If you are searching for a new catch in your dream body art goals, then you’re on the right track! Here’s a various list of inspirational Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs that are just right for you. These dream catcher tattoos just give off a balance of ancient culture and modern trend which are very timeless. So read on!

We all know dream catchers. Well, such are those handmade wooden willow hoops with an attached woven net, web, or mesh and are dangled with sacred feathers and beads. Dream catchers became very popular in 2016 which are the hippies’ representation of Bohemian-Boho style and fashion. Fashion-wise, dreamcatchers are still widely being patronized up to this time. Those dangling feathers and beads are indeed super famous among women as room decors or as for fashion.

However, dream catchers are more than just decorations and fashion. In some Native Americans, dream catchers protect household members against harms and evil influences. It’s a belief that tragic misfortunes, especially among children, are warded off by these dream catchers.

These Native Americans called as Ojibwe, fearfully hates the evening and believed that the night is dark and full of terrors. For them, night brings good and bad dreams. As the legend in their nation has it, a spider woman called Ashibikaashi serves to protect her children and community by the weaves she produces out of her womb. Those weaves protect all Ojibwe in the land around her. But as time progresses, the Ojibwe were scattered among nations and it became harder for Ashibikaashi to protect them all. This is why the Native American decided to weave dream catchers themselves. Dream catchers protect their household from the terrors of bad dreams, even being away from their spider mother. They believed that dream catchers catch bad dreams into the woven weaves and let good dreams pass through the openings.

Dream catchers are often presented in a similar circular shape but with a huge diversity in its colors, feathers, patterns, and beads.  Fortunately, there is no hard and fast rule in the pattern of this fairly ancient culture. It can be liberally made to fit one’s taste. Which is why dreamcatcher makes a fun tattoo idea to spice up one’s creativity. So if you are that someone who often gets nightmares and bad dreams or simply that someone who has difficulty in sleeping, well maybe, having these fun and awesome dream catcher tattoos would ease your sleeping problems. They are cool and aesthetic plus they cost less than sleeping therapies, am I right?

Kiddings aside, here are some of the best dreamcatchers tattoos that you can go catch yourself!

1. Typical Dream Catcher with a touch of petals and leaves

“Roses are red, violets are blue. Dream catchers are great with leaves and petals too!”

Petals and flowers symbolize a zest for life. Dreamcatchers and petals would awesomely represent a passion to protect one’s life.  This would look great either on the arm or thigh.

2. Feather anklet ink

This feather and beads anklet can really look cute on basically anything! Anklets or ankle bracelets just bring about this summer-beach vibes that just seem to fit everything. This would look great on sandals, slippers, flat shoes, heels, or even just being barefoot – basically everywhere.


3. Breathtaking minimalist rose and dream catcher tattoo

This tattoo can be the classiest ink you can ever put in your arm or in your back. This simple yet elegant ink design, when flaunted, shows an attractive, flawless, and timeless outline. For you people, especially girls, who are planning to have some ink that are subtle and unique, here’s the best design for you.


4. The “I’ve got the eye of a tiger” dream catcher tattoo

The power in the dimensions of the eye is the focus of this design. The 3-D effect of the eye and the patient eye to details makes this tattoo a one-of-a-kind classic. Just look at all the details! It’s totally mesmerizing. The eye is an eye-catcher. (Yup, see what I did there?)

Best DreamCatcher Tattoos

5. Pablo Picasso-inspired dream catcher tattoo

Abstracts are abstracts for a reason. The vagueness and distortion of colours, shapes, and lines are the beauty of such art. This tattoo idea is beautifully distorted into an abstract dream catcher. With the colour balance and combination, the art itself shows that even a caged and protected man has his own colours and wonders. Beautiful.



6. The classic dream catcher tattoo

The first thing that pops out in our heads whenever we think of dream catchers is this design usually. The typical circular willow with a weave of mesh and dangling beads and feathers is the classic dream catcher tattoo. The simplicity and divinity of such design are what make it popular among tattoo enthusiasts and artists. Because, nothing beats the classics, right?



7. Realistic Dream Catcher Tattoo

Words can’t describe how beautiful this tattoo is, but numbers can. It’s 10 out of 10. Man, it’s perfect! The realistic feels of this design are what makes this design unique and beautiful. This ink design has that lightweight feel that is very relaxing. The beauty out of ink design is simply standing out.



