Since it was first spotted, the daith piercing has been gaining more and more popularity due to its unique placement. When did it start and who started it, you may ask? The popularity of the daith piercing, pronounced as “dayth” same like “faith” or “da’at” is attributed to Erik Dakota although experts claim it has been around longer than that, and has been part of traditions and religious affirmations.

Piercing has been around for thousands of  years, and now people use them not only to uphold their culture, but also for creative expression. The daith piercing, located at the innermost cartilage fold just on the top portion of the targus, is said to have been named by a client of Erik Dakota, who is said to be studying Hebrew.  It seems that the name was taken from the Hebrew word “da’at” which means knowledge. There is an anecdote connected to this story. As apparently, that particular customer decided to give that name because being able to figure out how to do the piercing requires someone to be quite smart. The daith piercing became popular when it was featured in Farim Musafar’s Body Play Magazine.

The process of getting a daith piercing is much like any other piercing but it requires a little but more skill due to the awkward location. Your professional piercer will sterilize the area that will be pierced, and then use a surgical marker to mark the points. Then, curved needle, which is a special tool needed for this type of piercing, will be used because it is a bit more difficult to access the area. The person doing the piercing must be very careful and precise. Once the hole has been done, the jewelry will then be inserted.

Due to the thick cartilage of that part of the ear, expect that it will feel more painful compared to your other piercings. People who have gotten this type of piercing also say that there might be more blood during and even after the process has been done. But you don’t need to be afraid as people who have had daith piercing say that although it is painful, and aftercare might require more than usual, it is still tolerable. And the uniqueness of the piercing and the wide variety of jewelry choices make all the pain and effort worth it.

There are many designs that you can choose for your daith piercing. You can go for the basic captive bead ring or ball closure ring. That is one of the most common you will see for a daith piercing, to make it a little different, you can look for the basic circular designs that have been altered. There are also designs that show a more bejeweled look, making the daith earring appropriate even for formal events.


Daith Piercing Cleaning and Aftercare

Like with any piercing, aftercare is very important. It is very vulnerable to infections, especially after it was just done. It needs be cared for and cleaned properly at least once a day in order to ensure that it will heal right. Experts say that it can take up to 12 months for a daith piercing to completely heal, this is because the position of the piercing is awkward. Aside from the fact that it is more likely to be vulnerable to elements such as germs or dust (when compared to other piercings like the belly button for example), there is also less blood supply that goes to that part of the ear so that there is less nutrients to reach the area that has been pierced, making the healing time longer compared to other parts.

What are the other things you can do to make the healing process shorter? One of the most important things is to avoid contact with the pierced area. Avoid touching it, and try to keep products such as perfume, makeup, skincare products and also strong shampoos and conditioners away from that area as they can cause irritation to the tissue that is still in the process of healing. Also make sure to change your bed sheet and of course your pillowcases often so that dirt will not get into the pierced area.

The most important thing is that you clean it properly. Use a small cotton ball soaked in warm soapy water, or saline solution and dab it onto the wound. Dry the area with a paper towel. Make sure to this every day to speed up the healing process. You can check out this tutorial on how to clean your daith piercing.

Daith Piercing Price

When getting any piercing, it’s important that you go to someone that is reliable and trained to do so. Especially for daith piercings, as they are in an area different from other piercings, and would even require a specialized tool to be done correctly. But take note that it would cost you more. A typical daith piercing might cost you around $40 – $60, if you go to someone or an establishment that is more popular and well-known, expect to shell out around $70-$100 for your daith piercing.



1. Dark Colored Captive Bead Ring

Here’s a basic captive bead design in a dark color, which is perfect because it makes the vibrant blue hair of the owner stand out. Notice the tragus piercing also complements the dark color of the daith earring.daith piercing (1)


2. Bejeweled earring

The combination of the different piercings makes this look elegant because of the jewels attached to it. This can be worn when you go to a fancy party or even a wedding of a family or an acquaintance. daith piercing (2)

3. Blue jewel

Keep it basic with the ball earring but with a pop of color.

daith piercing (3)

4. Floral Daith Earring

Here’s a variation of the captive ball ring, but instead of balls at the end of the ring, you have a floral design instead. These particular design looks like it comes from one set, given the similarities in color and material.

daith piercing (4)

5. Jeweled Heart Ring

If you are not a fan of floral designs, use a heart earring instead! It can be the perfect accessory for a date night with your beau.

daith piercing (5)


6. Simple Cat-Shaped Earring

The combination of the daith and outer conch piercing is really cute. Even though these designs, a simple flower and cat shaped earring are basic, the unique placement of the piercings make it better than your average accessory.

daith piercing (6)

7. Captive Bead Ring Paired with Jeweled Studs

Notice how the other multiple piercings seem to form the letter V on the owner’s ear? You can combine different designs to recreate this look, instead of choosing just one size for almost all the earrings.

daith piercing (7)

