A cheek piercing is also called a dimple piercing. Did you guess why? It is because a cheek piercing may highlight your natural dimples or it may create dimples in case you don’t have any. This piercing type should be located in that area of the cheek that is supposed to have dimples. It goes without saying that only a professional piercer can guarantee you a satisfying result.

Getting your cheeks pierced might hurt more than the average piercing because the skin is thicker. This is both an oral piercing and a normal body piercing, so you have to be prepared to take care of it accordingly. If pain scares you or you think your tolerance is low, you can ask for an anesthetic cream. This will add a few bucks to your bill, but at least you’ll suffer less. Oral hygiene must be ensured with mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol. The rest of it is similar to any other type of piercing.

A cheek piercing is considered especially cute and charming because it accentuates a person’s dimples or creates ones. You will still have to smile in order to achieve this effect, but not until the pain goes away, fact which will happen in approximately 1 week. However, the entire healing process can range from 6 months to one year. So, yes, it is the type of body modification that takes commitment even if it brings lots of benefits.

1. Dimple piercing on a serious face

cheek piercing (2)

This is how a cheek piercing looks on a serious face.

2. Cheek jewelry that is too long

cheek piercing (3)

If there is a space between your cheek and the jewel’s end, then it is too long. This is acceptable only during the healing process.

3. Jeweled accessory for your cheek

cheek piercing (4)

Simple beads aren’t fitted to everyone, so if you like your jewel to sparkle, pick one like this!

4. Really cute effect thanks to the dimple piercing

cheek piercing (5)

This girl is seriously cute, but her dimple piercings make her even cutter!

5. Piercings as spiritual journey

cheek piercing (6)

This woman seems spiritual thanks to her hairdo and her mandala tattoo. Her piercings might be part of her journey too.

6. Cheek piercing on a person without dimples

cheek piercing (7)

This is how such piercing would look like if you didn’t have dimples. In time, that area accentuates if the person smiles often enough!

7. Beautifully accentuated dimple with silver bead

cheek piercing (8)

Although this girl looks like she’s not wearing much makeup, you should know that makeup may cause infections until the wound heals.

8. Choose matching cheek jewelry

cheek piercing (9)

Trend has it that cheek jewelry should match, not be different. What do you think?

9. Drawing some sort of dimple piercings

cheek piercing (10)

This chick doesn’t have her cheeks pierced. She drew dots that look like cheek piercings. This is a great way to see if they fit.

10. A piercing that urges you to smile

cheek piercing (11)

Naturally dimples appear when a person is smiling. This piercing urges you to smile!

11. Flawless look with two cheek piercings

cheek piercing (12)

Her look is flawless from every point of view!

12. Body modifications taken to a new level

cheek piercing (13)

For some people getting two piercings is a big step, while for others is something normal. Which kind are you?

13. Discreet face piercings for girls

cheek piercing (14)

A cheek piercing is quite visible unless you want to wear tiny beads to make it more discreet.

14. Music and piercings belong with you

cheek piercing (17)

These type of piercings may contribute to creating a personal style or accentuating the one you already have.

15. Classic jewels for your cheeks

cheek piercing (18)

Classic jewels like the ones you see in this picture should not be taken off until the wound is healed.

16. The first face piercings

cheek piercing (19)

Your look will be clean and cute if the dimple piercings are your first face piercings.

17. Avoid applying blush for a few months

cheek piercing (20)

The lack of makeup is something that I cannot emphasize enough. Don’t do it until your cheeks are no longer sore.

18. Alternative girls adore the dimple piercing

cheek piercing (21)

You’ll not see a piercing in the cheeks of every alternative girl or none in others. However, they adore it most!

19. Black cheek beads for contrast

cheek piercing (23)

This gorgeous girl decided to opt for black beads as dimple creators.

20. A better view of this cheek art

cheek piercing (24)

Body mods may be considered art if they look like this!

21. Large beads for deep dimples

cheek piercing (25)

Choosing the right size for your cheek jewelry should be done depending on your taste only.

22. Symmetry with cheek piercings and nostril piercings

cheek piercing (26)

Cheek piercings may fulfill your desire for symmetry more than other types of piercings.

23. A contribution to a tribal look

cheek piercing (29)

Piecing your cheeks may be a welcome addition to your tribal look.