8. Simplified Dream Catcher Tattoo

Simplicity is beauty. The fineness and minimalism in this design are simple yet shockingly elegant. This ink design would be fascinating for those enthusiasts that comfort in simple yet elegant things.


9. Of birds and of dreams

There is nothing more peaceful and more serene than birds. A flock of birds spreading their wings gives off a tranquil feeling that soothes and relaxes one’s soul. This combination of a dream catcher with flying bird brings a unique art especially if it is placed in the back area. When placed properly, such design would give off a nice and sexy body shape.


10. Defying stereotypes

Who said dream catchers are only in the circular shape? This dream catcher drawn in an odd shape gives an ethnic feel that is both awesome and unique at the same time. The keenness to the detail is one-of-a-kind with the beautifully drawn feathers and gradient shade of gray to black.


11. Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

This ink idea gives off a Snow White feels to it especially to the mirror-looking bead at the bottom of the weave. The combination of colours and gradients along with the beautifully drawn flowers portrays the evil stepmother in Snow White, but in a creative and elegant way. This is perfect for those who want to look vintage yet elegant at the same time.



12. Yin Yang Dream Catcher Tattoo

Yinyang stands for the duality of the dark and light powers; the balance between the good and the bad. The idea of this yin-yang enclosed in a dream catcher hoop may be totally out of the concept, but the aesthetic feels of this to the naked eye is totally outstanding.


13. A Splash of Water Color Dream Catcher Tattoo

The concept of putting colours in a tattoo is hard alone, how about more when the concept is a watercolor! The splash of colours in this ink idea produces a painting-like tattoo that is a go-get. The flow, contrasts, and balance of shapes and colours produce a one-of-a-kind painting-tattoo. Every tattoo enthusiasts would likely be offering their skin as a canvas to a beautiful art like this.



14. A Chic Dream Catcher Tattoo

Admit it, this one is something a chic would ink. No offense, all gender could totally get this to their own liking. But let’s be honest, this ink idea has that soft, genuine, and feminine feels to it. The graceful flow of those two hoops dangled with wonderful gradients of violent and gray is soothing and calming. This ink idea will definitely be popular among women.



15. Catching Dreams with Roses

If you both love roses and dreamcatchers, this ink idea will definitely BLOW. YOUR. MIND. The elegance of this concept is wonderful just how the willow, the roses, beads, feathers, and gradients balance each and everything off.



16. A Side Dream Catcher Tattoo

There is nothing more elegant than a tattoo flowing through your sides with grace. This beautiful chic dream catcher tattoo idea is good if you’re trying to show your unique yet feminine side. The concepts of flowers and petals balance out the uniquely drawn willow outside the mesh.



17. Small but Terrible

This may look small and unnoticeable yet once seen, it can never be unseen again. The beauty of small yet elegant tattoos is that they are small yet they are very impactful. This tiny beauty leaves a strong effect of impression, especially to those who are looking. So, if you are looking for something that is small yet terrible, this one is perfect for you.



18. A drench of scenic tattoo

Just look how the colours were burst into a colourful splash of water that gives life to the dream catcher itself. The art is uniquely arranged that is very detailed up to its core.


19. A satisfyingly good highlight dream catcher tattoo

Most of the dream catchers aren’t usually highlighted in this manner. The beauty of this ink idea is emphasized in the feathers itself. This tattoo idea is great in the side skin, arms, or in the upper back.



20. A wolf-webbed dream catcher tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoos are usually drawn the typical way — in a circular willow with a webbed mesh and dangling feathers and beads. But the uniqueness of this ink idea is the highlight of this art. This tattoo idea is also designed in a way you can put your name or the name of your close one and make it permanent.



21. Flowing Leg Tattoo

The details and the realness of the beads and feathers make this tattoo idea perfect for your leg part. And the good part is that you can wear this at any occasion and still achieve that hip-yet-classy look. Imagine having this while wearing a flowing dress… perfection!



22. Monochromatic Dream Catcher Tattoo

If the dog is amazed, then who else wouldn’t be? This tattoo idea gives off a vintage yet timeless feel that will look good on almost anything. Just look how the birds seamlessly carry the dream catcher and creating a nice flowing wave on the back area. This is absolutely a go-get idea, and personally, this is one of my favourites.



