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65 Smiley Piercing Examples for a Life Full of Smiles

Not long ago, J. Colby Smith announced the supremacy of the smiley piercing. He admitted that the septum piercing is no longer number one when it comes to high fashion. In case you didn’t know, he is a piercing artist working for New York Adorned, a high

80+ Double Layered Rook Piercings to Accessorize Your Ear

Rook piercings have been embellishing our ears since the early 1990s when a courageous guy named Erik Dakota experimented with them. The truth is that this piercing technician from California was a real visionary. He is also the one who made industrial and daith piercings popular. Although known,

90 Double Lip Piercings for an Original and Appealing Look

Why settle for one lip piercing when you can have double lip piercings? Unless you are not obsessed by symmetry or you have a lip piercing situated in the middle of your lip, you can easily go for the double trouble! Monroe piercings often go very well

90 Helix Piercing Ideas for Your Trendiest Self

The following helix piercing ideas are amazing and will dazzle you! What’s great about them is that they fit to each style. Going for a helix piercing or a forward helix piercing or even both will have a positive impact on your look. In addition, you’ll be

80+ Inner and Outer Conch Piercing Ideas You Can’t go Wrong With

The inner and outer conch piercing ideas presented below are meant to inspire you. If you are a more conventional person or you are working in a piercing-free environment, you can opt for one of the examples below. In order to add something new to your look

90 Anchor Tattoos that Pay Homage to the Traditional Tattoo Subject

An anchor isn’t just a heavy object that holds a ship in place. An anchor is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “A person or thing that provides strength and support,” and “A reliable and principal support.” The anchor originally became a popular tattoo subject because of

90 Inspirational Quotes Tattoo Designs

All of us know that the best moments in life are the ones that deserve to be remembered. And what could tell an awesome experience better than a beautiful, inspirational quote tattoo? Let’s be honest. Even if you are or not an adept of the tattoos, one

90 Funky Bridge Piercing Ideas for Your Alternative Looks

The bridge piercing is commonly located between one’s eyes. Its exact placement depends on each person’s face shape and skin available to pierce. Since it is a surface piercing, some complications might be involved, but they’re not a sure thing. What’s certain is that this type of

87 Bold and Exciting Places to Get Your First Surface Piercing

Piercings can be painful, but the pain is so short lived that you don’t need to be afraid of it. Piercing is nothing more than having a foreign object put into your skin. Everyone is different when it comes to how your body reacts to foreign objects

90 Nape and Neck Piercings That Can Successfully Replace Necklaces

Any piercing is an accessory that may or may not replace other old fashioned accessories. The nape and neck piercings are as visible as any necklace and they are considered more interesting and nonconformist. Since we’re talking about surface piercings, these must be performed by a piercing technician