Geometrical shaped tattoos are never out of trend. They can be simple or complicated, as well as elegant and stunning. However, either if you’re deciding to get your first geometrical shaped tattoo or you’ve already done this in the past, today’s article will come in handy.

In fact, the best advantage of a geometrical shaped tattoo is that you can customize it with various colour palettes or random shapes and styles. Whatever it may be, it’s all up to you.

That’s why in today’s article we decided to show you some of the most interesting geometrical line tattoo designs. Study them, admire them and then turn the best of them into your dream ones!

  1. The Parallel Lines

If you’re looking for a simple and meaningful tattoo, you can opt in for some parallel lines. They can have several meanings: they can be a symbol for duality, or for a bond that you have with someone, or they can simply be the chosen ones for their design.

line tattoo designs (1)

2. The Rhomb

Willing to try something different or more sophisticated? Then you should try this design. The rhomb shape gives it a dramatic look and feel, while the parallel lines are keeping the balance between the elements.

line tattoo designs (1)

3. The Wavy One

This wavy tattoo design will certainly make you get out of your comfort zone. It’s special, different and very beautiful. All those different shapes combined together gives it a unitary look.

line tattoo designs (2)

4. The Forest

If you’re not really into the classical shaped tattoos, but still want to have something original in that style, we recommend this design. The trees are the symbol for experience, strength and the power that a human being can have.

line tattoo designs (3)

5. The Circle

The feeling of having such a tattoo might be the same with the one of having a lot of bracelets on the top of your arm. Stylish, unconventional and elegant.

line tattoo designs (4)

6. The Mini-Bracelet

If you want a geometrical shaped tattoo that should also meet the role of a tiny, elegant bracelet, this might be the perfect choice!

line tattoo designs (6)

7. The Ball

This ball made out of curvy-lines seems pretty similar to the ball of wool that your cat loved to play with, right? So be careful to stand out of her way if you decide to choose this design!

line tattoo designs (7)

8. The Bull

This lined shape bull can be a good choice either if you’re into these types of designs or if you believe in astrological signs or zodiacs.

line tattoo designs (8)

9. The Various Bracelets

Want to opt in for something more obvious? Try this authentically design of bracelets. Eventually, many of the people you’ll meet will think that they are real!

line tattoo designs (11)

10. The Triple Triangle

Taken as a symbol, the triple triangle means the representation of the Trinity in religion. Taken as it is, as a shape, and combined with other elements, it can look really awesome and elegant!

line tattoo designs (12)

11. The Double Rings

These parallel lines arranged all around the fingers are a perfect representation of some doubled rings. Choose them if you want to get an authentic look.

line tattoo designs (13)

12. The Unconventional

If you are thinking about getting a random, geometrical shaped tattoo design, you should take into consideration that with a little bit of imagination and creativity, this would be the result.

line tattoo designs (14)

13. The Circled Arm

A perfect tattoo for all the classy ladies out there. Fits perfectly with a sleeveless dress.

line tattoo designs (15)

14. The Thick Line

Do you remember those tights with 2 thick lines on the back of the leg? Well, this tattoo design has only one of them, but it still looks classy and awesome!

line tattoo designs (16)

15. The Feminine One

There is nothing more feminine than this middle shaped face of a pretty woman. It expresses sensuality and elegance.

line tattoo designs (17)

16. The Planets

If you’re looking for a circled tattoo and you also want to escape the monotony, try this beautiful, astrological one!

line tattoo designs (18)

17. The Parallel Lines

One of the most simple tattoo designs, that can be, in the same time, one of the most complicated ones if you’re going to give it a personal meaning.

line tattoo designs (19)

18. The Rose

Roses always look beautiful. Even when they are made out entirely from line and shapes. So if you have a romantic soul, this might be a perfect fit.

line tattoo designs (20)

19. The Chicken

These two colorful and pretty chickens will totally brighten your day!

line tattoo designs (21)

20. Wave After Wave

Wave tattoos are awesome, mainly because they symbolize pureness and freshness. But if we choose to put them together, we might get a dramatic, original look.

line tattoo designs (22)

21. The Little Parallel Lines

The simple, parallel-lined tattoo will never get out of trend, no matter its size, color or shape.

line tattoo designs (23)

22. The Double Triangle

This is an interesting combination, either for a matching tattoo or for a single one.

line tattoo designs (24)

23. The Arrows

Here’s a stylish design of some simple geometrical shapes that turned into really awesome tattoos!

line tattoo designs (25)

24. The Triangle Flower

Have you ever thought that a simple triangle tattoo can be this beautiful? Well, it’s a design fact.

line tattoo designs (26)

25. The Bubbly One

In love with bubbles? Then check this out! The more circles, the better!

