The nose is located in the center of your face, give or take an inch. Therefore, you can use it to create effects with the help of piercings. Double nose piercings are ideal for all face types. What matters is to find the perfect combination between them. For example, if you have an oval face, then you can wear one piercing in each nostril because symmetry doesn’t make your face look wider. In case your face is particularly long, wearing a septum piercing isn’t a good idea because it will only elongate it more. For those of you with round faces, piercing both nostrils isn’t the best thing you can do to flatter your construction. A septum piercing would be a better fit because it distracts attention from the sides. Square faces are best decorated with upper nostril piercings, that can be double nose piercings or simple ones. As for the heart and the diamond shapes, the rules apply like in case of the oval face, respectively the round face. Edginess isn’t a concern, but wideness is.

The pain factor

The pain you will feel when piercing your nostrils or septum will be different from, let’s say, an earlobe piercing. All the nerve endings from your nose are connected to your eyes. In addition, the tissue isn’t soft. It is made of skin and cartilage, that is harder to pierce than an earlobe. When the piercer will insert the needle, you will feel an intense pinch and your eyes will water. Don’t be embarrassed thinking people see you cry because tears are completely normal and involuntary. If one piercing hurts too bad, then leave the double nose piercings idea for another time. Piercing is supposed to be pleasant, so don’t push yourself. Most of the pain will be gone in a few seconds, but your nose will still ache. It will be red and sore for another couple of days, so don’t despair! As for the septum piercing, this one is easier to perforate. However, the pain is similar.

The cleaning routine

You need saline water, antibacterial soap, some q-tips and maybe cotton swabs. If you are a particularly busy person, then you should buy saline water rather than making your own because you might forget. Cleaning your nose piercings at least twice per day is essential if you don’t want to look after an infection. Redness and swelling aren’t signs of infection. They are just the way your body reacts to having a foreign object inside it. Eventually, your body will accept it and it will start healing. That’s why you need to put a non-allergenic material in that hole to make sure the healing process will not be delayed. Keep makeup away from your nose for 3 months until the pores close. You don’t want clutter inside because buildup will lead to infections.

1. Double nose piercings in one nostril

Double Nose Piercing (1)

If the curve of your nose is wide enough, then you can wear two studs on the same side. People with round faces would like to avoid this pattern.

2. A ring and a stud in the same nostril

Double Nose Piercing (2)

3 months after the perforation, you can switch to other types of piercings, like the ring.

3. Quality 14 kt or 18 kt gold pieces

Double Nose Piercing (3)

The only types of gold wearable on open flesh are quality 14 kt or 18 kt gold pieces.

4. One piercing on each side

Double Nose Piercing (4)

As you can see, this girl’s face is oval, which means she can wear one piercing on each side. The other possible variants are septum and nostril and double septum.

5. Double nose piercings on long face

Double Nose Piercing (5)

This chick has a long face that looks more harmonious with two nostril piercings on each side of the nose.

6. Oval face with nasal ring and stud

Double Nose Piercing (6)

Just for the sake of diversity you can wear different shaped jewels for every nostril.

7. Infinity rings doubled on one side

Double Nose Piercing (7)

The beads are no longer necessary because infinity rings are here to replace them. If you don’t want to constantly hide a bead inside your nostril, go for infinity rings.

8. A jeweled ring and a simple one

Double Nose Piercing (8)

Wearing two jewels that look alike isn’t a requirement. You can combine them in any way you feel like it.

9. Stud and decorative ring for one nostril

Double Nose Piercing (9)

If you want to fit two jewels in one nostril, you have to choose small designs and thin rings.

10. Heart-shaped face corrected with nasal jewelry

Double Nose Piercing (10)

This gorgeous woman did a great job highlighting the center of her face with nose rings.

11. The Nasallang is for the brave

Double Nose Piercing (11)

The Nasallang isn’t exactly consisting of double nose piercings. It is a long, straight barbell that goes across the width of the nose. This type of piercing is for the brave only.

12. Rebel look with double rings

Double Nose Piercing (12)

Perforate your nostril twice, dye your ends green and there you have it, a rebel look!

13. Three is always a charm

Double Nose Piercing (13)

In order to balance her face, this beauty did well to add a septum piercing to her double nostril piercings.

