The bridge piercing is commonly located between one’s eyes. Its exact placement depends on each person’s face shape and skin available to pierce. Since it is a surface piercing, some complications might be involved, but they’re not a sure thing. What’s certain is that this type of piercing is funky and can definitely contribute to your alternative image. As it follows you’ll see numerous alt girls who have found a way to include it in their looks with maximum success. Only bold ladies and gents out there are brave enough to go through with this.

Also called the Erl or Earl piercing, the bridge piercing isn’t a threat to your eyes or sinuses for that matter. These are myths born due to people’s exaggerations. However, it might leave you with an ugly scar if your body decides to reject it. You can’t do anything about that aspect, so make sure it’s a risk you can assume. If your body does want to push it out, it’s best for you to just take it out. The same can happen with both vertical bridge and horizontal bridge piercings.

The pain factor

Surface piercings tend to hurt more than others, but the thickness of the pierced skin is also important. Other types of surface piercings are the eyebrow piercings and the belly button piercings. You can’t compare the soft tissue of the belly button with eyebrow skin, so the pain increases. As long as the piercer chooses a small gauge straight barbell or curved barbell, you shouldn’t be afraid. Also, prepare for a period between 8 and 12 weeks when you will have to clean and care for your new addition.

The cleaning routine

Keeping your nose’s bridge clean and disinfected is the best you can do to speed up the healing process. Wash it with antibacterial soap and rinse it with salt water at least twice per day until it’s no longer sore or sensitive. Continue with the same routine until it is fully healed. Don’t use makeup or any cosmetic products on it and cover it with your hand in case you use hairspray. Try not to play with it and make sure the jewelry you’re wearing is comfortable.

90 Modern Bridge Piercing Ideas

1. The horizontal bridge piercing

bridge piercing (3)

The horizontal type of Erl piercing is the most common one. She is wearing a curved barbell, which is the best jewelry shape you can opt for.

2. The best location for an Erl piercing

Sao Paulo, Brasil - 18/03/2013 - Backstage do desfile de Tufi Duek durante o SPFW - Verao 2014. Foto : Rafael Canas/ FOTOSITE

The place on your nose with the loosest skin is the best location to pierce and prevent rejection for this style.

3. Right between your eyes

bridge piercing (5)

Your bridge piercing might not be placed right between your eyes due to the available tissue. Choose the safest location suggested by a professional piercer.

4. Straight barbell or curved barbell

bridge piercing (6)

Besides the straight barbell and the curved barbell, you can also wear a D-shaped ring, but not an enclosed beaded ring because that puts pressure on the skin and might lead to migration.

5. Horizontal Erl with silver beads

bridge piercing (7)

Just as with any other facial piercings, this one stands out more or less depending on the color of the beads that you choose.

6. Black curved barbell for the nose bridge

bridge piercing (8)

As you can see, pale skin creates a beautiful contrast with a black jewelry.

7. Double bridge piercings placed horizontally

bridge piercing (9)

If your skin allows it, you can wear not one, but two horizontally placed bridge piercings for an augmented effect.

8. Bar length chosen according to nose size

bridge piercing (10)

You shouldn’t be able to see the jewelry without looking in the mirror. You should only see your nose as usually.

9. A different type of Erl piercing

bridge piercing (11)

The piercing you see below this girl’s eye is basically a bridge piercing. Another location for this type of piercing is the nape of the neck.

10. A series of bridge piercings

bridge piercing (12)

This chick has two bridge piercings in her nose and two under each eye. A little extreme, don’t you think? Good for her!

11. Nicely healed Earl piercing

bridge piercing (13)

In order to have a nicely healed skin, avoid makeup and hairspray from getting to it.

12. A perfectly defined nose

bridge piercing (14)

This piercing type may help with nose definition. The right size and placement are the secrets to it.

13. Straight barbell for thick skin

bridge piercing (15)

If the skin between your eyes is thick enough, going for a straight barbell is safe.

14. Large beads for a thin nose

bridge piercing (16)

Large beads can balance the way your nose looks like if it is thin at the beginning and wider at the end.

15. Always beware of migration

bridge piercing (17)

Migration may occur after you pierce yourself or after a long time. Pay attention to how the hole looks; whether it shrinks or becomes loose.

16. Vertical bridge piercing idea

bridge piercing (18)

Now this is a long straight barbell! Not everyone can get one alike, that’s why you should discuss it with a professional.

17. Erl piercing and upper nostril piercing

bridge piercing (20)

Both these nose piercings are part of the less common types. They look funky and cool though!

18. Microdermals instead of regular piercings

bridge piercing (21)

There is no way this chick has normal piercings on her forehead. They are probably microdermals.

19. Opt for the perfect combo

bridge piercing (22)

A bridge piercing is not easy to match with other piercings. However, base you decisions on geometry. That trick always works.

20. Vertical and horizontal combination

bridge piercing (23)

While the horizontal barbell is inserted the old fashion way, the vertical ones are most definitely microdermals.

