Are you thinking of getting a tattoo soon, but you are not sure what to get? You may want to consider getting a paw tattoo. If you are a pet lover, choosing to get a paw tattoo is easy. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your love for your pet, because what else could be more personal than a tattoo?

It’s the perfect way to pay homage to a pet who has been with you for years. Pet lovers don’t even consider their pets as just pets. Many have already been given a place in the family. There are many meaningful ways to use the paw of your pet as your tattoo. You can opt for a simple design of just the outline. You can add a splash of color if you have the budget, or even their name to make it more intimate.

Check out the list below for some ideas you can consider for your paw tattoo design.

  1. Paw tattoo with intricate mandala designs – while most people might opt for a simple paw design, take it a notch higher by adding a more complicated pattern for the inside of the tattoo. If you like mandalas, check out how this pet owner combined two things to come up with this unique tattoo design!



2. Small paw prints – these prints may be small, but it does not make them less meaningful to the owner.


3. A family of paw hearts – if you own more than one pet, you can actually include all of them in your tattoo! Take a look at this design, the big paws can symbolize the parents while the small ones are for the kids.


4. Your heart on your wrist – check out this really dainty version of a heart. The way the artist combined the two images is really cute and heartwarming. paw-tattoo-designs-4

5. Heart and paw combo – another variation when you want to combine the paw tattoo with a heart. paw-tattoo-designs-5

6. Paw print on your body – if you’ve ever owned a dog, you know that part of their affection and charm is when they randomly go to you, even when sleeping and plant their paws on your body trying to get you to give them attention, or to just wake you up! Relive that moment with this paw print tattoo!paw-tattoo-designs-6

7. Combination hand and paw print – what a way to pay homage to man’s best friend! This tattoo is very unique because it does not just contain a paw print but a hand print as well. The hand print can be that of a friend or family that you would like to remember, or it can just be yours to symbolize the close relationship you have with your pet.paw-tattoo-designs-7

8. Slightly smaller than the original – don’t forget to take pictures with the real pet’s paws to compare it with your tattoo!paw-tattoo-designs-8

9. Include your pet’s initial – some people are satisfied with just having the paws as their tattoo, but you can make it more personal by adding your pet’s name or even just their initial to your tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-9

10. Choose a different color tone – most people who would get tattoos usually choose black as the ink for their first tattoo, because it’s the most basic and least expensive. But you can go for something different and choose a color like this, a lighter shade of brown. It looks great on tanned skin because the effect is not so contrasting. It almost looks like a birthmark right? paw-tattoo-designs-10

11. Add a swirl of color –  if you’re not looking for basic black, then add a combination of your favorite colors to make your paw tattoos stand out more.


12. Tiny finger tattoo – tattoos don’t have to be humongous to make a statement. Just take a look at this dainty paw tattoo on someone’s finger. If you want a tattoo that is not easily seen, this is small enough to be inconspicuous. paw-tattoo-designs-12

13. Dainty wrist paw print tattoos – how about something small for your first paw tattoos? The way this was designed makes it seem like the pet was walking cutely over his or her owner’s arm. paw-tattoo-designs-13

14. Combination of different symbols –  it might seem basic but this tattoo has got a lot going on. You have the paw print, a couple of names, the infinity symbol, all combined to look like a heart. When said it might seem like it would be a very busy tattoo, but the way it was designed is still minimal and perfect for those who want this for their first tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-14

15. Blue paw tattoo – go for a paw tattoo that has more than just one color. This may not be just black, but the blue and gray colors chosen makes this tattoo still look neutral and simple. paw-tattoo-designs-15

16. Tiny hearts and watercolor – if you want a different kind of paw tattoo, check out this design. There’s a watercolor effect and it even looks like paint is dripping from the tattoo owners arms. The addition of the heart in random places is also cute. paw-tattoo-designs-16

17. Watercolor paw tattoo – if you want more than just a  black paw tattoo, and you have the budget for a full colored one, you may want to get a design similar to this. The bright colors look really pretty and would really catch someone’s attention. It’s the perfect time for you to tell a story or two about your beloved pet. paw-tattoo-designs-17

18. Red vine hearts – the paw tattoos look basic, but the addition of the red hears that look like vines makes this tattoo strikingly beautiful. paw-tattoo-designs-18

19. Tiny paws on your feet – just look at these cute paws! Go for a unique placement aside from the usual arms, shoulders or wrist. Tiny paws on your feet actually look like accessories when paired with a great pair of heels like in the picture below. paw-tattoo-designs-19

