Any piercing is an accessory that may or may not replace other old fashioned accessories. The nape and neck piercings are as visible as any necklace and they are considered more interesting and nonconformist. Since we’re talking about surface piercings, these must be performed by a piercing technician who knows what he or she is doing. Numerous surface piercings end up rejected by the body because they were improperly done. The piercer you choose has to use a staple-shaped surface bar. This is conceived especially to prevent rejection and encourage healing.

There are multiple types of nape and neck piercings categorized by exact location. For example, you can pierce the middle of your neck, the area between your collar bones, go for a diagonal piercing on the side that resembles a vampire bite, create a corset with multiple rows of piercings, decorate the nape of your neck vertically, horizontally and in any other way you can think of. You can use your imagination and even create beautiful patterns if you are tolerant to a medium level of pain. Microdermals are sometimes chosen too.

The pain factor

People who got nape and neck piercings didn’t report a high level of pain. One person said that she felt more pain when she had an industrial piercing done. So, since we’re talking soft tissue here, you shouldn’t experience a great level of pain either. However, do not expect it to be completely painless. When there is skin perforation involved, there will be more or less pain, blood leaks and swellings that are totally normal. After 3 to 4 days, this piercing type will not hurt you anymore, but you will have to care for it until it is fully healed, between 2 and 6 months. This also applies in case of microdermals.

The cleaning routine

What you need is salt water that you can make yourself or buy. Soak a cotton swab in salt water and gently wipe and press it against the pierced area. This must be done twice per day, for as long as it is necessary. It goes without saying that you should wash your hands before touching your piercing. Extra cautions may be taken too, such as avoiding to sleep on the piercing, putting makeup on it, going to public pools, playing sports that represent an injury risk and so on. Do not skip the cleaning routine unless you want to increase the danger of infection.

1. Vertical neck piercing

neck piercing (1)

Unlike the nape of the neck, the frontal part is meaty enough to allow the insertion of a vertical piercing.

2. Horizontal nape piercing

neck piercing (3)

This is the most common location for a nape piercing. Usually, it is place just below the hairline.

3. A row of three

neck piercing (4)

By the look of these piercings, they are microdermals. This means, they are inserted under the skin, with the help of an anchor that serves as base.

4. Another row of three

neck piercing (5)

These too look like dermal piercings. She created a nice effect by choosing different sized jewelry.

5. Pearl beads on neck’s nape

neck piercing (6)

Microdermals have a stronger base at the nape of the neck to hold on to, so they could be more recommended than the classical ones.

6. Just below the collar bone

neck piercing (7)

This is a classical surface piercing, that has an entry and an exit point as well. The barbell goes under her skin.

7. Pretty neck corset with red ribbon

neck piercing (8)

This neck corset requires 6 piercings. Some people view this piercing style as fashionable and call it play piercing.

8. An elegant nape microdermal

neck piercing (9)

Keeping your hair up is a really good idea during the healing period. You wouldn’t want any strands of hair getting stuck in your new piercing.

9. Piercing corset like a choker

neck piercing (10)

Chokers can definitely be replaced by neck piercings arranged like a corset. You can change the ribbon anytime you want!

10. A centered staple-shaped surface bar

neck piercing (11)

Straight and curved barbells are also used for nape piercings. However, the staple-shaped surface bar is the most recommended jewelry shape for this type of piercing.

11. Two crystal drops behind the ear

neck piercing (12)

Finesse is the word that comes to mind when looking at these crystal drops. They are most probably dermal piercings.

12. A pink row of three

neck piercing (13)

When sporting multiple piercings, playing with colors is easier. Pink, purple and black shades compliment her nape of the neck.

13. Right between the collar bones

neck piercing (14)

The skin between the collar bones is ideal to pierce because it is harder to accidentally touch and it is meaty enough too.

14. Microdermal piercing below the hairline

neck piercing (15)

A tiny stud may make a wonderful combination with a thin necklace if you want to wear both.

15. Hair and piercings on point

neck piercing (16)

Just as undercuts of hair tattoos, nape piercings are meant to decorate parts of our bodies that we prefer.

16. Microdermal as neck piercing

neck piercing (17)

A microdermal piercing is not necessary less painful than a regular, surface piercing. You just have to decide on the look you like.

17. A row of five

neck piercing (18)

Playing with colors and sizes can turn out to be delightful! However, if you get so many piercings, you won’t be able to sleep on your back or clean your piercings by yourself.

18. Staple-shaped surface bar with blue beads

neck piercing (19)

Who said a staple-shaped surface bar is boring? You can choose from a large variety of beads colors and shapes.

19. Nape and back piercings

neck piercing (20)

Play piercings or not, this row of six looks a little painful. They’re all red, so I guess she got them all at once.

20. Parallel to the jaw bone

neck piercing (21)

This piercing aligns beautifully with this girl’s jaw. It also looks like a vampire bite, but without the blood.

