They say you need a lot of courage to get your first tattoo. Well, we don’t deny that, mostly if courage is not your best quality. But what’s more interesting is that sometimes people think that we are getting tattoos just to express a feeling of power (mostly when it comes to men tattoos). The truth is that tattoos are for all of as, and they can fit every personality, depending on the confidence of the person that’s wearing them.

In today’s article, we suggest some of the most elegant, cute and significant tattoos that a girl could ever get. We will take a look at some of the most beautiful cherry blossom tattoo designs that you’ll ever see. These being said, make yourself comfortable and go on reading, because at the end of this article you’ll probably choose the design that best suits your style and life.

1. Back Cherry Blossom Tattoo

We can just imagine the beautiful feeling of wearing this tattoo along with a backless dress. Its elegance and softness will totally turn heads!


2. Cherry Blossom Fan

Fan tattoos usually symbolize generosity and good luck. If you’re into nice colors and cute designs, you should probably choose this one!


3. The Minimalistic Cherry Blossom

If you’re simply in love with the beauty of cherry blossoms, but you also love minimalistic tattoos, this one would be a great fit for you.


4. The Bloomed Cherry Blossom

The “fading effect” on this beautiful tattoo design is the element that makes it special, elegant and unique.


5. The Cherry Blossom Branch

Who said that only bright coloured cherry blossom tattoos are stunning? Here’s an example of a black and white tattoo that has an artistic look and feel.


6. The Rose Cherry Blossom Tattoo

This beautiful rose color on this tattoo design makes it stand out from the crowd. It expresses cuteness, as well as power and strength.


7. The Ballerina Cherry Blossom

The combination between this awesome cherry blossom tattoo and the ballerina tutu is simply amazing. It gives us the feeling of pureness.


8. The Red Cherry Blossom branch

Wear this beautiful tattoo along with a transparent top and we guarantee that it won’t pass unobserved!


9. The Cherry Blossom Petals

The way in which the petals of this beautiful cherry blossom tattoo are gently falling apart makes it a good example on how fragile life can be sometimes.


10. Blue & Rose Cherry Blossom

Blue & rose is a beautiful combination of colors, mainly when it comes to a cherry blossom tattoo design. There is a beautiful complementary relation between them that makes this tattoo so special.


11. The Painting

This beautiful cherry blossom tattoo is very similar to a beautiful, artistic painting.


12. The Shoulder Cherry Blossom

This tattoo is so beautifully designed that it seems like the branch of cherry blossoms is ready to give a hug to the person that’s wearing it.


13. Tiny Shoulder Cherry Blossom

The precise and detailed way in which this tiny, beautiful tattoo is designed can’t be described in enough consideration words.


14. Full Arm Cherry Blossom

This splash of colors on this tattoo design is simply stunning!


14. Artistic Cherry Blossom Branch

The amazing way in which this beautiful tattoo is design is worth to be admired and loved.


15. Cherry Blossom thigh tattoo

Thigh tattoos are sexy. If you’ll also add a cute and artistic element like this to them, you’ll totally get a match!


16. Cherry Blossom Petals

The general look and feel of this beautiful tattoo gives us a feeling of happiness and freedom.


17. The Matching One

Considering the fact that you can never admire enough a beautiful cherry blossom tree, here’s a double tattoo design that will certainly catch the attention and admiration of your friends.


18. Cherry Blossom Birds

If you’d like to get a cherry blossom tatttoo, but you don’t want to adopt a classic one, try on this awesome combination of some bloomed cherry blossoms with two cute birds around it.


19. The Memory

If cherry blossoms wear a special meaning in your life so that you can treat them as symbols, you can associate your tattoo design with a significant text around it.


20. The Color Splash

This is one of the most beautiful cherry blossom tattoos that we’ve ever seen. Not only that it incorporates other flowers, but it has a nice vibe that makes us get a good feeling of happiness and joy.


21. A cherry blossom tattoo with meaning

As we suggested earlier, if you consider that your cherry blossom tattoo as a symbol that reminds you of someone you love or appreciate, or simply if you think that it can be associated with a nice quote, wait no more and get a similar one!

Best cherry blossom tattoo designs with this beautiful quote as if it wanted to convey a message from a girl's life experience. This is a record of the experience is to be conveyed to the cherry blossoms.

22. The Feet Cherry Blossom Tattoo

It would feel awesome to have our bodies covered in cherry blossom petals, we know that. But considering the fact that this is kind of impossible, we are also happy with this nice feet tattoo.


23. The Sign

The cherry blossom can be marked as a symbol not only through a nice quote, but also through a meaningful symbol from the Asiatic culture. Check it out!


24. The Minimalist One

The beautiful green splash on this tattoo gives it the unique element that will make it stand out.


25. The Cherry Blossom Owl

Looking for an extra-cute cherry blossom tattoo? Than you should definitely take a closer look at this one!