20. Claws and paws – if you want something a little more fierce, take a look at this particular design. There’s a vast difference between this and the usual dainty paw tattoos. The 3d effect of the tattoos make it seem like a giant animal scratched the tattoo owner. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying that this will definitely be a conversation piece. paw-tattoo-designs-20

21. Hairy paw tattoo – add some details to the outline to come up with the one of a kind design. paw-tattoo-designs-21

22. Paw tattoo on your back -what makes this tattoo slightly different from others is that white part at the lower right that’s in the shape of a heart. paw-tattoo-designs-22

23. Shoulder paw tattoo –  another placement you can choose is the back shoulder part. paw-tattoo-designs-23

24. Personalize with names –  adding your pet’s  names makes it more personalized and intimate. It really goes to show your love for them. paw-tattoo-designs-24

25. A blue floral paw tattoo – one word to describe this tattoo – wow! Not only does the color make it already unique, but because of the floral designs that outlines that tattoo, it still looks very feminine despite the huge size. paw-tattoo-designs-25

26. Tiny wrist tattoo – if it’s your first tattoo and you want to start small, your wrist would be the perfect placement. paw-tattoo-designs-26

27. Combination of symbols – here’s another variation where you can combine a paw tattoo, the infinity symbol and a heart. paw-tattoo-designs-27

28. Heartbeats for your pet – what a cute tattoo. It almost looks like it’s telling a story. The heart, and the wave patterns seem to indicate that the owner’s pet makes his heart beat to life right? paw-tattoo-designs-28

29. Two tiny wrist tattoos – you can start small when it comes to your tattoo, like with this one. You can choose to add details, like names or even colors as the days go by. paw-tattoo-designs-29

30. Simple outlines – this one is different as it’s not a full solid tattoo, instead you have outlines of the paws then the small hearts inside. paw-tattoo-designs-30

31. Galaxy watercolor paw tattoo – the colors chosen for this particular tattoo make it seem like you have the galaxy tattooed on your arms right? paw-tattoo-designs-31

32. Rainbow of colors – it looks like the whole color palette found its way into this tattoo. The result is a breathtaking art piece, and the addition of the heart pattern makes it  more heartwarming. paw-tattoo-designs-32

33. Add a simple animal tattoo – now this is cute. You’ll see how the tattoo was drawn on like there’s an animal walking, then you have the drawing of the cutest cat with hearts for eyes as the piece de resistance. paw-tattoo-designs-33

34. Combine it with other tattoos – these paw tattoos are small enough that it doesn’t clash with the semi-colon tattoo of the owner. paw-tattoo-designs-34

35. Calf paw tattoo – if you’re not liking the tattoo to be placed on your arms, choose your legs instead. paw-tattoo-designs-35

36. Solid lifelike wrist tattoos – these tattoos are big enough that you’d think the pet’s owner really stepped on some ink and proceeded to walk on his owner’s arms. paw-tattoo-designs-36

37. Another variation of tattoos on your legspaw-tattoo-designs-37

38. Paws as flowers –  this tattoo is one of kind, instead of just placing the paws randomly, the placement of the vine-like drawing make it seem that the paws are growing from the vine tattoo don’t you think? paw-tattoo-designs-38

38. Wear some flip flops and head on to the beach to show off this cute tattoopaw-tattoo-designs-39

39. Hand drawn paw tattoo – the way this tattoo was drawn makes it seem more natural than just a solid tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-40

40. Nape tattoo with claws – add more dimension to your tattoo by adding claws to it. This may not be your pet’s paws but it could symbolize an animal that you identify your character with. paw-tattoo-designs-41

41. Hearts, cats and dogs – how wonderful this combination looks. The owner obviously loves cat and dogs that’s why this tattoo combines all her love for her pets. paw-tattoo-designs-42

42. Paw tattoos behind your ears –  just tie your hair up when you want to show it off or keep your hair done when you don’t want it to be very conspicuous.


43. 3D tattoo effect –  the shading of this tattoo is perfect for those who would like a 3D effect on their paw tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-45

44. Neck tattoo –  if you don’t mind having an eye-catching tattoo, then placing it on yoru neck will not be a problem for you. paw-tattoo-designs-46

45. Of patterns and paws –  this one makes use of a unique pattern to fill the inside of the paws. You can make it exactly like this or you can add a little more art by adding a splash of color to your black tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-47

46. Love paw tattoos – instead of just having the heart, you can add words like love and the like to show how much you love your pet. paw-tattoo-designs-48

47. Black and blue – this tattoo is simple yet striking. The contrasts of the color will surely catch people’s attention don’t you think? paw-tattoo-designs-49

