The following helix piercing ideas are amazing and will dazzle you! What’s great about them is that they fit to each style. Going for a helix piercing or a forward helix piercing or even both will have a positive impact on your look. In addition, you’ll be your trendiest self with affordable and cool jewelry to decorate your ears.

The pain factor

The pain level between a helix and a forward helix piercing is considerable. The forward helix will be more painful than the regular one because that area is more sensitive. On a scale from 1 to 10, a forward helix piercing will reach 6, while a normal helix will stay at 2. However, your pain tolerance might be higher than these stats.

The cleaning routine

Like any other piercing, this type will need regular cleaning. All the general cleaning rules apply to it. Also, you might want to avoid sleeping on the pierced ear, going swimming and playing with your piercing for a while. Since you’re piercing your cartilage, it will take longer to heal than a lip piercing for example. Therefore, you need patience to care for it regularly until it heals.

1. Forward helix and helix piercing ideas

helix piercing (1)

Double forward helix matches superbly with triple helix, don’t you think?

2. The simplest helix to get

helix piercing (2)

This is one example of a simple helix piercing. The jewelry you choose is up to you.

3. An extended helix type

helix piercing (3)

This trendy girl doesn’t have three piercings in her upper ear. She only has one, that is extended on both sides. The floral pattern accentuates her femininity.

4. Golden twig on ear

helix piercing (4)

Among all the helix piercing ideas out there, those applied to men aren’t numerous. However, here’s an inspired example!

5. Following your outer ear line

helix piercing (5)

Embellishing your outer ear is simple with the help of multiple piercings. You can opt for a lobe and helix combo to achieve your desired look.

6. Double helix piercing with a golden touch

helix piercing (6)

The touch of gold as a warm color and precious metal goes hand in hand with the location of helix piercings.

7. An infinity ring as silver lining

helix piercing (7)

Whether or not you have multiple piercings in your ear, adding a simple, golden infinity ring will enhance its look.

8. Different and opposite piercings

helix piercing (8)

The forward helix and normal helix don’t have to match or even be placed on the same virtual line.

9. Decorate your outer ear with love

helix piercing (9)

Heart-shaped jewelry are really popular right now. People are dying to have one of those on their ears! It is this year’s must have!

10. Inspiration in piercings and doves

helix piercing (10)

Thanks to the available diversity, you can wear any jewelry you want in your cartilage. However, you must be careful not to hurt your ear with heavy designs. In addition, changing the jewel too soon might cause swelling, soreness and redness.

11. Double helix is double fun

helix piercing (11)

Mix things up with a double helix and two differently-shaped jewels!

12. The stylish ear cuff

helix piercing (12)

This jewelry type used to be really popular during the 90s. It seems like it is back, so don’t hesitate to flaunt it once you pierce your ear.

13. Crown you year with sparkles

helix piercing (13)

This curves jewels with 5 rubies looks like a princess’s crown. Do you want to feel like a princess? Steal this idea!

14. Twisted arrow piercing your cartilage

helix piercing (14)

Bent and protective of your cartilage, this arrow talks about recklessness and courage too.

15. Pretty diamonds and a ring

helix piercing (15)

From wild to totally fancy, this is how much jewelry can change one’s image.

16. Connect your ear with jewelry

helix piercing (16)

A cool helix piercing and a lobe piercing have much in common, besides being placed on the same ear. They are connected by an anchor and heavy chains.

17. Inner and outer effects of the heart

helix piercing (17)

Hearts are pretty and, when it comes to symbolism, also deep. Display your feelings!

18. Thick upper cartilage piercing

helix piercing (18)

Thick is the opposite of gracefulness. It makes me think of empowerment and strength. See? You can even send a message with one of these helix piercing ideas!

19. Filigreed upper ear band

helix piercing (19)

Flowers etched in silver tend to charm a lot of people, including graceful ladies.

20. The triple helix fascination

helix piercing (20)

People say that once you start piercing your ear’s cartilage, it will be difficult to stop. I do approve her trio!

21. Teardrop and tears as jewelry

helix piercing (21)

Is it just me or this piercings arrangement looks like tears?

