If you love cats just as much as we do, then check out these designs to find your next tattoo. Cats have always been a popular design choice when it comes to tattoo designs. Cats, in general, have been used as a symbol throughout history, all the way back to the days of Cleopatra. In fact, back then cats were worshiped and seen as signs of good luck, that’s why there were so many statues of them amongst the pyramids. In the very ancient Egyptian days, cats were known as “mau” and were associated with the goddess Ba’at and Isis. They were important characters back then, and Egyptians found them to be very important symbols. There were many times when cats were depicted in art and even mummified with their owners. They were literally buried with them. During the times of the Greeks, cats were linked with deviousness, lust, cleanliness, and cunning.

These days’ cats are considered to be independent animals even as pets. They are often seen as a symbol of rebellion because of their personalities. In South Korea, however, getting a tattoo is forbidden unless it’s done by a medical practitioner. Many people disagree with this and so as an act of rebellion tattoo enthusiasts have been getting tattoos of cats as an act of protest against these rules.

Below are 75 of the Cutest Cat Tattoos for Cat Lovers:

1. A Sleeping Cat

This adorable tattoo is wrapped neatly around the ankle as if the cat is sleeping on it.


2. The Pastel Cat

This is a unique design that is made up of pastel colors to create a beautiful cat tattoo.


3. The Egyptian

This tattoo is of the traditional Egyptian cat statues that were used in ancient times.


4. A Silhouette

This small cat silhouette is behind the ear, and it has a cute little red bow.


5. A Brooch Design

This is a tattoo design that is made in the shape of a brooch with a cat as the centerpiece.


6. Tiny Kitty

This tiny kitty is simple and yet sweet sitting proper on her arm.


7. The Realistic Cat

The black cat is one of the more realistic tattoo designs, and this one could resemble someone’s pet.


8. Small Cat Design

This one small cat tattoo is sweet against the inner arm.


9. A Portrait

A portrait of the owner’s cat and this tattoo is drawn in such detail; it’s beautiful.


10. Kissing Cats

A small tattoo that has two kissing kittens. It’s small enough to go anywhere, but it looks great on the shoulder.


11. The Black Cat

Another example of a simple black cat design.


12. Black and White

These tattoos are simple and lack design.


13. The Monocle

A suit, a hat and a monocle, this cat is truly stylish.


14. Without an Outline

This cat is made out of shapes but has no real outline to it. The colors are wonderful.


15. Cat Within the Butterflies

A truly unique design that has the head of a cat appearing through the butterflies, it’s beautiful.


16. Space Cat

This fun design has a cat in a spacesuit, floating amongst the planets.


17. The Prowling Wildcat

This sexy tattoo has the wildcat prowling down her back.


18. Geometric Shapes

A geometric tattoo that has a cat as it’s centerpiece. If you want a different tattoo, then this is the one for you.


19. The Wine Drinker

This cat is sitting and drinking a glass of wine. It’s a cute and funny design.


20. The Monocle Strikes Again

Another example of the monocle cat but this tattoo has a lot more detail in it than the previous version.


21. Cute Cat

Forget piercing, why not get a small cat tattoo on your ear just like this one.


22. Cat Outline

This sleeping outline is a sweet cat tattoo for someone looking for something small.


23. A Cat Under the Moon

A simple design that can sit easily behind the ear.


24. A Simple Design

Another example of a black silhouette for someone looking for a simple design.


25. Paw Prints

An outline of a cat walking away and leaving paw prints behind him.


26. A Floral Design

This beautiful design has a silhouette that is covered in flowers.

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27. Cat on the Moon

A beautiful design that has a cat on the moon, a gorgeous tattoo.


28. Geometric Cat

Another example of a geometric tattoo that is created within the cat’s head. A stunning design for someone who wants a badass tattoo.


29. For the Love of Your Life

This design is made to represent the owner’s pet, and the tattoo looks exactly like him.


