What could possibly be unusual or really cool at an eyebrow piercing? If you’re thinking about the regular, vertical kind, then you might be so used with its image that you don’t consider it awesome anymore. Since the vertical eyebrow piercing is already considered common, you should find out more about its variations, which are indeed fun to try and appealing to wear. Among its variations are the anti-eyebrow piercing, the horizontal eyebrow piercing, the teardrop, crow’s feet and butterfly kiss. In addition, you might find the bridge piercing mentioned as being a sort of eyebrow piercing. That’s not necessarily wrong, but not really accurate either.

With so many types of eyebrow piercing styles to try, you should also be aware of the types of jewelry fitted for each. Jewelry for the eyebrow are the curved barbell, the straight barbell, the circular barbell, the captive bead ring, the shields and the twister. The jewel included in the price of an eyebrow piercing will not look spectacular, but that’s the one you’ll have to wear for 6 to 8 weeks until your flesh heals. Without further ado, let’s see some unusual and really cool ideas for your eyebrows!

88 Unusual and Really Cool Eyebrow Piercing Styles and Jewelry

1. The double eyebrow game

eyebrow piercing (1)

A regular eyebrow curved barbell can be turned in something way more fun if it’s doubled.

2. The horizontal straight barbell style

eyebrow piercing (2)

Stretched skin doesn’t need a curved barbell.

3. Introducing crow’s feet piercing

eyebrow piercing (3)

This is how a crow’s feet piercing looks like.

4. Double curved barbells for an enhanced effect

eyebrow piercing (4)

Most people with one curved barbell in their eyebrow want another one next to it.

5. Jeweled curved barbell for diversity

eyebrow piercing (5)

The vertical piercing from the eyebrow can be changed with cooler jewelry for a makeover.

6. Jeweled flat beads for the horizontal piercing

eyebrow piercing (6)

To avoid injury and wear colored stones above your eyebrow, you can opt for flat beads.

7. Thick eyebrows sporting two barbells

eyebrow piercing (7)

Thick eyebrows look really well with a double barbell combo in them.

8. The circular barbell and the captive bead ring

eyebrow piercing (8)

A glamorous combination, this combo works well for pretty faces and strong attitudes.

9. A row of 7 infinite rings

eyebrow piercing (9)

On a more extreme side, you’ll find that infinity rings can be used to decorate your eyebrows too.

10. A vertical piercing pointing oblique

eyebrow piercing (10)

Straight eyebrows aren’t easy to pierce because their shape isn’t as defined as in other cases.


11. A horizontal piercing with flowery details

eyebrow piercing (11)

Girls will often opt for feminine and playful details on their jewelry.

12. A tiny horizontal piercing

eyebrow piercing (12)

An eyebrow piercing might migrate or even be rejected by your body due to heavy jewelry or improper placement.

13. Perfect eyebrows highlighted by shiny beads

eyebrow piercing (13)

If worn right, even the classic eyebrow barbell can blow your mind.

14. Lila anti-eyebrow piercing

eyebrow piercing (14)

The anti-eyebrow piercing is located on the upper cheek, below the eye, as you can see in the picture.

15. 7 infinity rings on each eyebrow

eyebrow piercing (15)

If you are really into decorating your eyebrows, you can go for full on infinity rings.

16. Straight barbell as anti-eyebrow piercing

eyebrow piercing (16)

This piercing is somehow parallel to the eye. It’s not vertical like the teardrop piercing.

17. Standard curved barbell for the eyebrow

eyebrow piercing (17)

This is the standard jewel you will find in most piercing shops.

18. Standard barbell on black for the eyebrow

eyebrow piercing (18)

Well-defined eyebrows look nice with black jewels.

19. Double standard curved barbells

eyebrow piercing (19)

If you want two vertical eyebrow piercings, you should first get one and wait for it to heal.

20. Oblique placement of the eyebrow jewel

eyebrow piercing (20)

As an alternative to the standard vertical placement, the oblique one looks more original.

21. Horizontally placed barbell under the eyebrow

eyebrow piercing (21)

If your eyebrows are high enough, you can opt for a horizontal piercing under the eyebrow, not above.

22. Short barbell for a regular piercing

eyebrow piercing (22)

Since an eyebrow piercing may migrate, the holes can become smaller.

23. Fresh pierced eyebrow with enclosed bead ring

eyebrow piercing (23)

The flesh is inflamed and sore after being pierced.

24. Boyish look with double barbells

eyebrow piercing (24)

Eyebrow piercings can contribute to the creation of both feminine and boyish looks.

25. Pink beads add a girly effect


As I was saying, girly looks can also be created with the right jewels.