26. The Red Cherry Blossom

The intense color on this beautiful design gives it that passionate element that makes it unique!


27. The Long Branch Tattoo

…Because a cherry blossom tattoo is too beautiful to fill just a small part of the body.


28. The Simple One

This simple, yet beautiful cherry blossom tattoo is the perfect symbol of pureness.


29. The Blue Cherry Blossom

This tattoo design is so beautiful that it seems like a part of a fairytale.


30. The Japanese

It isn’t a secret anymore that the cherry blossom tree is a true symbol of Japan. Predictable or not, this tattoo design is nice and elegant.


31. The Harmony

If you’re looking for a cherry blossom tattoo that would inspire peace and harmony, this might be the perfect choice.


32. The Pale Cherry Blossom

The pale color of this cherry blossom tattoo gives it a natural, pure feeling.


33. The Tiny Cherry Blossom Tree

If until now our attention settled only on the bloomed flowers of the cherry blossom tree, this tiny tattoo convinces us of its uniqueness and style.


34. The Cherry Blossom on the spine

If you’re looking for something both casual, sexy and elegant, we suggest taking a look at this beautiful tattoo design.


35. The Black Background Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms tattoos are beautiful even when they are accompanied by darker colors, mainly because they intensify their beautiful design.


36. Beautiful Back Tattoo

Wear this stunning cherry blossom tattoo with a backless dress and you’ll attract many glances!


37. The Minimalistic One

Get this cute, minimalistic tattoo in bright rose colors so that you can fit it with any outfit that you’ll wear.


38. The Artistic One

Known as “Sakura” in Japan, cherry blossom tree has the meaning of a ceremonial symbol. It is also a symbol that characterizes brave and wise people.


39. The Cute Pattern

If you’re looking for a non-classical cherry blossom tattoo and want to get something more extravagant and more pattern-like, we suggest trying this one.


40. The Double Cherry Blossom

Want to double up the amazingness of a cherry blossom tattoo? Then take a look at this beautiful pattern!


41. The Colorful One

The bright colors of red and green, accompanied by those dark shades of brown are giving this beautiful tattoo a nice look and feel.


42. The Blue Bird and the cherry blossom

There is nothing cuter than this beautiful cherry blossom tattoo, accompanied  by a peaceful and awesomely designed, tiny bird.


43. The Pale One

Your cherry blossom tattoo doesn’t necessarily need to be coloured to be noticed. The black and white ones also do their job pretty well.


44. The Panda Cherry Blossom

The nice and cute way in which this tattoo is designed needs no more words.


45. The Bloomed One

The more cherry blossoms, the better!


46. The Matching Ones

What can be more awesome that sharing the same beautiful cherry blossom tattoo with your loved one or with your best friend?


47. The Arm Cherry Blossom

Get an arm cherry blossom tattoo so that you’ll have it close to you every single time.


48. The Beautiful Match

Opt in for this beautiful tattoo if you want to get a combination of pureness, cuteness and elegance in the same time.


49. The Sexy One

Get this beautiful cherry blossom tattoo and you won’t certainly pass unnoticed at the beach!


50. The Symbols

The beautiful thing with this tattoo is that it combines three beautiful symbols: the cherry blossom, the deer (symbol of nobility and rebirth) and the spiderweb (the symbol of struggle).


51. The large rose cherry blossom tattoo

This large pale rose cherry blossom tattoo can be the perfect fit if you’re a calm, elegant and confident person.


52. The Leg Branch

If you’re still deciding on which part of the body you should get your next tattoo, if you want to opt in for a beautiful branch of cherry blossoms, the leg is probably one of the best choices.


53. The Neck Cherry Blossom

What can be sexier than a beautiful cherry blossom tattoo on the neck? Hidden most of the times, visible only for some.


54. Cherry Blossom Deer

The artistic look and feel of this awesome tattoo design gives us a combined feeling of happiness and joy. Just look at those beautiful colors!


55. The Unknown

If you feel like your tattoo should really have a personal meaning to you, try to combine it with quotes from other languages, mixing up the fonts and styles.


56. The Butterfly Branch

The combination between the symbol of the cherry blossom and the butterfly (which symbolizes transformation, acceptance and faith) is simply stunning.


57. The Tiny Branch

If you’re not into big, colorful tattoos, but you still have a passion for cherry blossoms, try this minimalistic, yet elegant design that will certainly drive away the feeling of monotony.


58. The Simple One

According to the fact that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, we strongly suggest trying this beautiful, minimalistic tattoo design.


59. The Spiral Background

The spiral background on this beautiful cherry blossom tattoo gives it unicity and originality and acts as a good element of contrast.


60. The Dedication

We all know that tattoos are a great way in which we can express our feelings. And what can be more beautiful than having a part of our loved ones always closer to us?