21. Small gauge and small beads

bridge piercing (24)

Less skin damage and less weight should result in a healthier piecing.

22. Piercing parallel to the eye

bridge piercing (25)

A cheek bridge piercing if you like, this one is also a surface piercing and includes the same risks.

23. Keep it on the center line

bridge piercing (26)

This is a very cool idea of how you can wear many piercings located on the center line of your face.

24. A classic vertical Earl

bridge piercing (27)

The skin must be lifted in order to be pierced. Try to do so to figure out if you can get one!

25. Inverted curved barbell wear

bridge piercing (28)

This girl’s piercing seems like a deep one, but, in fact, she has a curved barbell rolled towards her nose bone. Clever!

26. Leave colored jewelry for later

bridge piercing (29)

Keep the original jewelry for 12 weeks and be extra careful when you change it with another.

27. Eyeglasses shouldn’t touch the piercing

bridge piercing (30)

You probably think that if you wear eyeglasses, you cannot wear a bridge piercing. That is wrong. A professional is able to place it so that they don’t bump into each other.

28. This is an ideal alignment

bridge piercing (31)

The beads may be aligned to where your eyebrows start. It does look ideal.

29. Natural eyebrows and bridge barbell

bridge piercing (32)

Your natural eyebrows may serve as guidelines.

30. Keep the makeup away

bridge piercing (33)

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to keep makeup away from an open wound. Her tissue isn’t fully healed, even if she looks pretty. Buildup may lead to infections.

31. Keep it natural for a while

bridge piercing (34)

This makeup free, natural look suits you too!

32. Microdermals placed as a vertical bridge

bridge piercing (35)

These two are definitely microdermals. In case you didn’t know, microdermals are piercings inserted under the skin, with one entry point and no exit point.

33. Spooky look with eye lenses

bridge piercing (36)

Gold is fancy, but those lenses are spooky. Do you like her style?

34. The Erl piercing vs. crosses eyes

bridge piercing (37)

Such piercing will not affect your eyes. Whatever you hear otherwise is wrong.

35. Too long isn’t fit

bridge piercing (38)

This could be a poor choice in barbell or a shrinked hole that means the piercing is migrating.

36. Obtain a fiercer look

bridge piercing (39)

Any piercing you’d have on your face, it would attract attention to it. In this case, it could make your look fiercer.

37. The bridge piercing will elongate an oval face

bridge piercing (40)

If you don’t mind the slight elongating effect, then it may fit your face too!

38. Fake jewelry for fun

bridge piercing (41)

Try on fake jewelry for your nose to see if it suits you!

39. Think about the scars

bridge piercing (42)

Would you might two tiny dots on your nose in the future? Will you be able to cover them with concealer?

40. Great addition to the alt style

bridge piercing (43)

Tattoos and piercings make a great pair! Combine them wisely!

41. Classic beauty with piercings

bridge piercing (48)

However, you don’t have to be an alt girl to rock piercings!

42. Any kind of combination goes

bridge piercing (49)

Whether this would be your first piercing or not, you should trust your gut and make sure you want it!

43. The rare teardrop effect

bridge piercing (50)

Her beads look like perfect teardrops.

44. Tiny vs. large nose piercings

bridge piercing (51)

While this combo looks cool, it might encourage rejection.

45. Bridge piercing fit for different styles

bridge piercing (52)

Short haired or long haired, the bridge piercing isn’t pretentious when it comes to looks. It’s only pretentious when it comes to healing.

46. Vertical Erl contributes to the cuteness effect

bridge piercing (53)

I don’t know if her dimples or her vertical Erl make this girl look so cute, but both certainly do!

47. Good choice in piercings

bridge piercing (54)

While this girl made good choice in piercings, I can’t say the same about her eyebrows. Bridge piercings look better with well-groomed eyebrows.

48. Extra large beads choice

bridge piercing (55)

Visually speaking, these extra large beads look cool. However, the weight factor should be considered.

49. Looking pretty on a happy face

bridge piercing (56)

Any piercing looks even better on a happy face! Remember to smile!

50. Large jewelry is her thing

bridge piercing (57)

Even with her large jewelry, this girl still looks graceful. Taste is everything.

51. The most desirable combo

bridge piercing (58)

There is no perfect combo of face piercings; only the one that you desire.

52. Purple beads for a funky effect

bridge piercing (59)

After 12 weeks, you can wear any colored jewel you like!

53. Black is the most popular color

bridge piercing (60)

If you take some time to look at all these pictures, you’ll notice that black is the most popular color for a bridge piercing.

54. Femininity with a touch of uncommon

bridge piercing (62)

Since this is a unisex piercing, it shouldn’t enhance femininity as its goal, but it sure does for her.

55. Hats won’t cover it

bridge piercing (63)

Eyebrow piercings are easily covered by hats, but not Earl piercings!

56. Make sure your piercing fits

bridge piercing (64)

An inappropriate jewel might ruin your whole look. Her bridge jewel is too long and her lip rings are too big.

