There are not enough pictures to satisfy your curiosity about double lip piercings? No problem! Here is part two of an article that brings not only inspirational ideas, but also useful information for you. If you want double lip piercings, then you have to be prepared. You can be as lucky as wearing your dream jewelry from the first minute and enjoy it until your tissue is ready to diversify. Double lip piercing aren’t only about symmetry. You’ll see that you can mix them up in ways that you didn’t think of or ways which you didn’t think would actually look good. Well, let’s see first what you should expect in terms of pain and cleaning routine before we proceed to gazing at beautiful pierced girls!

The pain factor

As you’ve probably heard before, lip piercing aren’t painful. Even a sensitive person can go through this experience without freaking out. However, if you want double lip piercings and you know you’re sensitive, you can divide the session in two and get them one by one. This is the best solution that will not cost you more, but less in terms of pain. There’s no need to put your body through trauma as long as you’re patient enough to wait between sessions. If you already have one lip piercing, you can easily double it in one sitting. Expect a maximum 5 level of pain.

The cleaning routine

Lip piercings are a little different from other types of surface piercings. This is because the cleaning has to be done in two different ways. One involves the mouth and the other one the skin. So, taking care of the hole inside the mouth can be done with mouthwash that is alcohol free. The outside tissue can be treated with salt water and cotton swabs. Makeup has to be avoided for a good month or more and so does spicy food. These are the main guidelines a person with lip piercings has to follow. If you heal fast, you won’t have to go through this process for too long.

1. Angel bites on an angelic face

bite piercing (1)

Angel bites are positioned on the upper lip, above the mouth’s corners. They can look very chic and angelic too if placed and cared for properly.

2. Angel bites on a pink haired doll

bite piercing (1)

Angel bites work just as well for girl who have an alternative look. There’s something chic and romantic about every girl, not just girly girls.

3. Double Dahlia bites for an impressive look

bite piercing (2)

I have to admit that her piercings are a little confusing. Those closest to her lips are definitely Dahlia bites, but the other row could be cheek piercings. Double Dahlia bites or not, she looks amazing and impressive, if not a little shocking too. Here’s the wow factor!

4. Cyber bites and Dahlia bites in one place

bite piercing (3)

This beautiful brunette took double lip piercings to a whole new level. She has 4 perforations in her lips. Do you think this is too much or is it the type of look you’re aiming for? Do you like the color combinations?

5. Angel bites on a pretty teen

bite piercing (4)

Seeing the way angel bites look on this pretty teen could help you determine whether or not you’d look good with them. It’s always easy to take a selfie and draw some piercings on your face just be sure.

6. Two types of labrets for lips

bite piercing (5)

A vertical labret and an upper lip labret combined result in a great double lip piercings idea. The look is clean and you might give the impression you’re actually wearing three piercings.

7. Angel bites on a tattooed chick

bite piercing (6)

Framing your lips can be easily done with angel bites. This tattooed chick has pretty defined lips that are nicely framed and highlighted by her choice in jewelry.

8. Upper and lower lip labrets

bite piercing (7)

If you want to keep things really simple, you can opt for an upper lip labret and a lower lip labret. They are mildly painful, heal fast and confer you a more interesting look for sure!

9. Dahlia bites on an angelic face

bite piercing (8)

Innocent looking ladies out there! You can afford to wear Dahlia bites if you really want to. See how great they look on this blonde with an angelic face. You can pull this look off too!

10. Snake bites and labrets

bite piercing (9)

Double lip piercings usually come in pairs. This applies for the pattern chosen by this girl too. She has two pairs of piercings: snake bites and upper and lower labrets.

11. Canine bites on a pretty face

bite piercing (10)

Do not be fooled by the lower lip’s rings. This is actually a pattern called canine bites, which involves the penetration of the lip in four places; two on the upper lip and another two on the lower lip.

12. Angel bites and cheek piercings

bite piercing (11)

Unlike the previous image, this brunette is clearly sporting cheek piercings and angel bites. The second set of piercings is too far placed to be considered Dahlia bites.

