If you have ever wanted to get a geometric tattoo that not only has meaning but is super cool as well, then look no further.

Tattooing has been around for centuries, it’s considered to be an ancient art. Back in the day tattooing was considered a sacred tradition, it wasn’t just for flare like it is nowadays. Tattooing trends com and go, not every style has staying power. But one particular tattoo that seems to just grow in popularity is the geometric tattoos. Probably because they are considered to be sacred, a tattoo with true meaning. Plus, you can’t beat the fact that they are really cool looking tattoos.

When it comes to a geometric tattoo it focuses more on shapes and patterns that are found in the natural world. Some of them even have ties to religious iconography and the history behind it. To say that geometric tattoos are scared however is a very broad term because there are so many different artists around the world who have different interpretations of the tattoos.

If you are a first-timer in the world of geometric tattoos, then you may want to speak to an expert on your tattoo choice.

Geometric Tattoo Meanings

When you look at a geometric tattoo you will usually find some form of pattern to the whole design. Some theme that is consistent throughout the tattoo. A geometric tattoo usually has one design, usually a shape, that is repeated throughout the tattoo to create a specific design. It’s a continuous pattern that is precise and detailed. Geometric shapes are usually shapes that have any number of sides and can be described by mathematics. The shapes often fit easily into a geometric pattern creating a wonderful design. They are mathematical shapes that create repetitious designs and a sense of balance and consistency throughout the tattoo.

The design that are created from geometric patterns are usually predictable. The pattern that is designed can be calculated and the eventual pattern studied. Although the routine of the design can seem comfortable. But the tattoo design is also logical and suited to an equation. They are symmetrical designs that are formed through geometric patterns. These patterns can be the key to contentment and happiness.

Geometric shapes are always studied throughout history through the study of geometry. Every figure in a pattern is often examined. An image in general can be broken down into geometric shapes, which can make it seem less realistic. An image can easily become a mathematical equation that has a logical explanation behind it. If the images are broken down first, then the image tends to look less complicated then when it’s all put together. It will look fragmented and more practical then the creation that you end with.

Tattoos that are created with geometric shapes usually mean something or are trying to make sense of something. It is hard to understand it in any other way. Geometric tattoos often are used as a sacred ritual because their intended goal is to show you a path to understanding.  Each individual part of the tattoo has a meaning, a theme that can be considered before the entire image can then be understood. By adding geometric shapes to your tattoo you are giving the design building blocks of knowledge, you are building perspective and perception.

These designs are not only building blocks to knowledge but they also can be incredibly inspiring designs. Just make sure that you have a talented artist at your disposal because when it comes to a geometric tattoo it has to be precise and exact or the tattoo will always look “off” to you.

Below are 88 Incredibly Meaningful Geometric Tattoo Designs:

1. Five Geometric Shapes

These shapes are all symmetrical, and the patterning is perfect.


2. Simple Lines

You don’t get a more simple tattoo then this design. It’s a few lines and possibly a rectangle underneath her shirt.


3. The Owl

The lines of the owl are perfectly in shape. There is no room for error when it comes to the geometric tattoo.


4. Cute Fox

It may seem like a simple fox tattoo but not only is it creative but the fox is made with geometric shapes.


5. The Bear

Animals and nature all have symbolic meaning, and you will often find them within a geometric tattoo.


6. Da Vinci Inspired

One of the most famous paintings that Da Vinci ever did was the one with Adam touching God’s finger. In the tattoo design the image is in a geometric shape.


7. Colorful Shapes

Geometric shapes don’t need to be devoid of color, this tattoo is bright with different colors.


8. Many Different Triangles

It may appear as if this design has no ryhme or reason to it but in fact all geomtric tattoos have a pattern behind them. I love all the bold colors involved in this tattoo.


9. A Bright Red Design

A perfect design in all it’s elements and the color just pops off the skin.


10. An Original Design

A perfect circle with a geometric design inside. This is truly a original design.


11. Stars

Small geometric stars that are patterned into a design.


12. Tribal Ink

There are many tribal designs available that have geometric elements to them.


13. Shape Inside

This tattoo has a shape within a shape; it looks like it forms a star inside.


