Since 1928 Walt Disney introduced two wonderful characters, namely Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Kids of all ages were fans of these lovable cartoon figures and some of them still are. Their mesmerizing world was part of comics, movies, cartoons and various merchandise, so why not include it in the tattoo art as well? Those of you who accept your inner child and embrace the dreamy moments spent together with Mickey and Minnie will surely enjoy the following 80+ Mickey Mouse tattoos!

Types of Mickey Mouse Tattoo Designs

Among the myriad of Mickey Mouse tattoo designs available already, you’ll find that some of them are classics. I’m talking about the simple outline of their profile with or without a bow; or the iconic image of Mickey and Minnie facing each other, ready to kiss. Also, the two white-gloved hands together forming a heart shape; or the old-school style techniques portraying the traditional characters out of the 30’s and 40’s. In addition, the most modern Mickey Mouse tattoos have the outline of the famous head and ear filled with intricate patterns of mandalas or other ornaments.

Pain Expectancy vs. Your Personal Tolerance

The tattoos with Mickey or Minnie Mouse are usually small to medium, so they don’t involve a high level of pain. Also, they aren’t usually placed on sensitive body areas. Now, it’s up to you where you want to ink your Disney tattoo, but it would be smart to avoid areas with thin skin or bony areas.

Take the Aftercare Stage Seriously

Just like any other tattoo, one with cartoon characters needs to be taken care of. If you already have a tattoo, you can apply the same techniques for your new one. In case you made mistakes last time, now you can avoid them and keep your ink intact for tens of years from now.

Break Your Piggy Bank for a Tattoo

The price of a cartoonish tattoo depends on its complexity and whether or not it has color in it. Considering most of them are quite simple to ink, you shouldn’t expect extra fees besides the standard ones. Each tattoo parlor has standard fees, so you should do some research depending on the area you live in. A simple and relatively small tattoo won’t cost you more than $100.

1. A tribute to Walt Disney

As you can see, this design has multiple elements that are part of the Walt Disney world. This is more of a tribute to Disney than a Mickey Mouse tattoo.

2. The two white-gloved hands together

This classic design is fun, small and it looks nice! It makes you think of true love, as the one Mickey and Minnie have, and, since they are fictive, a love they will always have.

3. A bouquet of Mickey balloons

4. Mickey and Minnie kissing

These two lovebirds are kissing in their iconic position. Framed in the classical outline, it suggests they are part of another world.

5. Lovable Mickey and Minnie outlines

Symbols of true love and romance, even their outlines send the same message to everyone who sees them!

6. Outline filled with ornaments and a rose

7. Head, gloves, pants and shoes

This is a more abstract way to depicting Mickey Mouse, but it’s cute anyhow!

8. A plastic depiction of Mickey

9. Clean and precise outline

Sometimes the outline of Mickey’s head is enough to express the whole world in which he lived in.

10. The silhouette of Mickey Mouse

A cute and innocent wrist tattoo, this one represents the silhouette of Mickey Mouse filled with black.

11. Abstract pair from cartoons

12. The famous castle and Mickey head

13. A magical world in an outline

14. Showing minimalist love for Disney

15. A classic portrait of Mickey

16. An original skin painting to tryout

While this person doesn’t really have any Mickey Mouse tattoos, she’s really trying to find an original design for herself by painting on her forearm.

17. A tinny Minnie Mouse

18. Fireworks and the lovely couple


19. Rough and artsy design on skin

20. An impeccable Mickey Mouse on thigh

This would be the modern version of Mickey Mouse, inked in a realistic, cartoon style.

21. A mix of classic and modern

22. The prince and the princess

23. Infinite love for cartoon characters

24. A head-shaped balloon

25. Rainbow splash and a happy Mickey

26. Minnie’s iconic bow

27. Celebrate childhood with Disney

28. Mickey in black and white

29. Fun Mickey tattoo as a vampire

30. Watercolor splash and an outline

31. Keeping them both together

32. Minnie on the ankle

33. Balloon-themed Mickeys

34. Dream big with Mickey

35. Minnie and Mickey Mouse tattoos on legs

36. Simplistic outlines maintain the essence

37. A sketchy artwork

38. A commitment to Mickey

39. Modern Disney tattoo in colors

40. A great couples tattoo idea

41. A couple as example

42. Timeless full body tattoo

43. The happy couple and their baby

44. The Wizard Mickey Mouse

45. Forever yours like in the cartoons

46. A morbid view over innocence

47.  MM has gone bad


48. A love story that will last forever

49. Send love from one leg to the other

50. Minnie and an important date

51. Dreams do come true

52. Mickey being Mickey


53. Nightmare Before Christmas with Mickey M.

54. A mere profile tattoo design

55. Inverting the order of things

56. Expressing innocence with a tattoo

57. Another couples tattoo idea


58. As many Mickeys as the stars

59. Tiny wrist tattoo for the soul

60. Feet tattoos with Disney characters

61. Outline filled with swirls

62. Tracy as a gangsta Mickey

63. Mickey sending a happy message

64. A sinister view of MM

65. Dark Mickey Mouse tattoo as Joker

66. MM making an entrance

67. Full body outline of Mickey Mouse

68. Modern Mickey framed in a rhombus

69. Mickey blinks at you

70. Impressive black and white artwork

71. A love like no other

72. A unique love story for hope

73. Dream and imagine without limits

74. Creepy and twisted Mickey design

75. The happiest cartoon character of them all

76. Sketchy portrait on ribs

77. A happy little mouse

78. A versatile tattoo subject

79. Colored foot tattoo of Mickey

80. Making a shoulder entrance

81. Happy Mickey Mouse tattoos for happy people

82. The key to happiness

83. Greatness with a few lines

84. Watercolor outline of Mickey’s head

85. Tribal view of Mickey’s head

86. Disney is all about fun