13. Angel bites and lovely lips

bite piercing (12)

Double lip piercings will draw attention to your lips, so make sure that’s something you want. Not everybody is blessed with such pretty lips as this girl! See how her jewelry is all different?

14. Vertical labret and upper labret

bite piercing (13)

When you decide to get piercings you don’t have to know how they’re called. However, if you like one certain model, it is easier to know the denomination if you want to look further examples.

15. Angel bites with black jewelry


Wearing black jewelry on a pale face is also a good idea if you’re aiming for contrast. Your piercings will pop out and everyone will get a chance to admire them and even compliment you.

16. Canine bites on a pink goddess

bite piercing (15)

The concept of goddess is too abstract nowadays. This chick has an amazing style with her canine bites and pink hair. She is a true goddess thanks to her confidence and style, and why not inspiration for others.

17. Double lip piercings placed vertically

bite piercing (16)

This blue haired beauty aimed for the visual effect of a longer face, so she only got piercings positioned in the middle of her face, following a central, vertical line.

18. Black angel bites and red lips

bite piercing (17)

If you’re aiming for a classical look, but you’re not really into Monroe piercings, then you can get angel bites and combine them with red lipstick.

19. Elongate your face with double lip piercings

bite piercing (18)

This is another example of the same face elongation pattern. The results are guaranteed. It would be great if you’d also get the bridge piercing to enjoy the full effect.

20. Angel bites and eyeglasses

bite piercing (19)

You have to keep in mind that eyeglasses are also an accessory, so they have to match all your face piercings. This girl made all the right choices with her angel bites and her eyeglasses.

21. Dahlia Bites or almost cheek piercings

bite piercing (20)

The thing with Dahlia bites is that if they are placed too far away from the lips, they might look like cheek piercings. However, the pain is less if you pierce thinner tissue.

22. Same sized Dahlia bites jewelry

bite piercing (21)

Dahlia bites are the type of double lip piercings that require same sized jewelry. They aren’t as versatile as other piercings when it comes to jewelry. If the beads were sized differently, there would be a serious lack of balance on your face.

23. Angel bites on a natural face

bite piercing (22)

Until your lip is fully healed, you will have to get used with your all natural face because makeup is forbidden. Of course, unless you don’t want any infection!

24. Standard lip piercings

bite piercing (23)

The upper and the lower labret are standard lip piercings. They become more interesting when they team up to create double lip piercings.

25. Canine bites and snake bites

bite piercing (24)

This beautiful being has no less than 6 lip piercings. Those with studs are canine bites and the other ones are snake bites.

26. Tomboy look with angel bites

bite piercing (25)

Not only girly girls look good with angel bites. For all you tomboy like girls, here’s how great angel bites mix with your style!

27. Angel bites and purple beads

bite piercing (26)

You can pick virtually any color that you like for your lip jewelry. The offer is really varied nowadays, so pick what you like and wear it with pride!

28. Dark beauty with angel bites

bite piercing (27)

Girly, dark, hippie or whichever your style is, you can rely on angel bites to complete your look.

29. Pastel colors blend with silver studs

bite piercing (28)

There is a match between pastel colors and silver studs. This girl has a photo that proves it!

30. Angel bites without the cigarette

bite piercing (29)

Smoking during the healing period is not recommended. This is because cigarettes may contribute to an unwanted blood flow. In other words, the wound from inside of your mouth will close slower.

31. Flat beads as angel bites

bite piercing (30)

As you can see, 10 people with angel bites look nothing alike. Your style is the one defining your image even if you have identical piercings with other person.

32. Angel bites on Ariel

bite piercing (31)

Redheaded girls may create a modern Ariel look with canine bites.

33. Pin up girl wears angel bites

bite piercing (32)

Angel bites and Dahlia bites are the most popular double lip piercings worn by girls these days.

34. Dahlia bites and lipstick

bite piercing (33)

Keep in mind that unless they are healed, Dahlia bites shouldn’t be in direct contact with lipstick.

35. Canine bites with different jewels

bite piercing (34)

Horseshoe rings and studs may be combined in order to get different looks. Canine bites don’t require studs only.