14. The Ball

Geometric shapes within a ball, all designs have meaning behind them. You just need to find yours.


15. Three Trees

These trees are symbolic of the circle of life and how nature fits into that.


16. A Band

This wrap around geometric shape looks like a band around the wrist.


17. The Rose

Nature is oftentimes part of a geometric pattern, in this case it’s the rose. It adds a little feminine element to the many shapes involved.


18. Tiny Shapes

If you are looking for a very small tattoo, then this might be exactly what you are looking for.


19. Floral Designs

This geometric shape forms a flower, the pattern flawless in design.


20. The Smallest Antlers

This deer tattoo is small and can be fit easily anywhere like the finger shown here. It’s just one simple geometric shape to create the whole design.


21. Geisha Girl

There is a lot of symbolism to the Geisha girl and their traditions. The owner has all that put within the shapes.


22. The Matrix

This pattern almost looks like it’s part of the Matrix. A truly unique design.


23. Multiple Triangles

These triangles really make a statement as they are all patterned together.


24. The Wolf

This is  such a creative design with the wolf as one half being gemotric shapes while the other half of the wolf is the night sky.


25. The Crown

Matching crowns can be a cute design that you will cherish always.


26. A Powerful Message

Geometric tattoos typically tend to be strong symbols of beliefs. The black tattoos really stand out here.


27. The Howling Wolf

What I love most about this geometric tattoo is the color, it’s not traditional. It looks almost like a watercolor painting.


28. Jellyfish

A simple jellyfish and yet it is also made with geometric shapes.


29. Lead the Way

Nautical symbols are very popular in geometric tattoos, and this one has the added element of the rose.


30. Creative Designs

Virtually any design can be created through geometric shapes.


31. Dark Tattoos

This is a beautiful tattoo design but also a very dark one. A lot of black is needed to create this pattern.


32. Simply Lines

This whole pattern is made up of simple lines throughout. It’s an amazing design that is sure to please anyone.


33. Circles and Triangles

A great design made up of circles and triangles. Simple shapes can make awesome designs.


34. Double Lines

These double lines obviously have some form of symbolic meaning to them.


35. The All Seeing Eye

A beautiful design that incorporates the all seeing eye inside of it.


36. Many Different Leaves

This pattern resembles leaves or petals. A truly beautiful design that is sure to be eye-catching.


37. The Polar Bear

This beautiful design is bold with bright colors, it’s what makes the tattoo unique. It’s great example of how an animal can be created out of shapes.


38. From a Moth to a Butterfly

If insects are your foretaste then try these unique designs on for size.


39. The Eye

A more simplified version of the all seeing eye.


40. The Girl

This is a stunning tattoo design because of all the detail involved. It incorporates the face of a girl within the shapes.


41. The Shape of a Deer

There is a lot of symmetry here with the deer as well as the triangles beneath it.


42. The Showerhead

It almost looks as if there is water cascading down her shoulder form a showerhead. There are many different types of designs in the geometric world.


43. A Heart

This heart is made up of many different shapes. It’s a simple outline but still a powerful tattoo design.


44. The Sunflower

This dark tattoo design has a sunflower overlapping other designs.


45. Sweet Owl

The colors in this design really make the tattoo because it brings it to life. A stunning design overall.


46. Geometric Sleeve

This sleeve tattoo is very creative, and every piece falls together perfectly. One thing blends perfectly within another.


47. The Guardian

This is one of the Guardian owls from the hit movie. It’s within geometric shaping and has some beautiful colors added.


48. Trees and Symbols

A great design that incorporates nature and trees with geometric shapes. I love the creativeness behind the design.


49. Stunning Design

I love the branch-like symbols because this is an incredible design. The addition of the colors makes it truly unique design.


50. Cool Unicorn

The jumping unicorn is a fun design that anyone is sure to love. It’s a great geometric design.


51. Flower Designs

A sunflower that has geometric shapes attached to it. The design is truly incredible.


52. The Design Eye

A simple design that has the all seeing eye inside of it. There are many elements of the design that are appealing.