48. Add the name of your pet to make sure that they are immortalized in your tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-50

49. Tiny tattoos are always cute and dainty. paw-tattoo-designs-51

50. Tattoo ring –  okay it may not look like an actual ring but being that it is placed on the finger makes it look like an accessory. Complete the whole look by having the perfect nail polish to complement the colors of your tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-52

51. Mimic the way your cat or puppy would walk all over your back with this cute paw tattoo design. paw-tattoo-designs-53

52. Keep it sweet and simple with a solid paw tattoo design with a heart. paw-tattoo-designs-54

53. Embrace your inner wildness with this tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-55

54. Another variation of the combination tattoo – it seems that many pet lovers really like to add the infinity symbol and the heart to show their love for their pets. paw-tattoo-designs-56

55. The cute heart at the middle is really a favorite among pet lovers. paw-tattoo-designs-57

56. This striking black and white photo is the perfect opportunity to show off the nice tattoo. Don’t forget to take pictures with your pet and show off your tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-58

57. Instead of filling out the paw’s inside with solid black colors, opt for jsut an outline of the paws and then putting heart inside. paw-tattoo-designs-59

58. Cute wrist tattoos are always  lovely to photograph. 


59. The purple color has always been associated with royalty, but did you know it can also be associated with devotion? Show how devoted you and your pet are to each other by choosing purple as the color of your paw tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-62

60. The warm tones of this tattoo can symbolize the warmth your pet brings to your life. paw-tattoo-designs-63

61. Festive nails brings out the black color of this tattoo. 


62. Adding your pet’s name is always a nice and personal touch. paw-tattoo-designs-67

63. This tattoo still looks fresh and new. Make sure to take care of your tattoo so that it will heal properly. paw-tattoo-designs-68

64. Another look for the small finger paw tattoo. It’s a subtle way of saying you like pets. paw-tattoo-designs-69

65. The addition of the pink color makes this tattoo seem really girly. paw-tattoo-designs-70

66. Don’t’ just choose a generic design and really trace your pet’s paws and use that as a pattern for your tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-71

67. The heart and infinity symbol really goes to show that this pet owner would love his or her pet forever!


68. Back tattoos are really popular, but when you put the tattoo on your feet, you will see it more easily and always be reminded of the bond you share with yoru pet. paw-tattoo-designs-75

69. Solid black lines for your paw and heart tattoo are always a good idea. paw-tattoo-designs-76

70. The lines may not look straight but that’s what makes this tattoo unique and one of a kind. paw-tattoo-designs-77

71. You can never have too many paw tattoos on your arm!paw-tattoo-designs-78

72. Red stiletto heels show off these paw tattoos perfectly don’t you think? paw-tattoo-designs-79

73. Add more flair to your tattoo by getting your ears pierced!paw-tattoo-designs-80

74. It’s obvious that this person, instead of paying homage to pets has chosen animals that he or she identifies with. You have a bear and a wolf, two animals that may symbolize strength and bravery. paw-tattoo-designs-81

75. Hearts of paws – how cute is this? Instead of having solid black lines to outline the heart, you can make use of tiny paw tattoos instead. paw-tattoo-designs-82

76. Finger tattoos are perfect for those who are not yet sure they can take the pain of getting a tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-83

77. the inside of your things can also be a good place to put a tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-84

78. Despite the small size of the area behind your ear, it is still a perfect place for a paw tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-85

79. It can even hold more than one paw tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-86

79. Don’t forget to practice proper care and maintenance by adding some moisturizer to yoru tattooed skin . paw-tattoo-designs-87

80. Peekaboo tattoo – you can just show a hint of your tattoo by placing it near your collar where it can only be seen when you wear lose clothes. paw-tattoo-designs-89

81. Tiny tattoos are best for those who like things simple and minimal. paw-tattoo-designs-90

82. Off shoulder tops and dresses is a necessity for those with tattoos on their shoulders. paw-tattoo-designs-91

83. Another tattoo with a unique pattern on the inside. paw-tattoo-designs-92

84. Wear a top with a low cut back if you plan to show off a tattoo in this placement. paw-tattoo-designs-93

85. The most unique pattern of all –  if you want the most one of a kind pattern for the inside of your tattoo, nothing could be more unique than having your own pet’s face drawn in, just like in the picture below. paw-tattoo-designs-94

86. Unleash the inner wolf in you – how cool is this tattoo that shows a wolf howling. If you feel an affinity for the wolf,this tattoo would be perfect for you. paw-tattoo-designs-95

87. Don’t forget that proper aftercare can make or break your tattoo. paw-tattoo-designs-96

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