Why settle for one lip piercing when you can have double lip piercings? Unless you are not obsessed by symmetry or you have a lip piercing situated in the middle of your lip, you can easily go for the double trouble! Monroe piercings often go very well together with double lower lip piercings. In fact, there are a ton of combinations that can make you look not only original, but also sensual and appealing to other people. Among these combinations are snake bites, spider bites, dolphin bites, cyber bites, canine bites, dahlia bites and others.

The pain factor

Double lip piercings will not hurt more than a regular lip piercing unless you get them both in one sitting. Other than that, they are situated at a scale of 3 out of 5. This means that since the lip is a very sensitive area of the body, it will sting and it will swell. However, the numbness or the discomfort feelings will not last for long. In fact, this type of piercing heals a lot faster than other piercings that are on the skin’s surface. You should be fine in maximum 3 months. Remember to keep the original piercing inside for at least one month to avoid infection.

The cleaning routine

Most of the double lip piercings patterns involve the perforation of the lip. In other words, the needle goes in and out the lip. So, these piercings will be both oral and normal piercings. Therefore, cleaning your mouth and caring for the exterior of your piercings are necessary. In order to clean your mouth, you need to regularly wash your teeth, use alcohol-free mouthwash and not eat spicy foods. For the exterior care, you’ll need saline solution and cotton pads. There will be buildup, so you’ll have to take your time to soak that and remove it afterwards.

1. Medusa and vertical labret


double lip piercing (1)

Not a typical double lip piercings combination, this one consists of a Medusa piercing, which is the one in the upper lip and a vertical labret, which is the one from the lower lip.

2. Obtain the double effect

double lip piercing (3)

If you wear a twisted jewel in your lower lip, you can create the impression that you actually have more than one.

3. Horseshoe jewel in the lower lip

double lip piercing (4)

Don’t be fooled by this lip piercing! Although you see two beads, there is only one perforation in that lip!

4. Spider bites with different jewels

double lip piercing (5)

Sporting one stud and one ring, this blonde girl is rocking her spider bites!

5. Shark bites for a fierce lady

double lip piercing (6)

The shark bites aren’t double lip piercings, but double, double lip piercings! She has no less than four piercings in her lower lip. How courageous!

6. Snake bites view from inside the mouth

double lip piercing (7)

This is how the interior of the lip looks like when you pierce it. As you can see, she only has one fresh one. The other one is healed.

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7. Spider bites with enclosed bead rings


Placed side by side, these two rings are the perfect example of double lip piercings. They look different on every individual because we all have different lip shapes.

8. Snake bites adorned with tiny stars

double lip piercing (9)

If you don’t like rings or simple beads, you can look for fun shapes like these stars!

9. Black is a fun piercing color

double lip piercing (10)

Silver beads are not your thing? No problem! Opt for double lip piercings with black beads for a more interesting look.

10. Double vertical labrets with blue stones

double lip piercing (11)

Monochrome is not a requirement when it comes to jewelry for the lip. There are basically no rules as long as the jewel is not uncomfortable or harming your lip due to weight or other factors.

11. Subtle infinity rings as snake bites

double lip piercing (12)

The color of these rings is really close to the color of her lips. This makes them look subtle, yet appealing and enticing.

12. Horseshoe rings for a rock star look

double lip piercing (13)

The wackier, more obvious a piercing is, the more it suits a rock star. Do you want to feel like one? Try this girl’s idea!

13. Three beads, two piercings

double lip piercing (14)

The beauty of the vertical labret is that you can see both beads. Usually, one can only see one side of a piercing when it comes to oral piercings.

14. The illusion of two

double lip piercing (15)

As I was saying, the vertical labret is one tricky lip piercing. You could count it as double lip piercings, but it’s just one.

15. Accessories for your lower lip

double lip piercing (17)

Why wear lipstick and don’t throw in a jewelry or two? Double lip piercings definitely have their charm, with or without lipstick.

16. Twisted golden rings as dolphin bites

double lip piercing (18)

The placement of these rings means the chosen pattern is dolphin bites. All the placements of lip piercings have a particular name.

17. Try some fake rings first

double lip piercing (19)

If you’re not sure whether you want snake bites or not, buy some fake rings and try them out. It’s important to obtain the desired look and to also feel comfortable with your choice.

