81 Weird Corset Piercing Ideas That You Must See

The fascination with corsets has been going on for centuries. There is just something that is so sexy about a woman when she is wearing a corset. The style is just as popular today as it has ever been. Women love the style because it gives their bust a lift and tightens up their waist. It gives them the hourglass figure that they have always wanted. These days women are taking the corset to another level and getting a corset shape pierced right into their bodies. It’s not even just women that are doing it. The style seems to be popular for both sexes. Some of these styles may seem a little weird or extreme to those of us that would never consider having such an extreme piercing done.

These corset piercings take the love of a corset to a whole new level and you might be shocked by some of the piercing these people are getting. Some are beautiful, some are sexy and some are even a little weird. To get that beautiful corset design, the women feed in different colored ribbons into the piercings. You will have to see it to believe it. Check out these 81 Weird Corset Piercing Ideas That You Must See:

  1. Tattoo Ideas

If you aren’t ready for the actual piercing, another popular design is to just tattoo the corset to your skin. It offers you the same type of style that you are sure to love.

corset piercing (1)

2. Double Edge

This piercing certainly gives you that hourglass silhouette. This piercing is done on a guy and he weaved black ribbon through the piercings.

corset piercing (2)

3. Sexy Images

This is another design that is actually a tattoo. If you are a little woozy about piercings, then this is probably the best bet for you. Corset tattoos can be done realistically like this one so that it gives you the appearance of having the piercing without actually doing it.

corset piercing (4)

4. Chest Designs

This design is a little more unusual. We certainly don’t see this every day. He has decided to do the corset design on his neck and chest instead of on the back. It’s definitely a look that catches the eye.

corset piercing (5)

5. Tie A Bow

A style like this is sure to catch the eye. Black is always going to be something that stands out and we love the bow at the end. These styles are certainly going to be interesting if you find yourself at the beach.

corset piercing (6)

6. Bright Pink

Pink is an eye-catching style that demands you to look at it. In this case, the piercing has been created on the arm.

corset piercing (7)

7. Leg Tattoos

These cute piercings have been done on the back of the leg to mimic boots with corset ties or even just tights. They are certainly something that would be eye-catching during an evening out with a dress.

corset piercing (8)

8. Harley Piercings

These black and red ribbons remind us of Harley Quinn. They also mimic the ballerina ties that are connected to ballet shoes. These go from the top of the thigh to the bottom of the ankle.

corset piercing (9)

9. Soft Ribbons

This piercing has been created on the ribcage and it goes down one side. The ribbons, in this case, are see-through which gives a very different look.


corset piercing (12)

10. Wider Styles

This style takes up more space on the back because the piercings were done wider apart. This style is something that you have to be comfortable with because it’s a big commitment. If you choose to take the piercings out, you will have a lot of scars on your back.


corset piercing (14)

11. Small Piercing

Another example of a ribcage piercing but this one is smaller than the last one we saw. The red is a great choice for a ribbon because it’s sexy and rebellious.

corset piercing (15)

12. Wide Designs

This is another arm piercing and it’s wider than the other one. It all depends on the kind of style that you are looking for.

corset piercing (17)

13. Jewelry Designs

This design is worn by a man, but it could be implemented with a little more bling for a woman. Instead of using ribbon, he laced the piercing with jewelry and then wrapped it around his wrist and fingers. It’s an edgier style that you are sure to love.


corset piercing (19)


14. Colorful Designs

Picking out colorful ribbon is a surefire way of getting an eye-catching style. You can really let your personality show with the right kind of ribbon.

corset piercing (20)

15. Blue Designs

This piercing is done on the neck and it stops at the back. The ribbons are see-through which gives off a softer look.


corset piercing (22)

16. Chest Looks

This is one of the more unusual styles and if you have a creative bone, then you might want to try it out. There isn’t a lot of symmetry however because the ribbons overlap so much. This polka dot style is sure to catch the eye however because it draws the eye to the bustline.

corset piercing (23)

17.  The Process

We can see a little bit of the process with this style. The ribbons are orange and we can see how they are stretched out to achieve that tight corset look. This is a rather large piercing that covers the entire back.


corset piercing (25)

18. Chest Images

This chest design is smaller than the last and is created with white ribbons.

corset piercing (26)

19. Side Styles

This piercing is certainly a sexy style because you can show it off at the beach. It’s perfectly placed so that it won’t affect or be covered up by the bikini. It’s sure to be an eye-catching style the next time you hit the beach.


