Arrow tattoo designs are some of the most wanted patterns when it comes to first tattoos. This may be because of their simplicity, which is usually combined with a classy taste and a personal meaning. However, one of the most appealing characteristics of the arrow tattoo designs is that they are very appealing and beautiful, so that it would be basically impossible not to spot them.

One of the most awesome features of the arrow tattoo designs is that you can basically control their meaning. All you have to do is choose your favorite design, add some personal insertions to it and…boom! You’ll have your brand new tattoo design that would perfectly match your personality and style. If you’re interested in the significance of these beautiful designs, you should know that they can be associated both with love by referring to Cupid’s arrows, or with a feeling of positivity and freedom, depending on the additional symbols that you’ll integrate into the whole arrow tattoo design.

1. Tribal Arrow Tattoo Designs

The geometrical composition of this arrow tattoo design, along with its general look and feel reminds us of the tribal patterns that can inspire both freedom and independence.


2. Finger Arrows

One of the best characteristics of arrow tattoo designs is that they can be easily integrated into almost every single part of the body. This awesome and creative combination will emphasize your fingers and will remind you of a “mini-henna” tattoo design.


3. Feathered Arrow Tattoo Design

If you’reย into classy and stylish arrow tattoo designs, we’re sure that the following one will capture your interest! We can’t fully express how beautiful and elegant it is.


4. Combined Arrow Tattoo Designs

If you chose an arrow tattoo design as your first tattoo, that’s a plus for you. But if you already have a geometrically patterned tattoo and you don’t know how to combine it, we highly suggest you add some elegance to it by combining it with a simple arrow tattoo.


5. Peacock Arrow Tattoo Designs

The peacock is a great symbol of spirituality, glory and beauty. It’s basically impossible not to notice a peacock tattoo design, mostly because of its size, colors and gratitude. However, if you don’t want to get a big first tattoo, you can opt in for an elegant and creative arrow tattoo design with peacock influences, like the following one.


6. The Triple Alliance

If you simply love the combination between symmetry, geometrical lines and simplicity, the arrow tattoo designs that would resemble the following one are certainly for you!


7. Back Arrow Tattoo Design

Back arrow tattoo designs can make a perfect combination with some of your favorite summer outfits and accessories, so what are you waiting for?


8. Eternal Arrow Tattoo Design

Who said that in order to get an awesome arrow tattoo design you should keep its shape untouched? Look how awesome is this eternal sign made our of an arrow!


9. Arm Arrows

If you’d like to get a simple and casual tattoo design, you can opt in for the following one! You’ll love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

arrow-tattoo-designs-9Also See:

10. Thin Arrow Tattoo Designs

Thin arrow tattoo designs can be a perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple & minimalistic tattoo that would also have a cute and personal meaning.


11. Text Arrow Tattoo Designs

As we’ve previously mentioned, one of the best features of these arrow tattoo designs is that they can be personalized as you want. Try to add a cute word, quote, name or number with a personal meaning to get the best out of it!


12. Colorful Arrow Tattoo Design

The beautiful coloring of this arrow tattoo design is very resembling the plumage of a rare, amazing bird.


13. Long and Short Arrow Designs

Arrow tattoo designs are also well-known for their minimalistic and stylish patterns that can fit any bodyย shape, style or personality.


14. Cupid’s Arrow

We think we just found Cupid’s arrow. How many “victims” did you made today with it? ๐Ÿ™‚


15. Horizontal Arrow Design

Horizontal arrow tattoo designs can also be a great fit, depending on the part of the body that you want to wear them.


16. Spine Arrow Tattoo Design

If you’re looking for a sexy arrow tattoo design that would look awesome with one of your favorite backless dresses, say no more, because we have the answer!


17. Black Shaded Arrow Design

This black shaded arrow tattoo design has a dramatic look and feel. It’s perfect if you want to escape the monotony by means of something really bold.


18. Matching Arrow Tattoos

If you’d like to get a matching tattoo with your friend or loved one, but you’re simply not into the classical designs, we advise you to try these awesome arrow tattoo designs. You won’t regret!


19. Little Arrow on the Spine

An arrow tattoo shouldn’t be big in order to be meaningful and cute. The following one is the best example that attests this fact.


20. Compass Arrow Tattoo Design

Being a design that can always be personalized in the most creative and unique ways, the arrow can also be turned into a compass that would always lead you on the right road!


21. Simple Spine Arrow Tattoo

Simple and classical arrow tattoos are never out of trend, so opt in for your favorite one and go for it!


22. Back Arrow Design

Choose this classic, thin arrow tattoo design if you want a minimalistic tattoo with a personal or aesthetic meaning.


23. Right Arrow Tattoo Design

Arrow tattoo designs are also well-known for their tendency to suggest the direction: left or right. What’s the direction which you want to choose?


24. Compass Designed Tattoo

This awesome combination between an arrow and a compass is simply stunning by means of its special pattern.


