The philtrum piercing or medusa piercing is located on the upper lip. In order to look pretty as always, you’ll need to know more about philtrum piercing makeup. There are certain guidelines that you can follow if you don’t want to give up your makeup routine while the piercing is healing. It’s a known fact that you can’t put makeup on an open wound, especially because it will irritate it and because you have to clean it twice per day.

Most aftercare steps include rules like no makeup, creams, lotions or antibacterial creams. Those make perfect sense, but how about makeup though? While waiting 6 to 12 weeks for the hole in your lip to fully heal, you can avoid putting foundation or powder on it. The first trick would be not to use a foundation that is a lot darker or a lot lighter than your natural skin tone. In this way, no one will see the difference. To learn more tricks, read further!

90 Arresting philtrum piercing Makeup For Your Face

1. Focus on defining your lips

philtrum piercing (1)

Philtrum piercing makeup may consist on focusing on your lips. If they are defined enough, then they will draw the attention.

2. Wear lipstick in dark colors

philtrum piercing (2)

Dark or black lipstick has the same effect as perfectly defined lips have.

3. Wear large accessories like glasses

philtrum piercing (3)

Okay, maybe this isn’t a makeup trick, but it’s going to work!

4. Emphasize the look of another piercing

philtrum piercing (4)

If one of your lip piercings are already healed, then you can distract the attention from the unhealed one.

5. Apply foundation around it

philtrum piercing (5)

Philtrum piercing makeup doesn’t completely lack foundation. When you apply it, avoid the areas nearest to it. Use the tapping method to blend it in.

6. Don’t let lipstick get to it

philtrum piercing (6)

Lipstick contains all sorts of substances that will make your medusa piercing itchy.

7. Create a natural look

philtrum piercing (7)

Rather than avoiding the pierced area, you can create a natural look for your entire face.

8. Define the upper part of your face

philtrum piercing (8)

When you define your eyes and you have bangs, you don’t have to worry about using makeup on your second half of the face.

9. A flat bead covers sore areas

philtrum piercing (9)

It’s not advisable for you to change the jewel or the bead until the hole heals. However, a flat bead would cover the sore area and allow makeup around it.

10. Philtrum piercing makeup or no makeup

philtrum piercing (10)

You might be surprised of how good all your piercings look without makeup. This girl’s face is just an example.

11. Go black for contrast

philtrum piercing (11)

When it’s easy to create contrast on your face, you won’t have to use too much makeup.

12. Shiny bead and eyeglasses combo

philtrum piercing (12)

You can keep makeup to a minimum when you wear a shiny bead that reflects light and large eyeglasses too.

13. Use lip gloss to catch the eye

philtrum piercing (13)

Lip gloss doesn’t define your lips, but it gives them volume and shine. Both catch the eye!

14. Perfect eyebrows and contoured eyes

philtrum piercing (14)

When you put effort into defining your eyebrows and eyes, you can use less makeup on your upper lip.

15. Match hair color with your lipstick

philtrum piercing (15)

Based on the same contrast principle, this philtrum piercing makeup idea works because her hair is pink and her lips are dark pink.

16. Flat and shiny bead

philtrum piercing (16)

The flat and shiny bead will not be recommended by piercers; not at the beginning anyway. However, it’s better to wear one of these than put makeup on an open wound.

17. Regular makeup routine and thorough cleaning

philtrum piercing (17)

One other option would be for you to put on makeup like you normally do and then use a q-tip to clean the area around your piercing. Use salt solution to clean it.

18. Philtrum piercing makeup is not a necessity

philtrum piercing (20)

Your upper lip might be a little red and sore at the beginning, but if you distract attention from it, the redness will go away in no time.

19. Lip gloss and no foundation

philtrum piercing (21)

If you look closely at this picture, you’ll see that she used foundation on her chin, but not on her upper lip. She also gave a nice shine to her lips.

20. Natural face and rose lips

philtrum piercing (22)

If you have a good complexion, then you can just apply some color on your lips and you’re good to go!

21. Match jewelry with your nail art

philtrum piercing (23)

To distract your attention from not being able to use lots of makeup, you can match your jewels with your nail art.

22. Use lipstick and blush

philtrum piercing (24)

Many women use lipstick and blush and maybe some mascara, but not more. This is the kind of basic makeup you can try until your medusa piercing heals.

23. Use tan in your favor

philtrum piercing (25)

Tanned skin tends to reveal fewer flaws than white skin.

