A Labret piercing is not a new style going around; it’s been around for some time now. It’s known as a soul patch piercing to a tongue pillar. It’s a rather unique and impressive look for someone who wants something difference when it comes to a piercing. The reason they are called this makes a lot of sense once you see where the piercings are located. The term Labrum refers to the lips, and when it comes to piercing the lips, it’s usually near or around the bottom lip. The jewelry will also at times go through the bottom lip. The fact that the piercing has something to do with the lips is what makes it part of the Labrum family.

Oral piercings usually take between six weeks to three months to fully heal. It’s a lot less time than you would think considering the nature of the piercing. Healing is very important when it comes to an oral piercing; you have to take extra care in making sure that no infections develop.

There’s no way around it when you get an oral piercing, especially one that involves the lips, you are bound to get people’s attention and maybe even some indiscreet looks. This is a flattering moment for you because you know that the piercing is working its magic. Whether it be the location or the choice of jewelry, you will be aware that the piercing is right for you.

It’s best to know what you are getting into however before you do any piercings. It’s a permanent hole in your skin, and if you were ever to take it out, you would be left with scars around your mouth. Choose carefully and make sure it’s something you really want.

There are many types of Labret piercings, and below you will find 63 of the most incredible Labret piercing ideas available:

  1. Lower Lip

The bright blue hair is certainly catching my eye but if you are looking for something seductive this lower lip barbell will do the trick.

jesturm piercing (1)

2. Upper Lip

The upper lip is no less seductive than the bottom lip.

jesturm piercing (2)

3. A Long Barbell

This piercing gives the appearance that it is one, and it’s holding the mouth together. But I believe there are two separate piercings.

jesturm piercing (4)

4. Upper Lip Extreme

Her full lips really benefit the look of the piercing.

jesturm piercing (5)

5. Bars and Studs

If you are looking for something unique, this girl has a barbell in her upper lip and a stud below her lower lip.

jesturm piercing (6)

6. A Full Look

It appears as if there is just a stud in her upper lip and a barbell in the bottom.

jesturm piercing (7)

7. Upper Lip Action

Another example of the upper lip barbell.

jesturm piercing (9)

8. Tongue Action

This girl has an upper lip piercing as well as a tongue ring in black.

jesturm piercing (10)

9. Sweet Lips

An upper barbell and a lower stud, this proves the look can be pulled off even if you don’t have full lips.

jesturm piercing (11)

10. The More Piercings the Merrier

If you are looking for a lot of piercing action, this girl has it all. The upper and lower lips are pierced as well as the tongue. Quite the enticing look.

jesturm piercing (12)

11. Lip Piercings

Another example of the upper and lower lip pierced.

jesturm piercing (13)

12. Upper and a Stud

Upper lip barbell with a stud off to the side. Both piercings compliment each other.

jesturm piercing (15)

13. Gorgeous Image

The whole look here is quite stunning, but this is another example of the double piercing.

jesturm piercing (16)

14. Nose and Lips

She has the upper lip as well as a few piercings on her nose.

jesturm piercing (18)

15. A Red Upper Lip

Another example of the upper lip piercing.

jesturm piercing (19)

16. Upper Lip Popularity

There are a lot of examples of the upper lip as it’s a favorite look.

jesturm piercing (20)

17. That Model Look

She has an upper barbell with a lower stud as well as a nose ring. The combination looks great together.

jesturm piercing (21)

18. The Lower Lip Ring

Her lower lip is piercing with a ring instead of a barbell for a different look. She also has an upper lip stud.

jesturm piercing (22)

19. Small Upper Lip

The barbell on the upper lip is a much smaller version than previous looks.

jesturm piercing (24)

20. Similiar Uppers

Another example of a smaller barbell in the upper lip.

jesturm piercing (25)

21. Piercings Galore

There is a lot going on with these piercings. An upper barbell and an arrow stud to the side of the bottom. Add in a nose ring and you’re all set.

jesturm piercing (26)

22. Upper and Nose

This nose ring goes well together with the upper lip piercing.

jesturm piercing (27)

23. An Upper Plump

Her plump lips really go well with the upper piercing.

jesturm piercing (28)

24. A Wonderful Combination

We have the upper and lower pierced as well as the nose.

jesturm piercing (29)

25. A Studded Look

This look has nothing to do with the upper lip at all. The studs just reside above the lips.

jesturm piercing (30)

26. Larger Piercings

Her lower piercing is much more prominent than her upper do to the large piece of jewelry she chose.

jesturm piercing (31)