8. Leaf Earring

Here’s the perfect daith earring design for those who like nature. If you like gardening or just waking a walk on a nature trail, this would be a great accessory to wear. daith piercing (8)

9. Intricate Bejeweled Design

You don’t need any other earring when your daith earring is this intricate. Just look at all those rocks, you’ll surely be the belle of the ball!

daith piercing (9)

10. Gold and Black Combination

Here’s a new color combination you may try. The black and gold is formal enough to wear to fancy events, but can even be worn in clubs or bars. daith piercing (10)

11. Gold and blue fit for royalty

What a beautiful set. This looks like it’s fit for a princess. Notice how the daith earring looks like a crown?

daith piercing (11)

12. Crystallized flower

Another flower design which can be worn for an occasion like a baptism or wedding. Keep it simple by making the other piercing basic and without the floral design. daith piercing (12)

13. Turquoise Floral

A beautiful earring to wear on a breezy, summer day!

daith piercing (13)

14. Majestic Purple Ring

The color purple is often associated with loyalty and nobility. So make sure to wear this color when you want to exude power and ambition. daith piercing (14)

15. Curved barbell

The curved barbell might seem like a common daith earring design, but the addition of the dragonfly earring design makes this seem like a whimsical pairing. daith piercing (15)

16. Simple thin ring paired with large diamonds

Look at how those diamond studs go from biggest to smallest. With the brilliance of the diamonds, you only a very basic circular design for  your daith piercing. daith piercing (16)

17. Lunar Beauty

Looking for a more exotic design for your piercings? Look at the combination of these quarter moons combined with a more intricate design for the daith piercing. daith piercing (17)

18. Unique spiral

For those who want something different from the usual circles or captive bead rings, take a look at this spiral design.
daith piercing (18)

19. Colorful outer conch ring

Color your hair to make it match the colorful earrings you will wear!daith piercing (19)


20. Jeweled heart daith ring

Here’s heart ring design that is bejeweled for a little more elegance.daith piercing (20)

21. Pearly combination

Pearls are also great choices to combine with your daith earring of choice. daith piercing (21)

22. Small simple captive bead ring

It doesn’t get any simpler than a small captive bead ring. You can focus on other accessories, such as funky nail art to compensate for the simplicity of your earring.

daith piercing (22)

23. Captive bead ring with jewels

daith piercing (23)

24. Silver bar ring

You don’t always need to conform to what others say. If most of the people with daith piercings opt for a captive bead ring, you can go against the flow and choose a barbell ring instead. daith piercing (25)

25. Queenly daith ring

Here’s a cute design to wear for prom. Perfect for those who want to feel like prom queen even for just one night!

daith piercing (26)

26. Royal tiara

Here’s another variation for those who want to feel like royalty. You don’t need a lifesized tiara or coworn to feel like a princess, this daith earring is enough. daith piercing (27)

27. Curved bar and floral combination

There’s a lot of combinations you can try when you have a daith piercing!daith piercing (28)

28. Leafy combination

The thick circular design blends perfectly well with the leaf design on the helix piercing. daith piercing (29)

29. Simple jewels

Always tuck your hair behind your ear to show off even simple designs such as these.

daith piercing (30)

30. Floral heart

This is such a cute design. It’s like having a dainty flower bouquet on your ear. daith piercing (31)

31. Be loud in your colors

You might as well go all out and try all sorts of designs for your piercings. Even your colors do not all have to match. Just take a look at the combination below. daith piercing (32)

32. Leave the standard piercings empty 

Go against the norm and keep the lower part of your ear free from piercings. daith piercing (33)

33. Industrial piercing 

Another piercing you can combine with the daith piercing is the industrial piercing. daith piercing (34)

34. Basic moon design 

daith piercing (35)

35. Something for pet lovers

This may be the usual design, but if you use your imagination, the jewels seem like they are in the shape of a paw, don’t you think? daith piercing (36)

36. More jewels to choose from

You can never have enough jewels, even just one earring can have multiple stones, such as the design below. daith piercing (37)

37. Combination of industrial and daith piercing

Just look at how these piercings look so unique. The process might be painful than the average piercing, but it’s worth it when you know you are standing out from the crowd. daith piercing (38)

38. Rainbow combination 

The combination of standard lobe, tragus, and daith piercing is made even more unique by the different emotions evoked by the earring designs used. daith piercing (39)

39. Forward helix piercing

Even though there are a lot of earrings, the overall look still seems incredibly balanced. daith piercing (40)

40. Double captive bead

The lighting makes this captive bead ring shine even more brightly. daith piercing (41)

41. Add a bit of sunshine

Make the day brighter by choosing not only this design that looks like a sun, but also adding a bright earring on your standard lobe piercing. daith piercing (42)

42. A different industrial piercing

The placement of the industrial earring is different than the usual, making it more edgy, but adding the blue jewels on the forward helix and daith piercing adds just a touch of elegance and grace. daith piercing (43)

43. Inner conch 

Another combination you can try with the daith piercing aside from the standard lobe is the inner conch. You can add more than one earring to make it look unique. daith piercing (44)