26. Neat eyebrows make a great combo with piercings

eyebrow piercing (26)

A nicely defined eyebrow will always look better pierced than a messy one.

27. Rainbow ring matches the eye makeup

eyebrow piercing (27)

After 8 weeks to 6 months, your eyebrow will be fully healed and you’ll be able to wear fun jewels like this one.

28. Straight barbell for eyebrow’s end

eyebrow piercing (28)

Not all vertical piercings must be placed in the arcade. They can be positioned on the eyebrow’s end.

29. Classic beauty with a classic piercing

eyebrow piercing (29)

Non-alternative girls might look better with classic eyebrow piercings.

30. A teardrop for fashion

eyebrow piercing (30)

Somehow included in the eyebrow piercing category, this design is a microdermal piercing.

31. Horizontal piercing on the edge

eyebrow piercing (31)

Above, below or on the edge, the horizontal piercing for the eyebrow looks really cool.

32. A fashion statement since the ’70s

eyebrow piercing (32)

The eyebrow piercing was first introduced in the ’70s as a fashion statement by the punk subculture.

33. Plucked eyebrows for less infections

eyebrow piercing (33)

When hairs grow, they can irritate the piercing.

34. Hair follicles contribute to infections

eyebrow piercing (35)

Good hygiene is a very important step in the healing process of your eyebrow.

35. The piercing between the eyebrows

eyebrow piercing (36)

The bridge piercing is considered both a nose and an eyebrow piercing.

36. Fiddling is not an option

eyebrow piercing (37)

Although playing with your piercing might be entertaining, don’t do it!

37. With cherries on top

eyebrow piercing (38)

This design looks more like a piercing for the navel. Beware that large jewels might determine the piercing to migrate.

38. Double horizontal piercings for symmetry

eyebrow piercing (39)

Most people pierce just one eyebrow, but just look at how symmetry flatters one’s face!

39. Eyebrow double pierced at the same time

eyebrow piercing (40)

If your pain endurance level is high, you can double pierce your eyebrow at the same time. I wouldn’t recommend it though, because your body might reject both. My body rejected the second one only, so you might get lucky.

40. Colored twister for your brow

eyebrow piercing (41)

Vibrant colors and a fun jewel are good options for brow piercings.

41. Microdermal jewel below the eyebrow

eyebrow piercing (42)

Microdermals, as well as other brow piercing might get pulled and trapped by hair. Beware!

42. Large beads for a masculine look

eyebrow piercing (43)

Large beads work in case of men.

43. A well-cared for piercing

eyebrow piercing (44)

No makeup or hairs should stand in the way of a fresh piercing.

44. An emphasis on your eyes

eyebrow piercing (45)

Expect to draw more looks and make more eye contact with such piercing!

45. Brow piercings are not permanent

eyebrow piercing (46)

Brow piercings will grow out after some time because the tissue underneath the jewel is constantly regenerating.

46. Use colors for smart contrasts

eyebrow piercing (47)

If you are a makeup guru, use the color of the jewel in your favor.

47. Gold barbell for Barbie dolls

eyebrow piercing (48)

If you’re going for a Barbie look, use a gold barbell.

48. Thin ring for natural eyebrows

eyebrow piercing (49)

A thin ring requires a thinner hole, which will heal faster.

49. Fully plucked eyebrows are a no no

eyebrow piercing (50)

Don’t fully pluck your eyebrows before you pierce them. That’s not necessary.

50. Tough look with spikes

eyebrow piercing (51)

Spikes are dangerous to wear because you might get clothes stuck in them. They look badass though.

51. Diva with a straight barbell

eyebrow piercing (52)

Divas could look more adventurous and rebellious with a straight barbell in their eyebrows.

52. Spikes on perfect eyebrows

eyebrow piercing (53)

Spikes are not for everyday wear, but they do look special.

53. Alternative girls rock brow piercings

eyebrow piercing (55)

Since the punk subculture came up with this type of piercing, alternative girls wear it best.

54. Vertical piercing for playful girls

eyebrow piercing (56)

Playful girls don’t need to look further. This is the brow piercing for them!

55. Jeweled beads for horizontal barbells

eyebrow piercing (57)

Jeweled beads look nice as accessories for eyebrows.

56. An original jewel design for eyebrow

eyebrow piercing (58)

This is original, but not really comfortable or safe.

57. The redness that goes away

eyebrow piercing (59)

A freshly pierced eyebrow will be red, sore, inflamed and painful and it will require care.

58. Horizontal piercing for brave girls

eyebrow piercing (60)

The eyebrow skin is pretty thick, so the pain level is quite high.