57. Well-chosen face jewelry

bridge piercing (65)

For example, she has chosen the most fitted jewelry for her face piercings.

58. Erl, the fashion statement

bridge piercing (66)

All piercings are fashion statements, including the Erl.

59. When Erl and eyeglasses meet

bridge piercing (67)

The frame of your eyeglasses should not touch your piercing.

60. Gothic beauty with bridge piercing

bridge piercing (68)

Goth, hippie, alt or any style you can think of doesn’t stay in the way of a bridge piercing.

61. There is beauty in every style

bridge piercing (69)

As I mentioned at the beginning, alt girls tend to opt for the bridge piercing more than other types of girls.

62. Glamorous blonde wears an Earl

bridge piercing (70)

As long as you don’t use makeup during the healing period, you can use as much as you want to get that glamorous look!

63. Punk style meets the Erl

bridge piercing (71)

I bet Erl, the guy who first got a bridge piercing, didn’t know how popular it will become.

64. Vampire look completed with piercings

bridge piercing (72)

Her fangs are the only things missing from her look.

65. High cuteness level reached

bridge piercing (73)

Tough or cute, the bridge is complementary!

66. Piercings for goth girls

bridge piercing (74)

Painting your eyebrows has to be paused for when the tissue heals.

67. A black and white presentation


The bridge piercing fits right in among all her beautiful ear and lip piercings, don’t you think?

68. Swollen and sore points

bridge piercing (76)

A little swelling and soreness are completely normal for the first 2 weeks.

69. An impeccable look

bridge piercing (77)

Well-cared for piercings contribute to the creation of an impeccable look.

70. A very happy customer

bridge piercing (78)

That’s how happy you should look when you leave the piercing parlor!

71. Dramatic look with large jewels

bridge piercing (79)

Although not recommended, large jewels can help you get a dramatic look.

72. Pin Up style meets the Erl

bridge piercing (80)

Attractive and coquette, pin up girls always look good!

73. A million dollar look

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This girl has mastered the art of makeup and piercing care!

74. Soft gold for the eyes

bridge piercing (82)

Gold is a color that compliments a warm skin tone.

75. Three nose piercing types

bridge piercing (83)

This girl is sporting a bridge piercing, two upper nostril piercings and a septum piercing.

76. Eyeglasses vs. the Erl

bridge piercing (84)

Those who wear eyeglasses shouldn’t avoid the Erl.

77. Fashion at its best

bridge piercing (85)

If you’re already a diva, spice things up with the right piercings!

78. Make sure your piercing is straight

bridge piercing (86)

The piercer should mark the in and out spots to make sure the piercing will be straight.

79. Go for balance

bridge piercing (87)

Wearing a small bead and a large bead on the same barbell will create an imbalance.

80. Tiny spikes for an edgy look

bridge piercing (88)

She added some edge to her look with those spikes!

81. High nose bridge piercing

bridge piercing (89)

There’s a perfect spot for the bridge piercing on every face. Locate it with the help of a professional or try to use Photoshop and find it yourself!

82. A triangle made of piercings

bridge piercing (90)

This babe looks so nice with her face piercings, because they all create a triangle, that’s a harmonious geometrical shape.

83. Classy with piercings on

bridge piercing (91)

You can look classy even if you are wearing face piercings. Don’t take them off for the sake of others, unless that’s what you want.

84. Nose as the favorite piercing area

bridge piercing (92)

If you already love nose piercings, you must have a bridge piercing too!

85. The look of a doll

bridge piercing (93)

I’m sure her face expression is just acting. It’s reassuring to see that frowning and the Erl don’t look bad together.

86. Adornments for the nose

bridge piercing (94)

Create an optical illusion by adorning your nose with piercings that elongate it visually. This helps if you don’t have an oval face.

87. Attracting attention to your eyes

bridge piercing (95)

I could’ve missed the beauty of this girl’s eyes if I wasn’t looking at her bridge piercing. That would’ve definitely be a shame since she has mesmerizing eyes. Attract attention to yours with an Erl!

88. A flawless figure with piercings

bridge piercing (96)

You can be your flawless self by adding anything you want on your face. This includes makeup, piercings and why not, tattoos. Your personal content should be your priority. Always.

89. Matching golden jewelry

bridge piercing (45)

I was always a fan of matching jewelry, so I really like her look! There are numerous shades of gold, so try to buy them all at once to avoid wearing multiple shades. Creating such look takes patience, especially if you order the jewelry online and you have to wait for the package to arrive at your place!

Pay for professional services

The bridge piercing is not something you can play with. If it is not placed properly by a professional in sterile conditions, it can get infected, rejected and leave unwanted scars. Choose a piercer with experience and pay more if you have to. On average, prices range between $40 and $90 at a piercing parlor. It is recommended to discuss jewelry and exact location with a professional prior to the piercing session to make sure everything will go smoothly. A friendly professional offers services that are worth paying for. Happy piercing!