125 Colorful Rainbow Tattoo Designs You Must Have!

For your next colorful tattoo ideas, here is a list full of Explicitly Colorful Rainbow Tattoo Designs for you to choose from! Because colorful rainbows are for colorful people with colorful personalities who wants to have a colorful tattoo like you! So for your next skin art,

90 Slithering Snake Tattoos for Men and Women to Wear

Snakes are both feminine and masculine, so they can be designed in such way to fit on a woman’s body, as well as on a man’s body. The duality of this symbol is truly fascinating. Although this creature is considered evil and sinful by the majority of

90 Incredible Vine Tattoo Designs

These vine tattoo designs will definitely convince you that you need one! If you think about the symbolism of vines, then you know they represent power, strength, authority, femininity, fertility, determination, everlasting, love, friendship, loyalty, Christianity, good luck, devotion and commitment. What these plants basically do, is

90 Sexy Ribs Tattoo Designs

All these ribs tattoo designs are inspired and so different, that even you can find one that you really like. Since your ribs aren’t as exposed as other areas of your body, you can choose to show them off on special occasions. Whether you just show it

Most Creative Compass Tattoo Designs: 96 Models That You Should Try At Least

Compass tattoo designs are some of the most successful tattoos for travelers or trip lovers. In the past, compasses were used by sailors as a sign of direction and guidance. Today, they have adapted to our modern times and can be interpreted in various shapes and forms,

100 Dark Black Tattoos that Prove the Best Color is No Color

Originally tattoos didn’t feature much color because the selection of inks was limited. However, over recent years a multitude of inks has become available to create a full color palette. This article compiles one hundred photos of tattoos that stay true to the roots of the art

93 Unique Arrow Tattoos For Your Classy Style

Arrow tattoo designs are some of the most wanted patterns when it comes to first tattoos. This may be because of their simplicity, which is usually combined with a classy taste and a personal meaning. However, one of the most appealing characteristics of the arrow tattoo designs

80+ Mickey Mouse Tattoos to Preserve the Walt Disney Magic

Since 1928 Walt Disney introduced two wonderful characters, namely Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Kids of all ages were fans of these lovable cartoon figures and some of them still are. Their mesmerizing world was part of comics, movies, cartoons and various merchandise, so why not include it in

90 Righteous vs. Evil Mermaid Tattoo Ideas for Your Wild Side

Mermaids are known differently depending on which legend you are familiar with. They are beautiful creatures with an amazing voice that lure sailors their way. Their intentions are never clear. They might offer refuge and sometimes pleasure, but at the same time they might be deadly. This

90 Glyph Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

Glyph is a word that comes from the Greek language. It refers to graphic symbols that don’t look like letters, but more like characters. Numeric, alphabetic, symbols within a character, glyph come in various shapes and sizes. A simple-looking, clean and seemingly basic glyph can hold a great