There is nothing cuter than a couple that has matching tattoos. Not only is it a sweet gesture but it’s a testament to the commitment the two hold for each other, why else would you get matching tattoos? When you love someone, it’s hard to be apart from them even if you see them frequently. Seeing a tattoo is a great reminder of your loved one. Tattoos are a form of body art, though they are permanent, so you want to be sure of your choice.

Matching tattoos are a great way of expressing the love you have for your partner. Many people have chosen to get their spouse’s name tattooed on their body. But these days’ people are thinking outside the box, and that means finding creative ways to mark their bodies. Names are less popular these days because the threat of breaking up looms in the air. If you breakup then you just have a sweet tattoo instead of someone’s name on your body.

Getting a matching tattoo shows how strong you are as a couple. Matching tattoos can be used for couple or ever mothers and daughter or brothers and sisters.

Be careful with your choice. However, the permanence of tattoos should never be forgotten. Matching tattoos can be romantic, but sharing ink together is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The last thing you want to do is regret the love tattoo that you finally chose together. Even couples with the best intentions could regret a tattoo. Having said that, however, there are still some pretty great tattoo ideas out there for couples who want to do the deed together. There are jigsaw puzzle pieces that are just adorable for couples, just make sure that the pieces actually fit together.

If you are looking for an endearing way to show your love for one another, there are plenty of really creative and sweet ideas. These tattoos are unlikely to fill you with regret. When it comes to selecting a tattoo, you need to consider longevity. You want to find a symbol that matches both of your styles because it’s supposed to last a lifetime. Choose a classic image that is design oriented and simple. If possible, you can find a tattoo that reminds you of your spouse or a pastime that you shared. Pick a tattoo that shares of significance. Matching tattoos are lighthearted and fun but make it significant to both of you.

The key to successful tattoos is keeping it significant. Make it meaningful as a unit; you guys are a team, and you want your tattoo to represent that. If the piece can also stand alone, then you can enjoy the tattoo forever whether you are in a relationship or not.

It can be shared with friends and family or your loved ones. Investing in a tattoo could be a fun adventure for you and your spouse, just choose carefully. Below is a number of creative tattoos that you can discuss with your loved one.

Check out the 91 cutest and most lovable couple tattoos available:

1. Flower Combos

These unique floral tattoos aren’t feminine, so they are perfect for both men and women, which is important when sharing a tattoo.

couple tattoo design (1)

2. Lock and Key

How cute is this? One person has the lock while the other one has the key. A sweet tattoo that screams of commitment.

couple tattoo design (1)

3. King and Queen

For the King and Queen. When you both feel like you are royalty and belong together, then this is the tattoo for you.

couple tattoo design (2)

4. The Lifeline

These lifeline tattoos are perfect for two passionate people who believe that their partner is their own personal lifeline. It’s simple and wonderfully creative.

couple tattoo design (2)

5. Initials

This beautiful couple shares their initials on their fingers. It’s a more traditional tattoo, but it holds a special significance to them.

couple tattoo design (4)

6. The Lions Share

They share lions; the man’s design is bigger than the woman’s, and one holds a lock while the other holds the key. The Lions are quite original.

couple tattoo design (6)

7. Mickey and Minnie

These sweet tattoos show the child-like side of you. A Mickey and Minnie shared tattoos is lighthearted and fun.

couple tattoo design (8)

8. Crowns

The matching crowns are a simple and creative design. It’s a small tattoo for people who don’t want to make a large commitment.

couple tattoo design (11)

9. Snakes

These matching snakes are for the badasses inside of you. If you want something dangerous, then this is the couple tattoos for you.

couple tattoo design (12)

10. The Lion and Lioness

Another example of very small tattoos with less commitment. The man has the lions head while the lady will have the lioness.

couple tattoo design (13)

11. Cards

The King and Queen tattoo is a popular one. This is another way of handling the Queen and King. Use the cards with the King and Queen of hearts.

couple tattoo design (14)

12. Love Birds

It may take some convincing to get your man to put a love bird on him, but if you can, this is an adorable design. The two birds hang on a line and look lovingly at each other.

couple tattoo design (15)

13. Ying and Yang

This unique yin and yang inspired tattoo is a great idea for matching tattoos. If you are willing to be creative, this is the design for you.

couple tattoo design (16)

14. A Matching Heart

A heart split apart and given to each one of you. They have tattooed the day they met or possibly their wedding date.

couple tattoo design (17)

15. Matching Skulls

A male and female skulls are uniquely original, and they have matching colors as well.

couple tattoo design (18)

16. Minion Love

If you love the minions as much as we do, then this might be the couple tattoo for you. The significance is on their date and the declaration of love.