14. Stylish with two tiny studs

Double Nose Piercing (14)

A stylish look can be obtained by wearing two tiny studs in each nostril.

15. Septum and nostril rings for a balanced face

Double Nose Piercing (15)

The septum piercing elongates the face, while the nostril one widens.

16. One nostril, two studs

Double Nose Piercing (16)

The portion of the nostril located closest to the center of the nose is thinner than the one towards the face. You might want to choose the order wisely.

17. Minuscule studs and a decorative septum jewel

Double Nose Piercing (17)

If you want to highlight just one nose piercings, you can wear tiny jewelry in your other holes.

18. A triple delight of piercings

Double Nose Piercing (18)

Gracefulness can be obtained with double nose piercings too, not to mention what you can do with a triple combo!

19. Jeweled studs and highly ornamented nose ring

Double Nose Piercing (20)

Classy and tasteful, the jeweled studs are a great choice as nostril piercings. They go very well combined with a septum jewelry that is highly decorated.

20. A colorful combo of 3

Double Nose Piercing (21)

Double nose piercings are nicely combined with a triple beaded septum jewel. All of them are colorful and send a happy message of joy.

21. Perfect combination for long and oval faces

Double Nose Piercing (22)

Those of you with long or oval face can wear this successful combination of a stud in one nostril and a ring in the other nostril.

22. Double rose gold adornments

Double Nose Piercing (23)

Two infinity rings in a row can’t mean more than double perfection in one place!

23. Nose piercings may match lip piercings

Double Nose Piercing (24)

If you want to take things to another level, it is time to find matching jewelry for all your piercings.

24. Septum and nasal rings in one place

Double Nose Piercing (25)

The horseshoe ring and the infinity ring are suited for both types of nasal piercings.

25. Create an X with two different sized nasal rings

Double Nose Piercing (26)

Although this model looks complicated, it is not. All you need is a larger ring placed in the second hole that can be moved over the other.

26. Bring a friend to create balance

Double Nose Piercing (27)

Her lip piercing is automatically drawing attention below her nose, distracting the eye from the width created by the two nose piercings.

27. The nose pyramid upside down

Double Nose Piercing (28)

If you virtually draw lines to connect her nose piercings, you will get a triangle, which is opposed to the natural nose pyramid.

28. A fresh nostril stud

Double Nose Piercing (29)

The piercing from her right nostril is fresh. It is red, inflamed and it probably hurts a little, but it will soon look as good as the other ones!

29. Two rings, no beads

Double Nose Piercing (30)

These hoops weren’t fashionable some time ago. These days, people wear them even if they aren’t practical.

30. A unique arrangement of nose piercings

Double Nose Piercing (31)

Thick and different colored, this girl’s jewels are placed in an unique combination. Kudos for her originality!

31. An oval face in perfect harmony

Double Nose Piercing (32)

Snake bites, double nose piercings and a septum piercing create a harmony that is impossible to break, especially on an all natural face.

32. Heart shaped face with studs in each side

Double Nose Piercing (33)

As you can see, the widest part of her face is that just above her nose studs. She could use a septum or a labret piercing to create the illusion of a longer face.

33. The modern hippie spirit

Double Nose Piercing (34)

The boho look or the modern hippie spirit is nicely captured by this girl’s style. She is sporting two one sided studs and a Medusa piercing.

34. Two on the side cut part

Double Nose Piercing (35)

Somehow the fact that she has a side cute on the same part where she also wears two nose piercings is balancing her entire figure.

35. Round face emphasized by central jewelry

Double Nose Piercing (36)

This is how a job well done looks like! That’s how people with round faces can wear one stud in each nostril; by also wearing a Medusa piercing and a septum piercing.

36. Green haired teen and her wide septum hoop

Double Nose Piercing (37)

Experimenting with all kinds of jewelry and piercing types is always a good idea. However, don’t forget to take scars into consideration!

37. Square shaped face and double nose piercings

Double Nose Piercing (38)

This girl is an example for everyone. A well done makeup and clean piercings look good on any face shape!

38. Cute pierced nose and edgy jaw

Double Nose Piercing (39)

This is another picture of the same girl. Diversity strikes again and we love it!

39. Silver jewels for nose and black for lips

Double Nose Piercing (40)

Although she has 3 nose piercings, she managed to highlight her lips by using a black colored barbell. Good job!

