Do you admire Marilyn Monroe’s lip birthmark and you’re quite fond of Cindy Crawford’s upper lip mark as well? You could create the same effect using make-up or you can opt for one of the following Monroe piercing designs. This type of piercing is located in the left side of the lip. The one located on the right side is known as the Madonna piercing.

As it follows, you’ll see both versions and you’ll be able to decide which one suits you better. Both men and women like to sport this type of piercing. However, the jewel itself may differ. While women often choose cute and sparkly jewelry, men tend to go for spikes or even charm pieces.

This body area is sensitive, but it’s known to heal a lot faster than others. You’ll have to care for it between 8 to 12 weeks or even less if you are very thorough with your hygiene and you have a healthy body. Men might feel greater pain than women with this type of piercing because their skin tends to thicken due to consecutive shaving.

Monroe piercings are dainty, stylish and the afferent jewelry is so diverse that anyone can find a perfect match. It is the type of piercing that can’t be considered outdated. The Monroe piercing is the little black dress of piercings.

1. Light to wear

Monroe piercing designs 1

This blonde chick is sporting a healed Monroe piercing. She opted for a tiny jewel that is light to wear. Wearing such a jewel might take some getting used to. However, it is not uncomfortable or too heavy for your upper lip.

2. A perfect fit

Monroe piercing designs 2

When your lip is swollen it requires a longer labret stud than when it is completely healed. This woman found a perfect fit for her lip. It is recommended to take this step after wearing the initial one for 2 to 3 months.

3. A bigger end

Monroe piercing designs 4

After you choose a perfectly fitted labret stud, you’ll be able to change the ends whenever you feel like it. This girl chose a bigger end for a more obvious look.

4. A medium size

Monroe piercing designs 5

Picking the size of the ball of your piercing is not an easy task. This is an example of a medium one made of metal.

5. A black ball

Monroe piercing designs 6

Balls and other replacement ends are made of surgical steel, acryl or other materials. They come in different colors and may be jeweled, glow in the dark, glitzy, pearly, neon or shaped like a cone.

6. A regular ball

Monroe piercing designs 7

This blonde girl is wearing a normal piercing that is made of surgical steel and it is metallic. Different ends cost as little as $0.30, so you can change them anytime!

7. Cute for girls

Monroe piercing designs 8

These Monroe piercing designs aren’t recommended to powerful, sexy women only. They look very cute on girls that aren’t fully grown up yet.

8. A charming smile

Monroe piercing designs 10

Smiling makes you 10 times more attractive in a second, while smiling with a Monroe piercing on has a more powerful effect!

9. A lovely addition

Monroe piercing designs 12

Crawford piercings aren’t meant to beautify. They are lovely additions to one’s face without other purposes than self-expression.

10. Black and silver

Monroe piercing designs 13

A black labret stud goes nicely with a silver ball. By all means, mix them up!

11. A tender smile

Monroe piercing designs 14

The Crawford piercing stands out regardless of your skin tone. It blinks to highlight style.

12. Matching piercing balls

Monroe piercing designs 15

If you have two piercings on your face, then you can match the balls! They look really nice on this girl’s face.

13. The Madonna piercing

Monroe piercing designs 16

Located on the right side of the upper lip, this is the Madonna piercing I was telling you about earlier.

14. A fresh lip piercing

Monroe piercing designs 17

This chick has a red area around her lip piercing. This means it is fresh and her lip is a little sore and inflamed.

15. One up and one down


Monroe piercing designs 18

Piercing your lips in opposite directions creates an interesting effect. You are drawing attention to both your lips, not just one!

16. Color is needed

Monroe piercing designs 19

Lip piercings aren’t too flashy or colored because many prefer a discreet look. However, you can add color to your lips anytime!

17. Wear with pride

Monroe piercing designs 20

This is how a proud owner of a lip piercing looks like! She is happy with her Monroe piercing and it shows!

18. Just like a diva

Monroe piercing designs 21

The combination between red lips and the Monroe piercing is jaw-dropping! It speaks of femininity, class and everything a diva is!

19. For pin-up girls

Monroe piercing designs 37

Numerous Monroe piercing designs are popular among pin-up girls. They contribute to a chic look even if they aren’t among the classic characteristics.

20. Lip piercing for tomboys

Monroe piercing designs 39

If you are a little boyish and you’re afraid this type of piercing is not right for you, here’s the proof that may suit you too!

21. Piercing and dimples

Monroe piercing designs 40

Sporting natural dimples and a fake birthmark, this girl looks cool! She’s not a wearer of the conventional style, but she pulls off the Monroe piercing nicely!

22. Long labret stud

Monroe piercing designs 47

If you don’t like the way the labret stud stands out on this girl’s lip, then you can change it with a shorter one.

23. Big black ball

Monroe piercing designs 49

Dark eyes and dark hair go hand in hand with a dark piercing ball! She looks a little tough too, so it was an inspired choice.

24. Simple is pretty

Monroe piercing designs 66

Simple piercings look pretty too. If you don’t like colors or differently shaped ends, then you can stick with the old metal ball.

25. Cool selfie material

Monroe piercing designs 23

Since the Crawford piercing is visible, it makes a cool selfie material for all of its wearers!

26. Jewelry for the side


Monroe piercing designs 27

It’s not important which side you choose to pierce, but if you have a good side, then pierce that one. Otherwise, it will be difficult to pose in pictures.

27. A natural effect

Monroe piercing designs 28

This natural redhead doesn’t wear to0 much makeup and her lip piercing stays in place. Her look aims to being as natural as possible.

28. Brunette wears Madonna

Monroe piercing designs 29

Wearing a Madonna piercing doesn’t mean you’ll look anything like her. You don’t have to be a fan in order to get this type of piercing.