23. Of shades and shadows

At first glance, this looks like an actual dream catcher hanging from her thighs. But no, it’s actually a realistically drawn dream catcher tattoo with a keen detail on shadows and gradients. Byt the looks of it, this has surely been made by a great and talented artist.



24. Minimalistic Feather Anklet

Feathers have a rich meaning and culture behind it. To some native Americans, feathers symbolize birth and light; while to some culture, it symbolizes death and tragedy. But no matter how you perceived it, feathers wrapped around one’s ankle will surely bring beauty to one’s feet. That’s for sure.



25. Touched by a butterfly

Butterflies are usually incorporated with beauty and metamorphosis. While maybe this ink idea was purely drawn out of artistry and creativity, the symbolism behind may be more than that. This art can be perceived as a human being morphing out of his bad dreams and thoughts. But, however you perceived it, this will surely look good on either the arm or thigh area.



26. A blast of Colors within

Typically, anything that is either splattered or blasted is not pretty, but not in this case. The splash of colours within the dream catcher creates an illusion that an actual watercolor is blasted in the skin. This art surely involves great skills and talent. Hands down to the master who is responsible for this.



27. Simplicity is beauty

Sometimes, a pure and light tattoo is all we have. For some, especially beginners, having less is more. This tattoo idea, as simple as it is, creates a classic and elegant vibe to the person wearing it and to the person seeing it.



28.Fullback dream catcher tattoo

Canvas can either be paper, cloth, wall or basically any flat material you can liberally be creative with. But who can thought that a human’s back could be an excellent canvas as well? Back tattoos, when perfectly aligned with the spine, give a sexy aura especially when you are wearing a backless top or a bikini. Good for summer, eh!



29. Safe spot

Back of the neck area is the safest spot for a tattoo. If you are that someone who would die to have a tattoo but a beginner as well, this idea is perfect for you! You can boldly show everyone your sexy dream catcher tattoo if you’re in the mood, or just casually hide the ink if you’re not feeling it. Either way, this tattoo idea is both sexy and elegant.


30. Contrast and Balance

Sunflowers symbolize life and light. Moon represents rest and darkness. But just like as yin-yang, both very contradicting ideas can perfectly blend in a perfect tattoo idea. Both life and darkness hanging inside one’s dream. How deep is that?



31. Tribal Dream Catcher

Certainly, this ink idea was not patterned to the tribe of the Native Americans. But it’s good to see that artists can effortlessly blend two or more cultures and tribes into one beautiful masterpiece. Simply amazing.



32. Finger Dream Catcher Tattoo

Who needs rings when you have this awesome finger dream catcher tattoo?!



33. Eye Catcher

Dream catchers are supposed to catch dreams. But this catcher right here is outwardly stealing everybody’s sight and attention. The ink idea, as shown, is perfect when wearing bikinis for the beach for it shows off one’s figure and appeals.



34. Deeply rooted Dream Catcher Tattoo

While it’s quite odd to mix dream catchers with trees, it’s not a totally bad idea. The tree, acting out as a weaved web, is just quite right for the nature concept of this tattoo idea. Tree advocates will surely love this one.



35. Flowing with grace

Here is another example of an elegant back-of-the-neck tattoo. The shapes and the wave of the feathers and laces bring out the naturality of the tattoo. This is nothing but three words. SIMPLE. ELEGANT. TIMELESS. This is basically one of my personal favourites!



36. Dangling moon and dreams

Moon is often equated with dreams and sleep. The mix of both the moon and dream catcher is perfect for the original concept of the dream catcher itself — to protect oneself from the harms of bad dreams.



37. Of Death and Dreams

Skulls are usually paired with cross and roses to give a symbolism of the beauty in the afterlife. However, who would have thought that skulls would also look good on dream catchers? With skulls on top of dream catchers provide a totally new symbolism — that aside from bad and good dreams, dream catchers could also catch death alongside with it. Spooky.



38. Wrist Tattoo

Small tattoos are usually placed in the wrist area. This provides a soft and elegant look that matches basically anything. Having dream catchers tattoos on the wrist area may constantly remind you to catch only good vibes and let the bad vibes pass you through.



39. #thuglife

Arm tattoos can either be too sexy or too bold. Either way, this tattoo gives off a both sexy and thug feel. The way it covers most of the areas in her arm is pure angst.