25. Diamond Arrow

This beautiful combination between a diamond and an arrow would probably be the number one item on the list of every single girl out there.


26. Simple Arrow Design

Simple and classic. That’s it. These designs are never out of trend.


27. Star Shaped Arrow Design

Being a symbol of accomplishment, good luck and success, the star can make a great combination with the arrow. You can see the awesome result right in the following example.


28. Triple Arrow

If you love arrow tattoo designs, why choose only one pattern? Three is a lucky number, so go for it! ๐Ÿ™‚


29. Geometrical Feathered Arrow Design

Give your simple arrow tattoo design an unique style by adding some geometrical lines to it, along with some personal symbols.


30. Arrowed Triangles

If you simply love geometrical tattoo designs, or if you want to combine them with something else, opt in for the following example.


31. Rose Arrow Tattoo

Elegance, style, cuteness. All in this beautiful arrow tattoo design. The perfect choice for every single lady out there. ๐Ÿ™‚


32. Arrow Details

Details definitely matter when talking about arrow tattoo designs. If you appreciate them, then try the following one!


33. Bold Arrow Tattoo Design

If you’re looking for a bold & representative arrow tattoo design, the following one might be the perfect fit.


34. Graphical Arrows

The combination between geometrical lines and arrows will never be our of the trend. Opt in for the following one if you want a mix between creativity, style and uniqueness.


35. Thin Arrows

Looking for a simple, minimalistic tattoo? We have the perfect example, you should only add a personal style to it! ๐Ÿ™‚


36. Royal Spine Arrow Tattoo

This spine arrow tattoo seems like it’s been made for a royal, by means of its design, shape…and pattern.


37. Simple Arrow

Looking for a simple and common design for your first tattoo? The following example might help you out.


38. Arrows And Dots

You can achieve a lot of great combinations if you know exactly how to match them.


39. Left and Right Arrow Design

Add some extra lines and shapes to your simple arrow design to make it one of a kind!


40. Curved Arrow Design

The curved patterns on the arrow tattoo designs are the elements that make them unique and catchy.


41. Meaningful Arrow Design

Arrow tattoos are the perfect ones when it comes to personalized designs. Either if it is a name, quote, or number, it will look amazing on your new arrow tattoo design!


42. Continuous Arrow Tattoo Design

Opt in for this continuous arrow tattoo design if you’d like to turn your simple tattoo into a meaningful one.


43. Color-Splashed Arrow Design

If you’re looking for a unique arrow tattoo design, you can add a huge splash of color into your simple one. This would make it unforgettable!


44. The Combined Arrow

You don’t need to opt in for a big arrow tattoo design in order to personalize it with some nice geometrical elements.


45. The Collection

If you’re simply and madly in love with arrow tattoo designs, you can opt in for a “collection” in which you can emphasize your favorite patterns.


46. Shoulder Arrow

Opt in for this simple, yet classy and elegant arrow tattoo design if you’re looking for a well-known and loved pattern.


47. Arrow Ring Tattoo Design

Who needs rings when you have such an awesome arrow tattoo design?


48. The X

You can combine your favorite arrow tattoo designs in many ways. Just let your creativity flow!


49. Feathered Text Arrow Design

With a meaningful text and a personal symbol, you’ll certainly have one of the most unique and stylish tattoos ever.


50. Simple Arm Arrow

Choose this nice and cute arrow tattoo design to follow you wherever you’ll go! ๐Ÿ™‚


51. Triangle Arrow Tattoo

If you’re into geometrical lines tattoo, you should know that they can be perfectly combined with arrow tattoo designs!


52. The Wrist Arrow

If you’re looking for a simple and classy wrist tattoo, you can surely choose this one. It’s a great fit for both men and women and can be easily matched.


53. Up Arrow

This arrow tattoo pattern is so beautifully designed that it resembles with a piece of art made out of a pencil. Definitely a great choice!


54. Small Arrow

It is said that small tattoos have great meanings. If you also believe this, the following arrow tattoo design is for you!


55. Combined Arrow Tattoo Designs

Combined arrow tattoo designs also have their significance and beauty, mainly because you can personalize them as you wish.


56. Neck Arrow

Neck tattoos have a dose of sexiness and style that’s really unconventional and personal, all at the same time.


57. Geometrical Arrow Tattoo Designs

We all know that geometrical tattoo designs will always be appreciated for their classic style and shape, so combine them with a unique pattern of arrows to give them a special look and feel!


58. Love Arrow

Arrow tattoo designs can also get a whole new significance if they are combined with a personal and meaningful symbol, like a heart, a pair of wings or a quote.


59. Wrist Arrow Tattoo Designs

Wrist arrows are always simple, elegant and cute. If you want to opt in for an arrow wrist tattoo, check out the following example.


60. Diamonds & Arrows

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, right? Well, if you believe this, then you should certainly check out the following arrow tattoo pattern.


61. Lined-Up Arrows

They say that the quantity doesn’t matter, but when it comes to nice arrow tattoo designs, we might reconsider that saying.