29. A jeweled ball

Monroe piercing designs 30

When you want to create a combo of multiple piercings on your face, you need to pay attention to how they match. This person chose a jeweled ball for her lip piercing and a regular septum piercing.

30. A successful combo

Monroe piercing designs 31

Similar to the previous picture, this one presents a combo as well. A smaller septum piercing goes well with a bigger ball on lip.

31. Combo of black jewelry

Monroe piercing designs 32

Same color piercings are always a good idea. When you get the proportions right too, everything is perfect!

32. Jeweled long labret stud

Monroe piercing designs 33

To avoid your piercing becoming too loose and exposing you to injuries, you should change the labret stud with one that fits.

33. A splash of color

Monroe piercing designs 34

A splash of color on your face is always welcomed. If you feel playful, you can opt for happy colors like pink, red, purple and baby blue.

34. Basic makeup and piercing

Monroe piercing designs 35

When you wear basic makeup that’s similar to Monroe’s, then you can display a bigger piercing ball to create a stylish effect.

35. Four is not a crowd

Monroe piercing designs 36

As long as you are able to combine four piercings that are close to each other and still look tasteful, you can’t think of it as being too much.

36. A style statement

Monroe piercing designs 38

Makeup or no makeup, your piercings are with you 24/7, so it’s necessary to embrace your look at any time of the day.

37. Feminine and alternative

Monroe piercing designs 41

Some believe that alternative girls aren’t feminine enough. This is an example that contradicts their theory. Pierced and feminine is a common combination!

38. Discrete piercings are real

Monroe piercing designs 42

A mole is considered a birthmark, but piercings, which look almost the same, aren’t accepted in most working environments. I don’t think that’s fair.

39. Tiny and shiny

Monroe piercing designs 43

Tiny and shiny Monroe piercing designs are popular among young girls and women who embrace the child within.

40. Enhance your smile

Monroe piercing designs 44

This girl’s smile is beautiful due to her white teeth and pink lips, but you have to admit that her piercing enhances her smile too.

41. A multicolored piercing

Monroe piercing designs 45

You can virtually find the entire universe enclosed in piercing balls. This one is more like a nebula and it contains some glitter as well.

42. Creating a contrast

Monroe piercing designs 46

This chick has white hair and a light skin tone. So, she basically created a contrast between black piercings and her light features. Her piercings really stand out thanks to that bold move.

43. Skin toned ball

Monroe piercing designs 48

When you want your piercing to blend in nicely on your face, you should opt for a skin toned ball. End replacements are available online at really cheap prices.

44. For every face shape

Monroe piercing designs 50

Monroe and Madonna piercings are suited for every face shape. Don’t worry if you don’t look like the two divas, you’ll still be able to pull off this type of piercing!

45. Don’t forget to smile

Monroe piercing designs 51

Lip piercings are great and that’s a fact. However, when you see a person smiling and wearing a jewel, you must admit he or she looks instantly better!

46. Makeup free face

Monroe piercing designs 53

Before getting pierced, your face must be clean. The piercing artist will disinfect the spot where he or she will poke a hole. Even so, you should avoid foundation because it might clog your pores until it heals.

47. Faster healing time

Monroe piercing designs 54

Besides washing your piercing with antibacterial soap and cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide, you should keep the area makeup free. That’s only necessary until it heals.

48. Simple Monroe piercing designs

Monroe piercing designs 55

This is the basic look you can obtain with Monroe piercings. Remember that you can always alternate between different types of balls.

49. A sparkly look

Monroe piercing designs 56

This sparkly look is awesome for a night out with the girls or on a special occasion, don’t you think?

50. White and blue

Monroe piercing designs 58

I can’t really tell if there’s an image inside this piercing ball or not. The fact is that you can find all sorts of images drawn inside piercing balls. I think this one is a blue dolphin on a white background.

51. Reflection of light

Monroe piercing designs 59

When you take pictures, you should consider the light reflection factor. Piercing balls may appear very bright, when in fact they are not.

52. White piercing ball

Monroe piercing designs 60

This piercing ball is white and looks like a pearl. It stands out nicely on darker skin and goes hand in hand with red lipstick and lip gloss!

53. A flat piercing end

Monroe piercing designs 61

Just like there’s a multitude of colors at your disposal when it comes to replacing ends, there’s also a multitude of shapes you can choose from.

54. A snowflake on lip

Monroe piercing designs 62

This lovely lady opted for a bright white piercing ball that makes me think of snowflakes.

55. Ways to express emotions

Monroe piercing designs 63

Expression lines are priceless and they should be taken into account when getting a piercing. This lady wears one that is situated on the edge of her expression line.

56. A gradient ball

Monroe piercing designs 64

Black and white are two non-colors that look great both together and apart. They create a gradient effect when they are together like you can see on this piercing end.

57. All naturelle and a piercing

Monroe piercing designs 65

Even girls with freckles can sport a lip piercing! She isn’t wearing foundation or anything else to cover her natural beauty. She’s just enhancing it by putting makeup on her eyes and piercing her lip.

58. Piercings and tattoos

Monroe piercing designs 67

Pain, Price & Aftercare

Usually, pierced people are anxious about getting a tattoo too, or they already have plenty. Associating piercings with tattoos is not necessarily a mistake, but there are persons who don’t plan on getting a tattoo although they have many piercings. The woman from this picture is sporting both and she is still classier than other women who don’t have any.

When it comes to price, expect between $25 and $80 for a piercing like this. Costs depend on the piercing parlor you opt for. Make sure everything is clean in the shop and the piercing artist is experienced enough. If you don’t want gum infections or any dancer to your teeth, you can pick plastic labret studs.