18. Simple studs in the lower lip

double lip piercing (20)

Keep it simple at first! As soon as your lip is healed, you can change jewelry anytime you want!

19. A creative placement

double lip piercing (21)

These are nothing but two regular rings that were crossed. Creativity can take you a long way, piercings included!

20. Choose the right size

double lip piercing (22)

If you pierce your lip twice in the same day, it will swell. So, you’ll have to opt for larger rings than you actually need.

21. Purple marks are normal

double lip piercing (24)

The purple marks that you see in this picture are actually from a marker. The piercing technician will mark the exact spot where you want the jewelry to go in and then pierce the area. The color will wash away.

22. Nicely healed spider bites

double lip piercing (25)

Spider bites are located either on the right side of the lower lip or on the left side. Regardless of the side, they are called the same. This set is nicely healed!

23. Vertical labret for men

double lip piercing (26)

Men generally have thicker skin than women, so piercings will hurt them a pinch more. The jewelry for men is usually larger as well.

24. Horseshoe ring and captive bead ring

double lip piercing (27)

This gal chose double lip piercings and double eyebrow piercings. She mixed up the jewelry for the piercings situated in her lower lip.

25. Double vertical labrets

double lip piercing (28)

This is among the most unusual double lower lip ideas. She is sporting two vertical labrets that are larger than recommended.

26. Snake bites and pink lips

double lip piercing (29)

An issue that is not addressed enough is makeup vs. piercings. Unless your flesh is fully healed, you shouldn’t put makeup anyway near your piercing.

27. Eye-catching lip effect

double lip piercing (30)

Two silver rings and red lipstick that is so bright will guarantee an eye-catching effect. You will most definitely turn heads!

28. Lip gloss vs. lip piercings

double lip piercing (31)

Lip gloss is part of the makeup products category, so you’ll have to avoid this one too until your holes are healed.

29. Spider bites with studs

double lip piercing (32)

Studs are more comfortable than rings. However, you can wear both in order to obtain different effects!

30. Healthy piercings look best

double lip piercing (33)

Piercings are an accessory and they are definitely related to looks more than anything else. However, healthy piercings tend to look way better! Here is an example!

31. Slightly higher dolphin bites

double lip piercing (34)

This arrangement of piercings is not a standard one. As you can see, the jewelry’s entry points are situated in the lip, not under it. They look like dolphin bites, but they aren’t really dolphin bites.

32. Stand-out black lip rings

Young beautiful redhair woman portrait staring at camera

Choosing such dark color as black, will make your jewelry stand out more. Her eyes and lip rings are definitely in foreground.

33. A horizontal labret

double lip piercing (36)

This type of lip piercing isn’t actually a double lip piercing and it is risky. Because it goes under the skin, not through it, your body might reject it.

34. Medusa meets the labret

double lip piercing (37)

Following a straight line, this piercing arrangement looks well-thought and pretty too! The one from the upper lip is called Medusa and the other one is a vertical labret.

35. Classic snake bites arrangement

double lip piercing (38)

When piercings are fresh, it is ideal to wear rings because you can clean them better. Moving the piercing inside the hole might be painful, but it makes cleaning easier.

36. Pick your favorite color

double lip piercing (39)

You are going to wear the same jewelry for a few months until the wound is healed, so choose a color that you really like!

37. Spider bites on a charming girl

double lip piercing (40)

Red and black characterize this girl. You can find a combination that flatters you as well!

38. Horseshoe rings for an enhanced effect

Nahaufnahme einer Lippe von einer Frau mit Piercing | close up from a lip of a woman with piercing

The larger and darker you jewels are, the more they will stand out.

39. Fresh piercings aren’t pretty

double lip piercing (42)

Don’t get scared by this image! Fresh piercings are never pretty because the skin is inflamed and red. However, that’s totally normal and it will go away in a few days.

40. Fit, not tight!

double lip piercing (43)

Double lip piercings don’t have to match, but they have to fit. Choose jewels wisely, but don’t change them before the holes are healed!

41. Embellish the corner of your mouth

double lip piercing (44)

Putting a ring on your lip is like putting a ring on your finger. They both have an embellishing effect!