40. Teen boy has a thing for horseshoes

Double Nose Piercing (41)

This teen boy found a piercings combination of horseshoes that flatter his face and highlight his style.

41. Beauty with dreadlocks made the right choices

Double Nose Piercing (42)

Finding a way to match piercing type and location is not easy. This dreaded beauty did it, and so can you!

42. Infinity rings for each nostril

Double Nose Piercing (43)

Nose piercings don’t hurt as much as stretching your ears of having pieces of them cut off.

43. Piercings and the right attitude save the day

Double Nose Piercing (44)

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which face shape you have as long as you love your piercings.

44. Vertical labret and 3 nose piercings

Double Nose Piercing (45)

Is your face round? Here is an example of piercings combo that will not only flatter your face, but highlight its goodies as well!

45. Subtle nose studs for each nostril

Double Nose Piercing (46)

Strident makeup could sometimes get in the way of flashy jewelry. That’s why it is recommended to wear subtle studs when you use a lot of makeup.

46. Suave blonde stunning with nose rings

Double Nose Piercing (47)

This piercings combo is ideal for an oval face. Her lipstick is also a great choice for contrast!

47. Careful to not virtually divide your face

Double Nose Piercing (48)

Her eyes, piercings and lips create three points of interest. Her piercings are the less colored ones, which means they may have a virtual division effect for her face.

48. Always look for balance

Double Nose Piercing (49)

Try to balance colors and jewels when you wear double nose piercings. She is a good example!

49. Find an idea an stick with it

Double Nose Piercing (50)

A soon as you find an ideal combination, stick with it! It can’t get any better than that!

50. Silver jewels work with smokey eyes

Double Nose Piercing (51)

Silver jewels blend well with one’s face, making smokey eyes an acceptable makeup option.

51. Large eyeglasses and nose studs

Double Nose Piercing (52)

In case you’re wearing large eyeglasses, you have to be careful with the size of the chosen nose jewelry.

52. Natural look with nose studs

Double Nose Piercing (53)

Nose studs are discreet enough to go with a natural look.

53. Upper nostril studs and a jeweled septum

Processed with VSCOcam

Longer noses have the benefit of being fit for upper piercings. There are more complicated than the nostril ones, but they totally worth the effort, as you can see above!

54. Flat beads for the nose

Double Nose Piercing (55)

Flat beads can be considered a novelty. Numerous piercing lovers wear them and combine them!

55. Tiny studs and a curved barbell

Double Nose Piercing (56)

Few people wear curved barbells in their septums. However, they look adorable parallel to the tiny nose studs.

56. Aligned studs and septum ring on heart shaped face

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

She knew what she was doing when she went for this combination!

57. Double nose piercings on alt chick

Double Nose Piercing (58)

Purple hair and double nose piercings are what you need to be instantly classified as an alt chick!

58. Piercings for a spiritual journey

Double Nose Piercing (59)

Her nose piercings are part of a bigger picture that talks about this girl’s spirituality.

59. Different sized nose studs for each nostril

Double Nose Piercing (60)

Not everything has to be neat and match. You can experiment with colors and sizes!

60. Beautifully framed square shaped face

Double Nose Piercing (61)

Piercing her nose and no other part of her face was a good idea for this redhead. Her face is shaped like a square, so the combo she opted for only flatters her.

61. Close view of double nose rings

Double Nose Piercing (62)

Healed and clean, this is how double nose rings look like close up.

62. Large beads set proportions right

Double Nose Piercing (63)

Extra-large beads can make your nose look smaller and extra-small beads can make your nose look bigger than it actually is.

63. Nose studs and tear drop septum jewel

Double Nose Piercing (64)

The tear drop septum jewel is the centerpiece of her face. The shape of her glasses is just right as well!

64. Creepy look with double nose rings and contacts

Double Nose Piercing (65)

This girl’s double nose rings aren’t creepy at all, but her contact lenses are!

65. Natural beauty with double nose rings

Double Nose Piercing (66)

This girl is naturally graceful, fact which makes her piercings just as graceful and stylish.

66. A row of two nose perforations

Double Nose Piercing (67)

One sided piercings aren’t bad if there’s something counterbalancing the effect, like her bangs.

67. Septum crown as centerpiece

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

In this picture she is too far off to see her other nose piercings, but it is clear that her centerpiece is the septum crown.