24. Shiny is the new matte

philtrum piercing (26)

The usage of powder is highly not recommended for philtrum piercing makeup. So, instead of trying to stay matte, use that shiny in your favor!

25. Subtle makeup highlights colored bead

philtrum piercing (27)

Matching your hair color with the bead that you wear in your upper lip is a good idea because it allows you to wear subtle makeup.

26. Expose those freckles

philtrum piercing (28)

Maybe hiding your freckles was part of your makeup routine before, but how about exposing them and embracing a more natural look?

27. Let your pores breathe

philtrum piercing (29)

This woman put too much foundation on her face and her pores are clogged. This may lead to infections in case of a fresh medusa piercing.

28. Embrace that redness

philtrum piercing (30)

After all, embracing the redness from around your philtrum piercing is also an option.

29. Don’t remove unwanted hair

philtrum piercing (31)

If fine hairs are growing on your upper lip, try not to remove them until the hole is healed. Foundation will not look good over hair either, so try to keep it natural for a few months.

30. Rely on minimum makeup and accessories

philtrum piercing (32)

Eyeglasses and an Indian septum piercings are ideal to combine with a medusa piercing and forget about philtrum piercing makeup.

31. Dark colors reduce redness

philtrum piercing (33)

In fact, the redness will still be the same, but dark colors are in high contrast with white skin tones.

32. Put color in your cheeks and on your lips

philtrum piercing (34)

This girl has blush on and lipstick too. Her sore upper lip is almost unnoticeable!

33. Light foundation might work

philtrum piercing (35)

Don’t use thick foundation with great coverage factor around your philtrum piercing. Use it only where you really need it.

34. Keep your face clean rather than covering it

philtrum piercing (36)

Don’t put tons of foundation on clogged pores because it will look like this.

35. Extravagant eye makeup is key

philtrum piercing (37)

Let’s say your everyday makeup routine is covered, but what should you do in case you need to attend an event? Well, you should apply makeup on your eyes and create an extravagant pattern.

36. Put that lipstick to good use

philtrum piercing (38)

Brighter red will make the other type of red not visible, so put that lipstick to good use!

37. Red lips with volume

philtrum piercing (39)

Philtrum piercing makeup may consist of lipstick and gloss. The gloss adds volume.

38. Light foundation and pink lipstick

philtrum piercing (40)

This combination will create a natural look and be healthy for your piercing.

39. Cat eye and blue eye

philtrum piercing (41)

A beautiful pair of eyes needs liquid eyeliner to draw attention.

40. Liquid eyeliner and lipstick

philtrum piercing (42)

As long as the lipstick doesn’t touch your medusa piercing, you’re good.

41. White beads making makeup difficult

philtrum piercing (43)

White is a color that might highlight redness, so it’s not recommended during the healing time.



42. Big eyes with eye shadow

philtrum piercing (45)

Philtrum piercing makeup may focus on making your eyes look bigger.

43. Wear a fun jewel to avoid makeup

philtrum piercing (46)

Wearing a fun jewel could help you avoid makeup.

44. Basic foundation and blush

philtrum piercing (47)

Medusa piercings don’t cover lots of skin and they are placed on a thin body area.

45. Do not use makeup like her

philtrum piercing (48)

This woman might have a flawless makeup, but her philtrum piercing is covered with foundation. That’s a big no!

46. Galaxy patterns on your face

philtrum piercing (50)

Finding and wearing such matching jewels may replace makeup!

47. Drawing attention to your eyes

philtrum piercing (51)

After your medusa piercing is healed, you may put makeup on the healed hole. Until then, focus on your eyes.

48. Opal flower covers redness

philtrum piercing (52)

This girl’s lip is not healed yet, but she covered the redness with an opal flower.

49. Minimum makeup with jeweled piercings

philtrum piercing (53)

Shiny jewels reflect light and hide imperfections.

50. A healthy philtrum piercing doesn’t need makeup

philtrum piercing (54)

If you use makeup to cover flaws, then you should know a healthy piercing doesn’t need makeup.

51. Using makeup for art

philtrum piercing (55)

Perfect red lips may become art, but clogged pores never will.

52. Keep it as natural as possible

philtrum piercing (56)

There’s beauty in naturalness too and the medusa piercing matches it.

53. Inflamed lip without makeup

philtrum piercing (57)

This is how your lip will look for at least one week. Deal with it, don’t try to cover it!

54. Visible pores might occur

philtrum piercing (59)

You might be tempted to put concealer on your most visible pores. Don’t do so if they’re located by the piercing.

