They may not be as popular as arm or body tattoos, but neck tattoos can really make a statement. The placement is already very conspicuous and unless you wear clothes that would hide them, they are almost always visible to the people around you. One of the reasons why neck tattoos are not as popular is because even until now, there is still a stigma attached to tattoos. Some professions frown at those in their field who proudly show off their tattoos, so there are those who would rather have a tattoo discreetly.

Another reason is that neck tattoos can be very painful, especially if your pain threshold is very low. But if you see the results of the neck tattoos shown below, you’ll realize that the money you spend and the pain you go through are worth it when you see the unique neck tattoo that you get.

1. Anchor tattoo – this beautiful anchor is placed perfectly at the back of your neck. You can get this if you like sailing, or maybe to just remind you to keep yourself anchored and not get swept away by your circumstance.neck tattoo designs (1)

2. Love in infinity – bring out the romantic in you with this back neck tattoo of the word “love” with what looks like a heart and the infinity symbol.neck tattoo designs (1)

3. Leaves – the placement may be unusual but this piece draws just enough attention to start a conversation.neck tattoo designs (1)

4. Beautiful floral tattoo – look at how this tattoo goes from the shoulder to the neck. It may be big but the way it was drawn and shaded still makes it very feminine. neck tattoo designs (2)

5. Mandala neck piece – the mandala can represent wholeness and balance. This tattoo is so intricate and unique. it might feel painful while it’s being done, but as you can see the end result is definitely worth it. neck tattoo designs (3)

6. Elephant parent and child – you can have this to symbolize a loving relationship between parent and child, or because you simply love elephants!neck tattoo designs (4)

7. Interesting rose piece – floral tattoos are usually associated with women, but this rose tattoo also looks good even on men. The droplets of water on the tattoo really adds a realistic detail. neck tattoo designs (5)

8.Double the fierceness of your neck tattoo by pairing it with some fierce jewelry – the spider tattoo fits perfectly the earringneck tattoo designs (6)

9. Eye tattoo – unleash your creativity go for something unique and unusualneck tattoo designs (8)

10. Yin and yang – if you do your research, this symbol stands for two opposing forces that interact to form a whole.neck tattoo designs (9)

11. Bird tattoo – opt for something simple for your nape tattoo, like this bird that looks like it’s about to take flightneck tattoo designs (10)

12. Anchor tattoo – here’s another variation of the anchor tattoo, but this time more details are added, such as the rope around the anchor. The placement is also different, with the tattoo being placed at the side of the neck instead of the back. neck tattoo designs (11)

13. Simple geometric shape – a tattoo does not have to be overly complicated. it can just be about appreciating the simple shapes, such as this triangle nape tattoo. neck tattoo designs (12)

14. Butterfly tattoo – what makes this quite unique is the addition of the thick band around the neck. It now looks like you’re wearing a butterfly choker and not just sporting a tattoo. neck tattoo designs (13)

15. Combine your name and fave characters –  this tattoo piece has it all, from names, to some patterns and of course, that big character. neck tattoo designs (14)

16. Elegant neck piece – wow the intricate details of this tattoo is really astounding. It looks a like a heart encased in a heart-shaped jewel, then you have the dangling details. You won’t need a necklace when you have this kind of tattoo. neck tattoo designs (16)

17. Intricate, classy details – another neck piece that requires no other accessory. Make sure to wear something that can show off such a one of a kind design. neck tattoo designs (17)

18. Beautiful colored flower tattoo – don’t just stick to the the standard black. If you have the budget, nothing can make a flower tattoo more beautiful than having it done in beautiful, bright colors. neck tattoo designs (18)

19. Compass tattoo – never get lost with this simple arrow compass tattoo. neck tattoo designs (19)

20. Ribbon tattoo – keep it sweet and simple with this ribbon nape tattoo. neck tattoo designs (20)

21. Group of birds tattoo – a flock of birds taking flight can mean being free and carefree from the problems around you. neck tattoo designs (21)

22. The way this tattoo was made makes it seem like there are dots placed all over the nape and they all come together to form such a unique pattern. neck tattoo designs (22)

23. Tiny tree tattoo – another idea for those who want to start small. It seems the nape might be a painful place ot get a tattoo, so you might to start with a tiny tree like this one first. 24. neck tattoo designs (23)

24. Stylized butterfly – here’s a different take on the butterfly tattoo. It looks unique enough that at first glance, you might think it’s an abstract pattern when it’s really a butterflly. neck tattoo designs (24)

25. Colorful butterfly – butterflies are one of the most colorful insects in the animal kingdom. Bring that color into your skin and choose bright colors that complement each other well such as this yellow butterfly and blue background. neck tattoo designs (25)

26. Beautiful full moon – if you’re a fan of anything that has to do with the moon, check out this nape tattoo looking so magical. neck tattoo designs (26)

27. Moth tattoo – while some girls like to show off their feminine side with a butterfly tattoo, if you want something more masculine, how about this moth tattoo instead? neck tattoo designs (27)

28. Another colorful butterfly – because there are so many ways you can draw and color a butterfly tattoo, for sure, you will not exhaust your creativity trying to come up with a unique color combination such as this. neck tattoo designs (28)

29. Tiny paw tattoos – paw tattoos have become pretty popular lately, as it is a way of paying homage to their beloved pet. Take a look at this dainty tattoo, it looks like the owner’s pet likes to spend some time walking all over her neck.