corset piercing (28)

20. Back Piercings

A great look that is simple and long. This is one of the more smaller piercings that go down the back.

corset piercing (29)

21. Leg Designs

A style like this is sure to be eye-catching. It covers the entire leg on the back. If a bold look is what you want, then you can’t go wrong with this look.


corset piercing (31)


22. Stomach Designs

This style isn’t one of the better looks that we have seen mainly because it seems to bunch up in the front. It’s not a tight design like the others that we have seen.

corset piercing (32)

23. Inner Arm Designs

These inner arm piercings are definitely cool to look at and they match. These styles are meant to be eye-catching.

corset piercing (33)

24. Criss-Cross Styles

A great style like this has thick and thin ribbons crisscrossing throughout the look. It’s a very different look that is bold and daring. If you want and unusual style that is sure t0o catch the eye, then this is the one for you.

corset piercing (34)

25. Art Designs

There was a lot of thought put into this design and it looks like a work of art. The idea here is for the look to really pop. She achieved that with different colored ribbons as well as intersecting them all together.

corset piercing (35)

26. Sparkling Styles

The styles here are really bold because the silver ribbon really catches the eye. It’s another unusual style that sits under the neck. It looks like he has a lot of piercings to go with it.

corset piercing (36)

27. Thicker Styles

This style has really thick ribbon which will give off a very different look. The piercings are close together so it may have been better to use thinner ribbons so it would be shown off better.

corset piercing (37)

28. Thigh Designs

This is a very unique style that curves around the front of the thigh. It’s sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

corset piercing (38)

29.  Lower Back Design

This style only covers the lower back much like, the lower back tattoos. It’s a wide piercing that takes up a lot of room.

corset piercing (39)

30. Painted Designs

As realistic as this photo is, it is just painted on. This might be a great idea so that it gives you some idea of what the actual design would look like and whether you would be okay with it long term.

corset piercing (40)

31. Bold Designs

This style is one of the most authentic looks that we have seen. It truly looks as if she is wearing a corset with this piercing. It’s a dramatic look that is also very pretty to look at.

corset piercing (41)

32. Ballerina Looks

This is another tattoo design that gives off the look of having ballerina ribbons going down your leg. It’s a great look if you like wearing dresses.

corset piercing (42)

33. Bridal Looks

If you have an upcoming wedding, then why not match everything together as she did. It would certainly be an eye-catching image for your groom on the wedding night.

corset piercing (43)

34. Back Tattoos

Here we get to see the process of creating a corset back tattoo. These looks stand out just as much as the piercings do and there’s no less of a commitment.

corset piercing (44)

35. Tight Corsets

The tighter you have your piercing design, the more authentic it is going to make the corset look. This sexy style is great for someone who loves a corset.

corset piercing (45)

36. Bold Red

A great style that has the ribbons going down the ribcage. It’s a longer look than most and the bright red really stands out.

corset piercing (48)

37. Unique Corsets

This is a very different style than the ones that we have seen already. She has created a unique look for herself that includes a silver ring as the centerpiece to the corset. If you are looking for something old and original, then this is the corset piercing for you.

corset piercing (49)

38. Contrasting Colors

This look really stands out because of the pink and black together.

corset piercing (50)

39. Joker Colors

if your favorite villain is The Joker, then you must try this crazy style.

corset piercing (51)

40. Small Designs

This is a very small corset piercing with a thick ribbon. We would recommend picking a thin ribbon for such a small piercing. It’s a little overwhelming with the thick ribbon.

corset piercing (52)

41. Thin Designs

Sometimes it’s the thin ribbons that give you the most dramatic look.

corset piercing (53)

42. Large Designs

This is a very large and wide design that covers the entire back.

corset piercing (54)

43. Waist Styles

This unique corset wraps around the stomach at the end.

corset piercing (55)

44. Elegant Styles

We have seen this style multiple times and it’s certainly one of the more popular corset styles.

corset piercing (57)

45. Diamond Designs

This corset style is very different from the rest. It’s in a diamond shape and there is a ton of criss-crossing ribbons. It’s almost like a present she wants you to unwrap.

corset piercing (58)

46. Lace Ribbons

Adding a little lace to your style is going to create an entirely different look.

corset piercing (59)

47. Edgy Styles

Another great example of a ribcage corset piercing.

corset piercing (60)

48. Wrist Designs

This is actually a really cute wrist design that is simple yet pretty.

corset piercing (61)