55. More jewelry than makeup

philtrum piercing (61)

Wearing more jewelry is better than more makeup.

56. Healthy piercings look best

philtrum piercing (62)

This girl’s face looks good even closeup!

57. Simple eyeliner and lipstick

philtrum piercing (63)

This look is simple, yet attractive and harmless for your lip piercing.

58. Mesmerizing eye makeup

philtrum piercing (64)

A well-done eye makeup will be enough for a person with a philtrum piercing.

59. Natural looks good too

philtrum piercing (65)

Abstaining from wearing concealer of foundation in your upper lip area would be ideal.

60. Happy face without makeup

philtrum piercing (66)

A little eyeliner and mascara are not risks for your medusa piercing.

61. Be careful with that foundation

philtrum piercing (67)

Sporting a flawless look doesn’t worth the health risks.

62. Large beads draw attention

philtrum piercing (68)

Pick small beads if you don’t want to draw attention to your upper lip.

63. Small bead and black lipstick

philtrum piercing (69)

You can see the bead because you expect it to be there.

64. Well-defined eyes require makeup

philtrum piercing (70)

As long as you avoid clogging and infecting your medusa piercing, you can put as much makeup as you want on your eyes.

65. Sexy lips and healthy piercing

philtrum piercing (71)

Keep your lipstick on and your piercing clean.

66. Makeup for the eyes and lips

philtrum piercing (72)

You can skillfully put makeup on your eyes and lips without using foundation.

67. Pin-Up style makeup is safe

philtrum piercing (73)

This is because this type of makeup contours lips and eyes.

68. Colors are not a must

philtrum piercing (74)

This lipstick color doesn’t flatter tiny medusa beads.

69. Invisible flaws with large beads

philtrum piercing (75)

No makeup has to be involved on this lady’s lips because that large bead makes her flaws invisible.

70. Big eyes and flat bead

philtrum piercing (76)

A philtrum piercing makeup may consist of highlighting the eyes only.

71. Make pores smaller with ice

philtrum piercing (77)

You can’t cover the pores around your philtrum piercing, but you can make them smaller by applying ice.

72. A proud owner of a medusa piercing

philtrum piercing (78)

This woman wears absolutely no makeup, but she couldn’t be happier with her piercing!

73. The eyeglasses trick works

philtrum piercing (79)

Don’t forget about the eyeglasses trick for days when you lip is sore!

74. As pink as the lipstick

philtrum piercing (80)

In such cases, pink lipstick is not recommended.

75. A bead of light in autumn

philtrum piercing (81)

Her piercing looks clean, so I guess I approve her makeup!

76. Shaving might be an inflammatory factor

philtrum piercing (82)

Few men sport a medusa piercing. They must shave carefully.

77. Light foundation works for teens

philtrum piercing (83)

Teens may wear light foundation without worries.

78. Fake eyelashes and less foundation

philtrum piercing (84)

Less is more in this case! Philtrum piercing makeup is all about drawing attention elsewhere until the skin heals.

79. Colored gem jewels match little makeup

philtrum piercing (85)

Colored gem jewels are not something you will see often.

80. Classic beauty tricks

philtrum piercing (86)

We can all learn a thing or two from this girl.

81. Body modifications include makeup too

philtrum piercing (87)

Makeup is able to modify your body in a visual way.

82. Exfoliate the skin next to the piercing

philtrum piercing (88)

You can’t cover a zit that’s close to a philtrum piercing, so avoid their occurrence.

83. Minimum makeup for teens

philtrum piercing (89)

If you are a teen, you can afford wearing minimum makeup until the medusa piercing is healed.

84. Geometrical eyebrows draw attention

philtrum piercing (90)

The redness on her lip is nothing compared to her geometrical eyebrows.

85. No lipstick for labrets

philtrum piercing (91)

If you wear a labret in your upper lip, you can’t wear lipstick because it might transfer to the affected area.

86. Lipstick that fades away

philtrum piercing (92)

If the philtrum jewel is too close to your lip contour, then use her technique.

87. Foundation that doesn’t get in

philtrum piercing (93)

This girl’s face is nicely covered, but no amount of foundation gets in her lip hole.

88. Long studs get cleaned up easier

philtrum piercing (94)

If you really must wear so much makeup, then make sure you have a long stud that can be cleaned.

89. Use natural lip moisturizers

philtrum piercing (95)

Coconut oil is healthy and will give you that shine.

90. Labret without dry lips

philtrum piercing (96)

Avoid dry lips by using coconut oil.