21. Keep your hair up

neck piercing (22)

Letting your skin breathe and keeping it away from humidity and germs, will speed up the healing process.

22. Nape corset with blue ribbon

neck piercing (24)

The rings don’t actually go through her skin, so I think she got dermal piercings and attached the rings to them. Quite ingenious!

23. Longer barbells for swelling

neck piercing (25)

The insertion of longer barbells is usually recommended because the skin will swell and it needs no constrictions.

24. Shiny, tasteful dot

neck piercing (26)

Piercings are supposed to be extreme, but there’s nothing extreme in this shiny, tasteful dot now is it?

25. Like a genuine vampire bite

neck piercing (27)

Are you a fan of vampires? You can wear neck piercings with red stones to make it look like you were bitten.

26. A galaxy of piercings

neck piercing (28)

Planets align on the sky and on your skin. You can decide whether or not it’s worth the trouble.

27. Horizontal piercings under the collar bones

neck piercing (29)

More like chest piercings than neck piercings, these two emphasize the elegance of well-defined collar bones.

28. Dermal piercing and necklaces

neck piercing (30)

If you don’t want to fully replace necklaces, then you can combine a dermal neck piercing with necklaces.

29. A piercing and a tattoo

neck piercing (31)

This girl’s idea is fun and humorous. She got a tattoo of a mustache and a nape piercing.

30. Shining on three levels

neck piercing (32)

An inverted dermal necklace, this combination might sting a little, but the result is worth it!

31. Taking baby steps

neck piercing (33)

One dermal piercing is a great way to start. Piercing is a body modification art that requires baby steps.

32. A fresh neck piercing

neck piercing (34)

Fresh neck piercings will stay red for up to 4 days after the perforation is done.

33. One piercing for each side

neck piercing (35)

A surface piercing cannot be this long, so the alternative is to get two separate dermal piercings.

34. A classical nape piercing

neck piercing (36)

Arranging your hair in two ponytails is a wonderful way to show off your classical nape piercing.

35. Shiny stud at the base of the neck

neck piercing (37)

Such tiny piercing doesn’t require too much commitment. It will inevitably leave a mark though.

36. Fake piercings for neck and back

neck piercing (38)

Those piercings look a little fake, but that’s not a sure thing. Trying on fake piercings can help you decide if you want real ones or not.

37. Piercings placed on the sides

neck piercing (39)

This beauty’s neck piercings are placed on the sides of her neck. Her necklace is one of a kind!

38. Staple-shaped surface bars fit best

neck piercing (40)

If you look closely, you can see these are staple-shaped surface bars. Well done!

39. Tattooed beauty with a dermal

neck piercing (41)

Even if you have tattoos, you might still experience pain from a dermal piercing.

40. Three dermal beads aligned

neck piercing (42)

This piercing arrangement and the classical nape piercing are the two most common choices among nape piercing lovers.

41. Like the eyes of an owl

neck piercing (43)

It’s funny how her piercing beads look a lot like the owl’s eyes from her necklace.

42. An idea for extensive body mod

neck piercing (44)

What this girl did in her chest means commitment. There is a long row of piercings that nicely frame her breasts.

43. Don’t let hair get in the way

neck piercing (45)

Pulling off your piercing is easier than you think. That’s why you need to keep hair away from it.

44. A diamond and a bead

neck piercing (46)

Certain parts of the neck can be decorated with curved barbells. This piercing is an example in that regard.

45. Curved barbell on neckline

neck piercing (47)

People with less thin skin can wear curved barbells on their necklines.

46. Accessories for behind the ear

neck piercing (48)

The area behind your ear needs attention too. Accessorize it with a few dermal piercings.

47. Long bars have a purpose

neck piercing (49)

As mentioned before, long bars allow the skin to swell as much as it’s necessary. I wouldn’t keep the necklaces on though.

48. Use Photoshop to create a look

neck piercing (50)

You can take a picture of the area you want to pierce and modify it in Photoshop. In this way, you will have no unpleasant surprises.

49. Reddened skin means success

neck piercing (51)

If your skin is red and your jewel is in place, it means you’re off pain! However, extended redness might be a sign of infection.

50. Huge rings as nape piercings

neck piercing (52)

After the holes are healed, you can insert different piercings. It is advisable to think the change through if you want to have the piercings for a long while.

51. Fresh neck piercings for a gorgeous corset

neck piercing (53)

Play piercing often involves piercing the skin, but not keeping the jewels in. It’s a form of art and pleasure.

52. Dermal piercings along the hairline

neck piercing (54)

The area between the hairline and the ear is available for piercings too!

53. Build a pyramid with nape piercings

neck piercing (55)

He could use a dermal piercing at the top of this pyramid.

54. Lower vampire bite effect

neck piercing (56)

You never know where the vampire is going to bite you!

55. A meaningful combination of nape piercings

neck piercing (57)

Piercing doesn’t have to be completely meaningless. You can build patterns.


