity. Ink one on your ribs and you’ll thank yourself every time you lay eyes on it!

49. Wild flowers for your ribs

50. A minimalist landscape

Expressing an idea by using just a few lines and dots can be done with minimalist tattoos.

51. Geometric dragon fly

Whether it’s a geometric or a watercolor dragon fly, it creates the same visual effect due to position and shape.

52. Watercolor dragon fly

53. A tiny twig

54. Surreal skull and galaxy pattern

This lady is a tough one! A rather large design featuring lots of colors, this one requires about 4-5 hours of tattooing.

55. Pinky swear is for real

A very simple tattoo, it depicts the “pinky swear” gesture.

56. A different kind of feather

57. Large, feminine, flower bouquet

Flowers can really compliment a woman’s body. Ribs tattoo ideas containing flowers are among the top choices.

58. A patch of true love

A very interesting design, this one is all about love. Framed into a rectangle, it consists of two lovers kissing. The colors are vibrant and nicely combined!

59. Watch out for feather eyes

60. Colored traditional roses

61. The number five

62. Medium sized lotus flower

The lotus flower is symbolic of purity of the body, speech, as well as mind, not to mention it looks delicate!

63. A triangle of life and beauty

64. For the Buddhist in you

65. Rose watercolor flower

Watercolor tattoos without a black outline tend to fade away in time. Be careful what you choose for this extra sensitive area!

66. The outline of a tiny elephant

67. A complex side tattoo design

68. A custom made galaxy pattern

This design is especially beautiful and complex if you ask me. It does involve many hours of work and color, but the result is simply breathtaking!

69. Always making waves

70. An expressive bird

71. The outline of an airplane

Probably a stewardess, this girl opted for an outline of an aircraft. I think it’s both sweet and painless!

72. Wild flowers in vivid colors

73. The cutest Panda bear

Now such a cute animal is worth a few minutes of suffering, don’t you think?

74. A rhombus of nature

75. A magical shell

76. An elephant family

77. A baby octopus

This baby octopus is cuteness overload! Happy and fun people tends to choose such designs.

78. An elephant’s sketch

79. A crown of flowers

80. A half-moon in purple

81. A tiny rose

82. Two tiny roses

These two tiny roses look simply perfect! The colors and the execution are flawless! Choose a tattoo artist who can do this for you too!

83. A bouquet of wild flowers

84. A mermaid going undercover

85. The Eiffel Tower

86. Shapely flower and leaves

87. A mighty bird design

88. Do not go gentle

89. Body curves decorations