Arm tattoos can be pretty cool on both men and women. There is just something that speaks strength when you see either sex with a sleeve tattoo. It doesn’t even need to be a full sleeve, just a forearm tattoo can be pretty exceptional. When we are talking about forearm tattoos, it can be risky nosiness depending on the career that you have. Many jobs, especially office job, may frown on seeing visible tattoos on their employees.

There are many people that still believe that tattoos do not belong in the workplace, whether they be older people or more conservative people, really discrimination can come from anywhere. Although society appears to become more and more accepting of tattoos there are still people who see tattoos on men and women as very taboo. So, when you are deciding where to place your tattoo keep that in mind, as placement is important.

Getting a forearm tattoo can be a daring act indeed. Our society is still very conservative even though it may not seem like that at all. But our culture today has been more accepting of tattoos than ever before. There had been a time when it would have been shocking to see a tattoo on a woman and these days it’s pretty mainstream. In fact, most women have some form of a tattoo. It’s been embraced and many people in society see tattoos as a normal thing.

If you are interested in getting an arm tattoo you should check out the images below. You are sure to find something that will suit your tastes and personal style. There are many impressive tattoos for both men and women that are going to make you feel like a superhero.

Check out the 93 most impressive arm tattoo designs for both men and women:

  1. Every Girl Loves a Pirate

If you are feeling a little badass then why not try out a pirate tattoo on for size. This girl knows tough when it comes to being a pirate.

arm tattoo designs (1)

2. It’s Like a Dream

This tattoo is very dreamlike with its design and the striking color scheme. If you are looking for a vibrant tattoo, this is the one for you.

arm tattoo designs (1)

3. Geometric

If you are looking for a tattoo that has the style and shape of geometrics, then try this one on for size. It can be done black and white or with touches of color throughout.

arm tattoo designs (1)

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4. Floral Design

This tattoo is small and simple for those that aren’t looking for a whole sleeve. It’s black and white and one of the more original floral designs.

arm tattoo designs (2)

5. The Fierce Dragon

This fierce dragion is one of the more traditional sleeve tattoos. There was a time when the dragion tattoo was one of the most popular animals to get.

arm tattoo designs (3)

6. The Lion Head

This outline of a lion’s head is a great tattoo for someone who likes ot be the king of the jungle. It’s a strong symbol and the arm is a great place for such a design.

arm tattoo designs (4)

7. An Artist’s Design

This is a very modern look if that’s what you are going for, this design really molds well as an arm tattoo.

arm tattoo designs (5)

8. Red and Black

A fierce look for someone who wants a badass look. This one is mostly black with some touches of red.

arm tattoo designs (6)

9. Arrows Pointing Up

Maybe you love archery or have a nativer heritage, either way this is an unusual and original looking tattoo for the forearm.

arm tattoo designs (7)

10. 3D Tattoo

This tattoo is one of the more incredible ones I’ve seen. In the shape of a star it appears as if the skin has been ripped open and a message is on the inside. The artist did an incredible job.

arm tattoo designs (8)

11. Floral Tattoos

Floral tattoos never go out of style, and they are increasingly popular as arm tattoos.

arm tattoo designs (9)

12. Timing is Everything

This beautiful tattoo has loads of color to fancy anyone’s needs. The girl and the watch must hold some significance. Can you guess what it is?

arm tattoo designs (11)

13. A Standard Sleeve

This tattoo is in the shape of an actual sleeve with a design on the inside. It’s very intricate in design and looks great in black and white.

arm tattoo designs (12)

14. A Forest Scene

This forest scene will take you back to nature. You even have some birds flying through the sky to complement the scene.

arm tattoo designs (13)

15. Jack the Ripper

I’m just guessing here, but there is a good chance that this is a scene from the Jack the Ripper days. The scene could be from the 1700 or 1800’s, but it’s equisite.

arm tattoo designs (14)

16. Original Art

This is quite the design if you are looking for something different. It’s dark and mysterious, just like you!

arm tattoo designs (15)

17. Crazy Thoughts

Is this a funny tattoo or a crazy one? It’s hard to tell. It appears as if there are so many voices in his head that his head might explode.

arm tattoo designs (16)

18. The Wolf Head

This is a traditional tribal wolf that fits nicely on the arm. It has a wooden theme to it with someo other designs.

arm tattoo designs (17)

19. The Open Sea

If you love the open sea then this is the tattoo for you. It has crashing waves, a compass and a ship’s wheel.

arm tattoo designs (18)

20. A Work of Art

This floral design is truly a work of art. Everything just flows together perfectly. (See: 91 Gorgeous Yet Delicate Flower Tattoo Designs For Your Own Inspiration)

arm tattoo designs (19)

21. Mountains and Streams

If you love nature then try this design out for size. It has mountains and forests just like your favorite getaway.

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22. A Squirrel and a Nut

What a unique design! The squirrel is making a home inside a rather large nut.

arm tattoo designs (21)

23. The Sun

Another unique design that shows that a mixture of designs can make a pretty great tattoo.

arm tattoo designs (22)

24. The Singing Skull

This skull is down on one knee singing his heart out. If you want something unusual then this is the tattoo for you.


