Any kind of tattoo has its own dose of beauty. The black ones, the colourful ones, the designed ones, the simple ones…all of them are awesome, but their beauty stays in the eye of the beholder!

Recently, more and more bright color tattoo designs gained attention between teenagers. We don’t even have to wonder why this happened, do we? The beautiful designed and coloured shapes can turn heads from the first glance!

This is why in today’s article we will speak about some of the best bright color tattoo designs! Take a closer look, study them, compare them and choose the best one! Let the tattoo hunt begin!

  1. The Universe Colored Roses

You can see the Whole Universe just by looking at these beautiful roses. All bloomed, beautifully designed and with some stunning colors. One of a kind.

color tattoo design (1)

2. The Blue Flowers

The intense blue of these beautiful flowers is simply awesome! It feels like they have been pressed and applied directly on the skin.

color tattoo design (2)

3. The Look

Animal print tattoos are always in trend, mostly if they’re stunning enough to catch attention. Be sure that this one won’t pass unnoticed.

color tattoo design (3)

4. The Lips

Want to get an authentic, sexy look? The intense color of this one, along with the general look and feel are the elements that make it stunning!

color tattoo design (4)

5. The Lipstick

Here’s an authentic tattoo design for all the make-up lovers out there!

color tattoo design (5)

5. The Mandala

The dark colors of these awesome mandalas give them a stunning, yet dramatic look. They even look like they were grown up on the body, like some realistic ones.

color tattoo design (6)

6. The Bloom

It seems like this awesome branch right here has bloomed like a flower! It’s a beautiful explosion of shapes that gives us a positive vibe.

color tattoo design (7)

7. The Color Splash

If you’re into colorful, wide and girly designs, you can try this one. The combination of shapes, butterflies and flowers makes it original and outstanding.

color tattoo design (8)

8. The Blooming Peonies

This tattoo is simply stunning!. The color, the shades, the design, its position…they make an awesome combination.

color tattoo design (9)

9. The Flamingo

Flamingo birds are funny, yet very beautiful. If you want a tiny and special tattoo, you can opt in for this one.

color tattoo design (10)

10. The Bucket

These simple, pale flowers collected in a tiny bucket can be a great choice if you’re looking for a minimalistic, elegant tattoo.

color tattoo design (11)

11. The Poppy

The Poppy is a symbol of Morpheus, the Greek God of dreams. The tiny, simple and elegant shape of this tattoo makes it special.

color tattoo design (12)

12. The Owl

The owl is a significant symbol for wisdom, intelligence and education. Its gentle expression will make you love this tattoo.

color tattoo design (13)

13. The Purple Flowers

These beautiful, purple flowers add a dramatic and elegant feel to this tattoo.

color tattoo design (14)

14. The Thorny Ones

Even the most beautiful flowers have their thorns… And one of the best examples is given in this tattoo.

color tattoo design (15)

15. The Delicate Bucket

This simple, casual tattoo can be a great fit for every single nature lover.

color tattoo design (16)

16. The Wisdom Tree

This colorful tree is a beautiful interpretation of some feelings like love, freedom or happiness.

color tattoo design (17)

17. The Covered Skull

Here’s a classy one. A skull which is almost covered by flowers and butterflies. Awesome exposure of two different symbols.

color tattoo design (18)

18. The Designed Mandala

Choose this colorful designed mandala and wear it with your best elegant dress. You’ll turn heads!

color tattoo design (19)

19. The Mighty Waves

If we are to think of the Ancient times, water is considered to be one of the 4 elements of the Earth. Choose this one to show your big love for the sea, or the rememoration of the summer.

color tattoo design (20)

20. The Royal Elephant

This classy and elegant design has a royal look and feel. Simply stunning!

color tattoo design (21)

21. The Origami Bird

The bird is a symbol of freedom, nobility, spirituality, and beauty. The origami shape gives it a tent of elegance and pureness. It is a great fit for every single lady out there!

color tattoo design (22)

22. Brave Lion

If power, honesty, courage and loyalty are your main qualities, you can opt in for this beautiful tattoo. Its symbolism is powerful.

color tattoo design (23)

23. Blue Splash

We can’t decide if the design of this tattoo it’s more like a splash or a combination of clouds. What’s your opinion?

color tattoo design (24)

24. Wild Foxy

This half colored, shaped fox combines an elegant style with a classy one. Considering the design, this tattoo it’s a must!

color tattoo design (25)

25.Giant Fish

This beautifully colored and designed giant fish can be a great choice if you’re looking for a long arm tattoo.

color tattoo design (26)

26. Colorful Semicolon

So many words, so little time! Maybe using a semicolon will help! 🙂 Try this awesome, colorful one!

color tattoo design (27)

27. Flower Mandala

The intense turquoise of this beautiful tattoo design is simply stunning!

color tattoo design (28)

28. Water Lily Star

The combination of a water lily and a star is really interesting. The lily symbolizes fertility, purity and innocence, the star is a symbol for success, balance and individuality.