line tattoo designs (27)

26. The Halved Anchor

The anchor’s symbolism is linked with strength and stability. And even if you’ll get this halved tattoo, the full symbolism will stay the same.

line tattoo designs (28)

27. The Arrow

Here’s a tiny, yet significant tattoo that would go hand in hand with every backless dress. Check it out!

line tattoo designs (29)

28. The Simple Circle

Even if at the first glance we might tend to say that these kind of tattoos have a simple look and feel, they might hide a great meaning inside, given by the person who is wearing them.

line tattoo designs (30)

29. Parallel Lines And Circles

A cute geometrical shaped tattoo design that goes perfect especially with the casual outfits.

line tattoo designs (31)

30. The Bracelet

Who needs expensive bracelets when you can have a geometrical shaped tattoo design which can also have a personal meaning to you too?

line tattoo designs (32)

31. The Scratches

This tattoo design is the proof of the fact that scratches don’t always look bad.

line tattoo designs (33)

32. The Combined One

If you’re thinking of having a tattoo that would combine most of the well-known geometrical shapes, you can try this one. In its randomly disorder, seems awesome!
line tattoo designs (34)

33. The Number

If you want to get a tattoo that would also have a symbolic meaning for you, you can choose an important number or date for you, and then combine it with some lines or circles.

line tattoo designs (35)

34. The Symmetrical One

The symmetry of this awesome tattoo is simply awesome. Speechless!

line tattoo designs (36)

35. The Empty Circle

Who said that you can’t have a simple, yet complicated and stunning tattoo design? All you have to do is to put your imagination into work, then to mix things up a little bit!

line tattoo designs (37)

36. The Curly One

Curly tattoos are always a good choice. Not only because they have a great look and feel, but also because they can be a great fit for both man and woman.

line tattoo designs (38)

37. The Matching One

If you’re thinking of getting a matching tattoo that wouldn’t be too cliché, this might be the right choice. Simple, black and easy to recognize.

line tattoo designs (39)

38. The Various One

If you love geometrical shapes, you can opt in for a tattoo that would cover a lot of symbols or subjects. For example, in this one, besides the basic shapes as lines, circles, or letters, we can also see the triangle with an eye on it, The All Seeing Eye, a great symbol of Christianity.

line tattoo designs (40)

39. The Cute One

Having a cute, tiny tattoo somewhere when you can see it every day will surely make you feel better, whatever the situation.

line tattoo designs (41)

40. The Triple Circle

This type of tattoo is very common, yet special, if you intend to give it a personal note.

line tattoo designs (42)

41. The Circle Site

This black site looks like one make by a spider, but what about the colorful circles?

line tattoo designs (43)

42. The Circled Skull

Shapes some of the best design elements, because they can always be matched according to the main symbol of the tattoo.

line tattoo designs (44)

43. The Curly Waves

Curly-waved tattoos are a great fit if you always want to add an elegant “accessory” to your outfits.

line tattoo designs (45)

44. Circles, Circles, Circles

Circle tattoo designs are always a good idea, mostly when they replace the bracelets, that sometimes may be uncomfortable.

line tattoo designs (48)

45. The Ship

Ships are a great symbol for freedom, adventure and exploration. So if you find yourself through these characteristics, maybe this design is made up for you!

line tattoo designs (49)

46. The Splitted Triangle

If you’re looking for a simple tattoo with a twist, this one might work. The dramatic feel of the line that splits the triangle it’s totally worth it.

line tattoo designs (50)

47. The Wolf

The wolf is a powerful symbol of strength, family, freedom, protection and power. And besides these awesome meanings, the following one has also a special design.

line tattoo designs (51)

48. The Triangle Bunch

These beautiful joined triangles make a really great and unique design! Check them out!

line tattoo designs (52)

49. The Dot Rhombs

Made with a lot of patience and skill, this tattoo is one of a kind.

line tattoo designs (53)

50. The Geometrical Plans

Here’s an amazing joining of some of the most creative geometrical shaped designs.

line tattoo designs (54)

51.The Anchor

The Anchor symbolizes loyalty, dedication, honor and hope. Not to mention that this great looking design made up from curved lines it’s a success!

line tattoo designs (55)

52. The Penguin

If you’re one of those persons that can’t simply hold their “Aaaaw” thoughts when they see a penguin, this cute tattoo might be for you.

line tattoo designs (56)

53. the Sun and The Moon

These planets just got perfectly aligned for you. So, any thoughts?

line tattoo designs (57)

54. The Non-Continuous Lines

If you want to opt in for a tattoo with a dramatic look, choose this one!

line tattoo designs (58)

55. The Ball

This creative reinvention of the simple circle tattoo is really awesome!

line tattoo designs (59)