30. Mesmerizing Shape

This silhouette of the cat is a little different and it’s a gorgeous design.


31. A Planet Inside

This cat tattoo has the planets inside of it; you can see the moon and the starry sky against the cat.


32. The Tiny Design

A curly tail has this silhouette looking adorable, add a heart and it’s perfect.


33. The Heart

A geometric design that has the heart of the cat as the centerpiece that everything connects to.


34. The Perfect Outline

Just an outline of a cat with a curly tail but it’s a great design for anyone who wants a simple tattoo.


35. Cat Circle

A subtle cat tattoo that is made with one circle, it’s a cute tattoo that fits on the finger.


36. The Panther

A great design that has a panther crawling up her back.


37. Small Kitty

A small kitty that fits perfectly on the wrist.


38. Playing With Her Tail

A cute kitty is playing with the bow on her tail, it’s an adorable design.


39. The Cat Stretch

A lazy stretch from a cat and the tail spells out enjoy!


40. Ninja Cats

This ninja cat looks like it’s ready for battle, such a cute design.


41. Colorful Cats

Beautiful designs that have one side in purples and blues while the other is in reds and oranges.


42. The Galaxy

This beautiful design has the galaxy inside the shape of a cat. I love the bright colors.


43. The Cunning Cat

This cat definitely looks like it’s up to no good. The colors are even more enjoyable.



44. The Cheshire Cat

This amazing design has the Cheshire cat disappearing from view with his broad smile.


45. Yin and Yang

A great yin and yang design made from two cats. A unique design.


46. Those Green Eyes

Another great example of a Cheshire Cat, this one has a spinning design on the back.


47. Stunning Colors

An amazing design that incorporates some incredible colors.


48. The Jumping Cat

This circular design has the cat jumping over flowers.


49. The Astronaut

I love this design because it’s very different and has a lot of detail to it. The splashes of color throughout really make the tattoo pop as well.


50. The Sphinx

Another great example of an Egyptian cat from ancient times.



51. Bright Eyes

A cute design of a cat with big eyes.


52. That Sweet Face

Another cat portrait and that sweet face is so cute.


53. The Tabby

A small tattoo on the leg isn’t a big change.


54. Silky Smooth

This cat is a silky smooth design of red and black.


55. Glimmer Cat

A gorgeous cat design that has some white and gray elements. It’s a beautiful coloring for a tattoo.



56. Picture Perfect

A black and white picture of a beautiful Siamese cats.


57. Cat Lines

Just a few lines that male up a cat design, simple tattoo.


58. Sugar Skull Cats

A great design that has skeleton designs inside. It’s a sugar skull which is very popular these days.


59. Panther Stretch

A great cat design that has a panther stretching. It’s a silhouette but a powerful design.


60. Persian Designs

Small Persian cats that make for simple designs.


61. Striking Black

A gorgeous cat design that has part of the head jet black, which makes it more striking.


62. Cat From Behind

The back of the cat gives you a different angle on the cat design.


63. Give a Kitten a Kiss

Kissing kittens, but with this design, there is a black one and a white one.


64. The Majesty

A simple design made out of outlines, another example of an Egyptian tattoo.


65. Cute Tattoo

A cute tattoo that is simple in design. It’s not a large tattoo, so it’s not a lot of commitment.


66. Beautiful Moon

A cute tattoo of a cat sitting on the moon with stars in the sky.


67. Music Note Cat

This beautiful silhouette of a cat that is in the shape of a music note. It’s a stunning design.


68. Alice in Wonderland

The proverbial Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. If you are a fan of the movie, then try out this design.


69. Mysterious Cat

A black cat with a curious look as it takes in its surroundings.


70. Mom and Baby

These simple designs that have a mom and a baby together again.


71. The Smiling Cat Tattoo

A quote from the movie as well as just the smiling face of the Cheshire cat, the rest of the body, has disappeared.


72. An Orange Tabby

This cute cat looks great as an orange tattoo. An original design that is sure to please.