color tattoo design (29)

29. Juggling Planets

Who wouldn’t love to juggle with the planets? Mainly if the process would be as beautiful as the one expressed in this tattoo.

color tattoo design (30)

30. Colorful Topper

Want to see a magic trick? Say no more! This beautiful tattoo will do the rest!

color tattoo design (31)

31. Sunflower

This beautiful, colorful tattoo design will always make you remember the hot days of summer. Get it if you want to rewind all the beautiful moments.

color tattoo design (32)

32. Little Ship

This is a tiny tattoo with a big symbolic meaning. The ship is a great symbol of adventure and freedom.

color tattoo design (33)

33. Hypnotic Owl

It seems like the eyes of this awesome owl are hypnotic! The entire design has a gorgeous look!

color tattoo design (34)

34. Time Stops By

This might be the perfect excuse for being late!

color tattoo design (35)

35. Triangle Rose

The complementarity of these two colors: black and red is simply awesome, and the triangle separation gives an elegant feeling to the tattoo.

color tattoo design (37)

36. The Peacock

A peacock tattoo may symbolize glory, spirituality, purity and immortality. Its special design is given by its beauty and its stunning combinations of colors.

color tattoo design (38)

37. Bucket Of Peonies

Pureness, beauty, color, happiness, elegance: all in a single tattoo! Do you like it?

color tattoo design (39)

38. Flying Dandelion

White dandelions are awesome, pure and fragile. Accompanied by those little birds, they looks precious.

color tattoo design (40)

39. The Mighty Bull

If you’re looking for a daring tattoo, we think that you might want to take into consideration this one.


40. Noisy City

Here’s a splash of colorful vibes and feelings, expressed by a crowded city tattoo design.

color tattoo design (42)

41. The Samurai

According to the Ancient Japan history, samurais belong to a special social class that was kind of close to the nobles. This allowed them to carry 2 swords. This tattoo is a symbol for strength and courage.

color tattoo design (43)

42. Cute Little Owl

Isn’t this sweet? Just by looking at this awesome, funny and cute tattoo you’ll smile! If you’re looking for a girly design, this might be the one!

color tattoo design (44)

43. The Landscape

According to most tattoo artists, mountain tattoos usually symbolize a great love for travel, or a place in the world that people like to remember. Choose a colorful design and brighten up your ideas!

color tattoo design (45)

44. Diamond Bear

The design of this minimalist bear made up entirely from shapes it’s simply stunning. It seems like it’s made up from colorful diamonds, that can shine in the dark.

color tattoo design (46)

45. Purple & Turquoise

The combination of purple and turquoise on this beautiful flower is really nice. If you want to opt in for a tattoo that won’t stand out through its color, this may be the one.

color tattoo design (47)

46. Burgundy Roses

Darker colors always give an elegant and classy look and feel to a tattoo. Choose this beautiful one and match it with one of your dresses.

color tattoo design (48)

47. The Flower Splash

Flower designs are always perfect when it comes to colorful tattoo designs. Make an awesome combination by combining them with some bright colors!

color tattoo design (49)

48. The Transparent Flower

This transparent flower design can be a great choice if you’re looking for a minimalistic, yet meaningful tattoo.

color tattoo design (50)

49. The Shape-Horse

This horse made up of shapes is simply stunning. Moreover, its symbolistic meaning stays in nobility, grace and freedom.

color tattoo design (51)

50. The Colorful Cat

The look of this blue, shaped cat its hypnotic. Not to mention the fact that it’s a great symbol of luck, prosperity, mystery, elegance and refinement. Sounds classy, right?

color tattoo design (52)

51. Colorful Splash

Seems like a painter threw away his color palettes on this arm! Awesome combination of colors!

color tattoo design (53)

52. The Flower On The Shoulder

Combined with a backless dress, this beautiful tattoo will totally do its magic!

color tattoo design (54)

53. Pokemon

Are you a Pokemon fan? Say no more! We have a triple surprise for you! 🙂

color tattoo design (55)

54. The Combination

The combination of some meaningful symbols with a text that has a personal value to you will always work. The rose is a symbol of  beauty and nature, the bird is a symbol for freedom and nobility.

color tattoo design (56)

55. The Full Arm

If you’re looking for something more daring, you can opt in for a full-arm tattoo. It won’t surely pass unnoticed!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

56. The Mirror Skull

Here’s a sexy thigh tattoo that will surely turn heads when it is weared with a swimsuit! Classy!

color tattoo design (58)

57. The Deep Look

The deep look of this green eye it’s hypnotizing. As for its symbolistic, it is a great symbol of Christianity, being also a symbol of protection and life.

color tattoo design (59)

58. The Little City

Who said that you can’t have the world at your feet? This is the proof that you can do it in a stylish way! 🙂

color tattoo design (60)

59. The Diamond

Every girl should have her diamond, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s a tattoo or a material one, you’ll be special anyway!

color tattoo design (61)

