If you are looking for a creative tattoo idea, then look no further than the Mandala tattoo! There are many different tattoos out there in all shapes and sizes that can be considered tattoo art. If you are looking for something unique, something that you can truly consider to be a work of art, then the Mandala is just what you need in your life. Mandala is considered to be tattoo art, among many. Mandala means very simply, circle. You can get pretty creative with a circular tattoo, and some of them come with a great amount of detail, it all depends on what you want. Mandala is also a Sanskrit phrase and tattoo designs things between equivalent circles.

Another meaning behind the Mandala tattoo us that life has no ending and that’s why the tattoo designs are all circular because we are all going around in an never ending circle. The “Life of a Flower” is also connected to Mandala. You can get floral symbols that represent the Mandala as well. It’s a great tattoo design if a flower is what you have been looking for as Mandala Tattoos are always unique. The great thing about Mandala tattoos is that you can get the flowers in all shapes and sizes. Their designs are so different from most other tattoos, and they are the kind of designs that catch the eye and are hard to ignore.

If you have always dreamed of having a flower tattoo, then you should consider the Mandala designs because your flower will be like no other. You can choose between a small design or a large one. These tattoos can be placed on different areas of your body depending on what you want in regards to size. They look great on the legs, wrist, thighs or even the back. If you want a wraparound shoulder tattoo, they would be a great idea for that. You can get a Mandala in various colors, with symbols and shapes that suit your own personal style. Make it creative and true to yourself. There is a lot of spiritual significance to a Mandala tattoo, so it’s not only art but it’s special as well. Many Buddhists or Hindus use the Mandala tattoo as a spiritual tool.

You won’t regret getting a Mandala tattoo because their designs are so beautiful and unique. Check out all the gorgeous designs on this list and find your favorite Mandala design. Here are 99 of the Coolest Designs for a Mandala Tattoo:

1. Bright Flowers

If you are looking for a floral design, then check out this bright and colorful flower.


2. A Wrist Wrap

This unique design wraps around the wrist. It’s an eye-catching design.


3. Circular Combination

This design combines the circular pattern of the Mandala tattoo as well as incorporating a floral design.


4. Mandala Sleeve

Sleeve tattoos are always popular, and this is a beautiful design.


5. Feather Design

This Mandala tattoo is absolutely stunning. What a beautiful creation.


6. Shoulder Flower

This flower is in a circular design and filled with color.


7. Matching Feet

A large floral tattoo that is only complete when both feet are together.


8. Shoulder Jewelry

What a stunning design and so much intricate detail. The tattoo looks more like an accessory than a tattoo.


9. Simple Designs

This is a great example of a small floral design that can be placed anywhere.


10. Deep Colors

A great tattoo design that has dark coloring throughout.


11. A Work of Art

This is a great example fo how a tattoo can be more than just a tattoo, but a work of art.


12. Double Design

Another example of a tattoo that connects when two body parts come together.


13. Mandala Sun

This circular design resembles a sun, and the detail is intricate.


14. Mandala Designs

What an amazing design that is sure to be eye-catching.


15. A Glow Within

This tattoo looks like it’s glowing from within. It’s a beautiful blue, and the detail is incredible.


16. Larger Designs

This design is a much larger one with less detail.


17. Ornate Design

This arm tattoo looks like it’s arm jewelry. There is a lot of detail.


18. Inner Elbow

A great design that can virtually be placed anywhere.


19. The Shoulder Design

A large tattoo that covers the entire shoulder area.


20. Neck Tattoos

This neck tattoo resembles jewelry just like many others.


21. Flowers Together

Shoulder tattoos can come in all shapes and sizes.


22. Mandala Moon

This stunning design sits directly in the middle of her back.


23. Beautiful Colors

This beautiful flower has so many bright colors.


24. A Beaded Design

A stunning tattoo design, it’s so detailed that the pearls look as if they are real.