36. Simple piercings on a sophisticated girl

bite piercing (35)

This sophisticated, stylish and beautiful girl opted for simple piercings. Sometimes going simple means that you cannot go wrong.

37. Simple and centered double lip piercings

bite piercing (36)

This is another example of simple going right.

38. Multiple piercings and discreet jewelry

bite piercing (37)

When you have multiple piercings and you want to keep looking stylish, you can opt for small jewelry.

39. Emo girl with angel bites

bite piercing (38)

If half your face is covered by hair, you should definitely get double lip piercings because they will definitely draw attention to you.

40. Dahlia piercings and nothing more

bite piercing (39)

Lip piercings are fit for beginners due to a low level of pain and fast healing. This girl chose right!

41. Spikes as angel bites

bite piercing (40)

Spikes are really comfortable when it comes to kissing, but they do look fierce!

42. Tiny Dahlia bites for less attention

bite piercing (41)

This picture is about eyes and hair, so the piercings weren’t supposed to be flashy.

43. A centerpiece made of jewelry

bite piercing (42)

Four piercings brought together will draw attention to themselves and take it away from your other features like eyes.

44. A combination of black and pink

bite piercing (43)

Black goes with anything, so opting for black jewelry was an inspired choice for this cutie.

45. Angel bites and their effect on teeth

bite piercing (44)

Regardless if you want it or not, the jewelry will touch your teeth and contribute to their deterioration in time. As long as you’re not planning on wearing them for too many years, you’re safe.

46. A simple smile becomes more

bite piercing (45)

A simple smile will animate your angel bites like in this picture!

47. Eyeglasses versus angel bites

bite piercing (46)

Thick eyeglasses go well together with angel bites. Just remember to make sure the materials fit or at least match together if you choose this combo.

48. Perfectly defined lips and double lip piercings

bite piercing (47)

The thing with red lipstick and double lip piercings is tricky sometimes. If you want perfect definition, you have to carefully draw the lines. Any flaw will be 10 times more visible due to the piercings.

49. Glossy moisture for pierced lips

bite piercing (48)

Try to use coconut oil on your lips until they are healed. Don’t use any chemicals around the wounded areas. Look how appealing lips may look with oil only!

50. Double lip piercings and a generous cleavage

bite piercing (49)

This girl is one stylish person who combines accessories just right.

51. A triple piercing combo

bite piercing (50)

Dahlia bites and a labret form a triple lip piercing.

52. Beautifully healed angel bites

bite piercing (51)

This is a closeup image of how good angel bites look when healed.

53. Two labret piercings

bite piercing (52)

The combo of two labret piercings situated in the center of both lips is highly appreciated.

54. Double lip labrets with crystals

bite piercing (53)

If you are courageous enough, you can add some extra shine!

55. Double lip labrets with no shine

bite piercing (54)

Going simple is always an option you cannot fail with.

56. Redness in labret piercings

bite piercing (55)

Redness in labret piercings is totally normal for up to 1 week.

57. A classic and colored combo

bite piercing (56)

One or both jewels may have different colors than the boring silver.

58. Black jewels as labret piercings

bite piercing (57)

Black is the second most popular color used for piercing jewelry.

59. Canine bites and black jewelry

bite piercing (58)

Although canine bites include 4 piercings and black is a highly contrasting color, this girl made it work for her, so you can too if that’s what you want.

60. A sample of Dahlia bites

bite piercing (59)

If you’re not sure how you’d look with Dahlia piercings, you can take a photo of yourself and add some beads like the ones from the image above.

61. Real Dahlia bites

bite piercing (60)

As you can see there isn’t much of a difference between the image above and this one.

62. Large beads and Dahlia bites

bite piercing (61)

The choice in size is up to you.

63. Slightly further Dahlia bites

bite piercing (63)

These double lip piercings are placed slightly further from the end of the lips.

64. Canine bites and a septum piercing

bite piercing (66)

When you pierce your lip 4 times, you have to consider if they match your other face piercings.

65. Great style and angel bites

bite piercing (67)

This girl is fashionable, modern and pierced! Lovely!