61. The Fading Tattoo

The fade color of this cherry blossom tattoo gives it a vintage, classy effect.


62. The Brighter One

Cherry Blossoms are well-known for their bright, colorful shades. So maybe one of the hardest decisions in choosing a cherry blossom tattoo would include its color.


63. The Full Arm Cherry Blossom

These awesome tattoo designs are too beautiful to be worn only on a tiny part of the body, so go and show them off!


64. The Complementary Cherry Blossom Tattoo

You’re really lucky if your new cherry blossom tattoo is complementary with your other ones, because the way they will look together will be original and stylish.


65. The Long Cherry Blossom Tattoo

It seems like this beautiful cherry blossom tattoo is part of a fairytale. Its colors, shape and style are just stunning.


66. The Continuous One

Some of the best tattoos are those that imply some kind of continuity on the body. For example, if you decide to get a cherry blossom tattoo that would start on the arm and finish on the leg, you’ll totally attract most of the glances wherever you’ll go!


67. The Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is one of the most common places to make a tattoo, but if you’ll choose a beautiful and cute tattoo like this, you’ll certainly fascinate all the ones around you.


68. Cherry Blossom By The Ear

In the past, most of the girls used to hang small pieces of flowers or cherries by their ears. Now, thanks to your new passion for tattoos, you can have that small piece of flower forever with you.


69. The Classical One

If you’re looking for a classical cherry blossom tattoo, this one will totally help you. The tiny bloomed flowers are just gorgeous!


70.  The Cute Owl

The look on this cute, tiny owl that’s standing on a beautiful branch of cherry blossom will totally melt your heart.


71. The Casual One

Looking for a beautiful tattoo that would match any casual outfit? We might have the solution. 🙂


72. The Cherry Blossom Splash

You simply can’t resist to such a beautiful cherry blossom tattoo, made up of a splash of colors.


73. The Cute One

These cute cherry blossom bloomed flowers are going with the wind.


74. The Cute Branch

This cute, minimalistic tattoo could brighten up your day just by looking at it!


75. The Awesome Combination

The complementarity of these 3 colors is so beautifully shaped in this tattoo design that you simply can’t resist choosing it.


76. The Scattered Cherry Blossom Tree

The scattered petals and flowers of this beautifully colored cherry blossom tree makes it a perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple, yet awesome tattoo.


77. The Landscape

The beautiful design of this tattoo goes beyond a pattern and becomes strictly an awesome landscape that you can’t simply resist.


78. The Pure One

The pureness and cuteness of this tiny white cherry blossom tattoo is simply uncontestable.


79. The Fully Bloomed

If you’re into big tattoos with even bigger signification, this one might be perfect for you. Not to mention the fact that it is also sexy. 🙂


80. The Sexy One

The way in which this beautiful tattoo emphasizes the collar bone is more than sexy and elegant in the same time!


81. The Common One

Looking for a classic cherry blossom tattoo? Well, this classy, casual one might do the trick!


82. The Pair

It seems like these 2 bloomed cherry blossom flowers are simply meant to be.


83. The Serious One

If you like the idea of a cherry blossom tattoo for its symbolistic, but don’t like the various bright colors that come with it, you can opt in for a black and white tattoo.


84. The Curly Branch

This curled branch of cherry blossom flowers has its own special meaning. It inspires love, peace and relaxation.


85. The Wrist One

This beautiful cherry blossom tattoo acts like a valuable bracelet. One with personal meaning. 🙂


86. The Back Cherry Tattoo

Try this sexy tattoo with a backless dress and some of your best accessories and you’ll be the star of the night!


87. The Grown One

This tattoo fits so well on the hand that it seems like it is grown there, not designed like it really is.


88. The Black And White Tattoo

Black and white cherry blossom tattoos also have their special symbolistic because of their mysterious look and feel.


89. The Latino Lover One

Worn in a suitable situation, this beautiful tiny tattoo leaves us the impression of a latino lover. 🙂


90. The Splitting Tattoo

This marvelous tattoo that crosses all the way of the body from the bottom to the top is more than beautiful. It is simply stunning.


91. The Symbolic One

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to give your tattoo a more personal meaning, associate it with a nice quote in a foreign language.


92. Another Splitting Tattoo

As we previously mentioned, these kind of tattoos are worth trying and admiring, because they are special and unique.


93. The Thigh Cherry Blossom

Looking for something sexy? We think we might have the answer.


94. The Smooth One

The smooth and clean design of this beautiful tattoo makes it special and unique. Wear it with confidence and you’ll certainly be noticed!


These being said, what’s your favorite? We know, we know…hard choice! But keep one thing in mind: when selecting the best pattern, take into consideration the fact that it should have a personal meaning above all. Post your opinions in the comments section and keep an eye on our activity!