40. Leave a footprint

Foot tattoos are getting more and more popular these days. The charts go extremely high in the summer seasons. This kind of tattoo idea brings off a summer vibe that will certainly look cute and sexy when worn with open shoes, flats, or heels. Just make sure to walk with confidence.



41. A Classic on the Scapula

Nothing beats the classic especially when it is confidently worn. Back area, including the scapula, is a great canvas for a tattoo. Beginners and newbies to tattoo world prefers to have their first ink on the scapula area given that it has a more muscle and fat that could lessen up the pain.



42. Calves and Beyond

Who says calf can’t be sexy? With this classic dream catcher design and a regular calf, you don’t need religious leg days to make the most none erogenous body part to the sexiest one. Plus, the calf area is the easiest and lowest pain points to have tattoos with.



43. We’re bringing sexy back

Dream catchers are one of the sexiest things you can put in your back. Imagine having this while wearing a backless or any swimwear? You’ll be an eyepiece in no time.


44. Side Stamp of a classic

Side rib area is one of the safest spots to land a tattoo yet one of the sexiest when shown. This is easy to cover up when necessary but also one of the perfect gestures to express yourself.



45. Bringing out the negativity and Trapping in the positivity

If you’re having serious insomnias or nightmares, just place one good dream catcher beneath your subconscious mind. As been told, dream catchers help one from the terrors of bad dreams and nightmares. Either way, having one on your neck area would definitely help you in your appeal. Trust me.



46. Simple yet tantalizing

The upper part of the back area is one of the most favourite places girls would want to put their ink on. Aside from it is one of their assets, the back area is the largest canvas one can express him/herself. The design itself is not the most unique dream catcher art there ever is, however when placed in the most perfect spot, the tattoo itself gives off a chic aura that everybody can pull off.



47. Colourful and Powerful

Its colour is the highlight of this tattoo. It’s like you’re looking exactly at a colouring book that is perfectly stained by an animator. Just look how anime-ish this looks.



48. “WOW” thigh tattoo


The way the tribal woman equally balances the dream catcher tattoo is amazing. And will you just take a look at the details of the art itself? One word. ASTONISHING.



49. Simply drawn dream catcher tattoo

This has been said enough but I’ll say it once again. Simplicity is beauty. Dreamcatchers, either boldly or simply drawn, are all beautiful and elegant. When deciding on inking your wrist, a simple tattoo will go a long way.dreamcatcher-tattoo-designs-45


50. Dreamcatchers and Peacock Feathers

Instead of ordinary birds’ feathers, why not try peacock feathers and the peacock itself as the dangled object in your dreamcatcher. This seems bold and fun at the same time. The peacock and its feathers are the total highlights of this tattoo.



51. A dreamcatcher rightly placed on the left

When we speak of back tattoos, we often see them as perfectly placed at the center spine corner of the body. It is just so seldom that we see a tattoo placed on either side of the back area. But hey, it’s possible and at most, also a great idea.



52. Purely ethnic dream catcher wrist tattoo

This dreamcatcher is drawn as realistic as possible and as close as possible to what tribes and ethnic people may produce. The feathers perfectly represent the Native American heritage. The authenticity of this one is perfect. Plus it is simple and great to be placed in the wrist area.



53. Unique dream catcher arm tattoo cover up

We usually see flowers, petals, or basically any big murals as an arm tattoo that can act as a sleeve and a cover-up. It’s surprisingly refreshing to see how dreamcatchers can also be a great idea as an arm tattoo.



54. Slowly breaking free

We are not forever trapped in our nightmares. Sometimes, all we can do is to slowly break free and take the process step by step. Let go and move on.



55. An Attractive Provocation

This tattoo is disturbing yet fascinating at the same time. Surprisingly, both the eye and the peacock feather compliments each other.



56. Sleep well and follow your dreams

Just look how real the web was made. It was perfectly designed to form a web by scarification. This is disturbingly both satisfying and astonishing to watch.



57. American Indians-inspired Dream Catcher Tattoo

Creek Indians, as rich as their culture is, are also a rich source of art and creativity. This side dream catcher tattoo emanates a Pocahontas feels straight out the art.