60. The Spine Line

This colorful spine line tattoo can be a great idea, mostly if you’ll emphasize it through a backless dress.

color tattoo design (62)

61. Colorful Squares

If you want to opt in for a playful, childish design, you can choose this one. It somehow reminds us of the classical games that we used to play in childhood.

color tattoo design (63)

62. The Lonely Bird

As we mentioned earlier, the bird is a symbol for freedom, nobility and protection. This minimalist tattoo can be a great fit if you are looking for a combination between a classical and a colorful one.

color tattoo design (64)

63. The Wrist Rose

It seems like this wrist rose is locked up in the beautiful henna design along it. The combination of red and black leaves an impression of elegance and style.

color tattoo design (66)

64. The Tiny Dyno

Here’s another playful, yet interesting tattoo design. Place this tiny dyno on your arm and enjoy all the moments that you’ll spend together! 🙂

color tattoo design (67)

65. The Circle Landscape

Opt in for this minimalist tattoo if you want to always feel the emotions of a great trip to the mountain.

color tattoo design (68)

66. The Couple

It seems like this tattoo has captured a meeting between a couple of birds that were missing each other. The closer they get, the colorful the design is!

color tattoo design (69)

67. The Mini-Bracelet

If you’re an adept of the traditional tattoo designs and you also love leg bracelets, this tattoo might be a great choice.

color tattoo design (70)

68. The Scary One

This tattoo might remind you of the monsters that your mother used to talk about in fairytales. But now we’ve grown up, right?

color tattoo design (71)

69. The Symmetry

It seems like there is a certain symmetry in the tattoo designs on this body. All the tattoos are correlated to each other in a way or another. However, they look awesome in this combination.

color tattoo design (72)

70. The Flowers On The Back

Even if this tattoo isn’t the most brightest one, its shape and position are awesome. In combination with a backless dress or with a sexy outfit it will look more than awesome!

color tattoo design (73)

71. The Dual One

If you’re looking for a matching tattoo for your legs, this awesome one might be a perfect fit! Moreover, you can combine it with additional elements, to give it an original feeling.

color tattoo design (74)

72. Big Sunflower

The Sunflower is a symbol of faith, longevity and healing. More than this, it reminds us of the beautiful days of summer.

color tattoo design (75)

73. The Blue-Eyed Owl

Looking for a stunning tattoo with meaning? This mighty owl may help you. Its look is unforgettable!

color tattoo design (76)

74. Heart & Brain

Maybe the 2 of the most powerful “pieces” of a man’s body can be the heart and the brain. Here’s a creative tattoo representation for them.

color tattoo design (77)

75. The Feather

It is already known that a feather tattoo can symbolize freedom. Choose a unique, colorful design to personalize it!

color tattoo design (78)

76. The Face

Here’s a minimalist tattoo design with a colorful twist.

color tattoo design (79)

77. The Moon

The Moon is a known symbol of fertility, magic, creativity and growth.

color tattoo design (80)

78. The Unicorn

Looking for a girly tattoo? There is nothing more suitable than this one!

color tattoo design (81)

79. Beauty And The Beast

If fairy tales still fascinate you, then take a look at this nice design!

color tattoo design (83)

80. The Fern Leaf

This fern leaf that fits accordingly on your shoulder is a must! Mainly for its beautiful, color shades.

color tattoo design (84)

81. The Running Fox

Fox tattoos symbolize wisdom and intelligence. Not to mention the fact that the combination of colors on this beautiful one is stunning!

color tattoo design (85)

82. The Rhomb

A rhomb which is made up of little rhombs. Sounds interesting, right? It might, because it looks awesome!

color tattoo design (86)

83. Colorful Rain

If you want to turn your rainy days into colorful, sunny ones, try out this awesome tattoo!

color tattoo design (87)

84. The Little Wolf

The wolf is a symbol of power, family, instinct and protection. And this little one here is so sweet!

color tattoo design (88)

85. The Planet Bag

Are you an astrology lover? Because we might have a beautiful surprise for you, hidden in a tiny bag. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

86. The Egyptian

We all know that the history of the Ancient Egypt has a rich and interesting meaning for the world. This is why the following tattoo is not only beautiful, but also full of interpretations.

color tattoo design (90)

87. The Wolf On The Back

The look and structure of this beautiful wolf would make us believe that it’s real! The colors are the only elements that “betray” him. 🙂

color tattoo design (91)

88. The Simple Shapes

If you’re looking for a simple, yet colorful design, choose a combination of 3 basic shapes, like the one below.

color tattoo design (92)

89. The Sea Shell

This tattoo says it all. It reminds us of summer, of the hot sand, the powerful waves…

color tattoo design (93)

90. Duality

Did you know that the sun and the moon can have a complementary meaning rather than an opposite one? They can symbolize power, strength, energy and life.

color tattoo design (94)

These being said, what’s your favorite design? We hope that you took a closer look at all the ones presented here, so that in the end you’ll make the right choice! We are waiting for your opinions in the comments section!