Have you ever wanted to get pierced in a not so accessible area? Well, thanks to dermal piercing now you can! The main difference between a normal piercing and the dermal one is that the latter only goes in, not in and out. In other words, it is a sort of implant that is placed under your skin. For you to understand this better, you should know that the jewelry is made of a fixed part, called the anchor, and a removable part, called a dermal top. The anchor is the one that always stays under your skin and the removable part is the one you can change and that can be found in the shape of shiny stones, balls and so on.

The process of inserting the anchor under your skin is done with special needles or with a dermal punch. At first, your microdermal piercing will require a lot of care because until it heals it can be easily pulled out or rejected by your body. In order to enjoy this type of accessory, you’re looking at a 3 month period of care. However, you’ll see below that the results are totally worth it! You’ll find more than 50 pictures with people who have one or more microdermal piercings all over their bodies.

1. Single point piercing near the eye

Dermal Piercing Designs7

This extremely fashionable single point piercing could be painful depending on how your nerves are distributed. However, when you think about looking like this girl, pain should be your last concern.

2. Microdermal implants look amazing on men

Dermal Piercing Designs10

Although you might think those shiny anchor tops are for women only, here’s how good they look on a man’s face.

3. Pairing tattoos with dermal piercings

Dermal Piercing Designs11

Dermal piercings may be used to highlight certain parts of a tattoo or they may be part of a tattoo/piercing section. I am referring to the way this dude has positioned his.

4. A microdermal jewel between the collarbones

Dermal Piercing Designs28

This spot is very popular among the girls and preferred by those who don’t wear cleavages often.

5. Two point piercing and a single point piercing

Dermal Piercing Designs55

If you look closely, you’ll see this girl is wearing a single point piercing on her lower lip and a two point piercing on her upper lip.

6. Dermal anchor placed by the eye aka teardrop

Dermal Piercing Designs54

Since you can’t really pierce that area conventionally, you’ll have to opt for a dermal anchor.

7. Create a dimple with a microdermal

Dermal Piercing Designs9

Did you know that if you keep a cheek piercing long enough it will create a dimple? Well, if you don’t want it to go in and out of your mouth, you can insert an anchor half way and wear it like a dermal piercing.

8. Accentuate your abs in a stylish way


A microdermal implant has the role of highlighting certain body parts too. This is how it looks on the hip.

9. Why wear bracelets when dermal piercings exist?

Dermal Piercing Designs39

It goes without saying that this girl won’t be able to wear bracelets on that arm anymore, but aren’t her piercings way cooler?

10. A less conventional ring

Dermal Piercing Designs60

Piercing your fingers was possible before microdermals appeared, but aren’t these a better fit?

11.  Lower back extravaganza

Dermal Piercing Designs57

Those of you who are wearing low waist pants may sport lower back microdermal piercings.

12. Graduate dermal insertions on neck

Dermal Piercing Designs44

These 3 dermal piercings follow this guy’s beard line. He looks more than happy with the result!

13. Tiny lower back single points

Dermal Piercing Designs36

If you are a discreet person, you can choose tiny dermal tops for your lower back embellishments.

14. Live, laugh, love and a piercing

Dermal Piercing Designs31

As mentioned before, dermal anchors may be placed on important parts of tattoos, like a flower’s stigma.

15. Behind the ear like a constellation

Dermal Piercing Designs29

There is something about the placement of these dermal piercings that make me think of a constellation. What do you think?

16. More than one teardrop

Dermal Piercing Designs24

Probably originated in the teardrop idea, this guy got not one, but 4 microdermal implants under his eye. Could the one in his nose be implanted as well?

17. Leave the stone, throw the ring away

Dermal Piercing Designs22

Fingers have fleshy areas, so getting a piercing for a ring is really possible!

18. Risky dermal insertions on neck

Dermal Piercing Designs19

I think this guy’s choice in dermal tops is risky because he can easily get them caught in clothes or even in his necklace. However, if they are already healed, the risk for them to migrate is low.

19. Feminine dermal anchors under the collarbone

Dermal Piercing Designs1

A skinny person might want to emphasize the way his or her bones show. So, he or she can do so with the help of dermal anchors.

20. A symmetrical collar bone highlight

Dermal Piercing Designs2

The exact place where you get pierced is totally up to you. Letting your imagination fly freely is the best thing you can do.

21. Collar bone highlight times two

Dermal Piercing Designs3

Did you notice how nicely the dermal piercings are pointing towards the tattoo? This is one of the optical illusions that must be tried on!

22. A jewel for the hand

Dermal Piercing Designs4

If dermal rings are too mainstream for you, here’s a way you can pierce your hand and beautifully decorate it with a black stone.

23. Variations of hand dermal jewelry

Dermal Piercing Designs5

Or, you could opt for this type of dermal top.

24. Make your pinky prettier

Dermal Piercing Designs6

The pinky finger isn’t getting the attention it deserves! Do it some justice by making it prettier with a microdermal implant!

25. A magical row of 3 shiny stones

Dermal Piercing Designs8

Getting back to the collarbone area, here’s how a row of 3 microdermal piercings looks like.

26. Accentuate your waist with dermal piercings

Dermal Piercing Designs12

Corset piercings might be a thing of the past. This girl managed to accentuate her waist by piercing her skin and implanting 5 pieces of jewelry. Indeed, the end result doesn’t look like corset piercings, but the effect on the waist is quite similar.

27. Embellish your spine with embedded jewelry

Dermal Piercing Designs13

If the anchor has holes in it, it will literally become embedded in your skin as tissue will grow through it. So, you must be wondering how do you remove the anchor when you no longer want to wear it. The answer is that you don’t. Only a professional piercer has the right tools and experience to remove it. I think you imagine it involves cutting a little into your skin.