53. Too Many Triangles

A great design that has many triangles within triangles. A creative tattoo that you are sure to love.


54. The Arrow

A simple design of an arrow, if you are looking for a tattoo that is smaller.


55. A Basic Outline

This design is all outlines, but it’s a beautiful tattoo.


56. Geometric Bunny

This bunny is made out of geometric shapes. The creative design looks amazing.


57. Pendulum

This design is exact and precise to create something unique. There are a lot of different elements to this design.


58. Many Squares

Big squares and little ones make up this unique geometric design. It’s a dark tattoo with a lot of black so if have to really want it.


59. Swirling Designs

A great design that incorporates a few different shapes together.


60. The Geometric Tattoo

A great tattoo design that is very symbolic. You can see that between the eye symbols as well as the nautical signs. Many designs that really look great together.


61. Cubes

This cube design looks amazing especially with all the colors involved.


62. Floral Elements

This leafy design has many geometric elements to it to create an incredible tattoo. It looks great in black and white.


63. Abstract Designs

It’s a very unique design that looks like abstract art. All the shapes are perfectly placed in pattern form.


64. Mountains Inside

A perfect circle that has mountains inside that are built with geometric shapes.


65. Owl Eyes

A geometric shape that creates an owl. There are no eyes which makes the owl look very mysterious.


66. Tree of Life

This creative tattoo design has the tree of life amongst many other symbols. The combination of all the symbols leads us to believe this is a sacred design that holds meaning to the owner.


67. Perfect Lines

These perfect lines create an even more perfect design.


68. The Strong Angel

A stunning design that has a strong angel tattoo that looks more like a sketch than a tattoo. I love the design, it’s unusual and creative.


69. Many Designs

All these different shapes have different designs and probably very different meanings.


70. Geometric Eagle

This is one of the most stunning geometric designs that I’ve ever seen. The black and white coloring is what makes the eagle pop so much. It’s a strong tattoo becaue there is a lot of symbolism to it.


71. Blue Owls

A small geometric design that is all about the color. The blues and purples are so bright and colorful.


72. Stunning Triangle Designs

These triangles are very detailed and have symbolic elements inside of them. The details really make up the design.


73. Flowers

An unusual design that is creative and beautiful.


74. So Much Color

You have to love the color red in order to take on this tattoo design because from a  distance the design looks like a blood bath. The red is very red and it pops right off the skin. The design is truly unique and one of a kind.


75. The Human Heart

The geometric heart is placed on the chest to imply that there is a symbolic reason for that. It’s an unusual design that is created through geometric shapes.


76. Two Lines

These two lines must have symbolic meaning to the owner.


77. A Beautiful Rose

A perfect circle with a beautiful flower on the inside.


78. The World Inside

She holds the world inside her geometric shape. There are thousands of different designs that you could implement inside a shape.


79. A Cunning Fox

A rather large geometric tattoo of a cunning fox. It’s all lines, but it looks awesome as an overall design.


80. Stunning Colors

Another example of a tattoo with the all seeing eye. The design is stunning and detailed with splashes of color throughout. I’m a big fan of the green.


81. The Strong Wolf

A large tattoo of a geometric wolf that covers most of the inner arm. These shapes are all perfectly aligned to create this incredible wolf design.


82. Geometric Symbols

These symbols all come together as a sacred meaning. It’s truly an original design that is sure to draw the eye.


83. Lines That Meet

These lines meet up when the fingers were brought together. It’s an unusual design that has to have some meaning behind it.


84. Watercolor Designs

These geometric origami designs are colored as if they were a watercolor painting. The colors are beautiful and go well with the original design.


85. Green and Red

Geometric shapes in bright colors. I love that it’s only a few of the shapes that are colored, it makes more of a pop for the image.


86. Straight Antlers

This deer has some unusual antlers and they look cool even from a distance. The deer is very detailed and small in shape.


87. Spilling Colors

The geometric shapes were made more incredible by the added color. Purple and green colors look like they are spilling down her back.


88. The Dragonfly

The dragonfly is incredible, and it’s in the perfect position on the body. The wings are made up of geometric shapes. It’s an amazing design that is perfect in its creation.