Piercings are becoming more popular every day. People just love the statement that body jewelry gives for them. Belly button rings are probably the most popular form of body piercing out there. Getting a body piercing should not be an easy decision, there are lots to consider because it is a permanent mark on the body. There are also the matter of complications or infections that can arise from a body piercing if it’s not inserted correctly.

It’s always best to do your research not only on body piercing but piercers as well. Mistakes can be made, and you want to ensure that you have a true professional working for your best interest.

Once you find a body piercing shop, it’s just a matter of making an appointment. You want to ensure that the area around where your piercing will be, is clean to avoid any bacteria getting in an open wound. If you want to minimize some of the pain, it’s okay to take an over-the-counter pain medication before your appointment. Once you are there, your piercer will generally go over all the details so that you are properly informed before the procedure even starts.

Does piercing the navel area hurt?

With any procedure where a hole is being made in the body, you are sure to feel some pain. When it comes to getting your belly button pierced, it’s usually over pretty quickly. At most, you would feel a sharp pain, but it’s over fairly quickly. There will be some discomfort after the piercing, but that too will be minimal.

During the healing process, you may feel some discomfort especially if the piercing is bumped in any way. If you do experience a lot of pain or discomfort during the healing process, it could be due to an infection. Pay attention to what’s happening to your body and contact your piercer if you have any issues.

Choosing a belly button style can be a fun process, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. Below are 66 of the sexiest navel piercings available for girls.

  1. The Standard Piercing

This is a pretty typical look when it comes to belly button piercings. A barbell with some form of a gem in the middle. This is usually how a piercing will start off before you start searching for more creative versions of jewelry.


Navel Piercing designs41

2. A Gunsmith

If you are a fan of guns or shooting, this is certainly a cute idea for body jewelry. The hanging gun is a really cool idea.

Navel Piercing designs42

3. Dreamcatchers

These are usually found hanging over your bed at night to protect you from bad thoughts or bad dreams but why not take that protectiveness wherever you go?

Navel Piercing designs37

4. Dangling Flowers

This is a sweet sense of a flower arrangement. These hanging flowers will sparkle in the sunlight.

Navel Piercing designs24

5. Standard Gems

Another example of a standard gem barbell.

Navel Piercing designs18

6. Clustered Heart

This is a unique piece of jewelry, and it looks like a clustered heart.

Navel Piercing designs21

7. Feather Catcher

Another dreamcatcher, this one, however, has a hot pink feather with it.

Navel Piercing designs15

8. Jewelry Art

Some designs can appear more like art than jewelry, in this case, the owner has a little piece of art on her.

Navel Piercing designs28

9. Barbell Art

Another example of standard barbell designs.

Navel Piercing designs16

10. Dreamcatchers are Popular

There are a lot of dreamcatchers popping up due to their popularity. This one is a little different; it has two feathers and a blue pearl in the middle.

11. A Slimming Design

Belly button designs can add so much to the look of a belly button.

Navel Piercing designs1

12. Navel Art

Not only does this girl have her belly button pierced but she has her entire left side pierced with studs in the form of a heart. If you are looking for a unique design, then this is the one for you.

Navel Piercing designs2

13. Rings and Barbells

There is a lot of art going on here. Not only is there a ring and a barbell but she also has a couple of snakebites on her stomach to complete the look.

Navel Piercing designs3

14. Unique Designs

This girl has a standard barbell piercing, but it comes with an attachment that wraps around her waist to form waist jewelry.

Navel Piercing designs4

15. Silver Dreamcatcher

Another dreamcatcher, this one is more sophisticated in a shade of silver.

Navel Piercing designs5

16. Dangling Designs

A dangling design with a few studs close to her hips. These studs are pretty common when it comes to piercings; they are generally pretty popular designs.

Navel Piercing designs6

17. Silver Barbell

A standard setting, this one is a simple barbell with no gems.

Navel Piercing designs7

18. Elephants Never Forget

If you are an animal lover, this would be a great design for you. It’s classic in a silver, setting the right tone.

Navel Piercing designs8

19. Pink Dreamcatcher

This dreamcatcher has pink tones throughout.

Navel Piercing designs9

20. Teal Dreams

A dreamcatcher with feathers and teal, it’s sure to ward off any bad vibes coming your way.

Navel Piercing designs10

21. Golden Strings

A circle with gems and some dangling strings brings this golden look sure sexy appeal.

Navel Piercing designs11

22. Sexy Piercings

A standard barbell has no less sex appeal then embellished jewelry; it’s all in how you rock the look.

Navel Piercing designs12

23. Lizard Designs

This is a two-piece design that connects in the middle. If you want a creative look, let this little fella hitch a ride with you. He is sure to be the topic of most conversations.

Navel Piercing designs13

24. Upside Down Barbell

The standard look with the barbell turned upside down.

Navel Piercing designs14

25. For the Love of Dreamcatchers

Yet another dreamcatcher design, this one has three feathers and a diamond gem.

Navel Piercing designs45

26. Crystal Blue Dreamcatcher

This eye-catching look is due to the crystal blue color involved in the dreamcatcher.

Navel Piercing designs17

27. An Anchor

If you love sailing or boating in general, then try out this anchor design on for size. Show your passion for the water by sporting this fun jewelry.

Navel Piercing designs19

28. The Barbell Life

A sexy stomach embellished with a standard barbell design.

Navel Piercing designs20

29. Sophisticated Dreamcatcher

This silver design is stunning and sophisticated.

Navel Piercing designs22

30. Hanging Jewelry

Any design that hangs, will give off a different look than a barbell will give you.

Navel Piercing designs23

31. Hanging Stars

This is a rather large design as it hangs pretty low on the stomach. The design is shimmery and ends with a medium sized star.