28. Diamonds on the lower back

Dermal Piercing Designs14

Those times when diamonds were wearable as rings, earrings and necklaces only are long gone. Now you can wear diamonds anywhere on your body. This means that even dermal insertions offer diversity and they are suited for diverse types of people.

29. An elongation of the eyebrow

Dermal Piercing Designs15

The exact spot where she pierced her face is where you should stop with the makeup. She made things so much easier for her! However, you should not put makeup on your skin until the pierced area is completely healed. Makeup clogs the pores and slows down the healing process.

30. A more interesting cleavage

Dermal Piercing Designs16

Like her cleavage wasn’t interesting enough, this chick found a way to make it even more interesting!

31. Follow your spinal cord

Dermal Piercing Designs17

Dermal piercings are the only ones that allow you to accessorize your spinal cord without causing damage.

32. Piercings installed in and near the belly button

Dermal Piercing Designs18

The belly button piercings were the most popular ones after the ear piercings. What’s great about this area is that it can be pierced both ways.

33. A tiny teardrop for maximum effects


Dermal Piercing Designs23

This teardrop microdermal is already healed.

34. Single point insertions by the hips


If you love one area of your body more than others, you can concentrate on decorating it more.

35. Silvery collarbone insertions

Dermal Piercing Designs26

The most recommended material for jewelry in case of dermal insertions is titanium. Surgical steel is alright, but it might be rejected by your body.

36. The bloody vampire bite

Dermal Piercing Designs27

Until Dracula or any other vampire comes to bite you, you can chose to wear jewelry like these to obtain the effect of bitten skin.

37. They bring out your playful side

Dermal Piercing Designs30

Some chicks can’t decide between the casual and elegant style. They like to play with patterns and colors. This one plays with piercings too.

38. Little star as microdermal piercing

Dermal Piercing Designs32

I know you’ve seen just round jewelry so far, but they can be shaped like stars too!

39. Flat dermal top for teardrop

Dermal Piercing Designs33

Round, flat, shaped like a star; you name it, they are available!

40. Vertical section of dermal piercings


Dermal Piercing Designs35

Stainless steel dermal tops or titanium dermal tops are screwed to the anchor, so if you got them on your lower back it might be difficult to change them yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask for help rather than hurting yourself.

41. Forearm delights in silver shades

Dermal Piercing Designs38

This is how fresh insertions on forearms look like. Not bad at all!

42. Every boob gets one


Without trying to be offensive, the placement of these two single point piercings is pointing down to her boobs. That’s kind of cool actually!

43. Accessorize your neck

Dermal Piercing Designs41

Who said you can only accessorize your neck with necklaces?

44. Accessorize your neck part two

Dermal Piercing Designs43

She really doesn’t need a necklace now that she has a dermal implant!

45. Dermal anchors and tops for couples

Dermal Piercing Designs45

Piercing enthusiasts that are also a couple could opt for microdermal rings instead of the classical wedding rings. You can’t take these off too easily!

46. Placed in the shape of a ring

Dermal Piercing Designs46

If you dislike the stone-only look, then you can get more implants for a genuine-ring look.

47. Above the pants line

Dermal Piercing Designs47

If you like hip piercings, you shouldn’t wear high waist pants. Also, belts might put pressure on them and you might have to deal with infections.

48. A touch of elegance

Dermal Piercing Designs48

A microdermal implant might be everything you need for a touch of elegance that accompanies you all the time.

49. A guy with fake dimples

Dermal Piercing Designs49

Guys with dimples are so cute! And so are guys with piercings that act like dimples.

50. Two insertions in the temple area

Dermal Piercing Designs50

The temple area can accommodate one or more piercings.

51. Pierced nape of the neck

Dermal Piercing Designs51

Different body areas react differently to dermal implants. However, the nape of the neck acts very well in case of implants.

52. Blue under-boob insertions

Dermal Piercing Designs52

These opal dermal tops look nice as under-boob accessories!

53. Opal dermal tops for chest piercings


These particular opal dermal tops are en vogue. Numerous girls choose them.

54. Jeweled dermal top shaped like a flower

Dermal Piercing Designs56

This multicolored flower comes as a separate dermal top and it has jewels on it.

55. Sensuality comes with a price

Dermal Piercing Designs58

Around 90 seconds of pain and more than $100 later, you can have this type of accessory too!

56. An accessory for everyday use

Dermal Piercing Designs59

Dermal piercings don’t come off as easily as normal piercings. In fact, if you’ve got one for a long time, chances are there is tissue grown over the anchor. So, you have to go back to the piercing shop if you want to remove it. It goes without saying that every insertion will leave a more or less visible scar on your body.

57. A feminine detail to keep

Dermal Piercing Designs61

If you pierce the skin behind the ear, you don’t have to worry about scars since it isn’t that visible. However, if you want to avoid scars, then you have to take the best care you can of your dermal implant from the moment you get it until you remove it.

58. Sensitive areas could reject implants


This woman’s skin layer is really thin and her implants are located near the collarbone. This means that her body could reject the insertions much easier if she doesn’t pay enough attention to care. Keep in mind that proper care is essential!


Now that you know a little more about dermal piercings and how they look like when placed in different body parts, you might be wondering how much it would cost you to get one. The average prices go between $70 and $100 without the jewel. Prices may vary depending on body area, where you live and if the shop you choose is high end or not. As a general advice, don’t settle for a less experienced piercer just because he or she asks less money than others. Happy piercing!