30. Realistic rose – this tattoo must have taken hours if you just look at all the details poured into it. It looks very real and would complement a simple, black, off-the-shoulder outfit don’t you think? neck tattoo designs (30)

31. Skin tone tattoo – this tattoo is not as striking as the other tattoos listed here, given that it’s colors are very basic and blends well with the owner’s skin, but it’s still very beautiful despite its simplicity. neck tattoo designs (31)

32. Bird tattoo – if you want a tattoo that can easily be hidden, this bird tattoo behind the ear ca easily be inconspicuous if you just keep your hair  down. neck tattoo designs (32)

33. Simple flower outlines – getting a colored tattoo can be quite expensive, so if you don’t have the budget for it yet, a black tattoo like this one can still be very beautiful and striking. neck tattoo designs (33)

34. Intricate tribal tattoo – wow the lady sure knows how to show off her neck piece. Something as beautiful and detailed as this tattoo does deserve to be seen. Don’t forget to put on makeup and accessories such as nose piercings to complete the whole look!neck tattoo designs (34)

35. Fit for royalty – show your regal side with the tattoo of a crown on the side of your neck. neck tattoo designs (35)

36. Initials – if you look closely, this tattoo is not just a bunch of scribbles and dots, there are actually initials there, which can be your name or even the name of your significant other. neck tattoo designs (36)

37. Henna tattoo trial – if you are not yet sure about what design you should choose, you can opt to have it done through henna tattoo first so you can see what the design will look on your skin without having it done permanently yet. neck tattoo designs (37)

38. Camera tattoo – photographers and photography enthusiasts, here’s the perfect tattoo for you. You can choose exactly this design or if you have a particular camera model which is your favorite, you can have that tattooed instead. neck tattoo designs (38)

39. Dandelion tattoo – the dandelion tattoo is another popular design. You can choose to make it  big piece that  will occupy your whole back, or a small one like this one below.  neck tattoo designs (39)

40. Dream catcher – if you want a touch of whimsy for your neck tattoo, a dream catcher is always a good idea for a design. neck tattoo designs (40)

41. Dainty flowers – this design is so feminine and sweet.neck tattoo designs (41)

42. The color combination for this planet or moon tattoo is really original and pretty. neck tattoo designs (43)

43. Reach for the stars – if you want a different heavenly body aside from sun and moon, stars are also veyr popular. neck tattoo designs (44)

44. Cross tattoo – religious people can choose one of the most popular symbols of Christianity for their neck tattoo. This cross is simple, and the addition of the Bible verse makes it more personalized. neck tattoo designs (47)

45. Flowers and intricate details – make sure to put your hair up because a tattoo as beautifully made as this one really deserves to be seen. neck tattoo designs (48)

46. Another dream catcher – this one looks a bit different from other designs though. neck tattoo designs (49)

47. Small but symbolic – a tattoo does not have to be big and take up your whole nape to make a statement. This small tattoo seems really well thought out. The heart and the cross could mean that the owner is very spiritual and the flowers are just something she enjoys. neck tattoo designs (50)

48. Rose tattoo – if you’re not the type to care whether people stare at you or not, you can choose to place your tattoo on this part. This is readily visible, especially if you like tying your hair. neck tattoo designs (51)

49. Pictures and words – this tattoo almost looks like a panel from a comic book don’t you think? You can choose one of your favorite characters and your favorite quote or mantra and copy how this tattoo looks. neck tattoo designs (52)

50. Stars shine bright – this tattoo is probably just a few hours old given the redness of the skin surrounding it. Make sure to do your research on how to prepare for your tattoo. neck tattoo designs (53)

51. Rose and diamond – two very feminine and lovely things. Women always deserve rneck tattoo designs (54)

52. Accessorize – don’t forget to pair your accessory with your tattoo. For example, when you go to the beach and wear something more revealing. This lady was able to pair not only her earrings but even her hairstyle with her tattoo to complete the whole look.







Close up of the back of a dreadlocked woman's bare neck with focus on her generic paisly tattoo.