Navel Piercing designs25

32. Sexy Styles

A barbell tucked in tight adding sexiness to a toned stomach.

Navel Piercing designs26

33. The Moon

This dangling design ends up the moon as if it were hanging in the sky.

Navel Piercing designs27

34. Standard Designs

Both of these designs are pretty standard but still very popular. The snakebites on the hips as well as a belly button piercing.

Navel Piercing designs30

35. A Double Piercing

In this design, there are two separate piercings with two barbells.

Navel Piercing designs31

36. Dangling Jewelry

Jewelry that dangles adds definite sex appeal.

Navel Piercing designs32

37. Diamond Feathers

These diamond feathers have some serious glam to them. They would have some serious sparkle if you were out in the sun. What a beautiful design.
Navel Piercing designs35

38. Double Hearts

These intersecting hearts are a gorgeous design and one that will have you feeling all sorts of love.

Navel Piercing designs38

39. Glamorous Gems

A classic look that will always be glamorous.

Navel Piercing designs39

40. Waist Jewelry

Another example of the waist jewelry. If you are looking for something dramatic, then check out this style.

Navel Piercing designs40

41. Double Barbells

These double barbells are stunning in designs. The gems will just glitter in the sunlight.

Navel Piercing designs43

42. A Drop Design

These drop designs are elegant and classy. A classic design of falling balls, it will sure be a design that will draw the eye.

Navel Piercing designs44

43. Butterfly Art

Butterflies are a popular choice when it comes to belly button jewelry. This particular butterfly has splashes of pink. It’s a pretty design that you are sure to love.

Navel Piercing designs46

44. Gems Galore

Another example of the standard barbell with a gem. Gems always give a barbell a real pop, regardless of the color.

Navel Piercing designs47

45. Sexy Barbells

Barbells in any color can be sexy on the belly. It may be a standard design, but there is no denying how sexy a simple barbell can be.

Navel Piercing designs48

46. Dreamcatchers and Hearts

This is a different form of a dreamcatcher with a heart design in the middle. The feathers are also multiple colors.

Navel Piercing designs49

47. An Owl

This is a unique design; you certainly don’t see too many owls as belly button art.

Navel Piercing designs50

48. A Sea Star

If the beach and ocean are a favorite of yours then why not sport a sea star design. It’s all gems, so it is sure to sparkle while you spend time on the beach.


Navel Piercing designs52

49. Peacock Designs

A truly unique design, this one sports a rather large peacock feather amongst some colorful beads.

Navel Piercing designs53

50. An Adorable Bow

A cute design for someone looking for something sweet.

Navel Piercing designs54

51. Intertwining Loops

What a great look! This is an unusual look that has the jewelry twisting amongst itself to create a unique design.

Navel Piercing designs55

52. Sexy and Unique

All embellishments on the jewelry help to make it distinct and original.

Navel Piercing designs56

53.  Barbells and Studs

A standard barbell with a snakebite off to the side.

Navel Piercing designs57

54. Double Hearts

These double hearts are sure to please anyone with a romantic side. One heart is smaller than the other and is made up of small gems.

Navel Piercing designs58

55. Studs All Around

A standard barbell with a studded design underneath.

Navel Piercing designs59

56. Hanging Gems

A hanging design with gems.

Navel Piercing designs60

57. For the Love of Flowers

A large flower is the centerpiece fo this design creating a beautiful look.

Navel Piercing designs61

58. Anchor Away

Another example of an anchor design, for all those people who love to get lost at sea.


Navel Piercing designs63

59. Double Piercings

This is a unique double piercing. One is a standard barbell, while the other barbell has a white polka-dot bow at the bottom.

Navel Piercing designs64

60. Multiple Clusters

A barbell with multiple dangling pink clusters. It’s a fun look that will really bring some sparkle to the day.

Navel Piercing designs65

61. Ode to the Dreamcatcher

There are so many dreamcatcher choices because people love the dreamcatcher design. It’s a fun design with a real meaning behind it. Wonderful!

Navel Piercing designs66

62. A Twirling Design

This is a truly unique look that pairs a hanging gem with a twirling design. It’s a great look for any occasion if you want something that is sure to be a favorite.

Navel Piercing designs67

63. A Chandelier

This grand design almost looks like a hanging chandelier. It’s large and glittering and truly one of a kind.

Navel Piercing designs68

64. A Beautiful Flower

A simple flower but yet it creates such a lovely look. If you want something simple yet pretty, try this design out.

Navel Piercing designs69

65. Feather and Bows

Another original look, this one has a barbell with a bowtie attached. There is a hanging feather that brings the whole look together. A great look!

Navel Piercing designs70

66. Light and Dark

This is a unique double barbell that combines light and dark together to create a one of a kind look. The light and dark together show a real contrast to a standard design.

Navel Piercing designs71

When it comes to piercing your navel, do your research and make sure firstly that piercing your skin is really what you want to do because it is a permanent look. Secondly, do your research when it comes to your piercer because not all piercers are created equal. If your piercing is done incorrectly, you can have infections or complications that could force you to have to remove the piercing altogether. After getting a piercing done, the last thing you want is to have to remove the jewelry.

If you do find there is an infection, contact your piercer right away. They can usually clear it up for you pretty easily to avoid further complications.

Once your piercing is healed, you can begin to shop around for other piercing jewelry. It’s advisable to leave the same jewelry on until the healing is over to avoid potential infections. Once the healing stage is complete, however, you are free to switch up the jewelry as much as you want. There are many different designs, and the sky is the limit when it comes to new and unique jewelry options available to you.

Use this article as a guide to shopping for your jewelry and you will find the process is a lot easier. We hope you have enjoyed the article. Please comment on your favorite jewelry design!