49. Mouth Styles

We would never recommend anything like this because it’s very extreme. It certainly sends a message if that’s what you are looking for but there is going to be a lot of scarring on your face that can’t be covered up.

corset piercing (62)

50. Back Corsets

There are a lot more piercings involved in this piercing than most that we have seen. She has doubled up on the ribbon to create a more authentic corset look.

corset piercing (63)

51. Original Designs

This is another design that has more of a custom look to it. It’s original and is sure to turn heads whenever you are at the beach.

corset piercing (64)

52. Necklace Designs

A unique piercing that creates a permanent necklace for you. If you want some permanent jewelry, then try this piercing out.

corset piercing (65)

53. Piercing Ideas

Here is another photo that shows the process of creating a corset piercing.

corset piercing (66)

54. Tighter Looks

This style has the piercings doubled up. It creates a tighter and very different look than what we have seen. If you are in love with corsets, then you are sure to like this style.

corset piercing (67)

55. Doubling Up

She has doubled up on the piercings creating a matching style.

corset piercing (68)

56. One Leg

This is definitely a weird looking piercing because we aren’t sure how she walks around.

corset piercing (70)

57. Thin and Pink

A cool look that has some cool pink ribbon and a ton of rings.

corset piercing (71)

58. Finishing Touches

Here we get to see the artist putting the finishing touches on the piercing.

NWS PAUL HEAPS The art of body piercing with ribbons at Adrenaline Arts in Bebington. Pictured is body piercer Kerry walker putting the finishing touches to Beth Slattery's arm piercing.


59. Black and White

Another cool back piercing using black and white ribbons.

corset piercing (73)

60. Bright Red

A great style like this is bold and the color pops.

corset piercing (74)

61. Ballerina Feet

These piercings give her those pretty ballerina feet.

corset piercing (75)

62. Simple Looks

For those that are looking for a simpler style, then this is the look for you. There are a lot fewer piercings in this style.

corset piercing (76)

63. Bright Blue

A style like this is eye-catching because of the color of the ribbons.


corset piercing (78)

64. Bold and Beautiful

There is no denying that a style like this is elegant and beautiful. It jumps right out at you because of the detail that was put into creating it.

corset piercing (79)

65. Cool Ribbons

Another arm design that shows off a very unique look.

corset piercing (80)

66. Sexy and Tight

This is a more compact look and it’s meant to have strong sex appeal.

corset piercing (81)

67. Square Styles

This style is different from the rest because it is square from top to bottom. It doesn’t have the curves that the regular corset piercings have.

corset piercing (82)

68. Dreamy Designs

A great style that is simple and elegant. Many different kinds of women choose to get the corset piercings.

corset piercing (83)

69. Tight and Clean

This is another polished corset piercing. The tighter the style, the more it will look like a corset.


corset piercing (85)

70. Leg Styles

A great look that is simple and unusual. If you are considering getting a corset piercing. These designs will always look cute with a dress.

corset piercing (86)

71. Curving Shapes

You can tell when you have a great corset piercing because it should look exactly like this and move in the lines that your body moves. We love the curving shapes here.

corset piercing (87)

72. Neck Styles

This is another neck design, but it’s much smaller than the others.

corset piercing (88)

73. Back Styling

A style like this is sure to catch the eye when you have your shirt off.

corset piercing (91)

74. Unique Leg Looks

This is a different leg design than we have seen so far. The style is unique and original. It’s on the side of the leg instead of on the back of the leg.

corset piercing (92)

75. Back Thigh Looks

This leg style is on the back of the thigh in this picture. It’s definitely meant to give off a sexy look.

corset piercing (93)

76. Animal Prints

These ribbons are animal prints and they definitely make the whole look pop.

corset piercing (94)

77. Middle of the Back

This small back piercing just sits in the middle of the back.

corset piercing (96)

78. Sweet Styles

This is the same piercing as the previous one. It shows it from a different angle. A great way to show it off is to wear backless shirts like this one.

corset piercing (97)

79. Diagonal Styles

This is a breathtaking design that crosses the back in a diagonal format. There is a ton of crisscrossing ribbons that create a unique and mesmerizing style. If you are looking for a look that stands out, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

corset piercing (98)

80. Short Styles

Another small piercing style that covers the back of the neck.

corset piercing (99)

81. Neck Looks

A bold look that sits on the front of the neck. This is a look that you won’t be able to hide so make sure that you really want it.

corset piercing (100)

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