If you are looking for a fresh new look for your ear, then why not give piercings a try. Orbital piercing trends are definitely a thing right now and there are so many ways that you can show off your ears. When it comes to piercing this area, it is really important to pay attention to caring for the ear and making sure that the area heals properly. Ben Tauber is New York City’s “It” piercer and he states that it’s best not to do a tone of piercings on the ear all at once. “I try not to exceed four or five piercings at once,” Tauber said, “Anymore and it gets tricky for the body to heal it, and I want stuff to look good and be there forever.” “The less you do, the better.”

We would have to agree. But the fun part is choosing a design that you love and we have a ton of different ideas for you to try. Piercings are permanent just like tattoos, so it’s important that you know for sure what you want.

Check out these 84 Orbital Piercing Ideas To Try At Last:

  1. Barbell Designs

Barbell designs are something that will never go out of style.


2. Silver Designs

This is a cool design that has the earring wrapped around the ear.

orbital piercing (2)

3. Circular Styles

Another great look that has the barbell spinning around.

orbital piercing (3)

4. Multiple Styles

Designs like this always look cool, but it’s important to not do all of these piercings at once because it makes it hard for the ear to heal properly.

orbital piercing (4)

5. Top and Bottom

A cool style like this is all you need to have an awesome orbital design.

orbital piercing (5)

6. Delicate Circles

This pretty circle is delicate as it orbits around the ear.

orbital piercing (6)

7. Sweet Styles

This style has three of the same rings wrapped around.

orbital piercing (7)

8. Jeweled Designs

If you prefer to have a little bling around your ear, then you should try out this style.

orbital piercing (8)

9. Simple Styles

If you are looking for something a little more simple, then this is the style for you.

orbital piercing (9)

10. Gorgeous Styles

We love the colors that come with this design. If you like a burst of color, then you can go wrong with this piercing.

orbital piercing (10)

11. Gorgeous Jewelry

You won’t find a piercing more beautiful than this one.

orbital piercing (11)

12. Thin Rings

There are so many different ways that you can wear these piercings and this is one of the more subtler ways.

orbital piercing (12)

13. Cool Jewels

A great design that is sure to catch the eye.

orbital piercing (13)

14. Inside Styles

The angle that this piercing is done is very different from most.

orbital piercing (14)

15. Great Designs

A design like this one is gorgeous because of the rock.

orbital piercing (15)

16. Cool Vibes

There are a few different styles going on with this piercing.

orbital piercing (16)

17. Ball Designs

If you are looking for a really simple design, then try this pretty one out.


orbital piercing (17)


18. Upper Ear

There are many different ways that you can wear this piercing and this one is on the upper ear.

orbital piercing (18)

19. 80’s Styles

This style will make you feel nostalgic about the 80’s.


orbital piercing (19)

20. Thin and Simple 

A great style like this one can be worn every day because it’s simple and casual.

orbital piercing (20)

21. Floral Designs

This floral design is on the inside of the ear.

orbital piercing (21)

22. Triple Threat

This is a really pretty style that is sure to sparkle when you go out in the sun.


orbital piercing (23)

23. Barbell Looks

If you are looking for an edgier style, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

orbital piercing (24)

24. Simple Gold

There is a lot to like with this style because there are so many different elements to it.

orbital piercing (25)

25. Sweet Looks

If you are a fan of the golden look, then you are sure to love this style.

orbital piercing (26)

26. Elegant Styles

A great style like this is sure to look wonderful at a formal event.

orbital piercing (27)

27. Blue Styles

This style is a very tight one and there isn’t a lot of room.

orbital piercing (28)

28. Rose Gold

This is another inside the ear style and rose gold is increasing in popularity every year.

orbital piercing (29)

29. Multiple Rings

This style has multiple rings to it and it is very eye-catching.

orbital piercing (30)

30. The Process

If you are curious about what the process looks like to have an orbital piercing than here it is.

orbital piercing (31)

31. Unique Styles

There is a lot of unique looks out there and this is one of them.

orbital piercing (32)


32. Tiny Rings

This is another example of a tight ring that is quite close to the ear. If you want something simple, then a thin, gold band might be just what you’re looking for.

orbital piercing (33)

33. Combo Styles

These are two very different piercings, but they look good together.

orbital piercing (34)

34. Sweet Jewels

A gorgeous style that has all the bling that you need.

orbital piercing (35)

35. Interesting Designs

The sky is the limit for the kind of ornament you want to put in your ear. It’s more about placement.

orbital piercing (36)

36. Spinning Designs

These type of piercings are always eye-catching and there is a lot of character to them as well.


