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101 Cool Belly Button Piercing and Rings that might inspire you

Body piercings might be in vogue, but don’t get surprised knowing that this trend originated many years back. Whether an eyebrow or the navel, tongue or some of the most sensitive regions of the body, the piercing practice has only come to the limelight recently. However, it

101 Cute Facial Piercings for Girls to Stand in VOUGUE

Novel times today have forever strived to modify the state of traditional customs, style and attitude. While some regular style might squiggle around the ambit of contemporary philosophy, it will be pronounced in the terms of the immediate trend even then. The modern day diva rules the

57 Hot Back Dimple Piercings Ideas for Your Summer Look

You don’t have natural back dimples? No problem! You can create the effect of back dimples with back dimple piercings! Also called Venus piercings, these ones emphasize your natural curves and make you look more attractive and feminine; guaranteed! In case you already have dimples, implanting jewelry

45 Unique Spiral Piercing Designs to get coolness and charm

In terms of spiritual meanings, spirals have a myriad of significance that cannot be ignored. While a spiral piercing looks visually appealing because it is basically made of circles, which are considered perfect, it is also a highly spiritual sign. If you’re looking to achieve balance, progress,

55 Realistic Fake Piercing Ideas Without Commitments

These fake piercing ideas are for those of you who are either not sure about poking a hole in your bodies or are afraid of a little pain. I can’t say piercing your body is a commitment, but some of them do leave marks after they are removed.

100 Best Corset Piercing Ideas to Try out

The fascination for corsets and the female body is not a passing trend. Women have been wearing corsets for centuries in order to accentuate their waist and to enhance their bust. These corset piercing ideas are part of the modern world and they might be considered a

55 Cool Snake Bite Piercing Designs (With Price and AFTERCARE Info)

Snake bite piercings are two normal piercings located in two special places. In fact, the placement is everything in case of these types of piercings. Because they are located on the lower lip, on both sides, they resemble the fangs of a snake, hence their name. Even so,