59. Placement is key for eyebrow piercings

eyebrow piercing (61)

The piercer you pick will mark down the entry point and the exit point of the jewel.

60. Thin spikes for thin eyebrows

eyebrow piercing (62)

Taking proportions into consideration is always a good idea.

61. Heart for piercing lovers

eyebrow piercing (63)

The shape of a heart is a positive symbol that any piercing lover should wear sometime.

62. Flat beads for horizontal brow piercings

eyebrow piercing (64)

Flat beads might not get hooked or trapped as often as the round ones, but they will not facilitate the cleaning process.

63. A row of rocking eyebrow piercings

eyebrow piercing (65)

This girl’s idea is simply awesome! They all look nicely healed and fit the shape of her eyebrow.

64. Amy Lee sporting a vertical eyebrow piercing

eyebrow piercing (66)

Lead singer in a rock band, Amy Lee was charmed by the eyebrow piercing too.

65. Marks of the blue pencil

eyebrow piercing (67)

The piercer will make sure the piercing goes exactly where you want it by using a blue pencil to mark down the entry and the exit spot.

66. The T eyebrow piercing design

eyebrow piercing (68)

A fun way to create a combo on your eyebrow is to arrange the piercings as the letter T.

67. Match the color of your eyes with the jewel

eyebrow piercing (69)

The jewel you pick can be matched with the color of your eyes or your makeup.

68. Straight barbell for a guy’s eyebrow

eyebrow piercing (70)

Guys can wear both curved and straight barbells in their eyebrows.

69. Jelly secretions are normal

eyebrow piercing (72)

There’s something called plasma that comes out after your eyebrow is pierced. It usually dries and forms a crust that you have to remove with salt water.

70. Diversified designs for alt girls

eyebrow piercing (73)

Alt girls usually get bored fast, so they try diversified jewel designs.

71. The teardrop may cause bruises

eyebrow piercing (75)

When you place a microdermal piercing under your eye, you might get bruises because some blood vessels break.

72. Pretty eyes and golden eyebrow rings

eyebrow piercing (76)

Golden jewelry is trendy now, so you can wear them in your eyebrow too.

73. Custom made jewelry design

eyebrow piercing (77)

Such odd and elaborate jewelry designs are usually custom made.

74. Teenage girls go for vertical placements

eyebrow piercing (78)

Vertical placements are ideal for beginners.

75. A great first time experience

eyebrow piercing (79)

Compared to a lip piercing, the eyebrow piercing hurts more.

76. Pick your favorite color

eyebrow piercing (80)

Pick your favorite color and match all the piercings you have on your face and ears!

77. Let piercings be your makeup

eyebrow piercing (81)

Carefully chosen accessories will replace makeup successfully if that’s what you want.

78. Longer jewels are easier to clean

eyebrow piercing (82)

When you wash your piercing, it is ideal to move it carefully up and down. Longer jewels will make this process easier.

79. You can’t go wrong with a vertical barbell

eyebrow piercing (83)

No amount of piercings is too much if they are chosen right.

80. Sometimes long is wrong

eyebrow piercing (84)

This girl’s jewel is too long. It might easily get stuck in clothes and put too much weight on her eyebrow.

81. Finding the perfect fit

eyebrow piercing (85)

I can’t see this girl wearing another type of piercing. Inspired choice!

82. Fascination for curved barbells

eyebrow piercing (86)

Eyebrow piercings go nicely together with lip piercings.

83. Twin piercings for your eyebrow

eyebrow piercing (87)

Eyebrow piercings have to be removed after a while if you don’t want scars.

84. Clean and cute look

eyebrow piercing (88)

Eyebrow jewelry will not stand in the way of your eyeglasses if it’s placed accordingly.

85. Jeweled beads shine more

eyebrow piercing (89)

You will surely draw attention with these shiny beads.

86. Infinity ring for a playful look

eyebrow piercing (90)

Obtain a playful look with an infinity ring for your brow.

87. A little blood shed is normal

eyebrow piercing (91)

The risk of bloodshed and bruises is real, but it’s not dangerous. Some blood vessels break and that’s why the bruises occur.

88. The captive bead ring choice

eyebrow piercing (92)

This choice is as popular as the curved barbell. It might, however, be tempting to play with too much.


Since safety is above all, you should find a reputable piercing parlor to pierce your eyebrow. Most shops ask between $30 and $40 for a regular eyebrow piercing, including a standard jewel. However, prices may go up to $70 if the area you want pierced is more complicated or you choose a more elaborate design. Happy piercing!