orbital piercing (38)

37. Simple Silver

A gorgeous silver style that orbits the ear.

orbital piercing (39)

38. Cool Designs

There are so many pretty designs like this one to choose from.

orbital piercing (40)

39. Inner Ear

A great style like this gives you a little bit of edge.

orbital piercing (41)

40. Studded Style

An inner ear style that has a jewel on it.

orbital piercing (42)

41. Small Rings

A great style that has some elegant style that you are sure to love.

orbital piercing (43)

42. Delicate Styles

A sweet style that has very small rings. These styles are sure to make you happy.

orbital piercing (44)

43. Double Designs

A very simple design that is stylish and classy.

orbital piercing (45)

44. Criss-cross Styles

This is a very cool look and it’s sure to catch the eye wherever you go. If you want a stylish design, then this is it.

orbital piercing (46)

45. Many Styles

A great style that has multiple piercings.

orbital piercing (47)

46. Circular Images

Another example of a simple design.

orbital piercing (48)

47. Arrow Designs

This is a very unique and edgy look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.


orbital piercing (50)

48. Cool Jewelry

There are a lot of cool jewelry pieces with this design.

orbital piercing (51)

49. Inner Moon

The moon is pretty cool as an orbital piercing and so are the other elements here.

orbital piercing (52)

50. Large Circles

These circles are much larger than the others. It gives you a very different look.

orbital piercing (53)

51. Simple Elements

A great look like this is sure to make anyone happy.

orbital piercing (54)

52. Pretty Silver

Silver is a great look if you want something classic.

orbital piercing (55)

53. Special Styles

Tiny hearts are always going to give you a special style.

orbital piercing (56)

54. Pretty Pearls

This is a unique and pretty design for someone who likes feminine looks.

orbital piercing (57)

55. Black Design

A great style that has an edgy black ring.

orbital piercing (58)

56. Larger Than Life

These rings go from small to very large. If you are looking for a different design, then this is the one for you.

orbital piercing (59)

57. Cool Designs

If you are just looking for one piercing, then this is the one for you.

orbital piercing (60)

58. Diamond Elements

If you like elegant designs, then you are sure to love this one.

orbital piercing (61)

59. Tight Looks

You can see how tight the style is because the ear is squished inside. There are many ways of wearing your piercing.

orbital piercing (62)

60. Medium Sizes

A great style that has a medium sized ring. It all depends on the style that you are looking for.

orbital piercing (63)

61. Cool Elements

There is one ring on top and one on the bottom.

orbital piercing (64)

62. Line Designs

This design looks like a simple line.

orbital piercing (65)

63. Awesome Styles

Another example of a simple style.

orbital piercing (66)

64. Funky Styles

If you are looking for a funky new look, then you can’t go wrong with these piercings.

orbital piercing (67)

65. Embellished Styles

A pretty piercing that looks great as an orbital piercing.

orbital piercing (68)

66. Double Styling

These rings are different sizes and they look cool at any angle.

orbital piercing (69)

67. Back Designs

This orbital piercing goes from the back and creates a very different look.

orbital piercing (70)

68. Sparkling Style

Another great look that has silver for all the piercings.

orbital piercing (71)

69. Circle Styles

These are all very small piercings.

orbital piercing (72)

70. Silver Looks

A great look that is simple and cool.

orbital piercing (73)

71. Sideways Styles

As you can see, there are many ways that you can angle your piercing.

orbital piercing (74)

72. Large Rings

Another example of a piercing using a large ring.

orbital piercing (75)

73. Twin Styles

Both of these rings are pierced on the inside of the ear.

orbital piercing (76)

74. Stunning Styles

A great look that you are sure to love.

orbital piercing (77)

75. Orbital Styles

Orbital piercings will always give you a unique look.

orbital piercing (78)

76. Inside Circle

A great style that has the entire circle on the inside.

orbital piercing (79)

77. Outside Style

The piercing is on the outside of the ear in this photo.

orbital piercing (80)

78. Side Designs

Another style that is sure to please you.

orbital piercing (81)

79. Soft and Simple

A great look that is sure to put a smile on your face.

orbital piercing (82)

80. Inside and Out

There are a couple of different piercing styles with this look.

orbital piercing (83)

81. Tornado Styles

This is one piercing that just so happens to twist into multiple piercings.

orbital piercing (84)

82. Sweet and Small

A style like this one is sweet yet simple.

orbital piercing (85)

83. Pretty Looks

Another look that is simple but pretty.


orbital piercing (87)

84. Amazing Looks

A simple piercing is all you need for an amazing look.

orbital piercing (88)






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