22. Infinity ring to match the other rings

helix piercing (22)

The infinity ring has virtually no beginning and no end, so it fits as helix piercing.

23. Double helix to complete the view

helix piercing (23)

In order to obtain balance, you cannot let your earlobe full and your upper ear empty. Therefore, adding a couple of helix piercings will have a harmonious effect!

24. Go big or don’t do it at all

helix piercing (24)

I bet this lady is planning on getting a piercing in every area of her ear! So far, she did great with the tragus and helix piercing!

25. Different sized beads for your ear

helix piercing (25)

Beads are versatile enough to flatter any area of the ear. This is an example of different sized beads that look wonderful together!

26. A shield of golden helixes

helix piercing (26)

I always thought 4 helix piercings in a row look like an armor for the ear. For the warrior within!

27. Captive bead rings for the upper ear

helix piercing (27)

The captive bead rings are ideal as starter jewelry for a helix piercing.

28. Simple, but twisted

helix piercing (28)

Not really a spiral, but definitely a twisted piercing, this one is simple and trendy too!

29. Wear a pearl necklace in your ear

helix piercing (29)

Pearls are not only for sophisticated and rich women. Anyone can afford a pearl-look a like jewelry for the ear!

30. Opal tones embedded in princess crown

helix piercing (30)

Opal stones look amazing on sensitive and elegant women. You don’t have to keep it simple to look stylish. A princess crown for the ear looks best!

31. Large flower ornament

helix piercing (31)

In case you want to draw imminent attention to your ear, you can wear a large jewel as helix piercing.

32. Helix piercing ideas for gold lovers

helix piercing (33)

If gold is your favorite precious metal, you can use it to decorate your ear. All types of piercings go hand in hand with gold because it is an almost 100% non-allergenic material.

33. Flashy for your moment to shine

helix piercing (34)

Sparkly stones are flashy and can help you achieve that eye-catching, shiny look.

34. Double helix with shiny stones

helix piercing (35)

Double the shininess effect with two helix piercings placed side by side!

35. Wear your favorites throughout the ear

helix piercing (36)

Upper and lower ear piercings can meet and form a semi-circle. Choose symbols that define you!

36. Feather for your free spirit

helix piercing (37)

What looks like a normal, circular jewel can mean a lot with the right charms on it.

37. A row of decorative circles

helix piercing (39)

This jewel type doesn’t require you to have more than one hole. However, you can’t wear it until your tissue is fully healed because you can’t really clean the wound.

38. Peace, star, moon

helix piercing (40)

As long as the jewel’s material is non-allergenic and it gives you enough freedom of movement to clean the pierced area, you can wear any shape you desire.

39. Extravagant look with circular jewels

helix piercing (41)

Having a plan for how your ear is supposed to look after you pierce it in all the right places is ideal! You can come up with something extravagant like this!

40. Wear a precious symbol

helix piercing (42)

A symbol that hangs from a ring is no impediment. This type can be worn from day 1.

41. Attach a wing to your helix

helix piercing (43)

Most helix piercing ideas are classic, but special thanks to the choice in shape.

42. Large-gauge helix piercing

helix piercing (44)

This one looks like a large-gauge piercing. This isn’t a problem. The problem occurs when the hole is too small.

43. A touch of serenity

helix piercing (45)

This particular shade of blue makes me think of serenity. Add a touch of color to your ear too!

44. Silver is not really recommended

helix piercing (46)

The piercing type worn by this girl is usually made of silver. Silver isn’t a recommended choice for piercings. Try to opt for stainless steel, titanium or gold.

45. Shine away, lady!

helix piercing (47)

Unless you cover your ear in diamonds, don’t be afraid of using too much sparkle!

46. A trio for your ear’s cartilage

helix piercing (48)

Instead of wearing one, long piercing with three beads, you can get 3 separate piercings in order to have more styling options.

47. A pretty little star

helix piercing (49)

The position of the helix piercing is crucial. Make sure you discuss it with the piercing technician and keep in mind what kind of jewelry you’d like to wear.