66. Blinky jewels and opulent lipstick

bite piercing (68)

Shiny beads and an opulent lipstick color are the perfect combination for a photo shoot or a party.

67. Dahlia bites in gold

bite piercing (69)

Gold is not such a popular color in face piercings, but some people look really good with it.

68. Snake bites and labrets on small lips

bite piercing (70)

The size of your lips is irrelevant when you want lip piercings.

69. Canines bites with rings and studs

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As you may have noticed, the studs and rings combination is widely spread in people with canine bites.

70. Keeping it simple on the face

bite piercing (72)

This girl shows us that double lip piercings are enough if you have so many tattoos.

71. Dahlia bites on a freckled face

bite piercing (73)

Natural has never looked better!

72. Green beauty and her lip piercings

bite piercing (74)

With her plump lips, this girl can afford having three beads above, in and under her lips.

73. Double nose piercings and lip piercings

bite piercing (75)

This chick has created symmetry for her face with her double nose and double lip piercings.

74. Dahlia and Monroe meet

bite piercing (76)

Defying symmetry, this girl opted for a Monroe piercing and Dahlia bites.

75. A crown for your lower lip

bite piercing (77)

You have to appreciate this person’s originality! She did a princess arrangement for her lips and the result is more than amazing!

76. Dahlia bites placed properly

bite piercing (79)

This is how Dahlia bites are supposed to look if they are placed properly.

77. A good example of Dahlia bites

bite piercing (80)

This is also an example of good placement.

78. Tiny angel bites

bite piercing (81)

Tiny angel bites work for those of you who aren’t alternative looking and just love piercings.

79. Canine bites and a lovely smile

bite piercing (82)

Piercings are body jewelry, but also look enhancers.

80. Angel bites and nothing else

bite piercing (83)

A pair of angel bites are easy to take care of and nice looking too!

81. Angel bites need fitted jewels

bite piercing (84)

If you don’t want your jewelry showing like this, you can opt for a smaller size in jewelry. In addition, it is not really recommended to wear larger studs because germs get inside easier.

82. Your lips were made for piercings

bite piercing (85)

Your lips may have specials spots like dimples where piercings would fit perfectly.

83. Green beads to enlighten your face

bite piercing (86)

Color in beads is not only fashionable or a personal choice. It can also be used to enlighten a tired face.

84. A closeup image of labrets

bite piercing (87)

Looking closely at a person’s labrets may not be possible, so take a look at this image to find out what you need.

85. Match lipstick with stud

bite piercing (88)

The purple in her bead and the brown from her lipstick aren’t a match at all. You might want to be careful when you mix these two together.

86. A purple beauty with piercings

bite piercing (89)

At the end of the day, it’s important for you to feel great about yourself and your piercings.

87. No makeup and piercings are a killer combination

bite piercing (90)

The look of a face without makeup plus nicely healed piercings is so clean that everybody wants it!

88. Labrets on a perfect face

bite piercing (91)

Don’t get fooled by some of these girls’ perfect faces. The images are probably modified more than you think.

89. Double lip piercings leave marks

bite piercing (92)

Expect your double lip piercings to leave tiny marks after you take them out. Keep this in mind if you think you will be bothered by tiny dots that will be more or less easy to see. Upper lip marks tend to be more visible than those on the lower lip.

90. Tiny beads for angel bite piercings

bite piercing (93)

If you’re not sure what size of beads to choose, you can try multiple sizes and see for yourself which one looks best on your face. Getting proportions right is not difficult with piercings, but you have to put a little effort into it at the beginning. Only purchase non-allergenic jewelry and disinfect it before you insert it in your flesh. Save yourself the pain, the money and the trouble of not doing what you’re supposed to.

Pay for professional services

If you’re going for the double lip piercings at once, then you’ll have to expect costs up to 120$. Most professional parlors offer discounts for two piercings, but don’t try to bargain as quality is more important than money. Your choice in jewelry has to be compatible with the pierced areas and they have to meet certain characteristics, such as being non-allergenic. You can discuss all the aspects with the piercing technician and make an appointment only if he or she gives you a good impression. The parlor itself must be very clean and welcoming. Look out for that too! Happy piercing!