17. Original Styles

Look for a tattoo that is original for the both of you. It will mean more to you if it’s an original design that no one can match.

couple tattoo design (20)

18. Bow and Arrow

These great tattoos are not only sweet but special as well. A bow for one and an arrow for another and together they match. They are very small tattoos that make less of a commitment.

couple tattoo design (21)

19. Heart Locket

These special lock and key tattoos are small and subtle to show off your love. The locket is in the shape of a heart and has an intricate design.

couple tattoo design (22)

20. The Beauty and the Beast

The beauty and the beast is an original design that can be a part of your love for cartoons. This is a strong love affair that you may want to match as your own.

couple tattoo design (23)

21. Gorgeous Birds

If you guys love birds, then this is a great design for you. They are beautiful colors that match your own personal taste.

couple tattoo design (24)

22. A Broken Heart

Broken heart pieces that come together as one heart when you unite. The tattoos are small and subtle.

couple tattoo design (25)


23. A Biblical Statement

The circle of life added to some scripture verse that is significant to the both of you. Tattoos on the wrist will keep your forever united.

couple tattoo design (26)

24. Fingerprint Hearts

Such a unique and pretty design that makes you united as one. They look like fingerprints and as black and white they are pretty simple.

couple tattoo design (27)

25. Hearts with Wings

These hearts have wings, and they come together when the two of you joined again. These are wonderful designs for couples in love.

couple tattoo design (28)

26. Turtle Love

If you love turtles, then this is the tattoos for you. The colors match your own personal style. Pick your favorite color and get some turtle love.

couple tattoo design (29)

27. Initials and Statements

This tattoo not only has initials and a statement of your love for one another.

couple tattoo design (30)

28. A Special Design

Matching tattoos but on different parts of the body. The same tattoo doesn’t have to be in the same place.

couple tattoo design (31)

29. Navigation Tools

Navigation tools to follow your heart. One is navigating while the other has a clock. Matching tattoos don’t have to be exact in order to be effective.

couple tattoo design (32)

30. The Hummingbird

A hummingbird would be nothing without the nectar it so desires. These tattoos are unique because one person has the hummingbird while the other has the flower that it seeks. The two tattoos are fine on their own and even better together.

couple tattoo design (33)

31. Lifelines

Another example of matching tattoos that incorporate lifelines. Be your lover’s lifeline.

couple tattoo design (34)

32. Kissing Mouses

Another example of Mickey and Minnie and their love for one another. If you both are a fan of the famous mice this tattoo would be great for you.

couple tattoo design (35)

33. The Lover’s Heart

It’s quite a fancy heart and when you are apart the heart breaks and when you are together it joins again.

couple tattoo design (36)

34. Finding Nemo

Nemo and Dory are in love, and these matching tattoos are a great way to show your love.

couple tattoo design (37)

35. Matching Crowns

Matching crowns are a great tattoo design idea. They are upside down from each other, so they make a fun matching design for a couple that feels like royalty.

couple tattoo design (38)

36. Puzzle Pieces

These puzzle pieces are unique because it’s as if the puzzle piece was cut right out from the other person. It’s a cute design because it means the two of you are connected.

couple tattoo design (39)

37. Skull Lovers

These skulls have male and female accessories, and they are just a little bit of badass flair. It’s a wonderful way of bonding together.

couple tattoo design (40)

38. Winged Hearts

This is another example of the winged heart tattoo. It’s complete only when you are joined.

couple tattoo design (41)