68. Slightly unbalanced long face

Double Nose Piercing (69)

The nose ring she’s wearing is dragging the attention towards her lips, creating a slight unbalance.

69. Fashionable goddess with nose studs

Double Nose Piercing (70)

Golden piercings, hued hair and nose studs give her a goddess-like look.

70. A multitude of nose and lip piercings

Double Nose Piercing (71)

Forget about double nose piercings. This girl has no less than 4!

71. The popular combo strikes again

Double Nose Piercing (72)

I think it is safe to state that this combo is the most popular and most inspired at the moment.

72. The second best combo

Double Nose Piercing (73)

This is the second best combo because it contains the vertical labret that has the role of elongating the face.

73. The best combo allows you to wear eyeglasses

Double Nose Piercing (74)

There is no conflict between eyeglasses and the most popular nose piercings combo.

74. Double nose piercings for men

Double Nose Piercing (78)

Men have wider nostrils, so they can wear an upper stud and a normal nostril ring on the same side.

75. Jeweled studs add more shine

Double Nose Piercing (79)

Jeweled studs reflect light, so they add a nice shine to a girl’s face.

76. Discreet jewels blend with your face’s color

Double Nose Piercing (80)

Discreet jewels don’t stand out unless someone is close enough to you in order to see them.

77. Thin and tiny don’t attract attention

Double Nose Piercing (81)

If you want to keep a low profile, but still enjoy piercings at the same time, you can go for thin and tiny.

78. Double nose piercings and a Medusa stud

Double Nose Piercing (82)

Her round face wouldn’t have looked good without the Medusa stud in her lips.

79. Dark lipstick draws attention away from the nose piercings

Double Nose Piercing (83)

80. Bangs counterbalance pierced nostrils

Double Nose Piercing (84)

As a purely aesthetic observation, those girls and guys who wear bangs on the opposite side of the pierced nostril obtain a sort of inexplicable balance that looks more than great!

81. Silver ring and black ring in one nostril

Double Nose Piercing (85)

You are free to combine silver with black rings in one nostril. Also, you can play with other colors. You can find a wide variety of nose rings online and in shops that you can match and wear together.

82. Over sized septum jewelry

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Her septum jewelry is over sized but that is okay because she is making a fashion statement. Otherwise, it would not be comfortable to wear day by day or even healthy for her septum hole. She kept the double nose piercings simple.

83. Three types of jewels in one nose

Double Nose Piercing (87)

If you want one of each, this is how you get to wear them!

84. One jewel type for three nose locations

Double Nose Piercing (88)

You can decorate your nose with different shaped jewels.

85. Discreet and fitted nose jewels

Double Nose Piercing (89)

Her choice in nose jewels is discreet and fitted to the shape of her nose.

86. Goth girls counting on beads

Double Nose Piercing (90)

This goth girl has only opted for beaded piercings to accessorize her nose.

87. Stylish and feminine jewelry

Double Nose Piercing (91)

If you go for simple and discreet, you can’t miss.

88. Double nose piercings times two

Double Nose Piercing (92)

Two pairs of double nose piercings on one pretty face look like this.

89. Tiny studs side by side

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Girly chicks who don’t want the badass effect of certain piercings, can find this look appealing!

90. Natural redhead with two nostril rings

Double Nose Piercing (94)

Piercings look great on both natural faces and those covered with makeup. The beauty of a piercing or two is also determined by the wearer’s attitude. Overall, two nose piercings or even three have a guaranteed success when it comes to balancing any face shape. This look is totally worth the sacrifice!

Pay for professional services

How much is it to get your nose pierced? Double nose piercings will cost you twice as much and the prices for each might not be equal. Some piercing shops ask more for a septum piercing and less for a nostril piercing. Also, some of them have special offers like $5 less for the second piercing done in one sitting. The prices range between $30 and $80 with or without the initial jewelry included. If you think you can get a better price, you can bring your own nose stud or ring if all the requirements are met. By requirements I mean the right material, namely surgical steel, niobium, glass or pyrex, bio-flex or PTFE, and the right size. Paying for quality services is highly important. I had a piercer doing a nostril piercing the wrong way, meaning not a straight hole, but a diagonal one that didn’t heal and I had to take it out. So, don’t play with your health! Happy piercing!