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88 Unusual and Really Cool Eyebrow Piercing Styles and Jewelry

What could possibly be unusual or really cool at an eyebrow piercing? If you’re thinking about the regular, vertical kind, then you might be so used with its image that you don’t consider it awesome anymore. Since the vertical eyebrow piercing is already considered common, you should

55 Dermal Piercings That Look Like They Belong

Have you ever wanted to get pierced in a not so accessible area? Well, thanks to dermal piercing now you can! The main difference between a normal piercing and the dermal one is that the latter only goes in, not in and out. In other words, it

55+ Dainty Monroe Piercing Designs for Your Inner Star

Do you admire Marilyn Monroe’s lip birthmark and you’re quite fond of Cindy Crawford’s upper lip mark as well? You could create the same effect using make-up or you can opt for one of the following Monroe piercing designs. This type of piercing is located in the left

65 Play Piercing Ideas for Self-Expression and Spiritual Pleasures

Probably the oddest and most ritualistic type of piercing, play piercing is here to present depth and spirituality through needle play. It might be difficult to understand why certain people enjoy needle play without the satisfaction of actually wearing a piercing after they’re done. However, this experience

66 of the Sexiest Navel Piercing Designs for Girls

Piercings are becoming more popular every day. People just love the statement that body jewelry gives for them. Belly button rings are probably the most popular form of body piercing out there. Getting a body piercing should not be an easy decision, there are lots to consider

101 Cool Belly Button Piercing and Rings that might inspire you

Body piercings might be in vogue, but don’t get surprised knowing that this trend originated many years back. Whether an eyebrow or the navel, tongue or some of the most sensitive regions of the body, the piercing practice has only come to the limelight recently. However, it

57 Hot Back Dimple Piercings Ideas for Your Summer Look

You don’t have natural back dimples? No problem! You can create the effect of back dimples with back dimple piercings! Also called Venus piercings, these ones emphasize your natural curves and make you look more attractive and feminine; guaranteed! In case you already have dimples, implanting jewelry

55 Realistic Fake Piercing Ideas Without Commitments

These fake piercing ideas are for those of you who are either not sure about poking a hole in your bodies or are afraid of a little pain. I can’t say piercing your body is a commitment, but some of them do leave marks after they are removed.

100 Best Corset Piercing Ideas to Try out

The fascination for corsets and the female body is not a passing trend. Women have been wearing corsets for centuries in order to accentuate their waist and to enhance their bust. These corset piercing ideas are part of the modern world and they might be considered a