42. Double centered lip piercings

double lip piercing (45)

Another less seen piercing arrangement, this one consists of two central piercings. The rings are thin and tasteful.

43. Spider bites with green stones

double lip piercing (46)

Finding colored beads filled with precious stones or other materials is really easy and not expensive at all!

44. A closeup of a double lip piercing

Nahaufnahme einer Lippe von einer Frau mit Piercing | close up from a lip of a woman with piercing

In case you forgot the after piercing look, find it again and compare it with this image!

45. Simple labret plus horizontal labret

double lip piercing (48)

Here is another less practiced idea for piercing your lip twice!

46. One piercing with a double effect


double lip piercing (50)

Horseshoe rings placed like this may create the effect of a double piercing.

47. Holes tighten on thin rings

double lip piercing (51)

The gauge of the piercing is really important. This is because the hole will tighten around a thin ring and you won’t be able to wear thicker rings without inserting them forcefully and enduring pain.

48. Centered labrets version 2

double lip piercing (52)

These two labrets look awesome in silver too!

49. Golden centered rings as labrets

double lip piercing (53)

These two have more space between them. Which version do you like best?

50. One hole, two beads


double lip piercing (55)

The horseshoe ring is highly appreciated as a lip piercing.

51. A perfectly centered labret

double lip piercing (56)

This was the first type of lip piercing that I ever got! I loved it and kept it for more than 15 years! It consists of one pierced hole, right below the lower lip and it isn’t painful at all!

52. One ring for every corner

double lip piercing (57)

Rings aren’t uncomfortable. You can eat, kiss and speak normally even if you are not used with the feeling of having them at first.

53. Vertical labret looks

double lip piercing (58)

A Medusa piercing and a vertical labret are situated on the same virtual line. This makes your face look longer and attracts the attention towards the center of your face.

54. Deep horizontal labret

double lip piercing (59)

A horizontal labret is risky because it goes inside your lip and the tissue takes longer to heal. In some unfortunate cases, the body feels a foreign object and tries to push it out.

55. Infinity rings are an option too

double lip piercing (60)

This jewel is called infinity ring because it doesn’t need a bead or more to close. It closes and looks like it has no beginning or end.

56. Healed horizontal labret

double lip piercing (61)

This is how nice a healed horizontal labret looks like. It fits in her lip perfectly, reducing the chance of unfortunate accidents.

57. Different sized beads are an option too

double lip piercing (62)

Wearing a standard piercing jewel is not a must. You can play with sizes and shapes, as well as colors and materials. Put your creativity at work at obtain great results!

58. A theatrical look with piercings

double lip piercing (63)

Piercings will not get in the way of obtaining any kind of look you want. You just have to be careful with them in the first months.

59. Monroe meets labret

double lip piercing (64)

A Monroe piercing can be matched with other lip piercings. A simple labret piercing is always a good start.

60. A pierced person, is a happy person

double lip piercing (65)

After the pain goes away, you will most probably be a very happy person!

61. Sensual lips accessorized with a horseshoe ring

double lip piercing (66)

Regardless of your lips shape, accessorizing them with a piercing will make them look more sensual and more eye-catching.

62. Horizontal labret doesn’t look straight

double lip piercing (67)

Pick a professional piercing technician if you want your piercings to look flawless. This one isn’t perfectly straight.

63. Small beads for less attention

double lip piercing (68)

Small beads blend better with the ring and attract less attention.

64. Simple barbells for your lower lip

double lip piercing (69)

Simple barbells are also recommended as starter jewelry.

65. Twisted rings for lower lips

double lip piercing (70)

Twisted rings are larger and considered more interesting by piercing wearers. Do you like this look?

66. Snake bites with style

double lip piercing (71)

Snake bites can look different on others than on you. Your style defines your overall look.

67. The beauty of simple barbells

double lip piercing (72)

Simple barbells look beautiful, especially on a well-maintained face.

68. A mix of three

double lip piercing (73)

Triple lip piercings are also a possibility. The labret situated in between is the most common lip piercing type.

69. Spider bites define lips

double lip piercing (74)

Because they are located under the lip’s edge, spider bites have a role of definition as well.

70. Perfectly defined lips and snake bites

double lip piercing (75)

Perfect makeup and snake bites are a good combination unless the piercings aren’t healed.