56. The Harmony

The harmony between all these geometrical shapes in this tattoo needs appreciation!

line tattoo designs (60)

57. The Flowers

The creative design of these 2 flowers is given by those 2 lines that are perfectly imitating an old design for tights.

line tattoo designs (61)

58. October

If you have a word, a number or a date with a special meaning for you and you want to get it tattooed, choose a dramatic design like this. It’s simple, yet unique.

line tattoo designs (62)

59. The Aligned Planets

Are you an astrology enthusiast? Then you shouldn’t miss this awesome tattoo!

line tattoo designs (63)

60. The Leg Circle

This circle acts like a leg bracelet. Not bad at all!

line tattoo designs (64)

61. The Henna

This awesome line tattoo seems pretty similar to a henna one! Do you like it?

line tattoo designs (65)

62. The Three Circles

These three parallel circles are simple, yet elegant and classy.

line tattoo designs (66)

63. The Halved Triangles

This kind of tattoo will never get out of trend. It’s pretty, simple and it can be a good fit whatever the situation or moment in which it is “worn”.

line tattoo designs (67)

64. The Mermaid

This sexy mermaid tattoo design made up of curvy lines can be a great fit for every man out there.

line tattoo designs (68)

65. The Spine Line

This spine line tattoo can be a great choice mainly if you want to emphasize it with a backless dress.

line tattoo designs (69)

66. The Mixed Shapes

If you’re undecided about your next geometrical shaped tattoo, you can mix things up and make a combination, like the following one.

line tattoo designs (70)

67. Music Through Veins

If you’re a music addict and you really think that music acts like blood for your body and brain, this tattoo might be a great fit!

line tattoo designs (71)

68. The Tiny Circle

If you want to opt in for a tiny tattoo, choose this one. The fir tree is a symbol for honesty, longevity and progress.

line tattoo designs (72)

69. The Simple Line

This simple tattoo will certainly emphasize the part of the body that it will be positioned on.

line tattoo designs (73)

70. The Opac One

Choose this design if you don’t want a prominent tattoo, but a simple, elegant one.

line tattoo designs (74)

71. The Bear

The bear is a symbol for strength, courage and protection. Not to mention that this one has a really interesting design.

line tattoo designs (75)

72. The Linked Diamonds

Stunning, classy and impressive in the same time.

line tattoo designs (76)

73. The Scratches

These scratches can create an “animal print” look and feel.

line tattoo designs (77)

74. The Wrapped Leg

This leg wrapped entirely in circles has an interesting design.

line tattoo designs (78)

75. The Little Cactus

If you want to get a tiny tattoo, here’s a cute design.

line tattoo designs (79)

76. Different Shapes

Combine different shapes in a tattoo to get an original one.

line tattoo designs (80)

77. The Palm Tree

This is for all the summer lovers out there!

line tattoo designs (81)

78. Fingers Crossed!

Because every promise should be accomplished.

line tattoo designs (82)

79. The Henna Rings

If you’re a henna tattoo lover, you shouldn’t miss these awesome ring designs!

line tattoo designs (83)

80. The Melting Wave

A unique and elegant tattoo that will emphasize your back.

line tattoo designs (84)

81. The Compass

For the ones that never like to get lost.

line tattoo designs (85)

82. The Forest

A stunning forest design made up on a wide line. Awesome!

line tattoo designs (86)

83. The Sun and The Moon

A perfect combination of opposite symbols through an elegant design.

line tattoo designs (87)

84. The Ash

This tattoo that fades gradually seems like ash. It has an impressive design, though.

line tattoo designs (88)

85. The Tiny Moon

The moon symbolizes magic, femininity, fertility, creativity and growth.

line tattoo designs (89)

86. The 3 Phases

The 3 phases of 3 different places, all beautifully designed.

line tattoo designs (90)

87. The Wave

Wave tattoo designs symbolize pureness and peace.

line tattoo designs (91)88. The Parallel Lines

A simple, elegant and classy tattoo for all the ladies out there.

line tattoo designs (92)

89. The Combination

Try to combine different geometrical shapes and an awesome design like this might result!

line tattoo designs (93)

90. Geometrical Whirlwind

If you’re looking for an exceptional design, this is what we recommend. It will turn heads!

line tattoo designs (94)

91. The Infinite Line

This Eternal Line stopped by this simple element might be a perfect fit if you’re looking for an unconventional tattoo.

line tattoo designs (95)

92. Electric Heart

This colorful heart tattoo is full of life! It basically speaks by itself: it’s about freedom, love, life and happiness. Stunning one!

line tattoo designs (96)

So, we’ve come to an end. Did you find your favorite design? We hope so, because these are some of the best tattoos that you might see! If you already got one in this style, share your experience through a comment!