53. What the world needs now is love, sweet love, and this tattoo owner knows exactly what message to put in her neck tattoo.
neck tattoo designs (58)

54. Necklace tattoo – a tattoo as elegant as this one will not look out of place even in the most formal events. neck tattoo designs (59)

55. Notes tattoo – are  you a music lover? Play homage to your passion and choose notes for  your nape tattoo. neck tattoo designs (60)

56. Animal tattoo – wow this is truly exceptional. The details and colors used make it look both very fierce and regal at the same time. neck tattoo designs (61)

57. Rose sketch – while all tattoos are artistic, there;s something about this particular tattoo that separates it from others. neck tattoo designs (62)

58. Cheshire cat – anyone who grew up reading Alice in Wonderland will know who this character is. neck tattoo designs (63)

59. Butterflies – include your name or someone special to you to make it more special. Some people who get butterfly tattoos do so in honor of loved ones who have passed away because there are some cultures who associate butterflies with the souls of dead loved ones. neck tattoo designs (64)

60. Unique piece that’s truly your own – if you are an artist, you can create your very own art as your tattoo. Like this particular example, you can clearly see the skull and flower, then you have additional items that may be significant to the person who had this tattooed on their skin. neck tattoo designs (65)

61. Get inspiration from literature – fans of the Boy Who Lived or the whole Harry Potter series definitely know what this stands for. It’s not just a line, a circle and a triangle as the symbols stand for the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility. neck tattoo designs (67)

62. Another version of the Cheshire cat. There are many books you can look at to get more inspiration for the tattoo you may want. You can also add a quote, like this one from the Corpse Bride . neck tattoo designs (68)

63. There’s no limit to the artistry you can show when it comes to neck tattoos such as these. neck tattoo designs (69)

64. Simple rose tattoo – neck tattoo designs (70)

65. Geometric tattoos – choose small symbols and put them together for an artistic yet simple masterpiece. neck tattoo designs (71)

66. If you want a tattoo that’s truly one of a kind, get your favorite symbols, such as these stars, but add your signature or initial. For sure no one else will have that. neck tattoo designs (72)

67. Owl tattoo – owls are always associated with wisdom, and this owl with the realistic-looking eyes really looks wise don’t you think? neck tattoo designs (73)68. Stylized heart tattoos will never go out of style. neck tattoo designs (74)

69. Vines and stars may not seem like a good combination at first, but this neck tattoo proves otherwise. neck tattoo designs (75)

70. Bright colors always make a statement, whatever tattoo design you choose, pay attention to the color combinations if you want your tattoos to make an impact. The solid black cross is really complemented by the red rose in this tattoo design. neck tattoo designs (76)

71. Bird tattoo – birds can mean a lot of things. It can be as simple as just your pet, or it could symbolize strength or freedom, it all depends on your own perspective. neck tattoo designs (77)

72. This tattoo looks very similar to the earrings that the woman is wearing in the photo. neck tattoo designs (78)

73. Trees – if you are the type of person who loves the outdoors, tattoos such as this is perfect for you. neck tattoo designs (79)

74. Foreign language – you can also look for a language that you particularly like and choose a word to get it tattooed on your skin . neck tattoo designs (80)

75. Flowers are always a good bet. This time, it’s not a rose but a peony taking center stage in this girl’s tattoo design. neck tattoo designs (81)

76. Neck tattoos are hard to hide so you need to be prepared to get some stares. Be open to conversations where you can talk about the meaning of the tattoo with other people. neck tattoo designs (82)

77. Many say that neck tattoos feel more painful than others, as the skin on the neck is thinner. neck tattoo designs (83)

78. Another rose tattoo design, this time in just a monochrome color. neck tattoo designs (84)

79. Scorpion – there are many things that a scorpion could symbolize. In some countries, like Russia, could mean someone is from the military or might have done prison time. It could also mean that you see yourself as someone deadly or fierce, as the scorpion is known as a deadly animal and must not be taken lightly despite its small size. neck tattoo designs (85)

80. The solid lines in this tattoo are really well-designed. It makes for a great conversation piece because anyone who sees it will wonder about the purpose of the design. neck tattoo designs (86)

81. The solar system – if you love astronomy, why not get the whole solar system at the back of your neck? neck tattoo designs (87)

82. Don’t be afraid to show off a tattoo piece as beautifully made as this. neck tattoo designs (88)

83. This tattoo looks very random, but it could mean a lot to the one who designed it. neck tattoo designs (89)

84. Eagle tattoo – the eagle is easily one of the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom. It flies high, has immense strength and perfect eyesight,and almost always gets its prey. neck tattoo designs (90)

85. Hanger – you might ask why a hanger? Maybe this person is a fashion designer or a stylist and she wants to show a tattoo to symbolize her profession in life. neck tattoo designs (91)

86. This tattoo looks like its telling a story. neck tattoo designs (92)

87. The hair is perfect for this kind of tattoo. A unique hairstyle for a tattoo that’s truly one of a kind. neck tattoo designs (93)

88. Color the birds in different colors to make more impact. neck tattoo designs (94)

89. Combine more than one type of flower or vines like this design. neck tattoo designs (95)

90. This tattoo is perfect for music lovers. neck tattoo designs (96)

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