25. Black Beauty

There are not a lot of details to this tattoo, but it’s still a fresh design.


26. Owl Designs

Another detailed design that seems to jump out at you.


27. A Splattering of Flowers

There are many flowers here, all large in design that wrap around the shoulder.


28. Simple Flower

This simple flower design looks beautiful on the inner arm.


29. Mandala Elephant

This elephant has a lot of intricate details to it.


30. Sun and Moon

I love the white that is part of this tattoo; it brightens up the whole look.


31. Bright and Blue

It’s a rather large tattoo, and the colors are vibrant.


32. Full Back Tattoo

This tattoo covers the entire back, and there isn’t a lot of detail to it.


33. Flower Wrap

This flower wraps around like a bracelet; it’s a beautiful design.


34. Chandelier Design

I love this flower design that has chandelier elements to it. A very elegant tattoo.


35.  Tiny Designs

A small and almost faded designs.


36. Indian Elephant

What a beautiful design that has an elephant with many Indian elements.


37. Vibrant Colors

The design is beautiful, and the splash of color is stunning.


38. Detailed Elephant

There is such great detail to this design; it’s beautiful in black and white.


39. A Handprint

Very detailed in design and a unique tattoo.


40. Intricate Tattoos

Bright colors make this flower really pop. It blends in well with the red-lined tattoo.


41. Blue and Purple

A thin lined tattoo that has beautiful splashes of color as if the tattoo was painted.


42. High Neck Tattoo

Black and white tattoos are always a classic choice.


43. A Caleidoscope of Color

You get all the colors in the rainbow with this tattoo design. It’s beautiful and creative, a one of a kind tattoo.


44. Dripping Color

A great tattoo design that has splashes of color dripping down the arm.


45. Flower Jewelry

This tattoo design has quite a lot of detail involved in it with some touches of jewelry to it.


46. Wrist Flowers

A small design that is sweet and simple.


47. Dark and Deep

The dark design of the tattoo makes it stand out on the arm.


48. A Different Design

This floral design is a little bit different from the rest but no less beautiful.


49. Back Jewelry

A stunning design that covers the entire back. It’s as if it’s part of a gown.


50. The Perfect Design

It’s perfect in the middle of the back, and there’s a lot of detail to it.


51. Simple Wrist Designs

A stunning design that sits on the wrist.


52. Floral Feet

No detail but the tattoo looks incredible as a foot design.


53.  Neck Designs

This neck design is a rather large one that stretches down to the chest.


54. Circles and Flowers

The flower petals are on the outside in a circular pattern. There is also another flower on the inside.


55. The Burning Sun

This burning sun tattoo is great even though the colors are dark.


56. Mandala for the Arm

This design is fairly popular especially on the arm, and it can be done any size.


57. Hand Mandala

A simple tattoo design that looks fantastic on the hand.


58. The Bracelet

A small bracelet shaped tattoo that is simple in design.


59. Mandala Shoulder Design

This is a great design that looks great in black and white and the positioning of the tattoo is perfect.


60. Mandala Flower

A unique design that looks great on the arm.


61. All Seeing Eye

There are a lot of symbolic elements to the Mandala tattoo, and the all seeing eye is a great example of one.


62. Perfectly Positioned

This flower is positioned perfectly in the middle of the back.


63. Sleeve Design

A great design if you are considering a sleeve tattoo.


64. Mandala Skull

A great sleeve design that incorporates a mandala design as well as a skull. The tattoo design is incredible in design.


65. Unique Images

An unusual design that you are sure to love if you are looking for something different.


66. Original Tattoos

I love this tattoo design; it’s so original, and it has an eye-catching design.


67. The Perfect Circle

A great design that is perfect in design. Just look at that circle, it’s perfect, it’s hard to believe it’s a tattoo.


68. Red Touches

A beautiful tattoo that combines black and red together. A stunning design overall.


69. Red Flower

A flower on the front of the shoulder that appears to be in a shade of red.