24. A piercing type that goes well with tattoos

cheek piercing (31)

Who am I kidding? Any type of piercing goes well with tattoos!

25. Healed cheek piercings look

cheek piercing (32)

This is how your cheek piercings will look like if you properly take care of them by washing them with saline solution and antibacterial soap, as well as avoiding makeup.

26. Accentuate your femininity with cheek jewels

cheek piercing (33)

Besides being more than cute with dimples, you can also accentuate your femininity with dimple jewelry.

27. Golden jewelry for your face

cheek piercing (34)

Gold is a hot color right now, so don’t worry because there are cheek jewels available in gold! However, they might not be safe to wear unless your holes are healed.

28. Two pairs of fun

cheek piercing (35)

This is a cool design with four face piercings.

29. Double snake bites and other cool stuff

cheek piercing (36)

A girl with dimples can afford to get as many face piercings as she wants!

30. Spikes look good too

cheek piercing (37)

Spikes look good too without a doubt, but you’d have to be extra careful with them!

31. Natural dimple piercings on a redhead


Alternative girls that use lots of makeup have a great look too, but this natural redhead rocks her dimple piercings as well!

32. Beauty highlighted by a cheek piercing

cheek piercing (40)

Piercings are beauty enhancements, especially this kind.

33. Beautifully healed piercings rock

cheek piercing (41)

There’s nothing more beautiful than a piercing that was taken care of.

34. Successful piercing combos for girls

cheek piercing (42)

This is a piercing combo that could work for every girl.

35. Dimples that hold beads

cheek piercing (43)

If you have natural dimples like this girl, the beads will find a cozy place inside them.

36. Large beads that pop out

cheek piercing (44)

She doesn’t have natural dimples, but the large beads that she chose pop out nicely.

37. Face embellished with golden piercings

cheek piercing (45)

As you probably know, gold is the color for piercings this year!

38. Wednesday Addams look with piercings

cheek piercing (46)

This girl personalized her Wednesday Addams look by piercing her cheeks.

39. Gothic beauty with face piercings

cheek piercing (47)

Posing in a romantic way, this Gothic beauty is sporting many types of face piercings.

40. Cute girl with dimple piercings only

cheek piercing (48)

A cheek piecing placed properly can be a god fit for any style.

41. Glamorous alternative girl with face accessories

cheek piercing (49)

The glamour look may be completed with a set of cheek piercings as well.

42. Adorable style with black jewelry

cheek piercing (50)

Keeping her femininity and innocence, this girl looks adorable with black beads in her cheeks.

43. Piercings that cannot be missed

cheek piercing (51)

A nostril piercing for example might be overlooked, but that’s highly improbably for a cheek piercing.

44. A perfectly defined face

cheek piercing (52)

Piercings in your cheeks can work in your favor because they define your face perfectly.

45. Tattoo models wear them too

cheek piercing (53)

This girl is a tattoo model who couldn’t stay away from dimple piercings either.

46. Creating an irresistible smile

cheek piercing (54)

Not that your smile isn’t irresistible already!

47. Age is not a factor

cheek piercing (55)

Teens and moms can sport a cheek piercing without efforts!

48. Perfect smile with 7 face piercings


cheek piercing (57)

This is another idea of how you can combine cheek piercings with other face piercings.

49. Geeky girls wearing studs in their cheeks

cheek piercing (58)

Geeky girls are brave too! They can often be seen with studs in their cheeks.

50. Cruella de Vil style with piercings

cheek piercing (59)

Do you remember Cruella de Vil from the movie 101 Dalmatians? This is how she would’ve looked with piercings in her cheeks.

51. Shiny beads for your cheeks

cheek piercing (60)

In order to attract even more attention, you can wear shiny beads.

52. Complete Rasta look with cheek jewelry

cheek piercing (61)

Among so many tattoos, red hair and dreads, the cheek jewelry fits right in.

53. Black goes well with everything

cheek piercing (62)

Part elf, part simple girl dressed in black, she knows that black goes with everything, including as dimple piercing.

54. Wear cheek piercings at work

cheek piercing (63)

Wearing cheek piercings at work might be problematic, unless you have a job like this girl.