25. A Dark Angel

This dark angel seems to be imprisoned. It’s certainly dark in color and has a lot of detail to it.

arm tattoo designs (24)

26. Floral Sleeve

For the most part this sleeve is made up of flowers, though there are a few other designs thrown in, like a clock.

arm tattoo designs (25)

27. Angel Wings

A very real depiction of an angel wing. It covers the entire length of the arm and is also on the other arm as well.

Arm Tattoos Designs for Guys

28. Modern Designs

It’s hard to pinpoint what these designs really are, but they are more modern then most.

arm tattoo designs (27)

29. Roses

The entire sleeve is made up of traditional roses.

arm tattoo designs (28)

30. 3D Flowers

This great design is made up of 3D flowers. I love how each layers seems to pop up.

arm tattoo designs (29)

31. The Sweater Look

This sleeve tattoo looks as if it’s actually the sleeve of a sweater.

arm tattoo designs (30)

32. Circular Designs

This tattoo is made up of circular designs. It’s actually a fairly common pattern.

arm tattoo designs (31)

33. A Dark Wolf

This native woman shows her strength by wearing the head of a wolf. Whether it was a test or just tradition, she is one badass girl.

arm tattoo designs (32)

34. Circuit Boards

If you have always wanted to look like you are a robot from the inside then this circuit board tattoo is the one for you.

arm tattoo designs (33)

35. Lost at Sea

This sleeve tattoo looks like a scene at sea. It’s hard to tell what the scene is about, but the detail is rather nice.

arm tattoo designs (34)

36. A Royal Owl

I’m not sure what it means when there is an owl with a crown circling it’s head but it looks like a pretty cool tattoo.

arm tattoo designs (35)

37. Hero

This sleeve tattoo is made up of many different images, probably a collection of important things to the owner.

arm tattoo designs (36)

38. Egyptian Art

This design looks reminiscent of the Egyptian art often carved into the walls.

arm tattoo designs (37)

39. Circular Woods

This design is a mountain area with a forest. The sun is shining down on everything, and the sun itself is just part of the arm.

arm tattoo designs (38)

40. All About the Statement

This arm tattoo is a literary quote. It’s obviously for a book lover.

arm tattoo designs (39)

41. Arm Jewelry

This arm tattoo looks like arm jewelry. It’s a unique design that will be an accessory your whole life.

arm tattoo designs (40)

42. The Bird

This bird tattoo is very unique, and it’s hard to tell if it has significance or if it’s random.

arm tattoo designs (41)

43. Cartoon Love

If you love cartoon characters, then you might enjoy this design. The girl is crying, and there appears to be an owl on her head.

arm tattoo designs (42)

44. Sugar Skulls

Sugar skulls are very popular indeed. The design itself is very beautiful and the detail involved is incredible.

arm tattoo designs (43)

45. Chinese Fish

This Chinese-inspired tattoo is quite unique with the fish design. The colors are deep and vibrant. The fish almost looks 3D in the picture.

arm tattoo designs (44)

46. The Crucifix

Religious tattoos are very popular still to this day. Whether it’s angels or Jesus, people love to mark their religion on their body. This detailed tattoo is a perfect example.

arm tattoo designs (45)

47. The Symbolic Lion

The lion is known as a strong and powerful creature. This is a side view of the powerful lion’s head.

arm tattoo designs (46)

48. The Grim Reaper

The Grim reaper always seems to be busy out filling graves. If you are looking for a dark tattoo then look no further.

arm tattoo designs (47)

49. Long Lost Time

It appears to be a city scene from a long time ago. I love the splashes as if it was painted on, and the colors look great together.

arm tattoo designs (48)

50. Anime Character

This anime character looks dark and mysterious. If you are a fan of the culture, then this might be the tattoo for you.

arm tattoo designs (49)

51. A Mixture of Designs

All these different images obviously have some form of significant meaning to the owner. That’s the great thing about sleeves, you can make them totally unique to yourself.

arm tattoo designs (50)

52. The Blue Owl

The stunning blue owl makes an eye-catching tattoo. The colors are the best part of the tattoo.

arm tattoo designs (51)

53. The Skulls

This skull tattoo is very feminine, and the colors really make the whole thing pop.

arm tattoo designs (52)

54. Is he Spiderman?

Another 3D tattoo that gives the impression that there is ripped skin revealing something. In this case, it’s Spiderman underneath.

arm tattoo designs (53)

55. Just an Outline

A very simple design in just an outline.

arm tattoo designs (54)

56. Pirates Galore

Another swash-buckling pirate up to no good. It’s just one of the many images she has on her sleeve.

arm tattoo designs (55)

57. A Religious Sentiment

Angels are a very popular tattoo choice for many people. The guardian angel statement just makes it a sentimental piece.


arm tattoo designs (56)

58. Tribal Tattoos

Another popular choice for tattoos and it is small enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

arm tattoo designs (57)

59. Snake Skin

This tattoo design looks similar to snake skin.

arm tattoo designs (58)

60. Unique Flowers

The blue flowers are quite an extraordinary design. I’ve never seen it before, and it’s a strikingly beautiful tattoo.

arm tattoo designs (59)

61. Cosmic Work

It’s an outline that looks almost cosmic in nature.

arm tattoo designs (60)

62. A Broken Leaf

This forearm tattoo is rather remarkable because it is an old dying leaf, with the face of a skull inside. I love the fact that it remains in black and white.

