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90 Septum Piercing Designs To Get In Line With Celebrities

The septum piercing is definitely having a moment and this didn’t start now, but last year. Rihanna and Lady Gaga were seen sporting such type of piercing, so if you want to get in line with the celebrities, here are 90 designs among which you’ll definitely find one

90 Ways to Express Your Individuality With A Cartilage Piercing

A cartilage piercing is a painful pleasure and a guilty pleasure at the same time. It can be said that such piercing is meant to satisfy our desire for accessorizing our ears more than showing off a great jewel. Indeed, it is fairly easy to notice when

60+ Medusa Piercing Looks To Highlight Your Refined Features

A Canadian saved the day back in the 1990s when he named this type of piercing the Medusa piercing. Since it’s kind of complicated to remember its medical denomination, namely the philtrum piercing, I am thankful he was inspired. You can refer to it as an upper lip

70+ Boys Face Piercing Looks That Will Turn Heads

Did you know that men are more likely to get visible piercings than women? Even so, it seems that the most popular boys piercing is not a kind of face piercing, but the nipple piercing. The second place is occupied by the eyebrow piercing, followed by the

65 Nose Piercing Designs Ranging From Normal To Shocking

When it comes to nose piercing, you can rely on the ol’ nostril piercing, but you must know that your options are wider. Besides the septum piercing and the high nostril piercing, there are many other types of piercings in the nose area. If you read further, you’re

55 Dermal Piercings That Look Like They Belong

Have you ever wanted to get pierced in a not so accessible area? Well, thanks to dermal piercing now you can! The main difference between a normal piercing and the dermal one is that the latter only goes in, not in and out. In other words, it

65 Ear Piercings Styles to Step Up Your Game

The ear might be the most pierced body part and the most common one as well, but you will be surprised to find out that there are more than 20 types of ear piercings! Typically, women get standard lobe ear piercings in both their ears. Some parents

55+ Dainty Monroe Piercing Designs for Your Inner Star

Do you admire Marilyn Monroe’s lip birthmark and you’re quite fond of Cindy Crawford’s upper lip mark as well? You could create the same effect using make-up or you can opt for one of the following Monroe piercing designs. This type of piercing is located in the left

65 Play Piercing Ideas for Self-Expression and Spiritual Pleasures

Probably the oddest and most ritualistic type of piercing, play piercing is here to present depth and spirituality through needle play. It might be difficult to understand why certain people enjoy needle play without the satisfaction of actually wearing a piercing after they’re done. However, this experience

66 of the Sexiest Navel Piercing Designs for Girls

Piercings are becoming more popular every day. People just love the statement that body jewelry gives for them. Belly button rings are probably the most popular form of body piercing out there. Getting a body piercing should not be an easy decision, there are lots to consider