71. Use Photoshop before making a decision

double lip piercing (76)

Take a picture of your lips and edit it with Photoshop. You can add all kinds of piercings in every area you want just to see how it looks. This is a very important step if you have doubts.

72. Triple studs in man’s lip

double lip piercing (77)

This guy didn’t choose an easy way! He got three lower lip piercings that look quite painful! Do you like his idea?

73. The labret between the labrets

double lip piercing (78)

This example shows how well you can combine the same type of lip piercing, but make it look different. This fresh perspective over labrets is very appealing, don’t you think?

74. Horseshoe rings with different sized beads

double lip piercing (79)

The effects you can create with different jewels are endless! Making a small change as switching the size of the beads can have a serious effect when it comes to variety!

75. Alternative girl with double lip piercings


double lip piercing (80)

There is a misconception about alternative girls and piercings. Piercings are not only for alternative girls. They look gorgeous on any type of girl. An alternative girl can look amazing without piercings as well. It’s all about personal preferences.

76. Innocent cuteness with piercings

double lip piercing (81)

Snake bites can enhance a person’s cuteness. They aren’t supposed to make anyone look fierce, but they can do that too!

77. A spike, a stud and two infinity rings

double lip piercing (82)

When the double lip piercings train is long gone and you have four, you can mix them up like this!

78. Ignore the wrong marks

double lip piercing (83)

Marks are meant to give you an idea of you’d look with piercings in those exact spots and to help the piercer do his or her job correctly.

79. Twisted horseshoe ring looks like two piercings

double lip piercing (84)

It is this simple to make it look like you have two lip piercings! Just use a twisted horseshoe ring large enough to fit in the right places.

80. Large beads as snake bites

double lip piercing (85)

Over sized beads have their well-defined purpose too! Here is one very explicit example of what they can do.

81. Bead in, bead out

double lip piercing (86)

Your enclosed bead rings will turn inside out without you knowing it. There is no reason to stress about that aspect. They look amazing anyway!

82. Put your snake bites undercover

double lip piercing (87)

The fact that this chick is wearing two different types of jewelry in the same corner of the mouth makes it look like she doesn’t have snake bites because those usually match. However, she does have snake bites.

83. Youngster with snake bites

double lip piercing (88)

Make sure you obtain permission from your parents before you get pierced. Most professional parlors require the presence of a parent in the shop if you are not old enough.

84. Dark look with a vertical labret

double lip piercing (89)

Vertical labrets can look perfectly innocent or dark. It all depends on your personal style! I really like hers!

85. Funky, sporty and cool!

double lip piercing (90)

Going from dark to funky, sporty and cool won’t change the piercings types or jewelry. It’s all about your attitude and your style!

86. An addition for a girly girl

double lip piercing (91)

Girly girls can opt for double lip piercings too! They won’t loose their charm or cuteness with just one extra jewel!

87. Combine and wear happily

double lip piercing (92)

Cyber bites and a corner labret work well together too! Combine and wear piercings as you please! Ultimately, you’re the only one who has to like them! Did you find any combination that you like yet? Do you have a better idea? If so, you can share it in the comments! Everyone would be happy to hear it!

88. Blue hair, flesh tunnels and lip piercing

double lip piercing (93)

This girl’s look is complete. Her hair, other piercings and accessories have a sweet vibe! Her vertical labret piercing looks awesome and well-cared for! That’s what you should aim for!

89. A kissable set of lips

double lip piercing (94)

The vertical labret will not stand in the way of kissing. Besides actually feeling it, your partner will not speak of any discomfort! He or she should be careful with biting it though!

90. A mysterious look with snake bites

double lip piercing (95)

This girl looks mysterious with her snake bite piercings! She also looks sweet thanks to her heart-shaped necklace. This means you can’t judge a person by his or her piercings!

Pay for professional services

If you’re going for the double lip piercings at once, then you’ll have to expect costs up to 120$. Most professional parlors offer discounts for two piercings, but don’t try to bargain as quality is more important than money. Your choice in jewelry has to be compatible with the pierced areas and they have to meet certain characteristics, such as being non-allergenic. You can discuss all the aspects with the piercing technician and make an appointment only if you are pleased. Happy piercing!