58. Palm Dream Catcher Tattoo

Palm Tattoos, as fun as they sound, can also be as painful as you can ever imagine. But if you really want to explore, then who are we to stop you from catching your dreams, right? dreamcatcher-tattoo-designs-56


59. A must get Dream Catcher arm tattoo

This one right here is maybe one of the most sophisticated things you can ever put in your arms. The art design is simple, elegant, and timeless that you can easily pull off in every fashion at any occasion.



60. Of Roses and Sophistication

The dream catcher looks how it is supposed to look. It was typical. Nothing out of ordinary. However, the very detailed and intricately drawn roses unsheathed the elegance out of it.



61. Monochromatic and Elegant

Less is more. Sometimes, having the typical design with the very minimal color palette produces a very elegant tattoo design. This ink idea right here is just perfectly drawn that you’d ever confuse this with a real one.



62. Not all jewelry shine

Sometimes, a simple and perfectly drawn tattoo can serve as a tattoo for a lifetime. This multiple dangled dream catcher flows naturally as if you’re actually wearing a jewelry.



63. Behind-the-ears Dream Catcher Tattoo

This small tattoo is making an intriguing statement that is extremely popular these days. Behind the ear is a unique spot to place your tattoo idea of choice. It’s not ultimately vulgar, yet when seen creates an impactful impression. And the way the feathers are loosely flowing in the neck area is just lovely and elegant.



64. Prime Dream Catcher Tattoo

Cleanly drawn dream catcher – Check!  Realistic and sensible – Double Check!  Classic and elegant – Super Check!  This tattoo is great as it can get. There is not a single detail or item that seems off or out of place; everything is perfectly placed where they should belong. PLUS, the monotony of this design perfectly balances off the keenly drawn dream catcher. Perfect.



65. Feminine and Chic Dream Catcher Tattoo

Simple and plain compared to other tattoo shown, yes. But when you decide to tone everything a little bit down and just let the small number of details and colours of the art be exposed, it’ll eventually come to surprise you that it appears more chic and feminine as you ever expect it to be. The brown and blue hues of this tattoo perfectly suit those who want to have a simple yet classic dream catcher tattoo.



66. Another arm accessory

It is amazing that a small tattoo has intricate details to it. This dream catcher arm tattoo is simple yet classy. Just look at how the feathers are nicely and intricately drawn, it is as if it gives life to the hand accessories and not the other way around.


67. Center Back Piece

Usually, in events and occasion, we really put something nice in tables as a centrepiece. Nothing really beats a fashionably placed centrepiece that really brings out the sophistication of the event. Well, same goes for our body and our tattoo ideas. The back area is the most common and the widest area to place an ink. And so, when deciding to go for some, this sophisticated tattoo is a great idea. It is light and simple, yet fashionable and voguish. dreamcatcher-tattoo-designs-65


68. A Luscious Dream Catcher Tattoo

Hmm, where do I begin? Okay, so this tattoo is not extraordinary nor is it unique and phenomenal. It is vivid and sensual in all angles, yes. But, what really drives me insane about this is the how the tattoo was perfectly placed — as if it was really in motion. With estate engineers or enthusiasts, they go to the “location, location, location.” What will you do with a nicely planted house in an inappropriate location?  Same with this tattoo, yes, it is good but what made this luscious is the fact that it is perfectly placed in a sensual spot.



69. A typical classic

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Again, less is more. What is lovely about this dream catcher tattoo is that is nicely and lightly drawn which really gives off a modest aura.



70. Of blues and hues

Truly, we cannot choose our family but we can indeed choose what our next tattoo will be. If you are aiming for that soft yet brave look, you can go for this dream catcher tattoo. The keen detail on how the feathers were drawn is the ultimate highlight of this idea. Just look how ornate the feathers look. It is as if you are looking at a real thing.



71. Funky Dream Catcher Rib Tattoo

Side tattoos are one of the safest spots to land a tattoo, especially to those seeking to be safe and daring at the same time. Rib tattoos are easy to cover yet ultimately daring if exposed.



72. Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo

PLACEMENT. IS. EVERYTHING. This dream catcher tattoo is not the most unique and most extraordinary dream catcher there is, yet the placing makes everything so fine and so sensual. The placing was so strategical it effortlessly brings out the luscious side in you.dreamcatcher-tattoo-designs-70



This extra bold and extra embossed dream catcher tattoo will surely bring out you brave alter ego that is sneaking inside of you for a long time already. What makes this tattoo a little bit more extra is that aside from the boldness of the shapes and lines, the colour and palette selection is a total feat.