48. Bright stones shining from your ear

helix piercing (50)

Elegance and finesse have always been appreciated. Stay trendy and elegant with this piercing pattern!

49. As simple as it gets

helix piercing (51)

Not in the mood for an extravagant look? No problem! Opt for discreet jewelry.

50. Rebellion and femininity

helix piercing (52)

You could consider these helix piercing ideas a rebellion as to the conventional ways. If so, this woman is both rebel and feminine thanks to the ear lobe flower.

51. The universe and the rainbow in one place

helix piercing (53)

If you are playful and always keep track of what’s hot and not, you must have this piercing style!

52. Dove flying beside you

helix piercing (54)

We all need hope in our lives, even if that’s under the form of a dove and it’s hanging from our ears!

53. Barbell helix piercing jewelry

helix piercing (55)

If you like her jewelry, search for barbells in order to find similar ones!

54. Triple helix piercings come in one package

helix piercing (56)

This trio of so popular and liked that sellers offer them in packages, rather than separately.

55. Crystal helix earring for $10

helix piercing (57)

You can pay as little as $10 for a simple barbell with or without crystals or curious shapes.

56. Forward helix opposite to helix

helix piercing (58)

A gold hoop earring combined with a barbell confers enough diversity and style options for anyone. They might hurt more if done in one sitting.

57. A hoop earring with a feather

helix piercing (59)

Prepare to see this design embellishing many ears! It is an ideal combination between looks and meanings.

58. Make your ear, your universe

helix piercing (60)

Jewelry that looks like the galaxy and the planets in it are all over too! You can build your own universe on your ear!

59. Thin helix hoops

helix piercing (61)

If you opt for two thin helix hoops, you can obtain the same effect as when you wear a thick hoop.

60. The effect of a spiral

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

The spiral effect can be faked or can be real. You either need 1 hole or 3.

61. The Moon and the Earth

helix piercing (63)

The area between helix and forward helix can also be pierced! It can accommodate larger jewels.

62. Three turquoise barbells as forward helixes

helix piercing (64)

If you have enough room and tolerance to pain, you should give this design a shot!

63. A unique reflection of taste

helix piercing (65)

Possibly not as visible as earlobe piercings, helix piercings can express taste too.

64.  An ear cuff and a thin hoop


helix piercing (68)

Playing with patterns and sizes is always recommended in order to come up with the best helix piercing ideas.

65. Golden feather touch

helix piercing (69)

66. Support breast cancer and candor

helix piercing (70)

67. Go for the unconventional

helix piercing (71)

68. Captive bead ring times three

helix piercing (73)

69. Freshly pierced ear cartilage

helix piercing (74)

70. A feather ear cuff

helix piercing (75)

71. Choose a style that represents you

helix piercing (76)

72. An anchor to keep you grounded

helix piercing (77)

73. Best first timer choice

helix piercing (78)

74. Two entry spiral

helix piercing (79)

75. Circles for positivity

helix piercing (80)

76. Crystal studs and rings

helix piercing (82)

77. A trio of crystal studs

helix piercing (83)

78. A trio of green barbells

helix piercing (84)

79. Perfect placement is key

helix piercing (85)

80. The black flower look

helix piercing (87)

81. Hoops are for safety

helix piercing (88)

82. Infinity ring for less beads

helix piercing (89)

83. Expose your spirituality

helix piercing (90)

84. Discreet and meaningful

helix piercing (91)

85. One of each

helix piercing (93)

86. Play with colors and motifs

helix piercing (94)

87. Go big and go triple

helix piercing (95)

88. The icy jewelry

helix piercing (96)

89. A black heart design

helix piercing (97)

90. Golden Hamsa Hand

helix piercing (98)

91. A gathering of three

helix piercing (99)

92. Flat, golden circle jewel

helix piercing (100)


Pay for professional services

Unless you want to inflict permanent damage to your ear, you should find a professional salon to get pierced. The price range goes from $20 to $60 for a helix or a forward helix piercing. So, it wouldn’t be a huge sacrifice to save this money and spend it wisely. Especially the forward helix piercing must be handled with care in maximum hygienic conditions. Happy piercing!