91 Gorgeous Yet Delicate Flower Tattoo Designs For Your Own Inspiration

Flowers have always been a popular choice for people looking for tattoos, and there is a reason for that. The flower is a very versatile tattoo choice, and it’s something that will always look beautiful. You can appreciate the flower for many years because there are so

99 Creative Music Tattoos That Are Sure to Blow Your Mind

If you are a lover of music, then a music tattoo might be exactly what you are looking for. Music tattoos are actually very popular tattoos to get. There’s no wonder that tattoos with a musical theme are popular because music brings a lot of inspiration to

87 Bold and Exciting Places to Get Your First Surface Piercing

Piercings can be painful, but the pain is so short lived that you don’t need to be afraid of it. Piercing is nothing more than having a foreign object put into your skin. Everyone is different when it comes to how your body reacts to foreign objects

90 Nape and Neck Piercings That Can Successfully Replace Necklaces

Any piercing is an accessory that may or may not replace other old fashioned accessories. The nape and neck piercings are as visible as any necklace and they are considered more interesting and nonconformist. Since we’re talking about surface piercings, these must be performed by a piercing technician

90 Bright Color Tattoo Designs For Freedom Lovers

Any kind of tattoo has its own dose of beauty. The black ones, the colourful ones, the designed ones, the simple ones…all of them are awesome, but their beauty stays in the eye of the beholder! Recently, more and more bright color tattoo designs gained attention between

75+ Most Impressive Sun, Moon And Star Piercings of All Time

As is the case with tattoos, many people can become just as obsessed with body piercing. They will pierce almost any area of their body and use their body as a canvas in the same way that people do with multiple tattoos. Piercings are considered a form

90+ Classical and Wackier Industrial Piercing Ideas

An industrial piercing is definitely eye-catching. A true accessory for your ear, this type of piercing consists of two holes. There are classical industrial piercings ideas, which are based on making two holes that are connected with the help of a long, straight jewelry, but also wackier

80 Subtle and Sophisticated Lip Frenulum Piercings and More

Lip frenulum piercings together with web piercings and other types of oral piercings are subtle and sophisticated. While some of them are easily seen when you smile or laugh, the other ones can be shown by choice. The element of surprise and the playfulness of oral piercings

90 Flattering Double Nose Piercings for All Face Types

The nose is located in the center of your face, give or take an inch. Therefore, you can use it to create effects with the help of piercings. Double nose piercings are ideal for all face types. What matters is to find the perfect combination between them.

90 Drop Dead Gorgeous Men Piercings Inspirations

Men piercings are just as popular as women piercings, but you guys don’t really care about fashion or give a piercing too much thought. So, if it looks cool to you, you might get it without having second thoughts. That’s just perfect because there are some serious