74. Of flowers and lush

The flowers, feathers, even the choice of colours and beads are totally mesmerizing. This will ultimately bring out the lush in you. I’ve said it already but I’ll say it again. THE PLACING WAS THE TOTAL EPITOME OF FEAT IN THIS ART. Everything just blends together so well.



75. Wolves and Dreams

Peanut butter and jelly, sunny and Cher, bread and butter – the list goes on. The point is, everything stated can effortlessly stand on their own, however, when combined with relative elements, the mixture is just tasteful. Just this flawlessly drawn wolf and dreamcatcher tattoo combination, both just brings out the beauty of each other creating one beautiful masterpiece.



76. Piece by piece

Let’s focus our attention on the dream catcher tattoo nicely drawn on the right arm of this lady. Just look how the dream catcher, although standing alone, is standing out too. The good thing about this is that if you are aiming for that full arm sleeve tattoo in time,  you can liberally add piece after piece since dream catchers go well with almost anything and everything.



77. Colourfully Beautiful

Adding colour means adding life. Simple as that. Colour brings out that vibrant vibes that effortlessly lightens the mood of everyone. Plus, the colour choice of this one is on the brighter side, perfect for your lively character.



78. Faded yet striking

I don’t know if its the filter used but I just love how this dream catcher is faded. It’s light, monotoned, yet very striking at the same time.



79. Nonconformist Dream Catcher Tattoo

This is totally one of the favourites! Skin is indeed a great canvas for great arts. This dreamcatcher leg tattoo is one of the exhibits. This one right here not just showcased the skills of the tattoo artist but also gave highlight and great emphasis to the leg. It adds up more lush and life to the leg up.



80. Ordinary yet extraordinaire

This is just your typical and usual dream catcher design yet the way it was strategically placed in the neck area is what made it extraordinaire. Again, PLACEMENT. Location is everything. Even the simplest and most mundane things, when placed on something strategical become phenomenal.



81. Traditional Rib Dream Catcher Tattoo

Arts that are thought way out of the box are great, but nothing really beats a classic and traditional. This rib dream catcher tattoo has a great detail to a realistic dream catcher that you may confuse you with the real thing at a glance.



82. Simple, Striking, Strong

Who says plains are boring? Then those clearly haven’t seen this bare dream catcher tattoo. The plainness and austerity of this tattoo greatly showcased the femininity of this violet-haired lady. It shows that she can be soft yet bold at the same time.dreamcatcher-tattoo-designs-80


83. Perfectly Stirring thigh dream catcher tattoo

A perfectly symmetrical tattoo is always an eye candy. There is just a light and unexplainable satisfaction looking at this perfectly drawn tattoo.



84. Cute and Charming dream catcher tattoo

Smaller tattoos can be magnified with a simple yet striking design. I like how lightweight this ink idea can be. It is perfect for your wrist, it’s not too wild and crazy. It is just plain and simple and I guess that’s the whole highlight of this.



85. HIPster dream catcher tattoo

“I’m on tonight
My hips don’t lie and I am starting to feel you boy
Come on let’s go, real slow”

Truly, hips don’t lie. I’m not a dancer, not even close to one, but whenever I see this thigh dream catcher tattoo, I can’t help but shake my hips a little and dance to the beat of Shakira. This dream catcher tattoo is a little suggestive in a good way.



86. Shades and Shadows dream catcher tattoo

This may not be the prettiest or the coolest dream catcher tattoo there ever is, but this one has a personality.


87. #thuglife

This full arm dream catcher tattoo brings out the thug in you. If you are that someone who is bold, brave, and confident, then this one is for you.

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88. Shoulder Dream Catcher Tattoo

This dream catcher that firmly sits on the shoulder is a fantastic view to watch with the web perfectly encircling the shoulder blades and the feathers effortlessly flow in the arms.



89. Slowly fading dream catcher wrist tattoo

Dream big but wake up to actualize them. This slowly fading dream catcher tattoo is a good reminder that it’s good that you dream but you also have to wake up to make those come true.



90. Perfectly imperfect

Perfection is often boring and such logic is conveyed in this blast of colours exploding inside of the dreamcatcher.


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