39. A Statement of Love

Instead of a symbol, you can have a statement of love to join the two of you. One part of the statement is one one person while the ending is one another. Figure out what you want to say and mark it forever.

couple tattoo design (42)

40. Certain Respect

What do you love most about your partner? Tattoo your love for each other. He promises to love her while he promises to respect him.

couple tattoo design (43)

41. PB and J

PB and Jam belong together, and if you want a cute tattoo that symbolizes your commitment together, then this is the one for you. Don’t these pieces of toast look like they are in love?

couple tattoo design (44)

42. Lovers Locks

Another example of the lock and key matching tattoo. Always and Forever is this couples declaration to each other.

couple tattoo design (45)

43. The Smileys

If you remember this old school cartoon then maybe you are meant to be together. These two crazy kids are joined with the love of an old cartoon.

couple tattoo design (46)

44. Who’s Your Rocket?

A rocket ship and Saturn, two great tattoos that join you together. It’s simple and subtle, yet it could mean the world to both of you.

couple tattoo design (47)

45. For the Love of Deer

A stud and the doe are natural lovers, and if you love these animals, then this might be the best tattoo for you.

couple tattoo design (48)

46. Wedding Rings

Tattooed wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only are they permanent and cannot be removed but the commitment attached is super romantic. You can still place a real ring on top of the tattooed ring.

couple tattoo design (49)

47. Roman Numerals

Roman numerals can symbolize just about anything. These could be great tattoos for people that want to say something special but keep it between them.

couple tattoo design (50)

48. Sisterly Love

Love and eternity joined together; now that’s true sisterly love. If you have been thinking of getting a tattoo with your sister, then this might be the one for you.

couple tattoo design (51)

49. Owl and Tree

A unique tattoo that brings together the owl and the tree. If you want a stand-alone tattoo, then this would be a great design.

couple tattoo design (52)

50. Eternity and Love

Very small tattoos that fit nicely on the fingers. Love and eternity joined together.

couple tattoo design (53)

51. Joined Arrows

These arrows are joined, and they look great on the foot. They look like crosses together.


couple tattoo design (55)

52. The Moon and the Stars

Matching moon tattoos are a significant tattoo because you love your partner to the moon and back. They are also small and subtle tattoos.

couple tattoo design (56)

53. Puzzle Pieces

If you love puzzle pieces that you can join together, then these are great ones. Just make sure your puzzle pieces can actually join, otherwise it will just look silly.

couple tattoo design (57)

54. 3D Love

This is another version of the locket and key idea, except these are 3D and exceptional in design. They are detailed and colored and really pop out.
couple tattoo design (58)

55. Coordinates

Longitude and latitudes are sure to bring the two of you back together. The coordinates could easily be of anywhere that is special to you.

couple tattoo design (59)

56. Buck and Doe

If you love hunting, then you will love these matching tattoos. A buck and a doe are natural lovers, and they can unite you both.

couple tattoo design (60)

57. Hearts United

Little hearts that are now joined together. It’s a simple tattoo that doesn’t take much time or space.

couple tattoo design (61)

58. Love Lobsters

Will you be my lobster? A soul mate tattoo is a true testament to your love for each other. These lobsters are a fun and lighthearted way of showing your love for one another.

couple tattoo design (62)

60. Original Art

If you are looking for something unique in order to show your love, then try out a design like this. They are great apart but even better together.

couple tattoo design (63)

61. Mockingbirds

These mockingbirds are a great way of showing your love especially if you are movie buffs.

couple tattoo design (64)

62. Making Tea

A teabag and a cup of tea, a match made in heaven. These two symbols united will make the perfect cup of tea. If you want something cute and a little fun, then this is the tattoo for you.

couple tattoo design (65)

63. Pizza Lovers

If you are pizza lovers, then this is the tattoo for you. One person gets the whole pizza while the other gets a slice. They are lost without each other, and the pepperonis are little hearts.

couple tattoo design (66)

64. Chinese Tattoos

These Chinese symbols will join you in a unique way. I love the red design as it stands out a lot more.

couple tattoo design (67)