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63. A Deadly Spider

If you are looking for a deadly tattoo then consoder this tarantula that’s eating a mouse.

arm tattoo designs (63)64. The Sphinx

The picture of the cat looks so realistic it’s like a photograph. The black and red really look well together.

arm tattoo designs (64)

65. The Clock

A great arm tattoo that has a clock with the ocean.

arm tattoo designs (65)

66. Huge Arm Tattoo

It’s on the arm as well as the shoulder. The design is remarkable if you are looking for something big.

arm tattoo designs (66)

67. The Universe

This arm tattoo is the universe with some stars splattered about.

arm tattoo designs (67)

68. The Exploding Brain

What a fascinating tattoo. It has a heart bursting as well as the brain leaving the head. It looks like a transcending tattoo; the color is incredible.

arm tattoo designs (68)

69. Tree Silhouette

This great design is a tree silhouette. It looks incredible against the skin.

arm tattoo designs (69)

70. The Face

An outline of a face with some shades of color.

arm tattoo designs (70)

71. Air Balloon

This air balloon has the night sky inside it.

arm tattoo designs (71)

72. A Mountainous Journey

If you love the mountains, then this is the tattoo for you. It’s just an outline, so it appears smaller.

arm tattoo designs (72)

73. The Very Dark Tattoo

A tattoo of the universe above icebergs, floating. The tattoo is extremely dark, so you have to be okay with such a dark look.

arm tattoo designs (73)

74. United People

What a great tattoo. There are so many different colored people united together to build a sleeve. It may be a tattoo that represents the human race uniting.

arm tattoo designs (74)

75. Pixar Cartoons

This Pixar character is sweet and cute. If you love cartoon you might love this design. It looks great and black and white and isn’t a tattoo that takes up a lot of space.

arm tattoo designs (76)

76. Pink Roses

A small tattoo for a more subtle look. The oranges and pinks look great together.

arm tattoo designs (77)

77. The Dark Sleeve

It’s a large sleeve tattoo that is very dark. if you want something with an intricate design then this is the one for you.

arm tattoo designs (78)

78. A Gorgeous Flower

This gorgeous flower looks great as a shoulder tattoo.

arm tattoo designs (79)

79. The Compass

The compass is brilliant in its color and shape. The colors are bright and go well together.

arm tattoo designs (80)

80. The Deer

This sleeve has many different images, probably personal choices. The deer is an unusual choice that makes a great impression.

arm tattoo designs (81)

81. The Mirrored Wolf

This wolf is an unusual design. It’s half wolf and half the night sky. It’s a very dark tattoo so be prepared for the commitment.

arm tattoo designs (82)

82. The Royal Cat

It’s not a large tattoo, a subtle and elegant design for anyone who loves the felines.

arm tattoo designs (83)

83. Differing Flowers

It’s a different flower for each arm. It’s a simple design that doesn’t take up a lot of room.

arm tattoo designs (84)

84. Egyptian Eagle

A unique design, an Egyptian eagle that is quite detailed.

arm tattoo designs (85)

85. The Female Deer

This is a detailed female deer that has some bright pink splashes. The added pink touches look like they have been painted on.

arm tattoo designs (86)

86. The Double Sleeve

This double sleeve design is very inspiring. There are so many unique images attached to her sleeve that it’s hard to pick which one is cooler.

arm tattoo designs (87)

87. Detailed Mountains

These detailed mountains offer a great idea for an arm tattoo.

arm tattoo designs (88)

88. A Burst of Color

Cinderella’s castle, as well as My Little Pony, are just small parts of this magnificent and intriguing sleeve tattoo. These colors together are vibrant and bright.

arm tattoo designs (89)

89. A Skull Hand

This sleeve tattoo has a lot of images that work well together. The skull hand is perfection when you can place it against your face as is.

arm tattoo designs (90)

90. An Alien Octopus

This badass tattoo doesn’t cover the entire arm, just the top. It’s a great design and looks amazing in black and white.

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91. A Painted Flower

This painted flower looks amazing on his arm. The pinks and purples look wonderful together. It’s not a large tattoo, it looks great if you want elegance.

arm tattoo designs (92)

92. Extraordinary Design

It’s a large tattoo but the design is in extraordinary detail that makes a great impression. I’m not sure what the tattoo means but if you are looking for a creative design then this is it.

arm tattoo designs (93)

93. Dreamcatchers

These dreamcatcher designs look well together. The four dreamcatchers have feather accessories.

arm tattoo designs (94)