55. Color and life in your cheeks

cheek piercing (64)

The combination of colors you opt for is really important. This girl nailed it!

56. Nude lipstick highlights the beads in your cheeks

cheek piercing (65)

Wearing nude lipstick will attract less attention to your lips and more to your beads.

57. Huge versus tiny piercings

cheek piercing (66)

A tiny cheeks piercing looks like nothing next to a stretched earlobe.

58. Long cheek jewelry for healing

cheek piercing (67)

Long cheek jewelry is only safe to wear during the healing period.

59. Loose cheek studs for healing

cheek piercing (68)

The stud you wear in your cheek should be larger at the beginning.

60. Studs popping out of your cheeks

cheek piercing (69)

Not having perfectly fitted studs is normal for the first 3 months.

61. Do not stretch your cheek piercing

cheek piercing (70)

This girl has both a stretched earlobe and lower lip. Don’t do that with your cheek piercing.

62. Cheeks are not meant for stretching

cheek piercing (71)

Food will literally come out of your mouth if you do that.

63. Subtle white beads for cheeks

cheek piercing (72)

Unless you take a close look, you might not even see how subtle her beads are.

64. Black from head to toe

cheek piercing (73)

Black jewelry looks good when matched with a black outfit.

65. A classic look for a classic girl

cheek piercing (74)

Keep things simple with classic jewelry for your cheeks.

66. Black piercings vs. red outfit

cheek piercing (75)

You’ll inevitably have to match your jewelry with your clothes.

67. Foods not to eat during the healing process

cheek piercing (76)

You shouldn’t eat anything spicy, drink alcohol or smoke until your cheeks are healed.

68. Cheek piercing and stretched lobe

cheek piercing (77)

This combination is very popular.

69. Dimple piercings for serious girls

cheek piercing (78)

She could use a good laugh to put her piercings to good use!

70. Transparent dimple beads

cheek piercing (79)

Transparent dimple beads look like they’re not even there.

71. Sporty look with cheek jewelry

cheek piercing (80)

Glamour, stylish or discreet aren’t the only options for wearing dimple piercings.

72. Low on piercings

cheek piercing (81)

Dimple piercings work for heavily tattooed girls too.

73. Oral piercings combined

cheek piercing (82)

This combo is only visible if you smile!

74. Divas with piercings in their cheeks

cheek piercing (83)

Hollywood divas can make a good team with a cheek piercing too.

75. A plan for your body

cheek piercing (86)

She looks like she’s having a plan for every body modification she does.

76. Create your own style

cheek piercing (87)

This is the “Diva meets sporty alternative girl” look.

77. Romantic look with tiny jewels


cheek piercing (89)

Romantic is usually associated with discreet.

78. Shy girls wear piercings too

cheek piercing (90)

Shy girls will benefit most of dimple piercings.

79. Closeup image of a blue bead

cheek piercing (91)

Unless you have a natural dimple, that’s how the bead will look on your cheek.

80. Modern Ariel has piercings

cheek piercing (92)

This girl looks like the famous Ariel character from Disney, right?

81. Badass girl look with cheek piercings

cheek piercing (93)

Cheek piercings may contribute to your badass look too.

82. Beware of infections from pets

cheek piercing (94)

An open wound may easily get infected due to pet bacteria.

83. Don’t underestimate the classic style

cheek piercing (95)

The classic style is still very effective!

84. Acting natural all the time

cheek piercing (96)

You’ll act natural after you get used with your cheek jewels.

85. Don’t lose that nerdy look

cheek piercing (97)

Dimple piercings have the power to make you look badass, but it would be a shame to lose your nerdy look.

86. Don’t lose your naturalness

cheek piercing (98)

Keep it simple and natural if that defines you.

87. Blonde rocking silver beads

cheek piercing (99)

Contrast is not mandatory.

88. Contrasting piercings aren’t a must

cheek piercing (101)

If the color of the jewels blends with the color of your face, no need to worry!

I guess you’re planning on getting two dimple piercings, is that right? Therefore, you have to calculate your money for two. Most reputable salons ask between $50 and $80 for a cheek piercing. The best types of jewelry that may or may not be included are a labret or a barbell. In addition, you have to think about the anesthetic cream, as well as other aftercare products. Happy piercing!