65. Diamonds

These diamonds together show a sign of unity. One is larger than the other to signify the man of the house. A beautiful choice of matching tattoos.

couple tattoo design (68)

66. Origami Swans

This is an original design and a great way for two people to feel together. The colors also look great together. Origami designs are a great idea because they are original.

couple tattoo design (69)

67. A Ship and Lighthouse

These two designs are larger tattoos for the shoulders. They match because the ship is always looking for its lighthouse. It’s a beautiful reminder that you need each other.

couple tattoo design (70)

68. Eternity

The symbol of eternity tattoos is perfect for a couple in love. If you are looking for a powerful design, then this is the one for you.

couple tattoo design (71)

69. Avocados

Avocados are a cute and inventive way of expressing your love for one another. One has the seed while the other does not.

couple tattoo design (72)

70. Flowers with a Vase

Someone has a flower, and the other is just a vase. It’s a unique matching tattoo idea that is really unique.

couple tattoo design (73)

71. Skulls and Anchors

These are tattoos that can stand alone or be joined together. If you want something that will still survive a breakup then, this is the tattoo for you.

couple tattoo design (74)

72. Eyes Together

An unusual tattoo that involves eyes. If you want something unusual, then check out this design.

couple tattoo design (75)

73. Primary Colors

These color combinations are a great way of bringing your love together. These are unique colors that will stand out.

couple tattoo design (76)

74. Wings

Joining wings are a great way for lovers to unite together. They are dark tattoos and rather large.

couple tattoo design (77)

75. Pizza My Heart

Another example of a pizza love affair. If you are both in love with pizza, then this is the tattoo for you.

couple tattoo design (78)

76. Anchors

A simple and subtle design that shows your anchored to one another. These small tattoos look great together, and you will love it even if you don’t stay together.

couple tattoo design (79)

77. Love Pieces

These puzzle pieces together are a great way of showing your love. They fit together perfectly, and when it’s put on the foot, it adds a fun little touch to the whole idea.

couple tattoo design (80)

78. A Secret Message

This is clearly a secret message between two lovers. It’s subtle and sweet and fits nicely on the fingers. It’s a wonderful idea for a couple that really wants to send a message to each other.

couple tattoo design (82)

79. Sugar Skulls

The girl has a sugar skull, and the man has a traditional skull. They are very large shoulder tattoos and the deep colors really look well together.

couple tattoo design (83)

80. Running Foxes

I love these unique running foxes. It’s a unique and fun matching tattoo design for couples that are looking for something different.

couple tattoo design (84)

81. Matching Crowns

A statement of love with crowns that match. The King and Queen go well together for a couple that feels like royalty when they are together.

couple tattoo design (85)

82. Matching Triangles

These matching triangles are a great way of sticking together. These matching tattoos are stand alone as well as great ones that can be put together.

couple tattoo design (86)

83. Matching Flowers

These tattoos are different depending on the partner, but they match well together as outlines. These are subtle tattoos that look well together.

couple tattoo design (87)

84. Flying Birds

These flying birds are a beautiful example of your love. The birds look bigger on the man’s arm and much smaller on the ladies. It’s a wonderful design that looks amazing when united.


couple tattoo design (89)

85. Tiny Moons

Tiny moons will join you as one. It’s a simple design with a burst of color. The behind the ear tattoo is a great way to combine the design together.


couple tattoo design (91)

86. Crowned

Another example of crowns for couples.

couple tattoo design (92)

87. Wolves Joined

Matching wolves are a sexy matching design for couples.

couple tattoo design (93)

88. Pineapple Love

There has to be a story behind these matching pineapples. What a cute design that is fun and lighthearted.

couple tattoo design (94)

89. Fingers United

Fingers united together is a great way of being together forever. Pinkie finger promises are always about trust, and these designs are perfect for a couple.

couple tattoo design (95)

90. Paris Love

These monuments join two lovers together. Paris and London together are all about romance and togetherness. It’s simple and yet a stunning example of your love.

couple tattoo design (96)

91. Different Lighthouses

These lighthouse designs are great ways of joining two couples together. The design is unique and brings the whole look together nicely.

couple tattoo design (97)