62. Simple Arrow Design

Looking for one of those simple & classic arrow tattoo designs? Well, you should check out this one! ๐Ÿ™‚


63. Bow And Arrow Tattoo Designs

What would be an arrow without its bow? ๐Ÿ™‚


64. Matching Arrows

If we were to mention one awesome characteristic of these arrow tattoo designs, that would certainly be the fact that they can be easily combined and mixed. So easy that in the end, the final result will look stunning!


65. Finger Arrow Tattoo Designs

The minimalistic style and shape of the arrow tattoo designs allow them to be turned up into great finger tattoo patterns. Have you tried them?


66. Thin & Simple Arrow Tattoo Designs

If you’re going for a classic and simple look, the following tattoo designs might help you out.


67. Left And Right Arrow Tattoo Designs

Can’t decide on the direction of your next arrow tattoo design? Why not choose both left and right?


68. Black Contoured Arrow Tattoo Design

We have to admit that fewer and fewer arrow tattoos are being designed using bright colors. That’s because the black contour on them looks really great!


69. “The Team”

This “team” of awesomely designed arrows is waiting for you to choose them as your next tattoo! ๐Ÿ™‚


70. Combined Lines

A fun fact about arrow tattoo designs is that you can play with your creativity when choosing your next pattern, by combining lines andย  geometrical shapes.


71. Long Arm Arrow

You never get bored of the multiple designs that an arrow tattoo design might incorporate? Well, if your answer is positive, this tattoo is for you! ๐Ÿ™‚


72. Arrow Quote

Given their shape and style, arrow tattoo designs are some of the best patterns that can be combined with quotes, in order to get a special final look.


73. Matching Finger Arrows

Who said that only wrist tattoos can be matched? Look at this beautiful arrow tattoo combination.


74. Finger Arrow

Choose this tiny arrow tattoo design if you’re looking for a simple and classic tattoo pattern.


75. Thick Black Arrow Tattoo Design

This thick black arrow tattoo design can inspires freedom and independence.


76. Colorful Arrow Tattoo Design

Only a few arrow tattoo designs are bright colored. Choose this stunning pattern if you’d like to escape the monotony and try something new and stylish!


77. ย Cupid’s Arrow Tattoo Design

Here’s a dramatic interpretation of the Cupid’s story. Is it your heart there, or someone else’s? ๐Ÿ™‚


78. Infinite Arrow Tattoo Design

The shapes from which this arrow tattoo design is made can be eternally duplicated and they would still look awesome.


79. Cupid’s Heart

Cupid’s Heart is a pretty common design when it comes to arrow tattoo designs. If you want to opt in for this pattern, try to add a personal insertion to it.


80. Bird & Arrow

In general, the combination between a bird and an arrow isn’t something very spectacular, but this tattoo design gives it a whole new meaning and style based on the bright colors and the original & creative style.


81. 2 Arrows On The Neck

Either if you choose to leave it uncovered or to hide it using your hair, you can always opt in for a minimalistic arrow tattoo design on the neck.


82. Anchor Arrow Tattoo Design

Being a symbol of hope and salvation, the anchor can be easily combined with some arrow patterns in order to emphasize its shape and style.


83. Mystical Arrow Design

Some of the best parts in getting a brand new tattoo is that you can give it any connotation and meaning you want. Let your imagination flow and play with the arrows and the symbols, just like in the following example.


84. Arrow Compass

This might be one of the best combinations between an arrow and another symbol. Meaningful and unique. ๐Ÿ™‚


85. Simple Black Arrow

Opt in for a simple black arrow design pattern for your first tattoo design!


86. Bow And Arrow

Here we have another interesting bow and arrow tattoo design, that perfectly fits in the background. If you want to get an elaborate and meaningful final effect on your arrow tattoo design, this might be the one.

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87. Small Arrow

If you’re thinking about getting a small arrow tattoo, go for it!


88. Moon And Feather Arrow Tattoo

While the moon is a great symbol of fertility and power, the feather symbolizes freedom, bravery, and courage. Combine them with some arrow patterns in order to achieve a unique effect!


89. Triangle Arrows

The triangle background is the perfect element that emphasizes the beautiful design of these 3 arrows.


90. Symbols Arrow

Give your arrow a unique look and feel by combining it with a symbol or a shape with a personal meaning!

arrow-tattoo-designs-9791. Elegant Arrow Tattoo Designs

If you want to go for something more elegant and classy, you should certainly choose the following example!


92. Common Arrow

Common arrow tattoos are a great fit if you’re going to choose them for your first tattoo.


93. Wrist Arrow Tattoo Design

Choose this tiny and cute arrow tattoo design to be your best companion in good and bad times! ๐Ÿ™‚


These being said, we want to hear your opinion. Which one captured your attention? ๐Ÿ™‚ We would love to hear your thoughts on these awesome arrow tattoo designs in the comment section!