27. Black Piercings

This upper barbell has a black stud to the side.

jesturm piercing (32)

28. Uppers and Snake Bites

This black snake bite piercing looks great with the upper, forming a triangle.

jesturm piercing (33)

29. Upper Love

Another example of upper lip piercings.

jesturm piercing (34)

30. Barbell Popularity

Everyone loves an upper barbell piercing.

jesturm piercing (35)

31. Uppers are Great

Many examples of the upper lip. It’s obviously a popular look.

jesturm piercing (36)

32. Large Barbell

This look presents you with an upper piercing with a large barbell.

jesturm piercing (37)

33. Inner Lip Piercing

This inner lip piercing is an unusual look done with a ring. There is also an upper lip stud.

jesturm piercing (38)

34. Rings and Things

There are rings to the sides and an upper lip piercing with a barbell. There is a lower piercing below the lips with a large jewelry addition.

jesturm piercing (39)

35. Symmetrical Piercings

These lower lips piercings and the top piercing that resides between the eyes are all symmetrical.

jesturm piercing (40)

36. Upper Lip Job

It’s a popular look if you are looking for a new piercing.

jesturm piercing (41)

37. Upper Lip and Nose

The nose ring goes well with the upper lip piercing.

jesturm piercing (43)

38. Thin Piercing

This barbell appears to be less rounded giving off the appearance that the piercing is almost in a straight line.

jesturm piercing (44)

39. The Double Piercing

Another example of the double piercing. A great look!

jesturm piercing (45)

40. Plump Barbell

This larger barbell looks good with her lip shape as it appears as if it’s plump.

jesturm piercing (46)

41. Upper Shapes

The shape of your lip really changes how the piercing will look.

jesturm piercing (47)

42. Plain Upper

This is a great example of lip shape; the piercing isn’t as great in this picture as the previous.

jesturm piercing (48)

43. Gem Piercings

These double piercings are completed with gems giving you a great look.

jesturm piercing (49)

44. Black Piercings

Black jewelry always gives a bolder look to the piercings as you can see with this double piercing.

jesturm piercing (50)

45. Tiny Upper

An example of a tiny barbell in the upper lip.

jesturm piercing (51)

46. Double Black

Another example of a double piercing using black.

jesturm piercing (52)

47. Diamond Stud

This stud is all about the glamor.

jesturm piercing (53)

48. Above the Upper

This simple stud just sits above the upper lip. A sophisticated look.

jesturm piercing (54)

49. Side Studs

This side stud complements the upper piercing.

jesturm piercing (55)

50. Large Stud

A large stud above the lip can cause a dramatic effect.

jesturm piercing (56)

51. Seductive Piercings

The look of an upper piercing can be very seductive.

jesturm piercing (57)

52. Multiple Piercings

Lip piercings amongst cheek and nose piercings.

jesturm piercing (58)

53. Snakebites

This girl has multiple snakebites as well as a stud above her upper lip.


jesturm piercing (60)

54. A Classy Look

A small stud in the upper and lower lip gives a more sophisticated look.

jesturm piercing (61)

55. Opaque Jewelry

This opaque jewelry really changes the look of a piercing.

jesturm piercing (62)

56. An Upper Presentation

Another example of an upper lip piercing.

jesturm piercing (63)

57. Thick Jewelry

These barbells are a lot thicker, so it gives off a very different look.

jesturm piercing (64)

58. She’s an Animal

Upper and lower piercings in this picture.

jesturm piercing (65)

59. Side Piercings

Another angle of the same piercings as the last picture.

jesturm piercing (66)

60. Upper and Side

Similar piercings to the last two pictures.

jesturm piercing (67)

61. Crazy Upper Piercings

Another example of the upper lip piercing.

jesturm piercing (68)

62. Nose and Upper

The nose ring looks well with the upper.

jesturm piercing (69)

63. Large Upper

This upper piercing is similar to many others; it’s a great look to have.

jesturm piercing (70)

If you are thinking of getting a lip piercing, there are many amazing choices in this list that you can choose from. Whether you want just one piercing or a combination of a few these options is sure to make the process of choosing one, so much easier.

The upper lip seems to be a popular choice but if you are looking for something more original then add to the look with a possible stud to the side or even a snakebite. You can also do the double piercing, where both your upper and lower lip has a piercing through it. Whatever the choice may be these styles are sure to bring you a lot of happiness when it comes time for you to get your piercing.

I hope you enjoyed the article and feel free to add comments about your favorite piercing, especially if it’s one that you chose for yourself. We would love to hear from you!

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