56. Surface skin perforation

neck piercing (58)

By the looks of these two rings, they aren’t meant to stay. The skin over them is simply too thin.

57. Where the collar bones meet

neck piercing (59)

Celebrate the meeting point of your collar bones with a dermal bead.

58. Double nape piercings

neck piercing (60)

Nicely healed and balanced, these double nape piercings look awesome!

59. Three barbells on the side

neck piercing (61)

The side of the neck is very sensitive, so you might feel slightly more pain and stinginess.

60. Embedded microdermal stud

neck piercing (62)

Flat beads are also an option for microdermals. They look embedded into skin, which is nice if that’s what you’re going for.

61. Accentuate your physiognomy with neck piercings

neck piercing (63)

This person’s neck is well defined and accentuated by the neck piercing.

62. A triangle with equal sides

neck piercing (64)

Don’t be scared by the redness of her skin. She is just irritated because she got three piercings at once.

63. Neck piercings come in different colors

neck piercing (65)

There’s virtually every color available for neck jewelry.

64. Swollen nape of the neck

neck piercing (66)

This isn’t aesthetically nice to look at, but it’s something you will also go through if you decide to get pierced.

65. Side neck piercing idea

neck piercing (67)

This particular piercing position isn’t very popular, but it’s definitely an interesting idea.

66. A well-placed staple-shaped surface bar

neck piercing (68)

This is how a well placed staple-shaped surface bar looks like.

67. Long and straight barbell

neck piercing (69)

Inserting a straight barbell is less painful than inserting a staple-shaped surface bar, but the latter is safer.

68. Feminine chest piercings

neck piercing (70)

A woman’s collar bones contribute to her gentle and sexy image. So are the piercings placed below the collar bones.

69. Staple-shaped surface bar with large beads

neck piercing (71)

Large beads are easier to pull, but with a little care, they will stay in place.

70. The migration risk is real

neck piercing (73)

Migration and rejection are the risks of any surface piercing.

71. A stable piercing base


neck piercing (75)

Deep skin perforation isn’t recommended, but the piercing can’t be too close to the surface either.

72. Beware of scarfs, blouses and so on

neck piercing (76)

Any clothing article can irritate the piercing area. Keep them away.

73. Wear loose clothing

neck piercing (77)

Loose clothing or a blouse like the one in the picture are recommended.

74. The perfect perforation type

neck piercing (78)

This is what you’re looking for if you want a nape piercing.

75. Uncovered skin heals faster

neck piercing (79)

Try to keep the pierced area uncovered. The tissues will heal faster.

76. Clean your piercing often

neck piercing (80)

If you go outdoors in polluted areas with a lot of dust, clean the piercing as soon as you get home.

77. The rejection symptoms are…

neck piercing (81)

…fever, extreme redness, pain, fatigue, dizziness.

78. The healing process is reversible

neck piercing (82)

If you accidentally pull your piercing, but don’t damage it too hard, care for it as it were fresh.

79. Fitted for both men and women

neck piercing (83)

Nape and neck piercings are fitted for both men and women.

80. Collar bone microdermals for chicks

neck piercing (84)

However, you’ll rarely see this idea in men.

81. The classical goes both ways

neck piercing (85)

This classical nape piercing is met as often in women as in men.

82. Looking pretty by the book

neck piercing (86)

You can’t go wrong with a nape piercing if you follow all the rules.

83. Don’t touch or fiddle

neck piercing (87)

Don’t touch your piercing unless you wash your hands first. Also, don’t fiddle!

84. Piercing and tattoo combo

neck piercing (88)

There are countless ways you can combine neck piercings with tattoos.

85. Microdermal piercings wide apart

neck piercing (89)

When there is no bar connecting them, you can place the piercing as wide apart as you wish.

86. Undercut and nape piercing

neck piercing (90)

Undercuts and nape piercings make good combos too.

87. Turn your back with style

neck piercing (91)

People often tend to accessorize the body parts they see, forgetting about those that others see.

88. A pair of boldness

neck piercing (92)

As fragile as women are, they are also bold.

89. The tiny red dot

neck piercing (93)

Red dots work as neck piercings too!

90. Accessorizing the side of the neck

neck piercing (94)

Truth is, there are no other jewelry for the side of the neck but piercings.

91. A dragonfly made of piercings

neck piercing (95)

Creating such an elaborate pattern requires dedication, patience, money and a high tolerance to pain if done all at once.

Pay for professional services

Whether you decide to get a surface piercing or a microdermal piercing, you should look up a professional piercing parlor. Both types of piercings are complicated and require experience, not to mention a clean environment. Nape and neck piercings cost $50 on average per pierce. Moreover, a microdermal piercing ranges between $40 to $120, depending on the shop. Jewelry can be bought from the salon or prior to the appointment, but has to be properly sized and made of the right materials. Happy piercing!