44. Dark colored earrings 

If you have a lighter skin, your choice of accessories will all the more stand out if you choose dark colored earrings instead of light colored ones. daith piercing (45)

45. Like clockwork 

Notice how the earring on the standard lobe kind of resembles a clock? daith piercing (46)

46. An explosion of symbols 

Now this is what you call a unique combination. There’s so much going on in this picture. You have the snake on the standard lobe, the peace symbol on the daith piercing, not to mention what looks like a skull or mask too. daith piercing (47)

47. The more, the merrier

In this particular combination, the own er cannot get enough of the simple studs. The addition of the large pearl on the lobe and the heart daith earring makes it more unusual. daith piercing (48)

48. Fierce eyes for fierce piercings 

Complete your whole look by adding some heavy eyeliner to your eyes. daith piercing (49)

49. Short and sweet

Keep your hair short so that your piercings will always be seen to the public eye. daith piercing (50)

50. Blues and green

Another color combination you can try is blue and green. Get matching shoes too so that your whole ensemble matches!daith piercing (51)

51. Chain it up

The daith earring does not just have to be the focus of your piercings. In this picture, the long, dangling earring that resembles a chain takes center stage. daith piercing (52)

52. Silver jeweled captive bead ring 

Make sure to always clean your daith piercing in order for it not be infected!daith piercing (54)

53. Horseshoe

This may still be considered a captive bead ring, but because it is not a complete circle, it looks more like a circular horseshoe don’t you think? Wear it for days when you need more luck than usual!daith piercing (55)

54. Jewels for the ladies 

Jewels are not just in the form of gaudy rings or necklaces. You can also make  statement with your earrings, like in the form of the jeweled captive bead ring below. daith piercing (56)


55. Stud rings

Fancy something a little more edgy than the usual designs? In this instance, the addition of the three stud-like protrusions makes this just the perfect edgy accessory. daith piercing (57)

56. Two daith piercings, double the uniqueness

You might think that why would you go through two daith piercings when one alone is already painful, but if you take a look at how beautiful the design below looks, you might change your mind!daith piercing (58)

57. Diamonds are forever 

Despite just having two earrings on her ear, this lady still looks dashing given the brilliance of the jewels. daith piercing (59)

58. Starfish

How about a sea creature theme for the  next combination of your earrings? This starfish design can be the focal point and you can add small pieces for your other piercings. daith piercing (60)

59. A simple star earring

Make sure to get the help of a professional when putting on this type of earring as the placement is tricky. daith piercing (61)

60. Heart on your sleeve

But in this case, you don’t wear your hear on your sleeves but on your ears instead!daith piercing (62)

61. This pictures emphasized proper care and maintenance

This may be the result of improper care and maintenance. Notice how swollen the area of the piercing is. You can prevent this by following the aftercare and maintenance tips at the earlier part of this post. daith piercing (63)

62. Nail glam 

Keep your earrings basic but glam up your nails instead!daith piercing (64)

63. Simple striking combination

daith piercing (65)

64. Parrot earring for the win!daith piercing (66)

65. Pair your daith with a tunnel piercingdaith piercing (67)

66. Keep it cute by adding a Hello Kitty earring!daith piercing (70)

67. Add a square lobe earring for a different lookdaith piercing (71)

68. The skull and captive bead ring is a “deadly” combinationdaith piercing (72)

69. Add a touch of gold daith piercing (73)

70. Step into the future with a robot earring stud!daith piercing (74)

71. Keep it balanced with yin and yang daith piercing (75)72. A pretty heart for a pretty lady daith piercing (76)

73. The combination of  daith and tunnel piercing truly make a statementdaith piercing (77)

74. Combine your daith earring with a tattoodaith piercing (78)

75. Simple is bestdaith piercing (79)

76. Simple doe snot have to mean boring if you add a bit of colordaith piercing (80)

77. Studs and captive bead rings = cooldaith piercing (81)

78. Tragus piercing is really a good combination with the daith piercingdaith piercing (82)

79. Squiggly lines daith piercing (83)

80. Pearls and diamonds daith piercing (84)

81. Double standard lobe earring daith piercing (85)

82. Males can also rock daith piercings!daith piercing (86)

83. Gold and pearls daith piercing (87)

84. Color your hair to make your piercings have more impact!daith piercing (88)

85. Amidst the basic designs, make sure to insert one or two quirky designs!daith piercing (89)

86. Always add a pop of color!daith piercing (90)

87. Lovely color for everyday use daith piercing (91)

88. Pair your edgy piercings with an edgy haircut daith piercing (92)

89. Captive bead rings all over daith piercing (93)

90. Beautiful floral and jewel combinationdaith piercing (94)

91. Always make sure your colors complement each otherdaith piercing (95)

92. Dangling earrings are beautiful no natter what occasiondaith piercing (99)

93. Clean your piercings regularly in order to avoid getting infectiondaith piercing (100)

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